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Firstly, a few words about my personal position on CCs. Please understand I have no evangelical-esque type CC 'axes to grind' nor am I motivated by such things as self promotion, money or commerce. I merely report things as I find them in a journalistic fashion. The only reason I'm here as opposed to pursuing more lucrative avenues of my life is that I am now compelled to accept that the vast majority of CCs are completely mysterious in origin based on hard fact empirical evidence, experience and probability. If I thought otherwise I just wouldn't be bothering with it, wasting my life on what would amount to a futile exercise filled with wishful thinking, challenging farmer events and so on. For me CCs are just another 'nuts and bolts' practical based scenario requiring a pragmatic common sense approach.



Since 2008 I had been observing the Cropcircle world 'on the ground' by utilising my campervan within the Wiltshire landscape throughout the summer months. (Just to say I do have a mainstream lifestyle of house and home etc at other times and I don't just use the landscape as a campsite!) The aim was to become more acquainted with the events and happenings of a phenomena that had been around locally there since the '70s. The subject was not new to me by any means having engaged an interest around the year 2000 and with a previous interest in Ufology since boyhood sparked up by my father, post Roswell. I became increasingly aware that there were two main issues causing concern within the CC world.


 1.The obsessing around mundane Vs non-mundane origins of CCs and the uneasy relationship between 'believers' and non-'believers'.


 2.Those issues of farmer related.


Coupled with research, the latter will be the main focus of this website as the 'belief' or acceptance aspect of the phenomanon (which is core) is best dealt with subjectively. You can take it or leave it in other words. If you don't accept it, don't get golf, go fishing etc!


 The Core Group Initiative (CGI) was envisioned in 2011 and first actioned a year later when it successfully raised £800 for The Fluency Trust in Swindon.This was one step closer to actually working with farmers.Unless relations between farmers and visitors improves there will always be trouble and little future for cultural/sociological growth within this arena. Cropcircles are absolutely unprecedented and the potentials that could possibly benefit Mankind are unimaginable and immeasurable. I have come far enough down the CC road now to feel resigned to this reality ie. that the vast majority of CCs globally, are in the highest possible probability imaginable, based on my first hand evidence and other evidence currently available, utterly mysterious. This evidence is based on a system of observation that hinges on noting  themes, trends and cross-referencing of data coupled with years of 'on the ground' experience. This will be a shock to those who have done no homework on the subject or have zero 'on-the-ground' experiences, listened and succumbed to debunkers disinformation or have personal 'belief' dilemmas.  

This then,has to be the precedent for the site which wishes to cater for both historic/existing G1 (1st generation) and the increasing numbers of new G2 (2nd generation) visitors to the subject.It also wishes to cut through all the nonsense that has become folklore to some extent and dominated people's perception and consciousness on this subject for nearly four decades now. What you will read here is the absolute truth as far as it is known to be at the time of writing. I have nothing to gain from, nor indeed do I need to tell lies or disinform about CCs, a position I regard as not only dishonerable but truely wicked. People have the right to truth in their one and only life here on Earth. What they do with it is not my concern. I am not interested in promoting for personal gain. Charity, goodwill and the minimalisation of social discord are CGI's core values.


What does CGI actually do?

Essentially a farmer liason group that is altruistic in nature, voluntary and trusted members  of the CGI facilitate access to CCs in fields where farmer consent has been agreed. In this way visitors can enjoy their experience 

without the worry of conflict. We literally set up camp in one of our Mobile Information Units (MIU) 'at the gate',usually on the farmer's land looking after the farmer's interests in terms of traffic, land and people management. The base is a location van and from there we collect donations for the farmer's chosen charity, share accurate unbiased information and direct visitors to the CC using signs along a planned route. In this way minimal damage is caused to the crop and the farmer is happy. Traffic issues are also addressed as this can often attract the attention of the police if not managed sensibly and responsibly. We have no agendas apart from sharing truth, being helpful and, as said before we are not in this for any personal  gains.      


Main emphasis.

The main emphasis of CGI, apart from collecting donations for the farmer's charities is to encourage a less negative mind-set towards CCs by way of association with these charities and improved farmer relations. This is a tall order and has never been attempted before. If we continue to succeed this could theoretically and ultimately (and I say very guardedly indeed) change en-masse perception somehow allowing the public to become more engaged and sensibly educated about CCs as opposed to being misled and disinformed. An ongoing positive 'relationship' with the genuinely mysterious Cropcircle creators (sounds bonkers I know) of course could yeald unimaginable benefits for Mankind...but I think we will need to show willing and work for it. On the down side, that is if the changes are far less, large sums of money will still have been collected for worthy causes which has to be a good thing. 



This is ongoing and an integral part of being present for long periods in the field each season.


Divided into three sub-groups:


1. Sociological aspect. The interface between people and CCs. 

Being present in the fields for long periods gives one a unique opportunity to note, guage and observe in a way not possible if only visiting for short periods of time. One example would be noting trends and themes evident in the visiting population both in terms of feedback and also in observed habit and behaviour. The advent of CCs within human society provided a curious arena.This arena can reveal an insight into a human response when presented with such a novel proposition that is a CC which often challenges a world view. This insight is fundamental and key towards working at closing the perception gap...firstly establishing a positive perception of CCs through charity and later allowing a more open and enchanted 'take' upon CCs within that world view.


2. Biophysics and practical stuff. The nuts and bolds of it all. Here we talk of pure physics. A firmly grounded attitude is needed here lest one may easily veer off into over-thinking/ theorising and chasing one's ego or entering into the wonderful world of creative, wishful or esoteric thinking other words,misinterpreting componants (or subjectively gaining from) of that environment such as digital photo 'anomalies'.(see 'Orb' in research section of 'Articles'.) That way of thinking would be great at satisfying personal need but not appropriate as part of an objective survey. Having said that, one really does need to try and maintain an open mind with all this CC stuff. But as said before, that mind, in a research sense really does need to stay well grounded. Also,the fact of the matter is that CCs do actually have a real habit of surprising and shocking even after years of working in the field. 

I like to regard myself as sensible and practical, qualities that have served me very well outside of CC life and are essential for rational appraisal. This appraisal may include noting physical changes to material, unusual features not seen before. Observing trends and themes and cross-referencing is a way to gauge probability and quality of any given aspect. The quality of recurring features/events can add weight towards any plausable hypothesis or perhaps even conclusion.


3. Spiritual aspect. We are dealing with the unknown here and I guess this aspect means different things to different people and has to be subjective. For me it means things like being gently 'present', quiet and conscious within this extraordinary arena where instinct and intuition become useful 'tools of the trade'. An example would be exploring a sort of 'otherness'  through meditive practice, something that can't be quantified but seems to nurture inspiration and creativity and is often of a 'healing' nature. This creativity may be due to the heightened state of arousal commonly associated with visiting a CC, a sort of 'muse-esque' type of energy that could be the catalyst for more lateral thinking. Women are often better at picking up on this than men in my experience. Men can work on developing their 'feminine' side which has shown especially useful within the CC context (indeed, anywhere else!) An environment with less abrasive, self-interested ego-energy  seems to resonate more fluently and peacefully within Cropcircles, broadly speaking. Arrogance, as in the 'old school' front-line participants seems to be a trend within this arena but I feel no longer has a helpful place here (if ever it did have!) However, to be a little forgiving here, this is a steep learning curve after all!



4. Charity and Giving.

The charity CGI is currently active with is 'Brighter Futures' set up to raise money for a Radiotherapy Unit at Swindon Hospital with over £6000 raised by CGI in around six weeks in the 2015 summer season! Wiltshire patients need to travel to Oxford to receive treatment, which is a long way on a daily basis, often over a period of several weeks. For someone with serious health issues this can be very challenging. Some may not believe in radiotherapy for whatever reason but it does in truth help many people. Hope is also a vital part of any intervention and RT gives solice to many even if that specific treatment has not been useful to them in the end. This whole issue of cancer is something most will empathise with so it is a useful bridge towards harmony in the CC fields. I call it a 'win-win' situation. Everybody gains.



CGI History...thus far.

In the past 6 years, (2012-2017) CGI have helped collect monies for Avebury Church restoration, The Fluency Trust based in Swindon that provides therapy for speech impediments, Prospect Hospice and the Marlborough Downs Nature Improvement Area Trust and money to help buy a street sited defibrillator (AED) down in Dorset. Funds towards a community centre extension again in Dorset, was yet another. But the biggest benefactor of all is Swindon based 'Brighter Futures' cancer charity fund which has gained over £15000 so far. I hope the list will go on. 


In the past many visitors have recognised the healing qualities of CCs but not until now has that recognition extended to actively working towards farmer collaboration in association with charity and giving. Instead it was usually geared towards fulfilling personal agendas or needs. This position I will describe in future as Phase 1 in CC history. I personally feel that the 'giving' and benevolence aspect is part of a core message from the Creators to help raise the frequency of the human condition and is largely away from 'self'. It encourages RESPECT and makes social tensions less likely through collaboration and cooperation. I will describe this evolved position as Phase 2 in CC history. 

Camp Hackpen 2015

Farmer inspecting the 'Eagle' CC 2015.

A happy group at Sixpenny Handley, Dorset 2014.

A wonderful example of 'Energy Leak', a probability anomaly, here shown in immature wheat.


 About CGI.








The Spirit is high!

But seriously though...burying one's 'head in the sand' is a technique used by many that struggle with the subject of CCs.

Unfortunately for this poor lady, she crash-landed after her parachute fell off! 

 CGI set-up at the 2013 Hackpen Hill site with our first home-made sign! I woke up one morning to be told there was another (necklace shaped) CC just appeared in front of the van! Wow! No, I didn't do it nor was it a fake!

This pictogram in Yatesbury 2009 was the clincher for me. My practical mind just would not accept this complex piece of work could be anything other than of a non human origin. The detail within was truly awesome. Pictograms are usually asymmetric, and hence, far more mysteriously compelling as they are less predictable in design. 

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