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Major Disinformation Campaign in Italy

Piero Odetto's farm, Piedmont, Italy. Reported 29.5.17 This is the 'real deal' folks!

This crop formation appears to be the subject of another disturbing disinformation campaign very similar to Ansty last season. It has now reached the point where the leading crop circle web site (CCC) will only report on it on their 'Rumours' page when in fact they did report on Ansty last season which too was the subject of a disinformation campaign. "Why", you may ask. Well there are three possible explanations.

1. Either they genuinely believe it is a fake and wish not to encourage the promotors of the story.

2. They feel intimidated by something or someone!

3. The circumstances are simply too embarrassing.

The story so far is that some Italian debunker types (Grassi) made it overnight with 24 others (endorsed and spun by Australian Drew) with alleged farmer permission. (LOL) First question might be..."Why overnight if farmer permission? Simply nonsense! A pack of lies!

The initial decode for this event was: 'THISISNOTACIRCLE' which I'm a bit suspicious of frankly. If this decode turns out to be accurate this statement is technically true though. The event or formation is in fact a complex pattern and not a circle; many events are not circular. This is why I choose to use the term, 'crop formation' (CF) as opposed to crop circle (CC). They are design 'forms'.

Image copyright as stated.

Utter finesse! Detail is wonderful; just look at the 3 fold lay in those curved triangles.

How could anyone possibly say this is non-genuine? If this is false, they all are, which simply is no longer a valid position, but of course this is exactly what the debunker types wish the uninformed to believe! This CF is as good as I've seen...ever!

FACT...this event would be TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to construct IN REALITY whether at night or in the day within the described time parameter of one night if attempted by humans. Please believe me when I say these claims are COMPLETE LIES and the people involved just have to be imposters and deceivers of the first order; logic, known science, math and common sense dictate this...not just my opinion. These claimers offer no proof or substantiate their claims in any way; they just expect the world to meekly believe them. (LOL) Please read my 'Professionally Prepared Report' article that substantiates my position. Just to say, I am well grounded and I live in the real world, not one of fantasy! Also read: 'Witnessed Event...' article. The first report references the objective professional judgement/view of a large company of Chartered Surveyors I personally commissioned to make a report who make it quite clear just how challenging such constructional tasks would be in reality describing the process necessary using high-tech apparatus, which is the only way possible to sensibly attempt such tasks. The second article recalls my witnessing and documenting a human CF event in Salthrop, Wiltshire. The above report and principles it's based upon would easily stand up in any non biased court of law if presented against the hypothesis of human intervention. I have researched this matter of CF construction quite thoroughly and I would welcome any sensible challenge.

This event is clearly the most significant and important one of the season so far...maybe this is why it's being the hugely impressive Ansty of last year. It is linked to others, also of major importance and in Italy. The formation of 2015 (below) decoded to: "Beware ET bearing gifts" is very similar. That is

pretty profound I would say!

Image above and below Valeria Margherita Zanola Copyright.

See also 'Latest News' page on this site for additional information regards this event.

This event appears to have a coded message within it but as yet has not been satisfactoraliy deciphered. It is likely that the currently publicised decode is a falsehood. But in truth this is not actually a circle, it is a formation pattern with circular elements.


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