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2.1.2019.  New year, new perspective. It is my intention this year to widen the arena if possible, encouraging a broader minded and more accepting cultural perception of the CF phenomenon, one that leads us closer perhaps towards integration. This word has a two aspects. 1. Increased awareness in the general population. 2. Working actively towards the unthinkable ie. the possible and indeed probable reason why the crop formations (CFs) are here in the first place...a wish to work with Man. Ambitious, yes, audacious certainly! Many may say... "Crazy, you are far too ahead in your thinking". They may be correct but sometimes an idea or 'vision' will bear fruit so why not just try? For 40 years now people have mostly been obsessively latched upon the obvious within this subject ie. an understandable and natural fascination with the actual CF events, the shapes themselves; their meaning, constructional issues and their aesthetics/ photographs etc. These aspects of course are all very interesting and very relevant but do not address the essence of the occurrences. They are probably only the signals.They are part of a natural and organic process that will lead towards much more needed awareness of course but alas, this process has somehow got a bit stuck, a bit routine, even after 40 years little has changed. So, after 40 years of these guys reaching out to us whereon nothing more remarkable than the above has happened (Man en-masse just taking a vague interest), do you not think it a possibility, now that something meaningful IS happening and instigated by Man (CGI in the fields working a PR) that the Creators may take an interest to help with a view to moving this whole thing forward a bit? It is possible and logical that they would do so as they seem so persistent in conveying a mode of contact. 


Beyond the actual manifestations, I suggest and no surprises to most G1s (1st generation enthusiasts/visitors) but for the benefit of the many newcomers (G2s), these events as said, stand as signals, a start, 'shiny objects' to attract our attention, to get us thinking about other possibilities. In consequence there would logically be a time when this whole thing would move forward beyond just taking photographs, talking and squabbling. For us to start actually using their prompt (the CFs) in a practical way could do this. As a natural follow-on to H G Wells' broadcast in 1938 and Roswell in the late 1940's, events that sowed the seeds, the CF narrative and all things ET has slowly grown. I would suggest that away from the devout, fundamentalist and orthodox belief systems most people (in private) would by now be desensitised to the idea of ET actually existing.

I would suggest, indeed this seems to be the consensus view of the many I have spoken to, is that all the sustained CF effort beamed into our landscape over the years is an attempt to connect with Mankind on a more substantive level. If we look back to the days of Star-trek on TV, even then the story writers envisaged a time when Man could work routinely and meaningfully with otherworldly cultures/beings ie. Mr Spock et al. I suggest this is not so fantastic nor unrealistic but is entirely inevitable, albeit a bit hard for most at this time to contemplate outside the bounds of the Hollywood setting. After all, in a way this is exactly what CGI are doing right now. The only difference is that we've not actually met the Creators in a recognisable form...yet! We are working with them by popularising the CFs, demonstrating the potential benefits to the general public (not just CF enthusiasts as has been the norm historically via conferences etc) as opposed to grappling with the negatives; we are not just talk-talking, we are do-doing something. This process will evolve and in ways that maybe we would not be aware of right now. We work with what they give us in an effectively progressive manner, pursuing the social agenda as part of our social evolution. All such evolution has to start/come from somewhere and so this is why I feel a growing consciousness based around integration headed up in this instance by CGI (in the absence of literally no interest or support from self-interested front line G1 participants would you believe!) could be constructive if fielded carefully. Our approach will be neither evangelical nor militant, moreover gentle and as tenacious as before. I will say yet again, this subject would appear to be a multi-pronged sociological is NOT solely about patterns. One can think of many a superlative to describe such an effort but nonetheless remains just as valid I feel. I have always strived to be progressive.

Happy New Year!   



Image: '' with thanks.

If ever a saying seemed so correct it would probably be..."Truth is stranger than fiction". Could the likes of Spock be so far off the mark?

10.2.19 Snow pattern Feb.2nd near Roundway Hill, Devizes. reported to Metro News page by local civil servant and drone enthusiast Chris Barrow. Nicknamed the 'Owl' as was pretty much identical to a crop formation we had at Woodborough back in 2009. Snow is an unforgiving medium and the slightest mistake would be hard to cover up. This pattern, if the whole story and photos are to be believed would need to be taken as a serious contender for the mysterious. The same constructional rules, restraints and protocols apply as to a crop pattern. The practical issues of first-time constructional perfection with no evidence of rehearsal and an absence of collateral damage either inside or outside of the design are strong indicators to such an event being of non-human origin. For people with no practical acumen these issues perhaps will be hard to appreciate and just quickly write this event off as non-mysterious. However, I would just ask them to maybe use their powers of critical thinking enabling perhaps an enhanced and more considered insight. Please ask a civil engineer / RICS member for a 'without prejudice' view. The modus operandi of past alleged / claimer practitioners applying the tape, rope and boards method to this task would seem farcically inadequate to achieve a 100% accuracy. Do consider that outlining the design and then infilling would logically need two separate passes in the job so double foot treat would be evident...seems not to be the case here. This is important if we wish to assess this event sensibly and seriously.

I see no reason in principle why snow could not be embraced as an additional medium by the mysterious 'Makers' to further their reaching out  to us which seems to be the basis of events thus far. The fact that there is a single set of footprints, one going up to the edge of the pattern and another that appears to then go back on itself (one person?) is in my view no more than evidence of a passing visitor, considerate not to have gone any further ( thus retaining the pristine shape and beauty). I'm surprised there were not many more as the site is clearly visible from Roundway Hill/Oliver's Castle, a common route for walkers. If one were to be coming from a humanly constructed perspective, there would need to be two sets (minimum) of tracks as a taut tape measure needs to be held both ends! As said, this analysis is all wholly dependent on the premise that the reporting is both honourable and genuine and no photoshop tricks / tools were involved which has been the case many times in the past where snow was the medium.


Please take a closer look at areas where one would normally expect a concentration of foot-tread if thinking human made. To form a circle a human would need to stand and maintain a point of taut radius. If a stick were to be used transit trail would be evident. There is no such evidence here! The 'dimpled' infill pattern is consistent throughout with no noticeable centre points. Remember, snow once trodden on cannot be refreshed.

This event could well be an intriguing development so please keep an open mind here people! Also, I think we can all dispense with any silly ideas of a secret government funded military satellite lazar guided microwave device! In my observations the government tries it's hardest to quash and disenthuse us from thinking around UFOs and crop circles etc .rather than stoke mysteries that would naturally engage us.


Photos: Chris Barrow with thanks.

For those who assert this pattern was of human construction, consider this. The very thought of an individual or individuals taking time out on a cold winter's night to task a complex pattern in an unforgiving medium at short notice (and for what?) and successfully complete it without error or mistake would to me at least seem quite preposterous. It really does challenge the bounds of credibility and cynically insult our levels of intellect. One day Man  will just have to adjust and adapt to something new within his paradigm and get on with it I guess! In Shakespeare's Hamlet quote...."There are more things in Heaven and Earth Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy." 

2.3.19  Please, Dutch people visiting English crop formations this 2019 season...please, please, please, discourage/do not support bad behaviour...instead help with harmony. Crop circle country needs peace and us British welcome those who show respect to our land and our people.


The reason I say this is that last July I was seriously abused and intimidated at the Hackpen camp by a well known long standing Dutch crop circle group leader and her cohorts. She has a reputation for such determined and audacious behaviour although on the surface seems charming and affable. She also appears in reality, based on persistent trends and historic actions to have an outdated and inappropriately valued 'sense of self' bordering on delusional invincibility and a sense of entitlement which is laughable. This woman verbally abused and physically attacked another visitor (who arrived quite properly with the farmer)  with an umbrella when she was caught and challenged for being in a formation without consent. On this occasion she also allowed a non related minor (approx.10 years old girl... and part of the group in her charge, of about 15 adult people) to be on public display (in an inappropriate setting ie. not a nudist beach for example) fully unclothed and where other non related adults to the child were present (demonstrates an outrageous lack of appropriate  social  presence and clearly narcissistic) ... and with an unleashed dog to boot!. The farmer who also encountered her was naturally shocked and shut the CF down to further visitors. Great... thanks for that!

She took hostile exception (went off like a volcano!) to CGI's hard work and efforts to reduce tensions in our English countryside and showed complete disrespect for other farmers here. This person had in reality been coming to English crop events with her commercial paying groups largely unchallenged for many years, always confidently and arrogantly accessing fields without permission, had become so overconfident and had just got so used to breaking our codes of county conduct that she didn't like it when her MO was questioned by another visitor. I may just add here that I did not approach her before her attack on me. My advice is, do not join her group. This is NOT her country but she seems to think she can strut about as if she owned all the fields! Plenty of work to do in Holland no doubt so no need to come here upsetting us. If Brexit happens the likes of her could be our guests but with expectations of higher frequency behaviour. I would not recommend this person, who drove a small yellow and orange van last season who invaded my personal family space one dinner time in a very threatening way accompanied by a crowd of, no doubt well negatively briefed and orchestrated people wishing to intimate me. Her hostile manner also extended to other crop formation sites, one witnessed by a farmer who complained on-line. Her behaviour is one of massive disrespect. The full story can be read here on my 'Comments' page. She or her groups will not be welcomed by farmers or at CGI managed field sites in future seasons.

This task is hard enough as it is without being abused. No others have abused me in this way...just her.


This lady seems to be highly motivated and indeed a tad unstable in my view. (approach with caution.) She has been visiting for more than two decades now, carrying a sense of entitlement, ruthlessly demonstrating a need to dominate, intimidate and make money for herself and seems to be becoming increasingly out of control, even desperate.  Her MO of disrespect, aggression and arrogance seems totally out of step with the majority of visitors and is certainly not the common sentiment and message of the majority of CF visitors. Unfortunately this lady just gives the CF community a worse name than need be otherwise. Please read other people's reports on 'Comments' page here. 


I'm so sorry to have to state all this but it's all true and needs to be said. I am NOT prepared to be abused again in this way by this woman or any other person. Her conduct would clearly be unacceptable to any reasonable human being. 

DSCF2534 copy.jpg

If you are Dutch and thinking of visiting us here in England this season please consider other less potentially troubling options to an organised group with this person. Farmers in the area have been made aware of her presence and groups will only no doubt be met with challenge and conflict. She refuses to show respect and donate the requested amount for charity and leads groups uninvited onto other peoples land. Would you wish to visit a CF surrounded with such tensions?  To me that goes right against the whole ethos of the subject...would seem to make the whole visit pointless. Book a hotel, check the websites for accessible formations, with a car and friends and guide don't need this woman (and her dog) to guide you like blind children, to hold your hand. 

10.4.19  Here in the UK the Canola (yellow rape seed crop) is high and bright! This is usually the crop to get the first arable CF of the season. We are all watching and waiting, could be any time now. But the real thing in this subject is that it is very hard (or perhaps unwise) to try to second guess the next move....! Don't worry, it will in all probability happen.... in their own sweet time.


13.4.19 Ice circle in Qinghai, China. Winter patterns becoming something of a trend following the snow event in February near Roundway, Devizes. I can't remember when we had a formation in China before. An interesting development if this is in fact a genuine ice circle and not a CG image. From a humanly constructioned POV this would not be an easy task...and not the easiest place to get to I would say! Looks quite big. To accurately gouge such workings into solid ice would require some pretty heavy duty industrial grade machinery I imagine. An absence of footprints and other such markings in the surrounding area make this event an intriguing one. Would be great to get some detailed ground shots somehow. Not sure how anyone will be able to sensibly explain this one away! It looks like it was reported by with thanks.


24.4.19  New research article here: a non sensationalist, non wildly speculative, based on sound scientific reasoning, sensible, sober and logical article on evidence supporting the 'Energy Leak' hypothesis. My feeling is that there is some merit in all this but not sure where it will lead obviously. If they wish us to know something I believe they will point us in a way we can build upon and grasp. This has been the trend in the past.  I believe ambiguity is something that would hinder, that they would feel unhelpful... our task in connecting is tough enough anyway. Compounding and cross-referencing existing material seems to help. Need to pay attention to the obvious and simple out there I guess rather than unnecessarily complicating things. This would seem logical, would it not Mr Spock? LOL!


29.4.19 My brief, at least one of them is to connect  CFs to as many people as possible. I believe this too is the primary reason for the crop formations in the first place. The patterns seem to be merely signals, attractors to gain our interest, to engage us. Not being an academic as such I am incapable of using 'high brow' language, sometimes used pretentiously, that in truth would probably alienate a large section of the potential readership anyway. To over-intellectualise this subject, to my mind at least just adds even more of a burden on to those struggling to understand something that has to be the most enigmatic and confounding conundrum in the history of Mankind. Of course, it's 'horses for courses' just like in any other but I do feel that sometimes we have a tendency to sensationalise, even fabricate, (maybe attention seeking,) over value, over read into and over complicate things unnecessarily. Simplicity combined with good grounding with a practical and sensible mind will usually serve us well. Keep eyes wide open. Do not miss the obvious by being unwittingly ravelled up in complication, in a quest to fathom the largely unfathomable. Perhaps keep it simple.


9.5.19 I'm getting so many hits on 'Latest News 2019' obviously from people who are, like myself, so eager to hear of something new. Last year we didn't get our first CF until 1.6.18.  I very rarely speculate preferring to stick with just what I actually know as predictions so often have a tendency to let us down.

The bigger picture is right there for a higher consciousness to read and in all probability they will formulate and give us in their own sweet time.

13.5.19 However, I would suggest on this occasion, now that the canola rape seed crop has passed its best we will probably need to wait until the barley has grown sufficiently which would normally be another couple of weeks or so, mitigated by weather of course. In my experience the seed head will usually be fairly well formed  before they intervene which is telling regards their consideration for the farmer and his crop.

With canola, the more mature it gets the more brittle the stem. If we do in fact get a late canola CF, inspection of brittle stem is interesting from a research POV as bending is always present from early on day one so cannot be the result of phototropism. This completely rules out any discussion of human involvement...end of! If anyone tries to tell you different they are either lying or uninformed.

 I just hope they (the mysterious CF Makers) are not too judgemental (LOL) as en masse we are not showing too much interest, initiative or collective wisdom. My worst case scenario with the CF scene is abandonment. If this should happen feelings would seem quite obvious! 

18.519  Been out in the fields in the East of England today. The barley in this area is coming on nicely and could be ready for the first CF in about a week to ten days I'd say if the weather behaves itself. Fingers crossed!

24.5.19  First arable crop formation in barley at Norridge Wood, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd May. Small and simple with beautiful rosette. The event happened close to Cley Hill Hillfort. Looks like most probably the farmer has done a reccy in his Land Rover as you can see from the wheel tracks. Only a farmer would drive across the crop in this manner.


We have had numerous formations here in the past. There seems to be something about this area that attracts them. Intriguing!



Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 13.15.14.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 13.15.47.jpg

Photos copyright 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 13.17.21.jpg

25.519  Chesterton Farm event. Nothing about this pattern provokes any interest. Propaganda  more like. Only useful as a comparable to the real thing illustrating the limitations of hoaxers. Radius points clearly visible. These human events have been quite rare in UK in the past. Reminds me of the inaccurate and simplistic grass patterns historically in the Netherlands that never feel convincing. Not known a grass event in the UK. The team of 3 well known Dutch guys+ possible one Dutch woman (well known) play safe keeping their work in non arable/less valuable grass thereby limiting the chance of possible prosecution by a farmer. 

You may ask the question, "Well why do such types waste their lives doing such things?" The reason is simply to maintain the story, the myth that CFs do/can be made by humans or... attention seeking for glory. Only problem is that when one one does a comparison the evidence usually speaks for itself. There are a few mostly 'old-timers' that spread and maintain blatant falsehoods attempting to raise their status somehow, to be a welcome 'authority' to those who are either uninformed, less confident or cannot accept a mysterious explanation. Sometimes people will listen to someone who tells them what they want or need to hear. Downside. from a personal perspective these types need to repeatedly tell lies verging on the sociopathic. We are talking low frequency psychology here from a moral POV as they know perfectly well what they do is not truthful. Not nice! 


26.5.19 Spiers Lane, nr Chilton Candover, Hampshire. Reported 26th May.​ My gut feeling is that there is a consolidated disinformation campaign taking place this year. This event may well have been actioned by the same people as Chesterton Farm..... an attempt to revive the idea that humans are responsible for CFs. It's just too simple, small and crudely executed.  Can't be 100% sure though until seen on the ground. One wonders why an intellect so far more evolved than ours would bother transmitting such a pattern.  Compare this one to the sharp and smooth finesse of Norridge Wood. The mysterious Makers of course will be aware of any deception process. I wouldn't be surprised if we very soon get a formation which contrasts impressively with these two recent unimpressive events.


Photo The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.

Ring any bells? The written word is often a lie!

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 07.12.51.jpg

28.5.19 Well, what can you say! This 'happy chappy' guy who incredibly and openly calls himself Vlad Imár, who thinks he is being clever is actually having himself videoed trespassing into Norridge Wood CF. To blatantly advertise the fact and be endorsed on a well known CF FB site and be videoed walking through crop all seems foolish to me. He deserves to be prosecuted by the farmer, in my view... he may well open and shut case as the proof is on the video for Heaven's sake! Although it's possible he did not brake down the fence (unless he entered and broke it before videoing started which would fit as the videographer was already on the other side of the fence) such moves will naturally encourage others to do the same. When you look at the state of that fence it is not surprising the farmers are angry....don't you think...uhhr? He clearly did not wish people here as he put up barbed wire! What an idiot this man here! This is the best possible example of EGO and the CF power getting the better! Sadly, most do not know what they are up against here. If that CF is still there in a week's time I'll be surprised.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 17.35.06.png

Which ever way you look at it, this image sums it up...classic! 

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 22.04.20.png

 I mean, what a f...'n stupid thing to put on the internet!

I try not to be judgemental but I have my limits. This guy wins the prize! How anyone could condone such actions is beyond me. I fully accept that in reality people do enter CF fields uninvited. Karma exists; they take the risk and hopefully done discreetly. But still, either way does not help the overall relationship building exercise with the community and with the farmers. CGI are trying to help the situation but this makes you feel like giving up. Thanks a HEEP Mr Imár!

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 17.35.50.png

After a while when you've been in all this for a while ( only 11 years now...some will say, "I've been here for 20 years etc, what do you know!"... maybe they are right") and observed much of the human moves, one starts to feel the bigger picture and become a little more objective and critical. Just to add, I seem to be literally the only one in the world who is giving regular ongoing broad spectrum and coherent commentary on this subject. That is astonishing!!! No one publishing acknowledges or even engages in the sociological aspects for one thing. ( To do this would be to deny one's short sighted selfish intentions/inclinations I guess.)

I try not to get too stuck, a routine merely for self. I try to feel progressive. We all cope within our own space I guess but I'm probably a little different though compared to most other long- timers, those with money, books, ego issues etc at stake, perhaps steering judgement. Good books etc are needed but the means can distract. 

I have good reason to feel all this CF stuff comes from another place very detached from base human 'stuff'. I have always felt overwhelmingly humble, no wishes to gain greatly from CFs, feeling more that any reward will be, as if in the presence of a much higher frequency consciousness somehow. I have been more into reporting from the heart, something that has stirred my soul, something never, to our knowledge, to have confronted Man before, contemporaneously speaking. When you're on the cutting edge, some other ? input possibly occurs...but I can't know for sure of course. The human returning visitors are largely predictable, wish to participate, experience, postulate on meaning, fascinating on geometry etc, entirely natural. We are not all on the front line so feel and do as we need and can within limitations. But, as I see it there is more to this. The evidence suggests it is simply a sociological issue, not primarily pattern based, something in which we can all participate, if we wish to curry favour with a higher community. But, currently there is no collective consciousness. Are we up to it? I won't say, not tell, at least from my heart here...but I would like feel that somehow we could manage it one day. I guess we all need to evolve, take some responsibility if we wish to take this to the next level. Awareness is all and to concentrate the mind a little on the power that exists here will help I feel sure; the management of self and management of that power, the power that draws us all to the CFs is going to be the most challenging of tasks. This cheeky chappy above is probably a good individual example of a way not to go towards an ascension. But this has to be a collective effort ultimately. I believe if we wish to see movement in our times we need to change, and that is primarily our visiting ease our ways away from self.

The Makers seem to respond to our predicament although not always obvious. My feeling is that they would be more than capable of manipulating individuals and situations should that deem justified to the bigger picture. But of course I can't know for sure. Was pretty obvious I'd say last season though. Last year they surrounded basecamp Hackpen with 4 events no less. I was completely shocked, blown away by that!!! I took that as endorsement for CGI initiative work. Or do you think just coincidence? Weird, weird, weird!!!

1.6.19 Mis/dis reporting by the media is commonplace. However, this doesn't make it right or anyway acceptable. The attached screenshots will give you an idea of what we are up against though, despite raising £1000s for charity! The newspaper claims no access to Hackpen events! I have written to the Editor. If he has integrity he will do the right thing and correct his mistake. How can we trust a paper that is prepared to 'report' in this way?

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 10.02.01.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 10.02.12.png

3.6.19  Good news. Reporter John Baker from the Wiltshire Times has now apologised for the above mistake. He says he will re-write the article.  

Mr Baker HAS NOT honoured his pledge as of 10.8.19!

3.6.19  New crop formation north of Paris, France. Notre Dame of France, Nr Moisselles, France. 1. Reported by a pilot 1st June. We can easily recognise the elements contained within this design as they have been incorporated in other CFs many times in the past. A compellingly mysterious event I would say! 

Photos Aéroclub Les Ailerons d'Enghien Moinselles with thanks.


4.6.19  New CF Long Wood, Nr Littleton, Hampshire. Reported 3rd June. Again, elements and features seen in past mysterious designs are present here. The smooth consistency and other characteristics of the ground lay, including 'Energy Leak' are easily recognisable ie. 'comb and divide' feature as seen in photo below.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 07.32.23.jpg
pic DJI_0001 copy4.jpg

 I see no compelling associations with the biohazard symbol that some have speculated. Any links in my view would seem spurious at best. That assumption would be far too ambiguous. In the past when the Creators wish to convey something to us it is relatively understandable. ie. ASCII, coding, pictograms etc.

Photos 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.'

8.6.19  RE. Long Wood access: some news pending!

10.6.19  Update: I have now spoken to the farm manager who says he does not wish for people to go into his field where the CF is. He does not wish for any publicity in this matter. We can respect the man's wishes and perhaps next time he will be more amenable.  


11.6.19 New crop formation Belmore Lane, Nr Owslebury, Hampshire...over 100m in diameter in barley. A very fine example of a CF with all the hallmarks of a totally mysterious event. The incredibly subtle detail within the curved and shaded ground lay of this 3D, 8 fold geometry 'spinner' wheel is exquisite! Technically speaking, the most sophisticated design so far this season. For anyone to suggest this delicately and nuanced creation was performed first time perfect by humans in the dark in bad weather would seem to me at least, highly improbable to say the very least.

We are currently looking into visiting... status pending. 

Update: Farmer says KEEP OUT! She was annoyed there were a couple of helicopters "Invading our privacy" and a group of French people in there who did not ask permission and just went in. So no hope for a CGI intervention here I'm afraid. 


Photo: 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.

13.6.19  COMMENT: Could it be that some or most crop patterns could be just that...simply patterns or beautiful designs with no real or complex inherent meaning? I have observed over the years that people seem almost compelled / have a tendency to often over-read something into crop formations with frequently quite spurious associations. I t is true that in the past we have had CFs with decodable content / unambiguous meaning eg. Chilbolton 'return' 2001Crabwood message 2002 but when this happens the message / meaning is usually fairly obvious / open to discovery.

14.6.19   Two huge (up to 180m approx. wide) new CFs reported near Saint-Hippolyte, near Colmar, France.

These two are unquestionably linked to the earlier French   event 3.6.19 

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.51.34.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.51.57.png

What we DO KNOW about these events is that the elements that compose the patterns have been frequently USED BEFORE over the years. We recognise them but have never been able to confirm any meaningful significance towards them. It's  likely they are from the same 'artist'. It is all too easy to get sucked into the wonderful world of speculation, meaning etc. but without that confirmation serious interest would seem a bit futile. If I were to propose a meaning it would be something like..."We are here, this is what we are capable of". Perhaps it's OK maybe to just accept these are beautiful patterns in the landscape but at the same time keep an open mind. Also, at the same time to accept that these events are in all very high probability, very much mysterious in origin.

Local publication here.


Very impressive siblings related to previous French event 3.6.19

Photos Ilona Bonjean with thanks.

Comment: Reflecting upon major transatlantic political news and how it has developed over the last two + years I really do wonder if there is an association between something that should be hugely worrying in my view and the Crabwood CF message of 2002. Here the Creators warned us to be aware of the "Bearers of false gifts and their broken promises...." This message seems more relevant and poignant now than it ever did! Just saying.

Comment: The bottom line hindering/preventing the CF message from getting across to Humanity is the lack of meaningful and consistent exposure. The media do not cooperate, we all know that. From a socio-political POV that is quite understandable. The media play '2nd fiddle' to the 'powers that be', tow the line not wishing to disrupt the status quo. The status quo is what stabilises the money markets, keeps the day to day stuff of life consistent and predictable so people, generally speaking, can go to work in the morning without worry or concern. This is why it has taken 40 years of crop formation events to reach a point where we are right now. In fact one could say it started back in '47 with Roswell when the ET issue was new, regarded as a social threat by the authorities then delegated to the world of nonsense, not to be taken seriously. Only in the last 7 years have we started to include the sociological aspects into the equation, linking the benefits of CFs with charity, something that makes the subject more socially acceptable...takes the taboo-sting out of its tail. Prior to this it was mostly self interest, ego and money that motivated front line enthusiasts. However, knowing what they are capable of, the Creators of these things we call crop formations or circles are NOT going to be outed by the shallow ways of Mankind. They will win if that is their intention. Their persistence thus far seems to suggest to the affirmative. If it takes a bit of time, so be it. Time is relative. Seventy years is nothing relatively speaking but naturally we wish to see progress in our lifetimes, we feel impatient. We may not. But my view is that they will get their message across but it may just take a bit longer, giving Man time to adjust. I tell my children there is a good chance they will see significant subject progress in their lives. I hope I am right!  Mankind dearly needs a bit of higher frequency input right now!

17.6.19  Reports coming in from Ceará, Brazil. The picture shows an outward splayed area with non definable edging. My feeling this is no more than either the result of downdraft from a helicopter at low level or wind damage. Can't get excited about this.


Comment: An interesting sociological observation within the CF context. What CGI have been attempting since 2011 is to progress this phenomenon into the 21st. century by introducing a link, using charity as a catalyst towards more acceptance.  One may think that people would love such a move, especially the devoted semi-pros, to bring us closer to CF/community harmony. Sounds wildly audacious I know but 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'. If we achieved this it could be world-changing in a positive sense I would like to think. Let me tell you, I get emails of support from the general readers but I get absolutely nothing, no expressed open publicised support from the front-liner crop circle people, all those 'names' you may recognise from the 'shows', venues and lectures, the group leaders etc. If there is any reference it is entirely minimal. They love to charmingly bring along their paying hoards to our CGI field events but that is largely for their personal benefit.  To me this illustrates just how shallow the illusion of wisdom really is within the CF community. Next time you are at a 'talk' or have an opportunity you may wish to ask them why no support? Just saying and thanks for reading.

18.6.19 New CF in central France (3) at Menetou-Salon. This formation seems to contain characteristics of two earlier CFs in France this season. ie. same family. Is there a shift away from the UK going on here? The farmers in the UK sure need a rest from all this that's for sure. Perhaps we do too?


19.6.19 New CF number 4 in France, St-Jean of Bassel in Moselle reported yesterday! Looks like a 'flower of life' pattern...extremely detailed.  Quite small, probably about 25m diameter. 


Photo:'Ar and Crop Circles".

Comment: France is a massive area unlike Wiltshire UK. It would be hard for organised 'land visitors' to operate between one and another CF in that very rural setting as they do in the UK. The distances are so great in France unlike Wiltshire, Dorset and around. The local populations of France have not been historically exposed to the subject in such a concentrated manner as Wilts and will not be tainted with the same degree of dis-information and torment that the folks in S.E.England have been. As a result social tensions would be far less and people may be more innocent and candid about what they see and experience. Perhaps the Creators are addressing the issue with all this in mind. We'll see. 

Yet another NEW CF reported today in Alsace, NORTHERN FRANCE! 5 There is definitely a trend going on here but for why we can only speculate. Intriguing! No aerial photos available as yet.


Photos: Umberto Molinaro above and Crédit photo : William Musculus left... with thanks.

OMW! We now have had six events in just over two weeks! The trend continues! Evidently this was another CF discovered on the 14 June 2019 in Manche, France. 6This is a very interesting development as it continues to endorse the idea that there may be a deliberate shift towards France, or somewhere else apart from Wiltshire UK. This does not surprise me in the least, as this move was probably behind its time anyway. All the agro we've had with farmers and the phenomenon, mainly in the south-western area of the UK, in the last 40 odd years has had a negative effect socially, mainly in this Wiltshire area. At a time when the population was unable to process this 'new information' on a day to day basis this news, if sustained may come as a welcome relief to farmers in this area. From a research POV all these events are becoming particularly interesting! This move could be a catalyst towards change of mindset: perhaps the French will allow the subject to open up! Fingers crossed!


Photo 'Ouest France ...with thanks.

What we shouldn't forget with this subject is that just because things have largely been the same, routine almost  for around 40 years, that changes will not occur. We are dealing with a super-consciousness here that has capabilities way beyond anything we can image. I suspect the Creators can second guess and predict our moves easily and coordinate theirs with us accordingly. Moving to France would be a 'simple to understand' adjustment. However, this could all be just a 'storm in a teacup'!  We will see. Perhaps the shift will be towards 'global'.

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 13.43.40.jpg











The above map gives an overview, approximate positions of French CFs thus far this season, purely for distribution purposes. 

20.6.19 New CF (1) this time in Russia.



22.6.19 New CF at Sparticles Wood, nr Netherme-on-the-Hill, Surrey. Reported 21st June. This ant-like pictogram is relatively small at approx. 36 x 50m, a feature that would seem logical and proportionate to an ant. A fine example perfectly executed. Reminds me of back around 2009 when we had a spate of animal-esque pictograms. Love them!

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 19.19.30.jpg

Photos: 'The Hampshire Flier'. with thanks.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 10.12.04.jpg

25.6.19  Comment: What happens in the next few days could be very interesting from a research POV. If my hunch is right I will elaborate very soon. Sorry to be mysterious! Watch this space and I will update you as soon as. Remember, we are dealing with 'crazy' stuff here!

Reported 26.6.19 New CF from Zegge, Holland. One of the ground shots shows what looks pretty convincingly like the  'Energy Leak' feature (below). Hard to be 100% confident though without field inspection but my gut feeling is that it is genuine; this simple event could just be a clever scam. If genuine I would fairly expect more images to be forthcoming, but having said that, the Dutch are not that well organised regards aerial shots etc. Some Dutch are quite interested in this subject though. Genuine events are extremely rare in the Netherlands, especially in wheat crop. The scams are usually in just plain grass.I have noted that these photos do not show the whole formation, only the main 6 fold part, presumably at the top. Probably taken and reported by some random person unused to doing CF photography. Aerials required. As we know, quite often the CFs happen in 'family' sequences. The subsequent event near Tours (below) fits that criteria...very similar. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 09.43.09.jpg

Photos: author unknown.

28.6.19 Another new CF in France! this time near Tours. This makes number 7.  Please scroll UP the page for position no.7 on map. Real trend away from UK I would suggest. 


29.6.19  New CF reported in France. Lidon, near Chauvigny. Vienne, (8) This time East of Poitiers, South of Tours. Scroll up page for location map. Number 8.

Yep! As I thought. The shift continues into France. Let's hope the French cope  with this all this better than the Brits! Much bigger country, less concentrated...ATM! This could be short lived I know but feels significant right now. The French will be where we were 35 years ago. You need drones people!


 Photo: Huilerie Des Petits Clos with thanks.

30.6.19 New CF reported yesterday. Scrubbs Lane, Nr Bishops Sutton, Hampshire. 40m diameter approx.

Photos: The 'Hampshire Flier' with thanks.


New CF. West of Paris. Saulx-Marchais, Nr Beynes, Yvelines, France. Reported 29th June. This makes number 9 in France this season. It would seem my comment of the 25.6.19 (scroll up) was spot on! The shift continues. Not wise to say more right now.


Photos:  Laurent A with thanks.

Here is the very latest location map of the French CFs including number 9 just reported. This is a very interesting development indeed.

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 14.26.21.jpg






1.7.19 New CF in France: number 10. Twin Terrils, Nr Houdain/Haillicourt, Pas-de-Calais, France. Reported 30th June.

I recognise this CF as a genuinely mysterious event despite some silly story about students doing a maths project.

Photo:  Sylvain Wallart with thanks.


New CF in Russia (2) this season. Sokolovskoe, near Gulkevich, Krasnodar, Russia. Reported on the 23rd of June, 2019. Aerial photo News Copyright 2019

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 14.23.40.jpg

New CF in Italy. Piedmont, Italy just reported. Despite what you may read by the dis-informers this large event that I estimate at around 150m + diameter is part of a family going back two years I believe. The design is very clearly similar to the formation on my HOME PAGE where I describe an ongoing disinformation campaign by a well know Italian deceiver seeking attention and glory like a child would. When I see the farmer openly declaring permission and clear video of it being made I will willingly reassess my position.The guy needs to get  a proper job and stop messing with people's minds....too much time on his hands. I would love to meet him! Aerial photo by Luca Ferrero:

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 14.32.06.jpg

New CF in France. number 11. Rue De Mieraville, Nr Nielles-lès-Ardres, Pas-de-Calais, France. Reported 30th June. This trend is truly extraordinary...verging on spooky! All this is clearly and no way man made! Scroll up to map for star location.

Photo: Jeremy Hobart Drone 62  with thanks.


1.7.19  New CF, Danebury Iron Age Hillfort, Nr Stockbridge, Hampshire. Reported 1st July. 60m diameter approx.This one is pretty much identical to the 1st CF I looked after last year at Hackpen Hill. That had no outer rings though.Perhaps they are trying to tempt me away from that area?Well, it looks like the UK hasn't been abandoned entirely! But interestingly we have had non in the traditional areas within Wiltshire for instance. Perhaps the Makers felt people got bit too cosy there, too much squabbling/lack of respect etc? Let's just hope history does not repeat itself in France. Getting busy...Ive logged five CFs today.

Photo: The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.


2.7.19  New CF reported in Poland. Classic symbol of Ying and Yang representing dualism, opposites. 

Photo: unknown author.

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 10.57.45.jpg

3.7.19  New CF reported 2 days ago at Büren an der Aare, Switzerland.  

Photos: cropcircleowl with thanks.


Another in Swiss. ?19 October 2018? Niederscherli, Bern, Switzerland


New CF in Swiss.  Aarefeld in Lüstlingen on the 27 of June, 2019

Photo: TeleM1 with thanks.


Danebury Hill fort meeting farmer in the morning. I know him and I am hoping we can open this amazing event to all tomorrow PM. Please keep an eye on this site for news.

DSCF2902 copy.JPG

I've looked around this formation and my immediate impression was this is mysterious. It has 'Energy Leak' feature but not node bending in abundance. 'Split edging' is evident as is random standing ground lay but the overall feel was familiar and positive.

The incredibly amazing thing about this event is that the design is pretty much the same as my first CGI event last year at Hackpen Hill. The only differences are that this one has two circles around it and no spots in the middle. Interesting... and I know the farmer too.


3.7.19 New CF in Swiss. near Biel, Switzerland.


New CF in France. Number 12. Thomasse, near Pouilloux, Saône-et-Loire, Bourgogne, France. Reported on the 3rd of July, 2019. Photos by DR copyright 2019.

Please scroll up page to 1.7.19 for location map.


New CF at Yarnbury Castle, Nr Steeple Langford, Wiltshire. Reported 3rd July. Awaiting photos.

Good news regards Danebury Hill fort CF. I have an agreement with the farmer and the Countryside Service to CGI manage the site. £3 per adult, children under 16 free as I regard these experiences as marvellous mind expanding education...for all people, not just children.

5.7.19  New CF in South Touraine, in France. Reported late yesterday. This is number 13. Please scroll up page to see location on star map.


7.7.19  As you can see we are nicely set up off the road now after 3 days of dealing with Local Council bureaucracy. We needed a special permit to access the farmer's land over Historic Monument land down at Danebury Hillfort, Hampshire. The vibes here are brilliant and the CF is still in fabulous condition after a week. The growing number of visitors are being cooperative, all very keen to preserve the quality of the ground lay. In terms of CF experience I would say this is probably as good as it gets!

From research POV this event contains some very compelling 'Energy Leak' feature. 

I still can't get over the fact that this event is so similar to 

our CGI first event last season at Hackpen Hill.

The local press have now got hold of it and no doubt this will generate more interest locally than it is already showing. This CGI initiative is proving to be a real 'hit' with the farmers we deal with.This CGI initiative needs to be promoted as much as possible. It perplexes me and others why the well known and let's call them, the semi-professional old time crop enthusiasts who do talks, groups and events etc do not wish to promote this success. If you ask them they will say they do but they do not. This initiative is moving the whole CF subject forward and will make things easier for visitors and farmers alike in the future. Even an Exhibition and mis-named Information Centre is reluctant to advertise and promote what we do. That is blatantly wrong! 


This is what we are up against folks! But in a way it probably does not make much difference anyway but it does say something of the integrity of people concerned. 

8.7.19  New CF at Reported yesterday the 7th of July, 2019 in a wheat field between Andolsheim and Sundhoffen, Alsace, France.This is number 14 in France! Photo: Grégory JESEP with thanks.

Please scroll up page for location map.

This is the state of play as we speak:

UK 6, France 14, Swiss 3, Poland 1, Russia 2, Italy 1. 



9.7.19  New CF Farley Mount, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Reported  8th July. 105m diameter approx.

I have spoken to the local authorities for the region who had already made contact with the landowner. He has stated in no uncertain terms that there is NO ACCESS to this field. He will be monitoring it and the impression was that there will be consequences if anyone is caught!

The good news is that this event may be viewed very nicely from the Farley Mount; there is carpark close by.

12.7.19  Good News Article in the Local Paper. 'The Andover Advertiser' has given us a refreshingly positive report today. All the facts are correct for a change. I do feel that this open and public statement may actually bring us one small step closer to disclosure. However, I usually do not like the word ' expert' as in this subject education is hard to qualify and define.  

On a different note the CF at Farley Mount (above) I am told by visitors that went up there has been cut out by the farmer.

Photo on 08-07-2019 at 11.14 copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 14.57.15.png

Photos:The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.

DSCF3024 2 copy.jpg

17.7.19  We have had a steady but not huge number of visitors to the Danebury CF. In truth, this year has been generally quiet having had only seven events in the UK total. As a result of not having hoards of people, so far any way, the good news is that this circle is still in pretty good shape even after over two weeks since its creation.

Oh, I am now known locally as 'Mr Cropcircle' apparently! ha ha!

What with the apparent shift away from the UK we are all asking the same question I guess: "What's going on?" One problem is that the creators don't do things for our convenience. We all get used to something, get organised with our holidays and setting up events/venues etc then the demographic/geographic changes...not much point in being in Wiltshire! I believe this is healthy as there has been much disharmony in and around Wiltshire over many years. Perhaps a change is a good thing? My feeling is it could well shift towards Hampshire where we've had 4 out of the 7 in the UK, the area where it all started back in the '70s. We will see.

A group from France, where ironically they now have 15 events; they said they should have stayed there! However, France is such a large country, it would be hard to visit more than one CF without a long journey  in between.  

DSCF3085 copy.daneburyHillfort.jpg
DSCF3086 copy.JPG

Two very happy 'croppies'!

The Danebury Hillfort CF event would seem to support the Chilbolton Observatory and profoundly important crop formation message of 2001. In this nearby field to the Observatory a CF was delivered which was a 'REPLY'  to eminent astrophysicist Carl Sagan's 1974 transmission. He sent a summery of Man on Earth into the cosmos via a grid matrix format, based on prime numbers, which included our makeup, appearance and place in the cosmos...and more.. This was transmitted via the Arecibo facility in Puerto Rico which had a 'huge for the time' aperture of 1000ft. Years later in 2001 this 'REPLY' was received in exactly the same format. You can read more about this here. It contained 9 discrepancies.

The very fact that we have had at least 2 CFs in this very field close to the Observatory suggests there is a link in as much as perhaps the Creators wish to remind us of the need to communicate/take notice. The two images here where taken from the same location at the top the hill which show proximity. I find this very interesting indeed. It all makes perfect sense.

From a personal perspective, of which I am usually quite guarded against, it really does seem like the Creators are funnelling all towards CGI person said we are like a magnate. Lower numbers elsewhere or events that stand little chance of access both suggest to me that we are being manipulated in some way to forward their agenda. Consider what has happened over the last few years. My wife is concerned I will be whisked off to the planet Zorg! Ha! Profound thoughts!  

DSCF3037 copy.JPG

17.7.19 New CF in France. This is number 16! Auchy-les-Mines, Pas-de-Calais, Hauts-de-France. France. Reported 16th July.

Photo: JB Fly Drone with thanks.


New CF Rodfield Lane, Nr Tichborne, Hampshire. Reported 16th July. 105m diameter approx.

No access as yet. Approval not yet given.Waiting for notification.

I have now got an answer from the Estate who said...ACCESS IS FORBIDDEN.

Photo The Hampshire Flier with thanks.


New CF in Treuzy-Levelay in the Seine and Marne region of France. Number 17. 

Photo: Cedric Dos Santos with thanks.


21.7.19  New CF Westbury White Horse, Nr Bratton, Wiltshire. Reported 20th July. 90m diameter approx.

Access not yet granted. 0900HRS.

1400HRS .Very angry farmer found a large number of people sat in the CF. Went bazerk hence definitely NO ACCESS. You can get a very nice view of it from on top of the hill.

Photo:The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.


23.7.19 New CF Pepperbox Hill, Windwhistle Lane, nr West Grimstead, Wiltshire. Reported 23rd July. 80m across approx.


Update: 25.7.19 .Evidently this CF is still there despite reports to the contrary. Apparently there was a very similar crop formation recently with 5 arms that was cut out. This may have caused the confusion. People have been turned away by the farmer to this CF who is said to be very angry with the event and visitors, hence NO ACCESS. May be viewed well from the hill. 

Photo: The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.


25.7.19  Very busy and very hot day today. Professional film crew from London down to the Danebury camp to track our CGI activities for a forthcoming documentary. Hopefully this promotion will make up for the lack of interest shown by many prominent voices in the crop circle community. This will now make two film crews working with us, both from London. I'd estimate that 99% of visitors to our camp here at Danebury support the work we are doing and would wish it to be promoted and encouraged.

DSCF3257 copy.JPG
DSCF3252 copy.JPG

27.7.19  New CF on Charlton Estate, Malmsbury reported yesterday in a field not that far from the WOMAD festival. 88m diameter approx.I have spoken to the farm manager who said they had been aware of it and had cut it straight out! He said is happened at nighttime and it was there on the Friday morning (yesterday.)

This CF in my view is showing clear support for the 'Extinction Rebellion' movement, an indication the mysterious makers are concerned about our planet. Last year we had a similar circle of concern when they gave us the Hazardous Warning symbol down near Salisbury. A lady there was poisoned to death by a toxic substance believed to have been planted by an 'unfriendly foreign agency'.

Unfortunately, as with other CF events either at the beginning of the season or near the end, there is a negative/untruthful back story to this formation. The truth is that this event is entirely mysterious in origin, proved and many times cross-referenced by what I have coined the 'Energy Leak' feature which can clearly be seen in ground shots on the Cropcircle There is absolutely no collateral damage to be seen in or around the CF area either.

There are conmen out there who make up stories and sell them to the gullible press (who prefer negative CF stories) in order to boost their own inadequate and failing positions. These liars claimed to have physically made this event for the festival but the evidence and construction issues make that impossible no matter what any of them say. You can now in the future identify these people as liars and cheats.  


You can see the WOMAD festival at the top of photo. Photo author unknown.

So, in summery, this crop formation is a genuinely mysterious event despite what you may have read on some prominent websites. That was as much to do with 'Editor dilemma' as it is about the CF itself. 

28.7.19  New CF Cocum Farm, Nr Barton Stacy, Hampshire. Reported 28th July. 110m diameter approx.  I was there this morning before any visitors and spoke to the farmer at length and tried to talk him around. Wasn't having it. He does not subscribe to any mysterious origin and is intolerant of uninvited visitors. He said he is already in touch with the military and was going to give my details to them (they already know me) who are active in this area. He said he had been in touch with the police already after he had observed our flier and inspected the CF. 

Bottom line is, if people like the usual obsessively motivated G1s and Dutch crew et al frantically rush down there and invade his space he said there would be trouble. Advise keep away.

29.7.19 UPDATE: I am told that the farmer here is literally keeping watch, like a sentry at the gate and obviously turning people away to protect his crop. It would raise the frequency of crop circle visiting if the old-school (G1) visitors as well as new, could set good example by not attempting to access against farmers wishes...this practice really does not bode well for the future. Perhaps we are about to enter a new age of consciousness and respect?  A vibrant debate would be helpful.


Photo The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.

29.7.19  New CF Clear Wood, Cley Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 28th July. Cley Hill has been a favourite spot for the circles for years and this CF has a particularly lovely 'stitching' effect around the outer circle. 85m diameter approx.

There is no farmer permission currently. 



  New 'must read' 'Comment' article     here.


  Please read.

Photo: The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.


30.7.19 FYI....I have been getting reports in that someone called Patrice Marty has led 20 French people into and around and in the rain (which causes mud and extra damage!) the new CF at Cley Hill. I have been trying all morning to get hold of the farmer (unlike Mr Marty) without success so far. As far as I know right now there is NO ACCESS TO CLEY HILL. NO PERMISSON HAS BEEN GIVEN. Evidently this is the same guy responsible for the cutting of Pepperbox Hill when he did the same without permission. The farmer was so angry with that crowd in his field he cut it straight out after they left. If this one gets cut too you know who to blame I guess. Money is the motivator here. Apparently there is video Youtube footage of these events. People are posting and complaining's not just me...I'm only reporting. This guy has been bringing paying people over for 17 years, permission or not so should know better and setting example. Evidently he has caused much anger and frustration within the CF community. What does he expect? I illustrate these exact points in my latest article here which I wrote BEFORE this all happened.. I might as well go home and leave you all too it with this sort of nonsense going on. But of course that is exactly what they would wish for, isn't it? 

Update: Cley Hill open to the public! Farmer asking £5 at the gate. He must have got my message after all. This is great news: Ive been trying to get farmers to do this for years!


2.8.19  Some of you have been asking why CGI did not attempt to re-locate to Cley Hill where the farmer is at the gate asking £5 entry. Well, the answer is simple. For years I have been encouraging farmers to organise access for themselves as opposed to relying on organisations like CGI. Such organisations would always be limited in their resources so farmer action is the only sustainable way forward. Seems like the penny is starting to drop!

We remain at Danebury Hill and although the local population has shown considerable interest and numbers of visitors generally have naturally dropped off somewhat now we are happy to be here for a bit longer. It is vital that this phenomenon is publicised locally as much as possible.To just keep a presence in the locality is reason enough to stay. People talk. The education of the locals especially is crucial if we wish acceptance to grow more widely away from the small clique 'already in the know' population.

DSCF2902 copy.JPG


It has come to my attention from someone who was at the Coronation Hall 'Talks' event on Wednesday, that one of the main organisers of the so called crop circle 'Information Centre' has been making or attempting to make a dis-information/bad publicity video with a very well known 'one of the major bad guys' out there (last name begins with 'W'). As it happens she had a similar involvement with N G channel last year who have a well known reputation for CC negativity. Fact! One can't help but wonder what this lady is up to!

When asked about it on the night she shied away from answering questions about it saying " Cannot due to disclosure agreement" then made her way to the door and stayed outside. Which ever way one cooks it, this is not a good thing. To have someone fronting such an entrusted position as an' Info Centre' (sponsored by 'Visit Britain' who are politically biased; irony, person not even a British subject!) participating in such a scandal and in cahoots with such an infamous character is nothing short of outrageous. Appearances can often be deceptive. Remember..."We oppose deception?".  I merely report this concern to you. What do you think...does it sit comfortably with you...or stay in bubble in denial?? This feels a little bit like American politics right now. Trust has to be deserved and worked for, does it not?


4.8.19  New CF at  Nun's Walk, Tufton, Whitchurch, Hampshire. Crazy! Another event relatively close to CGI base camp. We'll see how all this pans out again but last season the CGI basecamp was literally surrounded by 4 CFs by the end of the season! Do you get it? Weird! This location is only 20 mins max up the road from Danebury Hill. The Makers seem to like this area. Is this confirmation bias on my part or is there more to this story than appears on surface? I'm very sure there is.

5.8.19 Update: This field has been harvested. 

Photos; The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.


6.8.19  Danebury Hillfort CF now harvested. So relieved! Weather a torment. Trying to coordinate two documentary crews that live in London, predicting the weather for shooting and working with the farmer's harvesting schedule was all quite challenging! Anyways, its all done now. Wonderful conclusion!

8.8.19 Back home now and thoroughly exhausted! 

Looking back, another totally positive and productive season. Worked with a farmer who donates to the RNLA absolutely 'gets it', a man who couldn't have done more to help and cooperate with what we were doing. Best bit was riding in the cab of his "Starship Enterprise' combine harvester doing the filming. Great fun! (watch this space for video and film.)

Also, it was gratifying to see another farmer being positive, over near Cley Hill, near Warminster. He allowed people into his formation for £5, but more importantly, he helped himself by being at the gate. CGI can only do so much. We advocate a principle of working primarily. However, I do realise that not all farmers are in a position whereby they can afford the time to do this. 

Educating the many visitors, mostly local, was especially rewarding. Largely first-timers, many with young children, these people really do appreciated being told the truth in an understandable way backed up with empirical proof. I don't mess about, I get strait to it. Most suspected all was mysterious anyway, just needed confirmation which they were very happy to receive. I see this aspect of the work just as important as actually getting people into the event itself.  

DSCF3352 copy.JPG

The "Starship Enterprise" as the farmer calls it harvesting the Danebury field. Travelling in one of those things is like being on a fairground ride!

9.8.19  End of season? Most probably. If we get another CF it won't last long anyway. 

Please read my latest very relevant article here.

Now that it seems to be all over for another year I would invite my readers to engage with the 'Comments' page here and give thoughts, feedback and any ideas you may have for the forthcoming year with CGI. I am progressive by nature and anticipate evolution in the future. One cannot predict exactly what or how that will happen but I do feel the Circle Creators are on board with all we do. It's weird how they are pulling us back to their Chilbolton 'Reply' event of 2001. That place is just over the hill from where we were based  this season. My intuition tells me they are getting just a little bit closer. We'll see.


12.8.19 New CF at Preston Candover, Nr Basingstoke, Hampshire. Diameter 84m approx. with basketweave feature. Reported 11th August...just when I thought it was all over! 

13.8.19 Cut out by farmer today!






In view of group leader Mr Patrice Marty's disrespectful conduct resulting in Pepperbox Hill CF being cut out this season, immediately after his group's departure when he led 28 paying guests into the circle without permission, I feel I cannot just ignore the fact as it was a topic of much conversation at the time and clearly annoyed many people. 'Insult was added to injury' when he stated on-line that he had been bringing people over from France for 17 years implying he had some sort of entitlement to act in this way. He is wrong. His claim to always attempt to find the farmer beforehand is not credible. On this basis he then feels he has the right to access property, even in bad weather, further damaging the crop.  After all, this is business and people have paid for a service and wish to have had a provision of that service.

Unfortunately this casual cavalier attitude is all too common with mostly G1 groups of all sizes.

We had a similar but worse incident down at the Gurston Ashes CF last season when a Dutch woman leading a group, claiming to being a crop circle scientist...  replying...'"I had not found (the farmer) him'"... when asked by another guest (who was then physically attacked by her with an umbrella when he said..."Well, we did" ) who was actually with the farmer! Again, this resulted in the CF being closed to future visitors. 


CGI are trying very hard to foster good relations between the crop circle community and farmers. In this regard

if any groups decide to visit a CF that is managed by CGI as from next season they will only be welcome if they agree with the group leader beforehand not to visit other CFs that do not have farmer permission. If they present themselves at the gate and are not willing to participate (IOWs, expecting confrontation) in this arrangement, myself or other representative will remind them all just in case they... "Did not hear" or... "Had forgotten". If  they then still do not acquiesce and agree, they will not be permitted to enter the field. The farmer will be called if necessary who will already be aware of and in full agreeance of same. If they agree then merely trespass again in another CF, showing contempt, which is totally incompatible with the CF ethos of higher frequency consciousness, such groups will be responsible for future confrontation and disharmony which any CGI co-opting farmers will have agreed to oppose and deal with decisively. This may seem a bit draconian but my belief is that only steps like this will deter such established behaviour. 


My feeling is that farmers will gradually see the cash benefits to opening their fields to visitors and will find ways to organise themselves at the gate in this regard. For CGI, money is not the prime driver here, unlike 'groups'. It is about public relations, respect, charity and raised consciousness believing the formations are gifted to us in an attempt to connect with themfor us to develop towards higher thinking. This is a very common view in the CF community and so for those that demonstrate incompatibility with this position, it would seem crop circle visiting be contra-indicated for irony at best. Can't have it both ways I guess; we are either true to ourselves ...or phoney!

My advice is that if anyone wishes to join a CF group next season visiting the UK, they should make sure the group provider has committed to comply with this arrangement so as to avoid loss of harmony, unhappiness and unnecessary inconvenience. 

We have had many CFs in France and elsewhere in Europe this season so perhaps this would seem an alternative to the UK? I'm sorry it has come to this. UK farmers can only put up with so much. Surely we can see the need for change here?

See full article here.

18.8.19 Please remember, the empirical evidence proving beyond any doubt that the formations are mostly (95%) mysterious is simply that the node bending we commonly find in a formation is NOT due to positive phototropism; that would naturally take a week to ten days approx.  Bending is found EARLY ON DAY ONE of creation so CANNOT BE DUE TO SUN SEEKING. No genuine scientist in the world could argue with this fact.

DSCF1147 copy.jpg

19.8.19  I feel this whole crop circle thing has got a bit staid... the classic impasse. Would we like change, indeed, are we ready? I believe so, at least in the general population when existing feelings were confirmed, but maybe not so keen within the fragile and cosy well established G1 historic group. I meet hundreds, maybe thousands over the years that are a receptive and captive audience to this subject, so keen to know more. And know this...these people are not just G1s...they are local people, well away from worn out Wiltshire, they are largely happy to hear and be educated.  

But change causes waves, makes some people kick. Sometimes I think back to Charles Darwin speaking in the House of Commons attempting to share something that was not at that time particularly politically palatable. He accrued scientific facts, initiative and passion, necessary requisites to start a process. But I see absolutely no human being out there at the moment willing or maybe able to act likewise, or even give ongoing commentary with regards specifically the crop formation phenomenon. With folks right now it's usually just base function ie. habit, money and self promotion...a vision beyond perhaps a tad too far to imagine.

Darwin was audacious, maybe a bit foolish but in all probability fearless...all these things. He was also tenacious.

My old hero, Edmund Burke (1729-1797)... "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". A statement never so generally true than of today!
Well, we are not exactly talking 'evil' here, moreover largely intransigence. But know this, we are doing something. CGI has embarked upon a path that just perhaps could


go further if proceeded with caution and sense. But of course Darwin found it hard, he needed help... Wallace, Bates et al.  And so too, with all this CF business it will take voices to actually speak up, be dynamic, a vibrant debate to cause that change, if that evolution is to occur. Visions and dreams can sometimes become reality but they don't happen as if by magic.

 Is it about time Man evolved a bit? All we can do is to try. But I feel something is already this space!


I see the crop formation phenomenon as the modern equivalent of Darwin and his 'Origin of Species'. All it takes is for people to listen and take seriously.

20.8.19  New CF at Etchilhampton UK. Contains design elements seen many times before in cross-referenced events shown to be mysterious in origin. Contains 'Energy Leak' feature. This CF has no access until farmer gives permission and the fact is publicly announced. Unfortunately  I am not in the area so am unable to be more helpful. Perhaps someone else could take the initiative. But the way it usually works is that certain people make sure all their pals get in beforehand...and then (occasionally) ask the farmer. So many of these people make such a big deal out of being supposedly 'spiritual'..hats, drums, feathers etc...Is accessing a CF without permission spiritual?

 I have deleted my uncharitable comment regards American guy. I take it back, unnecessary. I'm sorry... no excuses.

Access has now been granted by farmer it has now been announced. I now know people 'in the know' were in there beforehand though. My point proven. However, nobody is willing it seems to help farmer practically by actually collecting donations at the gate which is the only reliable way realistically. The proposed method of requiring people to make a special journey to a remote location to deposit money in a box is unrealistic... seems a bit mis-guided I'm afraid.

The safest and most effective way TO DONATE is to go to:!/ and clic on S280. 

Most people have a smart phone...can be done whilst in the circle itself with others. Good karma, a deed that leans more towards honesty/genuine spirituality and done this way is not prone to abuse or excuse. Leaving a donation box in the field is simply asking for trouble!  

Anyways, main thing, good outcome. Thanks Frank.  


Photo copyright Noa Alvarinos with thanks.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 07.21.24.png

Photo screenshot The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 11.25.59.jpg

People always seem to be asking..."What does it mean"?  I have arrived at a position after eleven years whereon CFs don't always need to have great meaning beyond..."I am here, please notice me". That is surely a message in itself. 

Some CFs do however, have overt meaning which is usually fairly obvious, sometimes in coding. But maybe it is OK for some CFs to just be patterns for our enjoyment and to be observed and have a presence, be acknowledged. 

22.8.19  When we cross-reference many other CFs that have been successfully de-coded we can note that the messages have been relatively easy to decipher or even blatantly obvious. If we look at some examples like say, the 'Phoenix rising from the ashes' Yatesbury 2009, obvious pictogram, or binary/ASCII examples, Euler's Identity at Windmill Hill 2010, or Chilbolton 2001 or Crabwood 2002, all these messages were pretty obvious and unambigious. My point here is, I would suggest, that if the Creators wish to convey something to us they usually do it in a way we can readily understand. I know it can be fun to attempt to 'read' a crop circle, to speculate on meaning, but I have so often observed readings so spurious as to be most probably of little value. The trend historically weighs in favour of the obvious and unambiguous. IOWs, we can try or over-think things too much sometimes. After all, most accept the Creators are vastly more advanced than us and would in all probability regard us as pretty stupid/ far less evolved than them. Accordingly  we could reasonably suggest that they would factor that in and make things easier for us, not more complicated. Perhaps best keep things simple.

27.8.19  CF discovered by Ben Inman (photo thanks) at Uffington Castle on 21.8.19 in an organic field of barley, hence no tramlines. NOW HARVESTED.


The official symbol for hazardous material as portrayed in a field down near Salisbury last season the day after Dawn Sturgess RIP died having been contaminated. I would call that pretty damn obvious and unambiguous wouldn't you?. 


27.8.19  New CF reported 24.8.19 at Stanton St Bernard Wiltshire. This is right in the middle of The Vale of Pewsey which is pretty much a 'no go' area from a farmer POV!  Sorry for late posts as I've been 'off the grid' for a few days. NOW HARVESTED.

Photos The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.


29.8.19  Interesting video here taken by Nick Bull of the Danebury Hillfort CF 'ghosting'. CGI were looking after the event this season for the farmer. The so called 'ghost' is due to re-germination of seeds pressed in to the ground due to visitor foot-tread.

The patches represent localised second pass cropping by the combine as the stems were too low for the harvester first time around. This CF in all probability was easily the most visited CF of the season.

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 21.47.44 copy.

1.9.19  The CF event at Danebury (above), that CGI managed this season was in close proximity to an ancient hillfort site (also the famous Chilbolton Observatory). It is commonly the case that CFs will occur near such places as ancient sites. Some have speculated that they occur close to or on ley lines or aquifers. But in reality CFs occur elsewhere also and so it cannot be said that they happen exclusively around the aforementioned sites. This is a common misunderstanding.

My view is that when they occur near to ancient sites, such as Danebury, Avebury, Rolright Rings, Stonehenge and Farley Mount et al it is because such places bring with them an extra 'audience', more potential visitors to witness the mysterious Maker's work. After all, crop formations are all about making CONTACT with Humanity. As this unfolds with time it will gradually become apparent that this represents the biggest event to happen in the history of Mankind!

4.9.19 Comment: Many of you who are paying close attention to this subject will no doubt realise that for several years CGI have engaged mostly with one particular farmer at Hackpen Hill in Wiltshire. It really did seem like the Makers had latched onto what we were doing with a final outcome that can only be described as a major PR success. 

This year CGI moved operations to Hampshire and set up with a different farmer down there. Now, my point here is, if he gets another CF next season, which we have already been invited to manage it really does make you wonder if the Makers are deliberately linking up with CGI and their MO of positivity. If this happens I will personally be completely 'blown  away'! Actually working actively with ET was not something I was prepared for! Watch this space!

DSCF2902 copy.JPG

12.10.19 Comment: I met someone yesterday who thought that if the truth/reality about CFs were to become common knowledge ie. be suddenly announced on the 6pm News for instance, everyone would just stop working. This of course would not be good for our society/our species as we would all go hungry to start with. But people do adjust given time.

So, here is the ultimate dilemma. Does one as a researcher follow the evidence or not? One would be naturally consumed by subject, compelled to discover....curiosity would be understandable in an objective arena. After all, scientists developed the atomic bomb without considering beyond but good things also have been developed from that as a consequencence. In truth, we cannot actually know what the consequences will be regards 'disclosure' but without trying we will negate the possibility of any social/technological development. All indications thus far suggest the creators of the CFs are benign. Logic would suggest that if they wished to harm us they could have done so by now, considering the technology they clearly possess. My view is that Humanity is in a dire place right now and unless something 'special' or significant occurs the world may continue towards a downward pathway. My feeling is that the pathway towards 'disclosure' needs to be gradual but also progressive... and sensitive to the needs of society. CGI attempt to do this by being cooperative with farmers and utilising charity as a catalyst towards more visitor/farmer/community harmony..   

26.11.19 As the weather continues to cool down in the UK I am interested to see if we get more SNOW formations this winter. The event we received February 2nd last winter near Roundway Hill, Devizes was truly impressive. All indicators suggested this pattern to be of a mysterious origin.  


But I think the most impressive around the same time was in Qinghai, China. A pattern formed on what looked like to be an inaccessible and dangerous ice island/ peninsular. In reality I imagine it would take industrial/ military grade equipment and much organisation to realise such a task. There were no reports/sightings of this event until immediately after it occurred.

Photo accreditation already given.


22.12.19  Some final thoughts as we begin to wind up this decade, I am perhaps more aware  than ever this year of the Circlemaker's message of Crabwood 2002....

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. We OPpose DECEPTION. There is GOOD out there. Believe. Conduit CLOSING."

 In view of some areas of increasingly divisive current world politics and most alarmingly the historically strongest UK ally, they currently seem to be returning their own territory into the 'wild, wild west', judging by their MO.  The Crabwood message seems to be becoming more and more poignant, even after 17 years on. I feel the senders of this message had foresight and were clearly very concerned for us... and it seems with very good reason.

And remember, don't forget, when your friends ask about the very bottom line on whether or not a crop circle is a genuinely paranormal event, the answer logically and sensibly is...


'Biophysical anomalies are present early on 'day one' of the crop formation's creation'.


In other words the anomalies cannot be result of phototropism. All very boring I guess but would seem to be an inescapable truth within our confines of our current scientific understanding of our reality...if you wish to do the research....

No scientist in the world could intelligently/ legitimately argue with this position.

             Season's Greetings to all of my readers.




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