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'Probability Anomaly' in Reigate Alien.

There are many of course, that are not quite so 'up to speed' with the subject of crop circles, that will say this CC is fake. Such a striking image will be just too much for some.

However, we have had many alien's heads in CCs over the years so this is no surprise really to seasoned CC followers.

But sometimes there is a need to show more convincing evidence hoping others will take more seriously.

To me, someone who has looked at CC tramline features probably more than any other researcher (clic here for article I wrote on this subject) the above photo strongly suggests this CC too contains the 'Energy Leak' feature. Please note that the position of tramline coincides with the line of 'still-standing'crop. The T/L itself cannot be seen as the crop has been laid down over it to the left of standing line. The crop's status at this point changes from upright and graduates to the right in stages back down to fully laid. This 'picture' is consistent with many others I have observed over the years and suggests to me that this CC is nothing other than of a mysterious nature. Wow! To confirm and recognise this as such is nothing short of profound!

Many thanks to Anthony James and CCC for images.

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