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12.1.18  A message to all historically prominent G1(1st generation) crop watchers... (those with organised vested financial interests...not just regular visitors.)

I know you are all still feeling a bit displaced, put out and probably still feel upset by what happened in 2012 i.e. the outcome of the 'Cropcircle Election' whereon the Dutch 'commercial model' lost her deposit and CGI  happened to win the day. Such sustained 'upset' sentiment some might say is low-end-consciousness. But to put it bluntly, at some point you guys need to actively and publicly start supporting the work of CGI as many feel there is very good reason to believe this has to be the way forward...or would you rather things went back to mayhem, local community hostilities? To strenuously promote CGI work by any means ( for no personal gains, indeed some incurred sacrifice ) would be an act of pure altruism. To discourage others from bad practice and not personally participate in such would be something that would be helpful.  To do this would be both selfless, honourable and an act of higher consciousness I would suggest. But in the end sadly, not to do so will probably only throw all into a dimmer light as it will be seen as non-compatable with the spirit of the phenomenon and non compatible with the community...this is the plain and simple reality. I write these words as I care and am looking to the future of the phenomenon and its place in our society, certainly not to promote myself. To make a significant progress in this field, that I hardly need say would be something unprecedented for all...we can only imagine how that progress may actually manifest. I suspect most cannot even imagine that day...too far off (maybe) and no need to factor in, will shrug these words off as naive,  perhaps stupid. But wouldn't they have such a shock if the interface did in fact broaden somehow, and quite soon?! I personally believe, based on the evidence of the past five years, that this broadening interface is just about starting now! (Ref: Hackpen.)

I would hope we are not still in the 'same place' by this time next year.

19.1.18  Just a fleeting observation. Debunker mentality over the past two seasons has mainly attacked two of the most complex and important CF events of those years as opposed to, and very surprisingly those perhaps of a far less complex nature. I speak of Ansty, Dorset in 2016 and in Piedmont, Italy last season. I actually met and talked to a well known deceiver/debunker last season when he came to visit me with his large aggressive dog at the Hackpen Hill site. The man just sat there for 20 minutes talking absolute tosh and actually expected me to believe that all complex CFs are the ones that are human made as opposed to the more simple ones! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...cuckoo-land! I have to tell you, it is in some way, a quite chilling experience to the soul when one is in such close company to someone you absolutely know is persisting with utter untruths and trying to deceive you thus. Human made events in truth are really quite rare. This is absolute fact.

 Piero Odetto's farm, Piedmont, Italy May 2017

Ansty, Dorset. July 2016

25.1.18  Please read this! An extract from my 'Crop Formation Assessment' article here: 

-Practice runs. (Probability)

In all my time of being involved with the phenomenon I have never known of  any abandoned 'practice runs' being reported and photographically recorded as such.  If humans were to be involved with the making of these patterns over the years one would expect at least a few aborted missions whereon something went wrong... people are not perfect and the tasks usually very complex;  we humans do actually make mistakes, and quite often in truth. Standing crop (and snow)  is unforgiving, unlike say, sand where we can smooth over the mistake, repair and start again to some extent. I feel this observation is a very significant one. Think about this.

31.3.18  In a nutshell I find the simplest explanation usually works, as in 'Occam's Razor' theory. Hard-to-understand, complex and exotic explanations which sometimes hide behind a veneer of 'expert' or 'qualified' often seem more to do with the tellers ego and self-promotion rather than to solve/address/satisfy a real problem/conundrum... in this case, that of the crop formations. This would not be good enough within the bounds of other sensible research, so why here? The likelihood of human intervention, given the intricacies of practical challenge weighed against the capabilities of a superior agency capable of surmounting such matters seems to me to be quite obvious. 

11.4.18  Astonishing!

Very limited sensible commentary on this subject right now.

After a bit of basic web-scanning it soon occurred to me that the CGI ( pages seem to be pretty much the only prominent website (apart from collation site CCC which of course that does not produce its own material. CGI seem to be the only prominent site providing ongoing original, sensible, field-researcher-based, broad-spectrum content that relies upon a pragmatic approach, ie. that which is dictated more by practical consequences than by theory, dealing or concerned with facts or actual occurrences. 

'Speculation commentary' has its place I guess and can be wildly entertaining.That is all very well though but it rarely gets you very far, gets the job done or is helpful on an understandable and educational daily basis. Mathematical/geometrical dissection where it happens is specialist and can add possible fascinating technical insights but can only appeal to a few high-brow niche audience. It in no way addresses the broader issues for a wider audience which includes the sociological aspects of course. 'Talks events' when they occur are often self promotive and on topics not always directly related to CFs and can be expensive to access for some people. I have to say, committed, truly benevolent and ernest CF researchers seem to be a very rare thing in this subject, sadly! Just an observation.

Can you remember when and where this one was?

19.4.18  This observation may be of interest to those people who get excited and indeed somewhat paranoid I suspect, about so called chem-trails. This falls into the remit of 'conspiracy theories' that suggests for some unknown reason that the State is indiscriminately and deliberately poisoning its citizens with aerial spray from jet aircraft. The story goes that cloud-like formations such as shown in my photo here are evidence of such.

Well, based on my own experience yesterday this would seem untrue. I spent the whole afternoon on the beach, the sky was 100% clear blue with only two light aircraft flying over the whole time, so condensation/vapour trails of any sort were not going to be possible. Later on cloud gradually started to form in the shape of these patterns and remained pretty much static in position for ages as there was little wind. There were no other aircraft, let alone any jets spewing out poison!  As a perspective the very idea that our Royal Family for example would be going around with face/gas masks on, a family that wields considerable influence around the world would allow such to poison its own people/family is quite absurd. It's truly incredible what some people allow themselves to be talked into believing! LOL!

Multi-directional cloud streaks, plain and simple. 

19.4.18  Many canola (rape seed) fields here in S.E UK are at least 3ft high and starting to bloom so in theory our first CF in that crop could be quite soon...just within a week or two perhaps! This stuff, once it kicks off grows at an alarming rate.Here's hoping.

22.4.18 Many UK canola (rape seed) fields in full bloom now. The crops I've seen are commonly over one metre high!  

10.5.18  Welcome  to ye Happy Kingdom...once again! First CF of the season... in canola rape seed recorded today at Willoughby Hedge, Nr Mere, Wiltshire, which seems to be a popular area. Love those 3D 'pods?'. If so, how subtle is that?

Symbolism...or just a very pretty pattern? Who knows.  

                                                                                     Photo Jane Barford with thanks.

26.5.18  New barley CF at Cerne Abbas in Dorset today, an area where we had one last year . The new CF is a four-fold version pretty much of the Sixpenny Handley event, again Dorset, 2014. Will be interesting to observe if the next one in this Dorset series is a 'three/six-fold'geometry! 

New event on left, Sixpenny Handley2014 right.

Photos CCC with thanks.

1.6.18 Of course we can't really know, but just in case you are wondering where all the CFs are this year, please do not be despondent. If the last 40 years is to be a guide, they'll be here soon enough. And when they do we'll all have a task to keep up with their numbers. Perhaps Saturday night!  


Stop Press!!!

Easily the most significant and important events to occur

on Planet Earth ....ever, and hardly anybody (relatively) is paying

attention. Such is the power of mind control via propaganda!!!

However, that is no reason why we should not still keep on whittling

away at raising awareness and consciousness. We cannot expect

dramatic social change in this arena, the World and Man are much

too fragile/unstable right now; it will be the Makers who will finally decide how

or when that step be wisely taken.

2.6.18  No access negotiatedNew CF at White Way, Nr Baunton, Gloucestershire. 'Brushed' rings around a more defined central lay area, similar to basket weave. This looks like it could be destined for a 2nd phase as the outer ring appears patchy. We'll see.

3.6.18  No access negotiated.  New CF at Bishops Cannings . A simplistic  'warm-up event.

Photos CCC with thanks.

4.6.18  New CF at Sixpenny Handley in Dorset. I think this is in the same field as another CGI looked after in 2014. Funny how they gravitate back to the same areas. Seven-fold geometry is not that common.Here it is coupled with the Mayan type design around the circular heptogonic star feature. Most impressive of the season so barley. 

Seven pointed star can be the seven directions that magick comes from: North, East, West, South, Above, Below and Within....according to Earth-thinking. The seven points of the chakra. The seven-pointed star could represent the seven gifts of the Spirit - wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear of the Lord, and delight in the Lord. It can be the symbol of the Cherokee people, the seven clans.

Could also be taken as an encouragement to look beyond... towards a higher, expanded world view/consciousness.

....and another in a rolling key hole...with horns!

Photos CCC with thanks.

7.6.18]  Access available. I (CGI) have negotiated terms with the farmer of the Sixpenny Handley CF. People will be allowed access to the event as long as they show respect and not tread down paths through the crop...try to stick to one track. Please access the field by going beyond the lay-by to the gateway further up the B3081 Cranbourne road. The lay-by area is a hazardous location that could cause unwanted attention from the police should too many vehicles amass there. CGI will not on this occasion, be managing the field.

Happy days!

9.6.18  Access available from sometime next week, exact day to be announced soon. New CF happened early this am. at same location as lasts year's six-fold event at Hackpen Hill where CGI were helping. CGI will be managing this event also but not until sometime next week. So in this regard the farmer is asking people NOT to enter the field and will  be putting up notices to that effect. Please respect the farmer's wishes... we all need these friendly farmers to be on-side with all this. Better photos soon.

Photo copyright Hussey with thanks.

About exact same place, give or take, than last year's CF event here at Hackpen Hill in Wiltshire. Same farmer, same vibe, same charity cause. For me as a CGI facilitator these circumstances are certainly much less stressful and demanding in terms of organisation etc. I am convinced these 'Maker' guys know exactly what they are up to. They are making it easy, so easy, always works out, coordinating their efforts with us here on the ground, in the field that is the PR aspect in all this. The PR aspect is the crux of the matter, the events themselves merely a tool to connect with people, I would suggest. All this never ceases to blow my mind!  

Photo cropped from a GKing image with thanks.

Again, if people wishing to visit this CF would kindly defer until middle next week that would be most helpful and also help to keep the farmer 'sweet'. Thank you.

The position in the field of this CF seems to tbe popular with the Makers. In recent years the 'Cube', the 'Mitsubishi' 3 fold and last year's 6 fold all in the same place as this latest one. A real hot-spot here! 

10.6.18  New CF at Chicklade. There is NO ACCESS negotiated to this event at the time of writing. 

11.6.18  New CF Moselle, France.

Photos CCC with thanks.

12.6.18 CGI will be facilitating access to the Hackpen Hill CF as from Thursday am. The hours of visiting will be 9am-9pm. Gates will close at 9pm by which time all visitors are expected to be on their way. (We need some down time too!) Free on-site parking. £3 per adult, kids up to 16 free. All money goes to the 'Brighter Futures' local charity for cancer treatment. In the meantime here are a few typical comments from our visitors book of last year. 

14.6.18 First day at Hackpen Hill doing CGI work. Reception so far has been very positive from visitors. 

Increasing support from the media.

This crop formation contains many good examples of a 'probability anomaly' feature I have coined 'Energy Leak'. This presents as still -standing crop along the edge of a tramline and is compelling evidence suggestive of a mysterious event. 

17.6.18  New CF opposite Stonehenge. No Access. I have met this farmer and he is definitely anti-crop circle! The man has no sense of humour whatsoever so I personally would not venture onto his land.

18.6.18  Update on Hackpen Hill. We now have a coach-park in a field across the road from the site better suited to larger vehicles. On previous occasions these vehicles would need to have parked at the top of the hill so more convenient now. 

19.6.18  It's been a busy day up here on the hill. Channel 4 (UK TV) were here doing a documentary entitled 'Hidden Britain by Drone' to be aired in August and presented by Tony Robinson of 'Blackadder' and 'Time Team' fame. The jist of the film is to show aspects of the country not that obvious or visible unless with the advantage of aerial drone use. The main participants were James Hussey (farmer) Lucy Pringle (photogragher) Tim Carson (farmer) Monique Klinkenbourg ( organiser of CC exhibition) and myself. The film obviously publicises CGI and it's principles, something that is sorely needed but let's hope all will come together and conclude in a positive light encouraging a more workable future with the farmers. 

20.6.18 Cascina Geronima/Virle 2018, New crop circle in Italy  at Giuseppe Chiaretta's farm, Cascina Geronima, Italy, Piedmont.
This crop circle had been created during the night between June 16 and June 17 2018.
Picture © Francesco Grassi. This event is a fine example of complex geometry that would be utterly impossible to create within limited hours of darkness and by the human hand. From this photo it looks like it may well have a coding within its design but hard to confirm until we get better aerial shots. Seems like another of the same series.

20.6.18  New CF at Fyfield (A4) 'Devil's Den'. No permission granted at the moment. I believe it is basically a design composed of 7 triangles arranged around a central circle.

Update: sadly farmer has destroyed the ground lay

at Devil's Den.

Summer Solstice 21June. Crop formation at Hackpen Hill can be open until 10pm to see the sun go down. Usual times are 9am -9pm.

Images Bing.

21.6.18 We are in the local newspaper Swindon Advertiser today. See the link here. 

22.6.18  I did an extensive interview with Barrie Hudson of the Swindon Advertiser. this morning. His piece, which comes out on a Monday in that paper is called 'The Big Interview'. He was quite thorough and seemed genuinely interested in the topic and so I am hopeful this article will help to popularise and promote our subject for both its own sake and also to attract visitors for our Brighter Futures Appeal. Fingers crossed!

23.6.18  New CF in my front garden almost next to Hackpen Hill White Horse. CGI will be managing this event and it will be open later today.

This CF is now open for visitors. We ask £3 per adult for one CF and £5 per adult to visit 2 CFs. All money goes to Brighter Futures charity. Two CFs in one location!!!

24.6.18  So gratifying to have at last found something (CGI) that actually works well in the local community at mending and healing local feeling in an area well visited by CFs over the years, years that in truth have upset most farmers with those CFs.

 Today is very popular with the public who in general have not seen a CF up close before and are so gratefull to us at CGI and the participating farmers. The farmers in this case are Mr James Hussey and Mr David White. Both of these farmers have a special interest in charity...we all thank them both very much I am sure for their participation in this initiative.

So far we have raised something approaching £18000 for the Brighter Futures cancer charity alone! 

Please come along with family and friends and join in the fun. All visitors seem so happy. and grateful for this opportunity. Once again they say..."Thank you very much Mr Farmer!"

25.6.18 New CF at Yarnbury Castle, Nr Steeple Langford, Wiltshire. No permission as yet.

Go here for feature article on CGI in Swindon Advertiser today. All in all a very fair appraisal of what we do I would say.

Comment: "Although I have been thinking along these lines for some time now, since the new CF arrived here, since the new CF arrived here two mornings ago in very close proximity to my van, I am becoming even more thoughtful regards the possibility that the 'Creators' could, just could, be co-operating with us here at CGI. Our CGI moto is...'Co-operating with farmers'. We co-op with the farmers, the 'Creators' appear to be co-oping with us. Of course this could easily just be me over-thinking it all. But it could just be possible.

Also, they have limited the number of CFs thus effectively 'funnelling' and concentrating interest around our Hackpen Hill events. Interesting thoughts.

Photo CCC with thanks.

26.6.18  An appeal for information. It has been noted by multiple visitors to the Sixpenny Handley CF that there are at least two low frequency individuals, one older man and one younger, purposefully and intentionally spreading disinformation to people when they come in to the CF. These people are probably either directly or indirectly connected with the distasteful vandalistic element elsewhere in the field. This behaviour is very upsetting for most and unwanted by all. In that regard I am appealing to anyone who encounters these types to photograph them and thereby indentify them. In other words, we intimidate them, make them paranoid at fear of exposure! If these pictures could be sent to me or for my attention or via my 'Contact' page that would be very useful. The images can then be used accordingly. The CF community would generally not wish to just passively roll over and submit to this sort of vandalism, intimidation and abuse. Thank you.  

27.6.18  The new CF under the White Horse at Hackpen Hill reveals a 3D perspective using a cone form as a primary. We've seen this approach many times before. This primary cone form has been 'cut off' as it were, half way up and then replaced with an incomplete concave reversed cone form dropped down into the centre with the star at its base...if that makes sense. This aerial shot by Tomasz Topolewski seems to illustrate my point perfectly. He positioned the frame just right. Thank you Tomasz.

28.6.18  Comment: Amusing start to the day here on the Hill. Some silver haired woman of about 60 arrived here this morning, looking unamused and clearly not in the spirit of things related to CFs. With hand on hip she proceeded to question and challenge all we are doing wishing I think more to upset me than see the CF. She failed. I said to her "You seem not to be that interested in the event here so why did you indeed come at all?" I said she could be watching football or tennis or some such. She replied ..."You are not tuned in, you have an inflated won't forget me will you" I said .."I will try madam and thank you.".. She eventually handed over £3 and went in to the CF. Odd. Oh well, takes all sorts I guess.

29.6.18  Comment: A relative of one of our CGI group members became distressed when she was confronted by another on Facebook regards CGI security. The individual in question raised the matter of money handling at the gate saying how do we know it all goes to charity and not into our own pockets. Well, bottom line is, in any charitable organisation collecting on an informal basis, you simply cannot know 100%. Fact is though we have raised approximately £1250 per week here so far for 2 weeks and counting and this money will be handed over at a formal photoshoot to Brighter Futures representative very soon and currently held in the farm safe. In life we need, I guess to sometimes have a little faith and trust in people and hope that they stand up to expectations. We here at CGI try to do this. Our track record over the last 6 years should be testament to our integrity having handed over more than £26000 already.

We don't mind answering questions and queries regards what we are doing as long as they are in a positive and good hearted spirit.  A very few I have noted seem to harbour malicious intent in which case we can only briefly comment or not at all. Thanks for reading.   

Celebrity video being made here this evening...great fun! Hopefully we can work together to enhance the CGInitiative. I will put out a video of my own later to elaborate. But for the time being, it's... guess who?

1.7.18  08.27hrs. Now, given that the 'agency' responsible for these recurring patterns knows exactly what they are doing, is quite deliberate about when and where they put down their formations, we can safely assume that if they choose to do something it is because they are organised and have a plan. As stated before my feeling is that this 'agency' seems to be funnelling attention around something that works, something that is effective towards delivering their long-term goal which seems to be connecting with Humanity in more than a mere geometric sense. CGI IS effective and IS working in the sense that it is achieving a more harmonious and peaceful environment, more socially acceptable inroad towards bringing together two worlds that previously were 100% at odds with each other. Apart from the Hackpen Hill CFs there have been no others that link in with that harmony and so it could be said that this 'agency' is encouraging the CGI formulation by recently giving us another circle on our doorstep. This has happened several times before to me if you look back. Also, by not giving others that may compete with us here at H Hill one could easily interpret as endorsing this position. I was expecting a new CF yesterday, but nothing, keeping the focus on H Hill. So, if we do not get another CF today that is visitor friendly, a CF you can legitimately visit and is local to this area this would seem to endorse this position of cooperation even further. Of course it is far too early to jump to any conclusions but to monitor around this possibility of 'agency' cooperation with CGI, to observe if the trend is indeed continuing is probably worth doing. To say again, the actual CFs themselves seem only to be the signal rather than the entire message or purpose that may be to integrate the phenomenon or indeed their originators with modern society but in a way that is socially non-disruptive. This certainly has been the vision behind CGI since inception by working with charities. CFs may be the means by which this 'agency' gains our attention hoping perhaps towards something far more substantial in the future. To just focus on the patterns themselves I feel is to miss the point entirely. We will see.


To realise that the Creators are  actually responding positively to our efforts here on the ground would be truly profound! 

 Call it random or even coincidence but it would also appear as though the Creators are regulating their activities to accommodate CGI's current resources. 

Update: No new CFs as at 11.30am today. Usually a July weekend such as this with good weather would attract new events so we all had high expectations for this w/e but still nothing, our H Hill event still being the focus! I will update further later on in the day.

Update: Still no new events as of this time 1700hrs.

2.7.18  Notice regards entry to Hackpen formations: The reason we like people out and gone by 9pm latest is that we need 'down time' as human beings. If others see people in the circle after that time it will attract them and the whole thing will become unmanageable  We do not wish for late visitors as there is an increased danger of crop damage to the circle detail as the light fails. Please respect our attempts to allow people peaceful access by respecting our boundaries. We close the gates to new visitors at 8.30pm which allows just half an hour and not really enough time to enjoy the CF experience so please come earlier if you can. Thank you.

New non-symmetrical, poorly executed field pattern reported today near Woodborough Hill. THIS IS NOT A MYSTERIOUS CROP FORMATION, it is plain VANDALISM! The 'Catherine-wheel' effect on the left is a sheer give away.This event is most probably an indicator of local sentiment in response to the opening yesterday of a close-by crop circle public picture gallery by a Dutch crew, in order to discourage visitors. The farmer on whose land this has been placed will not be pleased (I know him) and will certainly not wish for visitors. He may well cut it out today! It would seem the local people around this area (Vale of Pewsey) do not wish for crop circle promotion in any way (hence this discreditation) as they have been especially prone to crop events in the past. Very annoying to attract this form of negativism as we at CGI are trying to promote good relations with farmers. Perhaps it is something to do with the fact that pretty much all folks associated with said crop circle picture gallery do not actively promote or cooperate with the good that CGI represents and is doing on the ground. CGI is having increasing success by providing sound information and raising funds for the cancer charity 'Brighter Futures' standing at over £19000 and counting! 

New CF at Sutton Hall, Rochford, Essex. ( long way from Wiltshire!) 'FOJ' is back. We've had a few in the past with this accompanying logo. Increasing trend to have CFs in this area. Interestingly this is not a huge distance from where I actually live. Perhaps I won't need to come to Wiltshire soon!

Go to for all the photos. With thanks.

New FIELD PATTERN near Alton, Hampshire. I see no reason to get excited about this eccentric ,poorly executed design. I have no idea what the farmer position is.

When one compares this design with the one above, which is unmistakably mysterious there seems no comparison. It may well be that the debunkers are just reaffirming their position of disinformation. When we get hand-made patterns, they are not that many usually and they are quite simple containing inaccurate geometry and no biophysical/probability anomalies.

New crop formation Waden Hill, Avebury. This interesting little event would appear to be from the same family as the large 'Eagle' we had up on Hackpen Hill / Uffcott Down in 2015. Freestyle 'wings' with detailed body with one aspect looking like a raised rosette combined with other more complex ground lay. Clever design that is hiding itself well within the crop drill-lines. However, until we get the ground shots to highlight that detail we cannot be absolutely sure regards its origin. Its position is on the slope overlooking Avebury and any lights would be immediately obvious to the whole village. I do not know this farmer by personal contact but more on reputation. He absolutely does not like CFs and is likely to cut it out, especially if he gets wind of people walking around in his field. I shall update as news comes in.


3.7.18  Further to my comments of yesterday regards the Waden Hill ground shot evidence, we now have those shots in. It would appear my feeling was correct as these shots show clearly markers and features quite recognisable as mysterious. These features have been cross-referenced with other known-to-be mysterious CFs over the years so I have little reservation regards the origin of this event as being of the unknown.

Update Hackpen Hill: 1550hrs Military helicopter looping both CFs, having a good look here today. Despite what they say, they are clearly very interested in all this! Photo Bing.

Comment: Bottom line, it is not easy to run a crop formation event. One meets many people from around the globe, many with different needs. The challenge is to somehow find common ground and compromise in the real, sensible and practical world. We will always get the few who wish to challenge all we do no matter how ideal, this is human nature. But to be fair, the majority of folks 'get it' and empathise with what we are trying to do here. However, I have identified where the most prominent challenges are coming from, a place which is of no surprise to me. Old established habits die hard, are hard to change , are part of our personal 'story' and habit. It really does seem like the old school historic G1s are the most resistive, the ones who are finding it most hard to adapt, many of whom have committed vested interest in this arena, like money making in some form or personal glory. Seen it time and time again. The majority however, the newcomers, are pretty much OK, just accept, comply to the way of working which to them is quite normal, the going rate. 

If we are to effect a meaningful and positive change in visiting habit it would seem a common goal needs to be present in consciousness. Disharmony has reigned for far too long. Perhaps we can change this by becoming more 'present' in our thoughts. Just saying. Apart from that, all going really well. Thanks for reading.

4.7.18  Another productive day up here on the Hill. Despite unnecessary drama and confusion caused by zero coordination, incompetence and bad judgement on the part of a well known CC individual I shall not name at this time,all remains good here. However, this person who accompanied a 40 strong coach party of Italians, seemingly wishing to dominate proceedings, was not helpful. In reality her presence was quite surplus to requirement as the party had a leader of its own. I was effectively denied the opportunity to speak with said party as this individual insisted on unnecessarily detouring the group, quickly leading the many people up the dangerous hill road in searing heat with oncoming traffic a real issue.

However, (...takes breath!)  we continue to manage positively overall and answer the questions of the many, as best we can, regards this CF mystery here on Hackpen Hill. The feedback we are getting is pretty much all positive. 

5.7.18  Checked out the no.2 Hackpen Hill CF again this morning and gratified to find it still in very good condition after 11 days. All credit goes to respectful visitors who have preserved it well so that others may see it later on.

No.1 CF is due to be harvested later next week. However it is still in relatively good nick with some interesting features evident.

Amazing: I had my postal mail delivered to me in the field today; the postman said in all his 38 years of being a postie he never had to deliver to a field address before! 

6.7.18 If Billy from Aston Coaches can do it, so can you! This 58 seater, massive 14m long coach arrived today and the driver managed to reverse into our car park without problems right here at Hackpen Hill. This is by far our preferred parking option as it ensures both coach and its occupants are safely well off the dangerous road on the side of the CF. It is great when things go right...which they mostly do I have to say... but there are exceptions. 

No new CFs reported so far today.

Hand made Vs mysterious. I am so grateful to the guys who said they made the field pattern in Belgium (right). From a researcher point of view, to have something known to be done by humans clearly demonstrates their limitations when compared to the real thing which contains intricate details. I think it would be pretty obvious to a child which is of the better quality here. Human attempts are now pretty obvious to me at least so when we get liars and deceivers making claims to geometric perfection with exquisite detail, such as in Italy recent years, it simply makes them look stupid and foolish.

Photo  Jan Loenders/F.Grassi with thanks. 

Further TV coverage today as BBC1 was filming for its next edition of 'The One Show'. This edition is focusing on the unusually hot weather we are currently having in the UK rather than crop formations specifically. However, it matters not  as the circles were droned and we were all interviewed, albeit briefly, as this will publicise the phenomenon to millions of people up and down the country. We expect a busy next week in response to 'The One Show' which goes out on Monday at 7pm on BBC1. More media input scheduled here for Monday also. Things seem to be changing around here somewhat.

7.7.18  Comment: To gradually include the crop circle phenomenon into modern day society in a way that is positive, gentle and non threatening could well be the start of the greatest healing process for Man of all time.  Disclosure of the true nature of this subject was inevitable, just a matter of time but now that the media is taking it more seriously the pace of events will naturally change tempo. The positive outcome in reality is that to embrace this phenomenon openly and honestly, for one thing will enormously benefit the chosen charities many fold as people come flocking to see what all the fuss is about. (Over £4000 raised already this year.) I have noted that the majority of visitors already suspect the origins of these things are not simply mundane, and show little surprise when engaged at first hand. In a world currently full of negatives this subject will undoubtedly bring wonder and joy to all that witness it which has been the way since the circles began back in the late '70s. Society needs positives right now more that any time since the last war so let's hope that things will continue to unfold happily and for the benefit of all. 

Sad news:  the amazing new CF in the vicinity of Martinsell Hill today has been completely cut out by the farmer! Please do not go there as there is no point and it will only serve to wind him up even more...IT HAS GONE! However, our team has the aerial photos (that will no doubt be stolen (without expressed permission) from the CCC website by other unscuplious webmasters wishing to enhance their site!) Photos here later today.

So here is a sample image: the pentagram theme continues...fractalised positives and negatives. Both CFs here at Hackpen are pentagram based and so we get another compounding the message. We now have three from the same family. Wow!

For more photos go to here.

Image Jane Barford 2018 with thanks.


Here is a shameful and disgraceful misrepresentation/disinformation of the event above by a well known CF website and CF conference provider TT. I had thought hitherto that these people had some integrity but the quote here provided from their F/B page suggests very differently. The reason appears to be 'sour grapes' as the photographer concerned, who begs for money to enable him to pursue his private hobby of flying in a helicopter did not get the photos and resents others who have them, hence attempt to discredit said CF. Their reference to farmers is a load of 'tosh' and they know it! Sad and desperate people resorting to lies which are the last resort of the guilty so they say.


"Unfortunately could be man made as photos were taken as what is now regarded as silly o’clock in the morning which suggests someone knew this was going to happen. Time frame between finding the formation, and being photographed is questionable. This early morning activity by drone operators, clearly angers farmers with resulting cutting. Shame".

So now, I have to conclude that 'Temporary Temples', who are meant to be the 'experts' on geometry are a dishonourable and untrustworthy organisation. That is the 'shame' and the truth! It would seem desperation leads to desperate measures.

The practice of using other people's photos without permision or specific agreement regards linkage etc, to use on their private pages/websites is both unethical, dishonest and low-frequency. Individuals spend much time and private money to travel to and from crop-sites to take these images and to use them as described I feel most would deem this as unacceptable. High profile websites can easily be identified and shown to be abusers if necessary. 


8.7.18 12.20pm. Nothing new to report at the time of writing. Can't help but think that this 'funnelling' process may be continuing. If this were to continue or that any other CFs that  given were of a non-viable nature and not compete with proceedings here at Hackpen, it endorses a position that the Creators may be encouraging what we at CGI are doing, something that is being effective at smoothing social tensions to some extent. To discover that the Creators are cooperating with us would be a truly cosmic and ultra profound realisation. 

9.7.18  Important message for all Dutch CF visitors. 

Last evening I was verbally abused and intimidated at the gate by a number of Dutch visitors led by a well known female Dutch crop circle group leader who drives an orange van. This is the worst trouble I've had here in nearly a month. After learning from some of the group (who were well behaved) that they had not been informed regards times of opening (Question: is not that the role and duty of a group leader?) what CGI are doing and the general MO of events at Hackpen Hill by CGI, I informed them that the circles here are open 7 days a week from 9am until 9pm (a long day!) This is very odd as these people are closely associated with the Dutch MK outfit...aka... 'Information Centre',  so not to be aware of these basic facts, one would naturally think, would seem highly improbable...either that or this so-called 'Information Centre' is simply not sharing information relating to CGI!) However, this was met with hostility and challenge and at one point threatened to invade my personal space and referencing my wife in an intimidating way. This I will NOT tolerate...I will not be bullied! Interrupting my evening meal by group marching towards me in a purposeful way, the group leader angrily and rudely questioned our (CGI and farmer decision) legitimate right to impose these time restrictions. The person in question has been bringing groups to the UK for many years and taking them into fields without permission so obviously wishes not to show respect and change. She did not wish me to tell her group, or for them to read about our CGI work, or for information for some reason. ...wished to keep all people 'in the dark', seemingly attempting to control the situation, which is deceptive, unrealistic and naive but at the same time claiming ignorance regards opening times etc.

We here at CGI are trying to do something to calm social tensions in the UK, making it possible for people to happily visit without trouble and help the cancer charity. I feel people such as this female Dutch group leader need to be checked, perhaps by their own nationals as I feel we do not deserve to be treated in such an aggressive and hostile way for no good reason. This task is demanding enough as it is without this sort of nonsense. I would suggest that if this person, who drives a distinctive orange and yellow van, is not happy with how we conduct ourselves in the UK, that she concentrates her activities around her own home country and not come to this country and upset us. She is no longer welcome here and I would certainly NOT recommended her as a group leader as she is clearly NOT paying attention , someone who charges people a lot of money to visit circles with her. I intend to inform farmers to keep a look out for this woman and her van...her behaviour would not be acceptable to any reasonable person. I will not be abused in this way. Dutch people , please tell her to behave and leave me alone if you know or meet her. Thank you.  

Do not forget to watch BBC1 'The One Show' at 7pm this evening when our activities at Hackpen Hill will be shown on a national level. Supreme publicity! Could be a busy week!

Notice: We are harvesting the Hackpen Hill no.1 CF today 9.7.18.No. 2 still open and beautiful. Open 9AM till 9PM.

New CF in Czech Republic reported 7.7.18. 

Images CCC with thanks.

10.7.18  Regards BBC1 'The One Show'. We were scheduled to be included on the show last evening but for some unknown reason our segment was not included. Oh well, a bit disappointing but I'm sure there will be other opportunities as this event is now so prominent. UPDATE: Was week later!

WARNING! Due to the 'cutting edge' nature of what we at CGI are trying to do here with farmers/charity it is inevitable that we are going to 'ruffle' a few feathers, most probably from the old G1 community. However, in the recent light of some overt attempts by a Dutch woman at intimidation and bad mouthing/ toxic texting I shall make myself quite clear. Anyone trying it on by say, using social media F/B etc to hurt me or my family in any way will immediately be reported to the media administrators with risk of losing their account for not complying with terms and conditions related to extortion/ abuse. All such messaging etc will be preserved. We have the farmer's full backing here, have no doubt and I am assured that  if this fails to rectify this matter can still be addressed effectively elsewhere.

On a more positive note, I must thank a visitor who left me a personal 'tip' when I was on the combine filming. He said that was for me apart from the charity for doing the "Much needed work". So again whoever you are, a big THANK YOU SIR!  

Photo Bing.

11.7.18  Another one bites the dust! Hackpen Hill 1 harvested yesterday. No bunnies gobbled up this time as all in the shade over by the headland.

 Sociological observations based on recent events: Fractious groups and individuals vying to maintain a sense of control within their particular MO, and unmistakably and predominately G1 'old school' players remain an issue. Indeed, in this transitional period it would be unimaginable for this not to be in truth. In reality  things rarely stay the same and in our case with the CF community this is becoming increasingly obvious. But I have to tell you, tribal loyalty and vested interest within these historic players will be reluctant to adapt as older players are inherently less flexible. I discovered years ago that even within the sometimes pseudo-'spiritual and heady' side of the CF community things are not always as they appear. Bad actors, who on the surface appear charming and benevolent, especially when there is money involved, are not. Interestingly, pretty much all the prominent crop circle people who have been around for years flatly refuse to support and actively promote the work of CGI. I write this as a warning. Not all wish for change in the crop circle world. Many old-school players would wish to just carry on as before, in a rut, continuing with disrespect and disharmony taken for granted, mere entertainment the main priority. However, I suspect that if you were to ask such people if they wished for such in their own personal lives they would all say no. I believe it is a fool who sees not 'the writing on the wall' and the plain and simple reality is that the CGI concept is liked in this community. And why not, we are generating positivity here and at the very least, trying to give back something were as before it was all just take. 

12.7.18 New CF at Longwood Warren, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Farmer permission has not been acquired to my knowledge at the time of writing. Beautiful design with outstanding ground lay.

Image CCC with thanks.

Notice to foreign visitors (and UK nationals should it apply) who are often led by group leaders who show disrespect and charge money for their services.

Please do not support such tour guide people by subscribing to their tours. By doing so you are engaging in illegal activity which in turn will give your nationals a bad name as participants.Uninvited entry to private land to visit CFs is encouraging farmers to cut out formations so please show respect when in the UK and only visit CFs with farmer permission. Thank you. 

14.7.18  Myself and another farmer are currently negotiating the new CF but the field farmer needs 24 hours to settle down. I am appealing to people to resist the temptation to enter as this could well be the difference between cutting or not. A special appeal to our foreign guests who may not appreciate the gravity of the situation so well. It is up to us what happens. There is surveillance in place which could help us.

 PM Update: It would seem like a certain someone has been at it again, this time down at the Stonehenge CF. The farmer there was reported just recently, as being greeted with aggression and hostility by a Dutch group leader complaining about obvious issues pertaining towards her own vested financial position. This info was obtained from more than one multiple- witness reports. The woman in question I'm told had a dog and was 'in charge' of quite a large group who marched in without permission . Question: Should we all feel comfortable with this state of affairs when CGI are attempting to be constructive, to calm over farmers and local sentiment? Such behaviour is self serving, selfish, rude  and short sighted. From my point of view it is very disappointing. Please people, stop this lady from so doing if you know her...she may jeopardise a positive outcome. Thanks. 

To the right the Stonehenge CF depicting a warning regards toxicity, where the aforementioned conflict occurred...very appropriate I would say!  Photo Nick Bull with thanks.

15.7.18  I'm afraid there is no news as yet regards official access to the new CF at Winterbourne Bassett. Have no doubt though, we are on the case, but this is something that cannot be rushed. A little patience now may reward later. Remember, this is a transitionary phase we are in right now, breaking new ground in finding new ways to cooperate with the farmers. Many farmers and many visitors will find this process very challenging.However, without this process the future will be grim, just more and more agro, not exactly conducive with a spiritual experience I would say. But I feel confident that if there is a cohesive will to try, something good can come out of all this. To the immediate right is a photo of my friend James (farmer) yesterday when we reconnoitred the area for possible CGI service.  

Update: After much negotiating the farmer of this CF will not agree entry to his field.

To the right a photo of the farmer yesterday considering what to do with this crop formation on his land.

Above, a group of legitimate and happy French visitors to the Hackpen CF yesterday.

New CF in Muncombe Hill, Nr Kingweston, Somerset. Right. Access with farmer there collecting money. Far right Smeathe's Plantation July 2009.

Photos CCC with thanks.

17.7.18  I was drawn here to Hackpen Hill yet again this year to manage a CF in the same field as last year. After a short period another CF appears right next to me in the adjacent field. And then, a few days ago, yet another appears right in front of my location, in my line of sight...albeit a few fields away. I find this quite remarkable. The Creators could have placed their work pretty much anywhere in the world and chose to put it here. Although this has happened to me several times before i.e.. CFs cropping up very near or opposite to where I'm based, when it happens yet again I can't help but feel there is some sort of trend going on here. Could it be the Creators are endorsing the positivity CGI are generating around here? What we are doing is clearly encouraging a community healing process to some extent. Of course we will never really know, but if true that the Creators are endorsing our work, that is earth shatteringly profound! To be monitored and rewarded on the ground by this unknown 'agency' is like some sort of exotic relationship is going on. Wow!

             No.1                                                                                No2.             

             No 3.

NOTICE: If people wishing to do meditations/ceremonies etc on the site of the now harvested CF at Hackpen Hill, it is available for access, but only whilst CGI are here. Apparently this event has special qualities that can be referenced by 'mediums'. All we ask is a small token donation of £2 per adult which will of course all go to the charity. 

Some people doing a meditation and 'reading' on the site of the harvested CF.

18.7.18  We must be doing something right. Here's the certificate to prove it. The official handover of the latest instalment of over £5000 occurred yesterday afternoon with the two farmers concerned, James Hussey, David White, myself and Catherine Newman from 'Brighter Futures' charity, GWHospital in Swindon. A figure of £20,245.68 has been generated by CF visitors over the last 4 years working with CGI. The Swindon Advertiser newspaper will do a feature on this which comes out tomorrow. 

Just to say, this CF that remains at Hackpen Hill will be harvested in about 8 days.

19.7.18 Seems like the 'not entirely satisfied' Dutch ringleaders are at it again! This time it's a 5pm deadline which has been imposed upon us and CCC. "Get out, stop reporting the truth and do as we say... or else!!!" Implied blackmail, threats, the lot= attempted intimidation.

Here, we are all terrified, quaking in our boots....AAGHHH!!! What can we do? The end of the world as we know it! 

Meanwhile, all perfect here at the wonderful CF at Hackpen Hill. Swindon Advertiser News article on-line. Timing is all!

Mr Burns says..."Please click me".

Good news! The 'Swindon Advertiser' has done us proud. The press seem to be really warming to what we are doing now. A breakthrough I would say...they're beginning to 'get it" I think. There will be a bit of negativity as some struggle to adjust, this is to be expected, one or two hick-ups, but this will not stop progress, a progress that is so crucial for harmony both near and far. I can't tell how enriched this makes me feel. I just love Cat's quote regards 'intergalactic' help...priceless! Read full press article here.

20.7.18 Just to clarify: There's been a bit of contradictory rumour/ disinformation going around last couple of days suggesting we at CGI will be ordered by the farmer to get off the field at Hackpen Hill ! Well, nothing can be further than the truth. I can inform you that is entirely false information and not to take any notice of it. We are committed to our role in service of helping the farmers and visitors in a practical way and also a devotion to helping  'Brighter Futures' charity fund for a cancer treatment centre in Swindon. Please come along and see the Crop Formation here which is still in good shape and looking good.

22.7.18  The latest CF near Allington has no permission to visit. This CF occurred yesterday. We have information that well known CF 'enthusiasts' were there last evening saying the farmer knew about it, implying that it was OK to be there. It was not. This will be verified later. The CF was deliberately 'held back' from others so that  these well known hard core people could illegally access to take pictures and satisfy their paying tour members. It has been very hostile down in the Vale of Pewsey for some time now because of this practice and when I spoke to the farmer this morning he was angry and didn't know about it. He said he was going to call the police and cut it if it was indeed on his field, which he seemed to think it was. This hard core of cereal abusers that visit fields, often with paying groups do not seek permission. One such person was noticed by someone in the field opposite me here yesterday, over at Wooten Bassett. 

No access! Now cut out by farmer at 1pm. When he arrived he found over half a dozen people sitting in the middle! Clever!

Wow...we made national TV! The One Show was broadcast last Monday16th July evening at 7pm. You can see it on BBC Iplayer. Not very long at all and not about CFs. It was about the weather being hot. But we made it! Yippee! Here's the link.Go from 23mins 10 secs.

23.7.18  Thought for the day. With yet another CF having been cut out by an angry farmer at Allington, I really do wonder how it can be that the people who are so determined to visit such CFs uninvited, still manage to present as 'spiritually aware'. In my view it would seem utterly impossible to have a spiritual experience knowing that I was unwelcome...a complete irony. All that just seems so phoney, hypocritical and shallow.

Now cut out as 'spiritually aware' people accessed without permission! 

Regards Somerset, Muncombe Hill CF. I posted two days ago that the farmer here is allowing access but I failed to mention that she is charging £20 for entry. This will sound excessive but it was not her decision. I have been in contact with her for some time now and she is a very nice lady. She is a tenant farmer answerable to the Director/Trustees of the estate who were consulted and would only allow under these circumstances. Please respect her position.She was most distressed recently when she too was verbally and aggressively abused by the same person and her group as before. This behaviour needs to stop. 

Access at £20.

Regards the CF at Allington that was cut out. Some German friends who are visiting the crop formations this season have respectfully approached the farmers father who was around and politely asked if they could go into the crop formation even though it was cut... as advised by myself. They wished to do some meditations, feel the energy and take some spiritual readings. They offered him a sum of money to do so. The farmer accepted and said what really annoyed him was the disrespect and finding people there without asking him...he thought this to be arrogant and rude. This is quite understandable I think. This is an end to an unhappy beginning. If only we could just 'do the right thing' and show respect we might get somewhere. So if you wish to visit, rather than all rush like the world is about to end, just simply ask and you may be granted.

STOP PRESS!Regards the Hackpen Hill 2 CF. IT IS OPEN! Just had John Blake (ex WCCSG) up to see me who had just 25minutes ago visited the so-called 'Information Centre' down in The Vale. He told me that the display they had on the desk up there regards our current CF Hackpen Hill (2) was showing it as ' NO ACCESS. This is NOT the case and they are putting out incorrect information.I would expect the organiser to put out a public apology as our CF is the only CF in the area to visit. This may have caused many not to come along. Please trust in future either my site here for up to date info or the I am truly sorry for any inconvenience caused.  

STOP PRESS 2. Regards Somerset CF.

I have just recently and extensively discussed the CF down in Somerset with the farmer. She was so distressed at the way people have behaved around her she has decided to close the formation down with immediate effect. I know who the bad actors are . They are the ‘old school’ G1s mostly...with groups taken into CF for money that have been used to just walking into fields without either permission or without paying. 

The grain crop will be harvested tomorrow morning and they are now preparing the field and machinery accordingly. 

I feel ashamed to be associated, albeit loosely, with  people that consciously and intentionally abused such a lovely and giving person as herself. They are NOT rich farmers and are struggling. The combine is an old MF 40 they just hope will work the following season, to just give you an idea. So, this circle is now PERMANENTLY CLOSED! Hackpen Hill 2 is the only one open, once again.

 She was so grateful for CGI support and is recommending us to the police (who were involved) as being helpful and to all who have been involved. 

My feeling is that people should 'encourage' these bad actors to either go away or radically change their MO.

Paul Jacobs.CGI.

New CF at Sutton Hall (2), Nr Rochford, Essex. The second this season in this area and is reminiscent of the Led Zeppelin pictogram we got back in July,1990 in East Field, Alton Barnes, in Wiltshire.

This area in Essex is becoming evermore popular and perhaps it's beckoning me as I live close by!

Perhaps that's what the Creators intend to do is to start again in a completely new area where the visiting population can evolve with more positive and less bad habits...just an idea but would be convenient for me. There is no permission at the time of writing.

24.7.18  New CF at Gurston Ashes, Nr Fovant, Wiltshire. The farmer has my number so we are waiting. Will try for access if he calls but no access given as we speak. I won't hassle him as he was reported as being a bit 'fragile'... 

Photo Jane Barford  with thanks.


Well...nearly at the end of another rewarding and wonderful day at Hackpen Hill CF. The French group of 30 on the right, brought here by Philippe   this morning had such a high frequency energy; it was such fun having them here. This CF really does seem to have a very positive affect upon those who go into it. Just what the world needs right now I would say!

DSCF2734 copy.jpg

25.7.18 Appeal! Due to such popular interest and a growing need to press this topic forward I have just recently and reluctantly added a 'DONATE' button on my HOME PAGE. Our costs for such items as presentation equipment for our envisaged exhibition of crop formation pictures and information, projection and screening hardware will continue to mount. I only have so much that I can personally contribute. So many people wish to hear about all this and I feel compelled to do what I can to facilitate their needs. But there is a cost so please help if you can.

Thank you. Paul Jacobs.

Notice: Wootton Bassett CF now being harvested.

Report: More bad behaviour reported from the new 'DOOR' CF (no permission granted to the public) down near Salisbury. The usual suspect (who had no PERMISSION was caught in the circle with a paying group and then witnessed by many, including the farmer, to have physically assaulted another visitor, one  who was legitimately escorted in to the circle personally by the farmer himself under special circumstances.

I personally feel this person has anger management issues and should  seek treatment, either that or she will probably end up in custody. The crop circle community really does not need someone like this in their midst.


26.7.18  It really is a joy to have groups like this Swedish group that visited HH this morning, led by Steffen. Beautiful energy, wishing to learn something and so grateful for what we are doing. Sometimes this work can be a bit of a challenge so this sort of feedback, although not uncommon is always welcome. Thanks to all! Paul. 

This CF is now CLOSED due to bad behaviour.


May I just draw your attention to a very disturbing 'COMMENT' I received from the farmer's wife relating to an event that happened a few days ago. It happened down in the Somerset CF. A gentleman and his friends also witnessed her being abused . Here is the link.  All in all, a very disturbing situation indeed!

New CF near Harbury, Warwickshire.

ACCESS was agreed with FARMER BY

CGI but now he's says NO ENTRY as he may crop the field this afternoon.

He will keep me informed. FIELD HARVESTED!


27.7.18  Please refer firstly to my previous Report just above. 

I have just received yet another letter of concern about someone called Janet, on my 'Comments' page, this time from a group of four who witnessed the same person, in let's say, a very unusual situation. As far as I understand it, in British law it is unlawful to aid and abet or allow a 10 year old ('minor') girl to be on show in a public place when completely naked. This was not on a beach, it was in a place in a field likely to be frequented by others. The child was surrounded by several adults as far as I can ascertain with others nearby looking on. There may well be an innocent explanation but Trish the farmer said it felt like a 'cult' when she encountered them. But nonetheless, the circumstances here do seem very odd indeed, if not, quite bizarre. The use here of such language as ..."You are agents of evil"...suggests paranoia. The behaviour here suggests possible delusions of grandeur, which is the fixed, false belief that one possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth. The violent behaviour here constitutes assault to the person. But in any case this person really does seem to be out of control/have issues and likely to end up in custody/hospital! I would suggest, to be on the safe side that if you do encounter this person,(she drives a small orange van with Dutch registration plates) deal with extreme caution as she is now on the offensive. Likely to be volatile, impulsive and unpredictable. As this is on my website I am personally putting in additional security measures as I have been threatened by this lady already. 

If you wish, please read full letter on my Comments page here. 

Gurston Ashes CF now closed to ALL visitors I'm afraid as farmer was shocked and angered by incident with Dutch woman. Not the sort of thing we would normally associate with the crop circle experience!


29.7.19  Spare a thought for us 'hanging on' up on the Hill as the storm batters and bangs outside, torrential rain and winds preventing any outside activity whatsoever! This is truly a matter of just sitting there till all this is over. But, perhaps the sun will shine later and we can then once again look to the Circle! LOL!


The Martinsell Hill conundrum. Please read my mini article here on this subject that has confused some of my visitors. Despite what you may have heard from certain people this CF was exquisite and totally mysterious.

Photo Jane Barford 2018 with thanks

New CF Ridgeway, Hackpen Hill (3). I am now literally surrounded by CFs! This one's just behind me top of hill.From the ground it looks like 8 fold star geometry. We are waiting for confirmation from the estate then,if we get the go ahead will encamp unit no.2 in the car park at the top of the hill. I think we can now confidently say that these guys are really on our case! Awesome!

DSCF2756 copy.jpg
DSCF2757 copy.jpg
DSCF2753 copy.jpg

Central circular swirled element surrounded by plaiting/basket weaving within a circular border contained in an 8 fold star geometry...I think, from ground level. This event has clear and obvious signs of 'Energy Leak' feature.

DSCF2767 copy.jpg

Hackpen Hill 2 CF now harvested

2.8.18 Reflections. I am back home now after a busy two months living in a field! Once away from all the noise and action one has a chance to reflect with a renewed perspective. My initial thoughts are positive as much has been achieved, both financially for the Brighter Futures charity but also on the public relations front (PR) , both equally important. Something over £32000 has now been raised by CGI which has to be impressive. We saved three, maybe four CFs which could be visited legitimately. On the PR front, new farming friendships have been made and the media has warmed to us significantly. Please look out for a British TV program on Channel 4 entitled 'Hidden Britain by Drone' which is a series of 4 documentaries being aired this month. CGI and our activities around Hackpen Hill are being featured so should be interesting. Many will watch this as it is prime time TV. Also, if you live in Norway, the equivalent of the BBC there is doing a feature on us. Local BBC radio has shown interest again...I have been invited to the live studio but as yet not had time. 

On the negative side (I will always tell my readers both the the good and the bad) as I have mentioned on this page before, the picture was a very different story indeed. Maybe you will call me naive but it has been rare in my life as a whole that I have encountered such low frequency behaviour. Pretty much all this was associated with the G1 commercial and paying group community. It is especially distressing when linked into an experience such as the CF phenomena as most feel this is dedicated to positivity by the Creators. The utter unfeeling ruthless depths of desperate immorality, lies and deception that we have many times witnessed this season by a Dutch group leader especially and her "cult" followers (described by a farmer, not me) is truly sinister and deeply disturbing. One farmer and others witnessed a scenario where an inappropriately 'presented' child was seen in a circle in close proximity to adults! Outrageous! (please reference to this other visitor's report on Gurston Ashes experience on my Comments page here). I need not go over all this again as I've described in posts earlier and above this post. But what you all must know, even if you do not care for politics, is to ignore such would hugely impact on the future complexion of the CF experience as this gives our community a bad name and will only serve to condemn many more CFs to the cutter! Farmers too have been complaining about this woman's conduct. 

To give another perspective, there was an annual 'talks' event at the Coronation Hall last evening organised by the Dutch.. You may find it hard to believe but were it not for a CGI supporter who was scheduled to give a talk already who promoted us, CGI would NOT have had a mention. The CGI initiative is the most significant and successful initiative in our CF community in 40 years as it is attempting to address and heal the disharmony that has prevailed for most of that time. So you may be forgiven for thinking, for it not to be featured or even mentioned is quite extraordinary. The reasons here I'm afraid are simply malicious I have to say. The prominent Dutch candidates do not wish us to become popular as this takes the shining light away from them; it also compromises their way of working which historically has been uninvited activity and money, money, money... the very reason why farmers are so angry. Uninvited guests are disliked as much as uninvited gatecrashers to your own private party, no different. May I just make clear though that I am NOT referring to ALL Dutch people. It is only the very small minority that's causing the troubles. The majority of Dutch are lovely people.

So, if you agree with what we are trying to do at CGI please endorse and promote our efforts by whatever means...FB, Twitter etc. 

To do nothing could result in a future full of just more troubles than otherwise needed. I'm sorry to have to report such news but I feel I have a responsibility to inform as I am in a cherished position of privilege. This phenomenon means so much to so many. 

Thanks for reading.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 21.43.39.jpg

7.8.18  Observation: It has been a week now since we left our CGI post at Hackpen Hill. Within this period we have had no further CFs in the UK, just one in Brazil, which in truth looked less convincing than most! Admittedly, at this time of year, very end of season, there is far less opportunity for further activity. However, during the last week or so, when there are still a few last minute fields to harvest we often get one or two final events. This year we did not receive any more CFs after we left up to and including the time of writing. You could say this is pure coincidence. But you could also be forgiven for thinking this was intentional, part and parcel of the Creator's plan to somehow shine more light on a particularly constructive and successful PR intervention that maybe is effectively aiding their agenda, whatever that is. I could go on, but nonetheless intriguing; let's just wait and see what happens.

Image to the right is Happen Hill 3. This event completed the circle at our encampment site; our site was now literally surrounded by crop circles in close proximity by this time. Incredible. CGI magnate? CGI discovered this event after an appalling night of stormy rain and wind. CGI decided not to manage this event at that time due to circumstance and fatigue!  

8.8.18  Here is the official Brighter Futures Certificate acknowledging total amount collected to date by CGI. £7075 was raised this season which is much more than previous years. This is a very optimistic note to end the season on and bodes well for the future. A big thank you to the very large majority of visitors who supported this initiative and encouraged us to carry on with this work. As well as being helpful to the fund this work should be understood to be a very significant and positive PR tool. Warming the community to our subject is crucial. To give back something, whereon for many years before visitors were seen to be always taking from that community, many times for their own profit, will be very helpful. People could be far more interested in much other than just the formations themselves. Unless we address the socio/political aspects effectively all will continue in the same negative vein as in many years before. However, I do feel things are beginning to change now, albeit very slowly.


Photo Jane Barford with thanks.


9.8.18 The coming months will be significant in terms of public crop circle consciousness. The forthcoming CH4 TV series in which CGI are featured, a program that is repeated both on More4 and +1 will ensure much exposure. Coupled with other events that I shall describe later, it is safe to say awareness in our subject will be very much raised. The impact of the successful PR initiative tied in with the 'Brighter Futures' charity fund has made a positive impression on both media and local community which has had a warming effect on all. I am therefore optimistic about the way in which things are going, especially now that it would seem very, very, likely the Creators themselves are monitoring and endorsing our work. The way they provided circles very local to our operations at Hackpen Hill this season, literally surrounding us in circles, and nothing since we left, was utterly mind blowing! I personally feel that this whole crop circle business is stepping up a notch!

The 'hazardous waste' CF event that happened earlier at Coneybury Hill, Nr Stonehenge, Wiltshire reported 8th July pretty much proves that the Creators are monitoring us very closely. They provided a pattern exactly like the official symbol for that hazardous waste substance, and it happened the day after Dawn Sturgess (RIP) died having been poisoned by such a substance. Coincidence? I don't think so. Watch this space people!



11.8.18  New CF reported yesterday, Mixon near Etchilhampton in wheat. Expectations are that it won't be there for long as harvesters are active. We will liaise with farmer as a matter of course.

Perhaps a farewell for another year...of modern day miracles! 

Thank you Creators, you have given us, once again, so much joy!

Photo CCC with thanks.

13.8.18 Well, it seems like they are not quite over yet! New CF down at Monarch's Way, Nr Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire. Reported 13th August. Shows us to never assume anything, attempt to 2nd guess or predict the Creators next move!


19.8.18  Latest video just published: see here...'Season of Smiles'.

Please note: Episode 4 of 'Hidden Britain by Drone' including Core Group Initiative and the C/F at Hackpen Hill will be aired on 27th August at 8pm on Channel 4.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 21.11.57.png

27.8.18  Tonight's the night folks! Channel 4 at 8pm. Question is...will they do the subject justice? If they do this it will be a milestone, a game changer in crop formation history! So often the editors of documentaries will bias and bend content towards the less serious. To give the subject credibility and validity finally will undoubtably spark the public's imagination leading to 'goodness knows where'. My experience with the many hundreds of visitors that come through our CGI gates each year is that they ARE in fact ready, to hear the REAL truth about crop circles. Anyway, we shall see tonight what Sir Tony's verdict is. If a 'Sir' cannot be honourable and tell the truth it'll be a pretty poor show! I was quite unambiguous in what I said. Fingers crossed!

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27.8.18  Critique of last night's 'Hidden Britain' program shown on Channel 4. 

All in all the show was OK. At the very least it helped to raise awareness that the subject is still alive and well and maybe help to align other farmers towards positivity and charity. Although they could have included much, much more of what we said during interviews the saving grace was that there were no real 'bad boys' included in the people involved with the subject for the wrong reasons...I was grateful for that. Also, I was grateful that they allowed Lucy Pringle to say she "Wished people would take this subject more seriously". But why they would ask a helicopter pilot for his view I'm not sure...that would be less reliable than say, asking a long term 'up-to-speed' researcher like myself (which they did in my interview)...perhaps they were afraid of the truth getting out! 

James Hussey did a good job at showing the subject due respect and positivity. James's and Tim Carson's content seemed to counter-balance each other although I would naturally have to disagree on the latter's view. But in truth the point of the program was to show a subject from a drone's perspective I guess, rather than to discuss the pros and cons of something.

Lastly, the jury is definitely NOT still out on this topic is well and truly back in...and with a positive verdict!  


11.10.18 New article here published today:

This article looks at the very real possibility of 'open contact' with the Creators!

DSCF2453 copy.jpg

16.10.18  Always great to report some happy and positive news! 

To be acknowledged as socially helpful at such an event within the crop formation context is significant. This wonderful Gala evening at Rockley Manor on Saturday was something my wife and I will find very hard to forget. At one point I personally needed to stand up at table to acknowledge an accolade which in truth took me completely by surprise.


 The event was put on by 'Brighter Futures' and hosted by farmer James Hussey Esq. for major fundraisers and guests in acknowledgement of contribution towards the £2.7m now raised for the cancer treatment fund. CGI has raised over £22,000 for the fund, something I think anyone would be proud of. There is every reason to believe the remaining £200,000 is soon to arrive.


This gracious invite seems like a natural development somehow as over the seven years CGI has been fully active we have been increasingly making inroads to both the farming community and also to local public awareness/media. This news should be of great value and interest to all crop circle enthusiasts.

This whole crop formation business just has to be something well beyond a fascination with patterns and a tenancy to attempt discovery of meaning etc. Meaning, when it occurs is usually obvious, requiring little attention. By now we fully accept and understand that these patterns are very clever and indeed complex but after 40 years we should also understand this subject is primarily a sociological issue. CGI continues to support above all else the concept of RESPECT by visitors and hoping for improved relations with farmers in the future. This Gala represented respect on both sides and felt very healing. 

To add to this positive development I have been asked to speak on crop circles at a major and influential public venue in the New Year. This event will most definitely be hugely significant and may actually begin to change social attitudes. More on that after the event.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 21.43.09.png

17.12.18 Major misconception by many so-called CF 'researchers'.

I have read, and indeed keep reading statements by individuals claiming to be CF researchers asserting the only way to determine whether a formation is mysterious or not is to be the first person in a newly formed creation. This is not the case. My view is that this is often said as if to curry favour somehow in an attempt to gain preferential treatment by say with a farmer or to sway the narrative. If this be the case, such people are not researchers, moreover they are deceivers/misleaders one could say.

However, in truth and reality, and if this determination were indeed necessary the definitive pointer would be to note node bending present on day one of the CF's creation. Phototropism or sun-seeking will take days for the plants to alter themselves. Node bending cannot just happen quickly especially over night when there is no sun. So in truth it matters not whether we make this observation on day one, two or three. The presence of organised and wholesale node bending will still suggest something mysterious. Node bending early on day one is impossible according to the laws of botany and once bent does not quickly revert back to original perpendicular status.

This is why I use the term 'CF researchers' loosely as I have reason to know this term has been used many times for ulterior motives, usually for self promotion.


Above we have an example of a non nodal plant that is demonstrating phototropism due to plant disturbance. I observed this process on my own patio which took a week to get this far!

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