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" Always great to report some happy and positive news"!

To be acknowledged as socially helpful at such an event within the crop formation context is significant. This wonderful Gala evening at Rockley Manor on Saturday was something my wife and I will find very hard to forget. At one point I personally needed to stand up at table to acknowledge an accolade which in truth took me completely by surprise.

The event was put on by 'Brighter Futures' and hosted by farmer James Hussey Esq. for major fundraisers and guests in acknowledgement of contribution towards the £2.7m now raised for the cancer treatment fund. CGI has raised over £22,000 for the fund, something I think anyone would be proud of. There is every reason to believe the remaining £200,000 is soon to arrive.

This gracious invite seems like a natural development somehow as over the seven years CGI has been fully active we have increasingly been making inroads to both the farming community and also to local public awareness/media. This news should be of great value and interest to all crop circle enthusiasts.

This whole crop formation business just has to be something well beyond a fascination with patterns and a tendency to attempt discovery of meaning etc. Meaning, when it occurs is usually fairly obvious, like ASCII coding, requiring little attention. By now we fully accept and understand that these patterns are very clever and indeed complex but after 40 years we should be able to move on, to also understand this subject is primarily a sociological issue. CGI continues to support above all else the concept of RESPECT as a starting point by visitors hoping for improved relations with farmers in the future. This Gala represented respect on both sides and felt very healing.

To add to this positive development I have been asked to speak on the crop circle subject at a major and influential public venue in the New Year. This event will most definitely be hugely significant as it will not be addressed to a small group of cliquey enthusiasts as so often is the case. It may actually begin to change social attitudes in a broader sense. More on that after the event.

So again...I cannot over-emphasise the importance of PR aspects within this arena. Events like this are vital as part of a process of working WITH the community as opposed to against, a process that needs to be supported and endorsed enthusiastically by all interested parties involved. Petty self-interest and over-valued ego seems to me to be becoming increasingly out-dated in the context of a very real phenomenon such as this. To say the long-term, once 'front-line' enthusiasts are being a bit tardy in promoting a willingness to open and genuine support for the CGI initiative is a vast understatement verging on far more. This phenomenon is far more important than any cult, tribal or individual component. We (CGI) ARE making a progressive difference here and this can to be acknowledged by the enlightened away from that self-interest for the good of all. Making farmers unhappy, as one particular individual insists and persists on doing will get all absolutely nowhere in the long run...see article here:

Please take a moment to check out this relevent video: youtube reagan's speech on alien contact

Thanks for reading. PJ.


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