Welcome to the CoreGroupInitiative (CGI)  

a broad-spectrum crop circle/ formation research site also dedicated to facilitating circle access to the public by freely and actively co-operating with farmers. Founder Paul Jacobs has been front-line researching CCs literally in the landscape since 2008.

Now embracing the new Mysterious Monolith Phenomenon also.











The CGI is primarily a purely voluntary and essentially an altruistic set-up that assists farmers on a daily basis with land,traffic and people management when they have a crop/circle/formation event on their land. Ongoing research is an integral 

aspect of what we do. Respect for the farmer and collecting donations for local charities is key within our activities. In this way we can help reduce social tensions by perhaps popularising crop formations as 

they slowly become perceived more as positive and productive 

instead of as a nuisance in the eyes of farmers and the general public.  


CGI is quite unique; there is no other such

 research organisation offering this type of

service successfully anywhere. Where we

operate, peaceful and legal access to the

crop formation is guaranteed.










Facilitating Cropcircle access through charity.  Helping instead of hindering the community.

Hard to believe in this crazy mixed-up cynical modern world but there are no pretences or hidden agendas here or attempting to sell you something... just the plain and simple facts together with a will to help.


Apart from promoting a goodwill PR and positivity within the farming community this site will  also attempt to follow and report sociological developement surrounding the CF world, monitoring how we adapt (or not) and manage within this unpresidented scenario.

Please visit this site regularly, especially in the summer months (when most of the CFs are appearing) for up to date observations,up-to-minute research and comment with photography enabling you to get more of a 'real feel' for events as they unfold. We will 'pull no punches' in this sometimes dramatic arena when attempting to inform you accurately, 

impartially and truthfully. 

Funds Raised for Charity so far by CGI:


                         * Over 7 consecutive seasons since 2011

'Phoenix' pictogram crop formation at Yatesbury UK 2009.

NEWS FLASH. COVID-19 will obviously impact on CGI services this season. I cannot imagine greeting visitors at the gate which would seem highly inappropriate, impractical and probably illegal. However we will try to get any new images/information on' Latest News'  if and when they occur. I am looking out for a virus related message hopefully in barley. 


A whole new concept ...'Visiting crop formations with respect,free from tensions and farmer disharmony'.

This site combines a mix of research, photographic

 and sociological comment relating to the Cropcircle phenomenon. There is no other site quite like it.

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All content including poetry and photos copyright Paul Jacobs unless otherwise stated.

All CGI services are offered completely free to farmer and community so any help would be gratefully received. Thank you.