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9.2.20  We start off this season with a video showing how CGI works with farmers and visitors each year. I share empirical evidence that crop circles must be mysterious if we accept and work within our current scientific paradigm.

Just clic on the photo to view.

Empirical Evidence just published. Please go down to 15.12.20

Screenshot 2020-02-05 at 12.25.33.png

15.2.20 I have been invited to speak at the 30th Anniversary of the Glastonbury Symposium on Sunday 26th July. This will be an opportunity to share thoughts and the latest CGI news towards the end of hopefully another exciting and fruitful season in the fields. 

Now postponed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Hope to do next season if possible.

SCREENSHOT 2020-02-15 AT 22.12.26.jpeg

14.3.20  Comment: Like all I am very mindful of the global threat the Covid-19 virus is posing...indeed I have just cancelled my trip to South Africa. But from a crop formation POV I will be fascinated to see how all this manifests in the fields this season. Two years ago a serious world event was unambiguously and synchronistically highlighted when a lady died as a result of exposure to Novichok toxic substance in Salsbury UK in July 2018. The Circlemakers sometimes reflect to us in this way. Watch this space and keep safe!


23.3.20  Coronavirus suggestion. I look upon the makers of the formations as a potential resource and possible friend based on feedback and benign content thus far. They have previously shown concern for us. Crop enthusiasts could use collective consciousness to 'ask' the Circlemakers for help. To humbly meditate with pure intent en mass may connect positively with them. It is highly probable they have the technology to aid us. Let's try. Nothing lost.

Take care, Be safe.

25.3.20 New article just published here:




Here's a crop painting I did earlier.


7.3.20 Thoughts on Corona virus. Some very serious research has been done on the benefits of vitamin D3. It is common knowledge that vitamin D (and sunlight) is good for our immune system. Evidently most people have low or repleted levels due to either ethnicity, lifestyle, age or geographic location. It has been suggested by the proponents that by taking supplements it will bring levels up to a point whereon one's natural immunity against infection can have significant  benefits. D3 is the 'ENABLER' enzyme allowing more efficient absorption by the cells in our body thus boosting our defences. This is especially important now as the COVID-19 is causing so many deaths. 

It has just been reported by CNN that the statistics show that the African American community (70% of total USA patients) has suffered more as a result of the virus. It is a fact that dark skin is less  able to absorb vitamin D compared to caucasians. This is due to the high levels of melanin in their skin which acts like a filter for UVB. This statistic fits well with Professor Cobbold's et al research.

I am not a scientist but I have this on good authority from someone I know who is a professor of cellular biology. Please check out his and his collogues research on the attached for further info.

 Please read this informative article written by my friend Prof.Peter Cobbold who sent it to me:  

I believe this is very significant work indeed.

11.4.20 There is another very worrying aspect looming regards the COVID virus situation. US politics. Call it naive but I believe we need to review our system 'Conservative'...'Republican'...Democrats' etc. Why am I  thinking George Orwell's '1984'? We need compassionate honourable leaders (women should be far more prominent in my view)  to unite into something like a 'Humanity' party...if not, at our peril! It seems people are easily manipulated by powerful, ruthless and cynical personalities, almost as if under a spell. Tribalism is a sign of insecurity but a realisation that this virus feels the need for unity seems obvious to me at least. We will do better if we work together by admitting our vulnerabilities before this whole thing gets completely out of hand. This is not easy though when trust is absent...I know this through my own experiences in the CF world. You think this is bad...just use your imagination! 

12.4.20  Easter Day. As you can see, the yellow canola is now in full bloom here in England, a photo I took on my 'officially allowed once a day' walk behind where I live. If and when we get our first formation (they, the mysterious Creators have not missed a year yet, in 40 years) just be mindful of people trying to over-read/overthink the pattern. We in our desperation with the COVID situation may well misinterpret giving false hope. In my experience, when the Circlemakers wish us to know something, to convey information/message it is usually quite clear and unambiguous. This is no time for misunderstandings.  Look out for clarity like Novichok (Salisbury) a couple of years ago. Couldn't mistake the message there!


Perhaps we need to re-calibrate our consciousness and values.

Many thanks Quotemaker copyright 2020

13.4.20 Watch this space for 1st. CC event which I shall report as soon as I know.  I am hoping the Makers won't give us a pass with just a clever geometric pattern as we are all shut away in our homes. That would obviously be disappointing given the current circumstances. They must be aware of our predicament given their technology and given their signals of concern in the past. I like to think that they would at the very least make some reference to our plight. I know they have the ability to read this post; so I will say....



14.4.20  So crucial we take vitamin D3 supplements throughout this period...and beyond to strengthen our immune systems, especially if you are of brown skinned hereditary or live in northern hemispheric countries where UVB is less.  


15.4.20 UK Crop update: Spring wheat just coming through; winter wheat and barley at around 20cms; canola at 1.5mts.  


17.4.20  'Crop circle research'. So again, the burning question I would pose at a time of arguably the worst global crisis in Man's history is... 'How will the creators of these mysterious patterns respond to our current predicament?' Have no doubt, they are all too aware of what's going on. Hard to imagine they would just ignore our plight. Bottom line is, what sort of intelligence are we dealing with here? Are they really our friends or are they possible enemies?  For all we know they are a threat working us behind a vail of clever deception. In truth and in theory they could be behind this pandemic for reasons better known to themselves. My focus right now is on waiting for some sort of informative feedback from them. My reasoning would be that if they show no concern for us now what is their likely agenda and indeed what would be the point of us wishing to engage positively with them anyway.  We need to know this. The implications are obvious and if we wish to pursue a positive relationship with them I would expect some recognition from them. This subject goes way beyond the archiving and admiring of pretty patterns in the landscape. They are here for a reason.   


23.4.20 Crop circles aside for a moment,  the CORONA-19 event will I hope be the catalyst for some much needed raised awareness and positive lifestyles changes, long overdue. Eg. The sky's over Delhi are clearing as a result of less traffic pollution. Himalayas now in view! 

The unspeakable is cynical ruthless 'leader' using  population as guinea pigs for some massive scientific experiment. 

Alternatively we could raise our D3 vitamin levels to boost our immune systems. 

Please read article here:


25.4.20  No CFs yet. In the mean time a vaccine may take some time to develop so we really do need to optimise our immune systems.  By taking vitamin D3 supplements  if we do get the COVID we have a much greater chance to fight it off. The brown/dark skinned population are at particular risk as are people that live at higher latitude locations due to less hours of 'good' sunshine. Most people evidently have lower levels than ideal. With optimum levels of D3 our bodies can more effectively fight off many other diseases too. The cellular biologist (Emeritus Professor) I have been working with, who is also helping me with crop circle research has sent me an up-to-the-minute paper just submitted to the BMJ (British Medical Journal). This is significant and means world scientists will regard this research as wholly credible. Please read it here...this could be life saving. 

28.4.20  This pattern in Bryant's Park, New York was allegedly created by gardeners overnight to cheer people up. Not sure why it needed to be done at night though. My view is that it shows none of the usual signs of a mysteriously created floral event. Lovely idea though. 


5.5.20 Crop update: The photo shows winter wheat to about average 22in high now. Canola past its best with little change since last photo. Spring wheat still a long way to go.  If we do not get a formation in canola in the next 10 days max. I think we shall need to wait for potentials until barley seed heads are well formed usually towards end of month. 

Sadly, the prospect of any possible visitations to crop circles, at least for this season are pretty much out of the question due to the virus situation. Indeed, it would not be smart and would be nothing short of lunacy to even attempt it.


6.5.20 Comment.  I'm hoping, as we all are, that things will get better Covid-19'wise. However, it will take sober, level headed people to make that happen. Impatience could lead to disorder, our downfall if fundamental needs are not supported by empathic, well intentioned, 'in good faith' governance. If we don't have that the future will be bleak indeed. History will judge our leaders by the way they dealt with all this. From my perspective in the UK to the many of my readers who are in the USA, your 'leader' comes over as someone struggling with the task... as is ours it may be said. But to be fair Boris has just come out of hospital recovering from the virus himself and I do not believe he is motivated by self or a desire to be re-elected. But IMHO our closest ally the USA should draft the DPA as soon as ASAP so as to procure essential resources! Why ever not you may say? Ask your Mayor? This will and can get worse if wise decisions are not made in a timely manner. Trouble is, increased testing/resources will uncover the true uncomfortable numbers/reality which may not be politically good if re-election is a factor. Now that would be truly disturbing, even sinister...sacrificing the nation for political ambition! 

I would love to see visitors from USA , indeed from all over the world in the crop circles in England again but if any nation's  systems go down completely due to self-serving politics that would seem to be the worst kind of betrayal of all. The virus is indiscriminate... does not think in terms of Red and Blue!

 Danebury Hillfort last season was such a harmonious experience, hard to forget...seems like a dream now.

I am hoping the Makers of these patterns will give us a sign soon, goodness knows we had enough warning... 40 years to think. Maybe it's time for us to start thinking a bit more objectively about our world views and habits...time for Man to grow up a bit? In a way I ask myself, in our stubbornness and ignorance do we really deserve help now only to go on and do the same again. We've damaged our planet enough already, so thoughtlessly. Depressing thought but true. Clear skies now over Paris, Rome, Delhi et al. is a good thing and what the planet needs but it didn't happen voluntarily. Perhaps this is the true message from the Circlemakers as we all await in anticipation for the next new... and 'entertaining' CF... to re-calibrate our consciousness ...and of our MO. This will be a lesson, a steep learning curve for all. As said before I believe the CFs are here for a very  good reason beyond our 'amusement'. I really do hope this is not their 'end of mission', their conclusion! If so we may not receive any CFs this season...or worse, any in the future. That is my worst fear ever for Humanity.

Stay home, stay safe and for the sake of others. 

9.5.20  As you can see the barley has shot up with this recent sunny weather, now above my knee. The seedheads are forming well and we could potentially get a formation in around a week depending on local conditions. Let's just hope! Barley formations are my favourites as they have such a softened appearance about them. 

SCREENSHOT 2020-05-09 AT 14.26.18.jpeg

13.5.20  Micheal Glickman a well known, long standing researcher and proponent of the genuine crop formation phenomenon died 1st. May at the age of 79. He suffered from MS which in more recent years prevented him from actually visiting the formations in person. But despite this he continued to actively contribute. As a trained architect he was able to add specialist insight to the subject which focused around the geometry of the patterns. Although I met him several times we never formed a working relationship for reasons that I still do not quite understand but I know that he was well regarded and respected in his particular following. 

RIP Micheal. 1941-2020


17.5.20 Oh, the lovely barley! Next weekend is a bank holiday, a time when we would normally expect to see a new formation in the UK. If we do this will be the first of the season worldwide.

You may have heard of what can only be described as a distant and  simple round'ish depression in crop in Italy. I cannot be confident this is a 'crop circle' at all. If we get more compelling evidence/information worthy of report I will post later.

19.5.20 In these dire and worrying times, from where I'm sitting at least, as an objective and non financially invested researcher, the first event may well be significant. After all, we are dealing with a hugely advanced 'agency' here, something that would logically and very reasonably be all too aware of Man's current predicament. From my reasoning, based on historic concerned feedback I would suggest something time relevant in content would seem well aligned. 


21.5.20  I think we need to be unusually mindful at the moment, in these times of yearning for our first crop formation. To misinterpret such things as crop disturbance ie. lodging caused by wind, the work of attention seeking pranksters attempting to mislead or to brighten their Facebook account a bit, is easily done. In many of us it is sometimes all too easy, in our wishful thinking to be fooled. Many in truth are  unable to recognise a genuinely mysterious event mainly through lack of practical, on-the-ground experience.  I will only record on this CGI site events that I am confident tick some or many of the time-honoured characteristics or can be cross-referenced positively towards the genuinely mysterious. Otherwise, I might as well be reporting holes in the road!

25.5.20 Not one formation worldwide this season as yet with holiday w/e drawing to a close. Most unusual and at the same time very concerning. This aspect is as intriguing to me as a CF itself. But looking on the positive side the Makers know perfectly well that any events they transmit provoke potential visitors so may be holding back in this regard. Watch this space!  

27.5.20 First 'Angel of Love' crop formation of the season. Looks authentic and about 72mts in diameter. I think this has to be in barley and the our source/photographer has wisely not disclosed the location beyond saying it's in southern England as would cause problems. However I don't suppose it's location will remain unknown for too long, as I understand human nature ego keeps people from keeping their mouth shut LOL...we'll see! Hopefully it will remain in situ as a mark of respect if attention is not drawn to it. The form contains a heart shape which should be hugely reassuring as a symbol of concern and love from the mysterious circlemakers. Especially poignant in these troubling times.

Youtube video here:


Photo copyright Cipro Clerc 2020 with thanks.

I find this 'Angel of Love' symbol exceedingly heartwarming and reassuring as said before at this unquestionably one of the most challenging and saddening times in Human history. To feel we are not alone, have not been forgotten by the higher consciousness Circle Makers and that they acknowledge our predicament with empathy, is truly up lifting. Perhaps there will be a theme this season to maybe help us in some way, if not practical, of spiritual support. Such a small percentage of Humanity will be totally unaware of and unable to appreciate this message as they simply dismiss CFs as a joke. So sad.

29.5.20  New CF no.2 reported 28.5.20 in barley in the county of Wiltshire UK. About 55mts wide. Location unknown due to COVID-19 restrictions. There is little doubt, in my mind at least that this formation is nothing other than totally mysterious in origin. Could this be a clue? Looks like it could be an acknowledgement of our predicament. Will a theme develop this season? Fascinating! 


Images NickBull with thanks.

In the above photo notice the way the tramline crop has been relatively unaffected by a mysterious laying force. I would put this down to what I have coined as 'Energy Leak'. 

Images 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.

30.5.20  No.3 CF in Wiltshire. Yin-Yang event in barley approx. 40mts diameter. Little question in my mind as to being 100% mysterious in origin. In reality there are very few CFs that are human made and the ones that are easily identified as such by  on the ground experienced 


 A way to represent harmony, a balance between good and bad, that is Yin-Yang. So poignant at a time of such worrying global Earth politics where imbalance and unfairness is rife and is recognised as such by a higher and superior consciousness, where so few seem to impact so heavily and negatively on the majority. ie. US riots and latest WHO related revelations. I feel that this CF season will highlight some heartfelt truths that will hopefully add positively to collective insight, a realisation towards refreshed mind-set. The world needs wise compassionate, empathic and honourable leaders. Watch out Trump Tower et al!

Perhaps this is what the Circlemakers were referring to. Coincidence? This is NOT harmony. It is almost as if the Makers could see all this coming and waited until this time to start the season. There really does seem to be a theme of empathy occurring this season, so far. What do you think? 

Re. No.3 Note the way all the barley seed heads are pulled to the left. An unthinkable if considered humanly actioned. Very significant. 


Images NickBull with thanks.

Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 23.13.52.png

Social comment: Whilst I, like most do not condone violence and civic disorder I can fully understand the pent up frustration and anger that has resulted from a historic low frequency social imbalance in that country. A murder committed, quite horrible, by an undisciplined police force, outrageous. This is representative of a society in breakdown. This police force is encouraged by a commander -in -chief who has openly declared himself as a Nationalist and has been shown not to care, especially for people of colour. This would naturally provoke a response. The current administration just simply seems not to be coping. It would seem like some radical changes need to be made in that country in terms of governance and attitude...changes that bring harmony and not devision. From a distance in the UK all this is very hard to watch and I for one am 'asking' the Circlemakers to help us navigate to a good outcome. I think all this will be reflected in this season's crop patterns, like symbols of unity for instance. The Makers are clearly monitoring these events, most likely a pivotal moment in history. 

31.5.20 New CF in Lauragais, Tarabel, near Toulouse. France. Reported 30th May. 

Image copyright 2Drone2 with thanks.




New CF approx.75mt diameter in barley in Dorset reported on 31st May. Location undisclosed due to COVID19. Farmer also stated 'keep out'.


Images copyright 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.

9.6.20 Comment: A fitting and respectful few days pause in CF events perhaps whilst George Floyd is laid to rest? His death and the way in which it happened illustrated so well just how messed up things are right now on planet Earth and have been for years. Leaders and officials with integrity and sensibility are essential and would be a good first step to higher consciousness. Sad and sycophantic 'yes men' who's priority is a desire merely to hang on to their dysfunctional jobs at the expense of the nation is unconscionable, unre-electable and unfathomable to say the least. 

I cannot imagine the Circlemakers are unaware of all the news related to BLM as this leads to a pathway of higher consciousness. Indeed, aspiration for higher frequency behaviour seemed quite evident in the recent Yin-Yang event. It wouldn't surprise me if we very soon received another endorsing event similar relating to unity after the Yin Yang symbol which seemed to sum things up perfectly. 

11.6.20  New crop formation reported today in Wiltshire UK...a resumption right on cue? ! Broken circles.  

Copyright 'Crop ciricles from the air' with thanks.


14.6.20 New formation Wiltshire reported today. 12 fold geometry.

Image copyright 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.


17.6.20 Crop formation reported/discovered late. Darrington, Nr Pontefract,  West Yorkshire. 


Image James Thackrah with thanks.

17.6.20 New formation Hunt's Down, Nr Wilton, Wiltshire. Reported 17th June


Images copyright 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.


21.6.20 New crop formation reported 20 June. Wiltshire. First in wheat. 72 mts diameter approx. The Solstice circle video here!

SCREENSHOT 2020-06-21 AT 21.38.25.jpeg
SCREENSHOT 2020-06-21 AT 21.40.35.jpeg

Copyright images UltraVisitation with thanks.

SCREENSHOT 2020-06-21 AT 21.39.34.jpeg

22.6.20 New CF at Berwick Bassett, Wiltshire reported yesterday. Images to follow.


Images copyright 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.

26.6.20  New formation at Smeath's Plantation in exactly the same place as an event I visited on the 24th July 2009.


Image copyright 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.


26.6.20  Really just stating the obvious, but to let you know CGI has no intention of facilitating access to events this season due to the COVID-19 situation. In my view nobody should be attempting to access any crop events this year for reasons that should be crystal clear to all.

Update 27.6.20 This CF has now been completely cut out by the farmer.

29.6.20 New CF Allan King Way, Nr Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire. reported today. Cheesefoot Head was one of the first places to have crop formations back in the late '70s.

Image copyright 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.


For all that read these notes and see images on this page and others, the whole business of 'crop circles' is far, far more than just a fascination with patterns, geometry and who/what made/did it etc.  It is about our coming to terms with something well outside of our previously perceived earthly and understood  paradigm.

CFs aside, we currently have an unprecedented world crisis on our hands that could just unite us... if we allowed it.

When I view the COVID situation in USA for instance from a UK perspective it fills me with utter horror and sorrow. The hysteria surrounding July 4th celebration could be the brink of calamity! It would seem to me that Mt. Rushmore activities are a massive betrayal. People will needlessly die as a result!  It seems to me that such a great nation is being/allowing itself to be so negatively manipulated by just one charismatic person ( WW2 ring any bells? Such decisions are typical of what happens in 'banana republics!) I prey that Nation makes a higher consciousness decision in its forthcoming election opportunity!

God help them.  












This must be the most audacious move I have ever thought to make. I have never known of any crop circler to address the Circlemakers directly.

On the basis of probability they should logically in fact be quite capable of being cognisant of these written internet articles (or any other) and the genuine contributions that CGI and others have made and tried to connect with them in different ways over the years.

So here goes: My message to them is simply: 

"PLEASE HELP US in our current plight...we could sure use a bit of a hand down here at the moment!  Give us an  understandable sign maybe?" 

SCREENSHOT 2020-07-03 AT 23.24.47.jpeg

I really cannot imagine how stupid the Circlemakers must think the organisers are (and those willing to attend)...a significant percentage of these people are bound to get infected. Why do the organisers have such wanton disregard for their guest's health and well-being?  

4.7.20  New CF recently reported in Orchów, Poland. 


Kiskanizsa, Nr Bajcsa, Hungary. Reported 2nd July

IImage copyright Kanizsa TV. with thanks.


7.7.20  New event in Vimy, Pas-de-Calais N.France. Reported 5 July. 


New CF event today at Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire. The Vale of Pewsey used to be a very popular location for CFs to appear up to around ten years ago. The politics became so hot there as the farmers started to literally cut the forms out. The events gradually tapered off in numbers and this one is the first in a long time. It has intricate upstanding tuft ground lay areas to some of its elements. 

Images copyright Hugh Newman with thanks.

SCREENSHOT 2020-07-08 AT 13.58.39.jpeg

10.7.20  New event Easton Clump, Nr Easton Royal, Wiltshire. Reported 10th July. Looks perfectly circular from a plan POV but in reality it is clearly constructed on uneven ground. If uncompensated this geometry would appear egg-shaped. I call this topographical compensation. The geometric math to achieve this on the ground would be extremely challenging. The only way this could be achieved would be to firstly do a topographical survey coupled with the use of TST ((Total Station Theodolite) technology which is standard in the Surveying profession. This is never done in the hours of darkness. All this suggests tome that yet again we have a completely mysterious event on our hands here.


Images copyright 'The Hampshire Flyer'with thanks.

North Dorset.  The design looks a bit 'radioactive'! I hope this is not a warning!

This CF contains 'Energy Leak' feature, ie. upstanding crop along tramlines and 150mm approx. width rings. I regard this as conformation of a very mysterious event. Based on my cross-referenced many years of research this event is NOT A RUMOUR. This CF deserves to be listed as genuine. 


Image right  copyright 'Oakleyskyview' with thanks.

12.7.20  New cropformation Cley Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 11th July. Looks like there just could be a code in there. 

Image copyright Neil Petherick with thanks.


13.7.20  New CF  Nr Frome, Somerset. Reported 12th July.


The 'squiggle' above popped up next to the main CF on the right. This is the sort of thing I would usually relegate to the 'man made' category. It could just be a test pattern of course that we find occasionally, but without seeing the ground lay it is impossible to be confident either way.  


This squiggle is the ONLY event I would even consider to be made by humans this season. Man made events are in truth really quite rare despite what even some 'experienced' websites or Facebook sites will tell you and certainly not Rapshill or Sixpenny Handley as some have suggested. 


Image copyright Gilbert Hassid with thanks.

Luxenborough, Nr Stonehenge, Wiltshire. Reported 16th July. Most impressive feature here is the 'basketweave'.


Images copyright 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.

Etchilhampton, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 17th July. This field has had several CFs over the years. This CF is approx. 120m diameter. Access allowed by farmer.


 19.7.20  Nadarzycach near Wrześni in Poland reported today .

Image copyright  Piotr Szykowny with thanks.


22.7.20 New 72m diameter crop circle today; Scrubbs Lane, Nr Bishops Sutton, Hampshire. That's a lot of perfectly and uniformly flattened crop. This farmer will definitely be very unhappy! 


Please notice the upstanding crop in the tramlines.This is what I have coined 'Energy Leak' which is a probability anomaly. From a logical POV this feature would weigh heavily against the idea of human intervention, that a man in all probability wouldn't leave such a feature which has been present longer than I have been on the scene which is 12 years. This feature is a very significant research reference in favour of mysterious origin.

Images copyright 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks



23.7.20 New 60m approx. CF at the Ridgeway, Hackpen Hill, Wilts. reported today is a set of pentagrams. This does not surprise me as I've worked with several events with the farmer in this area over recent years now. This utterly mysterious event also contains the 'Energy Leak' feature like the one above. Sublime! 

Regards access, I have spoken to the farmer and he is saying NO ACCESS at the moment, however we are still working on it! Please respect his wishes.






Good is OPEN. Donations will go to Brighter Futures and taken at the gate where there is someone to help. Please drive down Ridgeway where car park is signed.

Images copyright 'The Hampshire Flyer' 2020 with thanks.

SCREENSHOT 2020-07-23 AT 20.53.03 2.jpeg

26.7.20  Alert: Beware... a new CF  allegedly somewhere in Hampshire has been reported by a high profile Dutch Crop circle person's FB page as a hoax. She allowed the post to rest without question and post is withholding the location. I wonder why. It was obvious to me at least this is a genuine event. All this does is call into question the integrity of the holder of this  FB a/c and the position she holds. The so called 'Circlemaker' is a well known con man and certainly incapable of creating a pattern like this. 

SCREENSHOT 2020-07-26 AT 00.21.23.jpeg

Image copyright cipro clerc with thanks.

26.7.20  So the big question would be: Why would a Wiltshire based 'Information' Centre run by a Dutch woman, if serving the phenomenon honourably, promote an individual by way of positively stating something rather than being more candid. This is DISINFORMATION!  Most experienced 'open' researchers should know that this chap is a known deceiver who falsely claims to make the crop circles? Indeed he says ALL are hoaxes!!! It is quite obvious to me that this claim is an utter falsehood, that this chap is just seeking notoriety, wishing to deceiver the reader. Any website, including a FB page that promotes this just has to be devious or have an agenda. I am 100% certain of this, logic and reason and research facts dictate which would stand up in court. This is the simple truth. I would never tell lies on this website. I have a reputation for truth after raising and handing over £32k for charity.  I have an abundance of practical and on-the-ground circling experience but for those that do not have this benefit they may well be taken in by all this sort of nonsense. These types never show any evidence that is understandable, they just rely on confusion and deception via video editing and media manipulation.

So again, why on earth would an allegedly responsible 'Info' centre do such a thing? Feels very uncomfortable, very odd!





Now I learn from the organiser of the Cropcircleconnector website that he has no problem relegating this event to the Rumours page as he did also to the Rapshill formation saying both are 100% man made events without evidence by the chap referred to above. This to me seems a joke. I am utterly perplexed as to why he would do such a thing! No evidence or footage to support a position of human made. Feels very strange/uncomfortable appearing to support a deceiver. 

SCREENSHOT 2020-07-26 AT 12.26.28.jpeg

Double headed snake/serpent?' Very powerful, maybe very telling!

SCREENSHOT 2020-07-27 AT 12.32.14.jpeg

New CF today at Etchilhampton near the previous event. Much the same design but with a 'soft touch' ground lay this time. This CF is likely Mohave access as with same farmer. 


And another...Yarnbury Castle, Nr Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire. Reported 26th July

Images copyright The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.


And yet another...busy day indeed! Ammersee, West of Munich, Bavaria. Germany. Reported 26th July

Images Philip Hebeisen Copyright 2020 with thanks.


31.7.20  Batemoor, Nr Dronfield, Derbyshire. Reported 29th July.

Image copyright James Thackrah with thanks.

South Downs Way, Nr Houghton, West Sussex. Reported on 29th July

Image copyright  Brady Keet with thanks.



Comment. USA...Hurricane amid COVID19. Unimaginable crisis! Can Fed Gov look after its people?

'Richest' country in world?

These are the times when a country relies upon good leaders truly devoted and with integrity.

 Not sure how many will be thinking about CFs there right now!

2.8.20 As we pause awaiting what may be the last formations of the season, as the harvest is well under way here in the UK I reflect upon another season of wonderful events. Only one this season could I fairly attribute to human activity and that would be the 'squiggle' or spiral  shape that popped up near to the Frome event Somerset 13.7.20. Despite what you may have read or understood by way of omission from Latest Circles on Cropcircleconnector and other FB  sites I have very little doubt that all other  events are utterly mysterious in origin. As to why the 24th July Somerset and Rapshill, Dorset 7th July events were relegated to a Rumours page is worrying. It defies all logic, common sense and cross referencing of 11 years of research yet the website master absolutely refused to even listen or was willing to hear reasons as to why I felt these CFs were mysterious preferring to simply believe what he had been told by know deceiver. Incredible! and very odd. I can only surmise that something not quite above board is influencing their position. (given incentive to betray the people and maintain the myth?) Very troubling and disappointing indeed. Feels sinister! This is the complete truth. My feeling, based on subject involvement of 12 years now is that a disinformation campaign has been ongoing for years, even from previously trusted individuals and websites. Indeed, does anybody really care? Well I  do.

SCREENSHOT 2020-07-26 AT 00.21.23.jpeg

Both these events were relegated to Rumours in a leading w/s suggesting they were fake. I do not believe that is the case.


4.8.20  Potterne Field, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 4th August

Image copyright 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.


Norton Plantation, Nr Heytesbury, Wiltshire. Reported 7th August. Approx. 75m diameter.


Norton Plantation, Nr Heytesbury, Wiltshire. Reported 7th August. A massive 'Trinitamide' 250m approx across. 3 days after Beirut explosion. Wow!


Woolstone Wells, Nr Uffington Castle, Oxfordshire. Reported 9th August. Approx.68m diameter.

Images 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.


11.8.20 19.50hrs. I really do hope its going to be Kamala Harris!

        21.23hrs. Yes! This is a good thing for the world. 

19.8.20  Summery:  Looks increasingly like this season of crop formations may be about over. However, that said, we have had the odd one or two up until October but that was in 'set aside' land.

This season has been an interesting one as usual from more that one perspective. It started off with a virus type pattern which did not suprise any of us I think, indeed was almost expected. For there to be no recognition of Earth's plight right now would be surprising seeing as we are dealing with a super aware, high consciousness agency here. But subsequently all the formations seemed rather 'usual', if not 'run of the mill' with no significant messaging or coding.

There was only one pattern that I would relegate to the human made in the UK (surprisingly that was NOT assigned to 'Rumours' in CCC) and that was 'The Squiggle' near Frome, Somerset reported 12 July. 

CGI would normally be serving by the gate, helping farmers on site, but due to the Covid19 situation felt not to this season. However we had another event on Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, a place where many have occurred over the years. The farmer had helpers up there collecting for Brighter Futures charity which I believe resulted in £2500 being raised, so well done for that effort. This is what is needed; CGI cannot do it all and others need to seize the baton and do likewise if the subject is to become less stigmatised. 

The only other thing, that I found very worrying indeed was the disconnect in consistent reporting judgement related to  at least two compelling events that were then assigned to the Rumours Page on a major website. (see my earlier comments higher up on this page). This is not the first time over the years this has happened, I have noted the trends and it suggests there is some sort of intimidatory element/ faction/ individual(s) intent on pushing a 'conspiracy pact' with the w/s, something that forces a position to occasionally perpetuate and endorse the human made myth, perhaps to allow said website (CCC) to continue 'unhindered'?  let's say. This has bothered me for years, something that shows a consistency, a theme with their significant others aiding the process. These players will utterly insist without any evidence whatsoever or discussion that an event is not mysterious. Feels irrational and rather sinister actually, especially from a prominent website and its FB counterpart.

For some years we had a whole bunch of these dis-informers/agitators/ liars active in the fields deliberately trying to deter from truth, saying they "knew who did it" etc but certainly this season those characters seem to have been parred right down to maybe one or two main players. I suspect though  that such 'bottom feeding' mentality will always persist in the absence of sensible remunerative occupation for themselves.          

5.9.20  New event at Chirton Bottom, Nr Urchfont, Wiltshire. The bad weather will often hold-up the last of the crop harvest, hence this one so late in the season. This is not the first formation to occur in this field, last one was in 2011 27th July if I remember correctly.

Photo 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.


Roundway, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 13th September. Just when we thought it all over for the season another wonderful event in a field of other formations over the years.

Photo 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.


2.11.20 Say a prayer for USA as its election day fast approaches. We can all hope for an outcome that will in all probability effect the whole world...let's hope positively. The incumbent clearly has some fundamentals very wrong which is costing lives. Hope for one that will now afford a renewed care and compassion for the people, minimising suffering in these unprecedented times. Coupled with truth and integrity these qualities have to be the benchmarks of a civilised society. Alternatively, my feeling is that world order will probably become far darker at the very time it needs unity and harmony.

If we cannot move closer to such aspirations what chance have we of ever connecting with the higher frequency Circlemakers? 

7.11.20  16.28hrs  YES!!! Joe Biden  will be 46th President  of the USA. Well done America. I believe the world will be a safer place as a result. If we wish to more align ourselves with the Circlemakers we need to raise the frequency of our behaviour en-masse with less hate and devision and more of love and inclusion.

SCREENSHOT 2020-11-07 AT 16.25.55.jpeg

9.11.20 Wonderful news!!! Looks like we may have a cure for COVID-19 virus from Pfizer.  I know this is not necessarily related to crop circles but is far more relevant in a way as if there are no people to witness and potentially able to connect with the Circlemakers at some time in the future this whole business is pointless. Almost too much news to comprehend right now! HAPPY DAYS. 

Now, just prey for insightful and responsible governance during the transition period between Trump and Biden....this potentially effects the whole world!


11.11.20  WORLD CRISIS!  Yes of course you know this. But as I and countless others worldwide with no political axe to grind observe the utter chaos, nonsense, lies and unconstitutional unprecedented threat to democracy that persists from a USA President and his sycophants, that could just slip into something far, far worse. Say terrorists, Korea or Russia for instance chose to make a move in response to all this disarray, from a distance here in the UK my perspective is that this needs to absolutely stop. POLITICS BE DAMBED! An that is not to mention all the people that are dying daily as an administration appears to prefer to just go of in denial playing golf rather than prioritise strenuous work in favour of COVID-19! This unstable man could destabilise whole world status quo which is far greater than just a cosy partisan loyalty. BE CAREFUL ELECTORS WHAT YOU  WISH FOR FOLKS! This is how the Hitler adoration movement started in the late1930'. Blind faith! 

But in my personal estimation this is the closest I felt I've been in my lifetime, to a WW3. Yes, WW3! If this goes to the next level there will be NO CROP CIRCLE HARMONY FOR ANYONE FOR THE FORCEABLE FUTURE. 

I have observed also that FOX TV is an agent of Trump propaganda and too, just feeds lies, lies, lies to the people. Alternatively CNN seems to be quiet objective and  factual. All  very frightening. 

From the UK this just seems grotesque and hard to imagine just how hungry many people in the USA are willing to consume lies, would actually be willing to believe all that obvious rubbish. Pay attention people, misguided loyalty and inflated EGO has a lot to answer for. I do not believe Trump Inc. et al are fundamentally good people. I believe that the GOP should step down whilst some opportunity for dignity still remains. Also, after Trump is finally gone I cannot imagine how on Earth any of his enablers could ever be re-elected as they have shown just how flawed and dishonest they are. Elected officials that put their jobs before service to the people have no business being in a position of power in my view.

I can't imagine just what the Circlemakers may think of all this low low frequency wonder they haven't actually presented themselves to us thus far..... 

13.11.20  BIG QUESTION NOW.  IS UFO AND CROP CIRCLE OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE IMMINENT?  Will a very angry and disgruntled US President who has shown much interest in the subject, who will not accept his defeat in an election that is now confirmed to have been fair and non corrupt, allow his grievance and vengeful energies to disclose state secrets and classified information. Although our enthusiasts here will no doubt be happy to have an official stamp on what we already know the greater world consequences would not be clear at this time. Certainly anything military pertaining to, say new advanced weapons technology could be deeply concerning at best but anything that could destabilise world status quo, especially at a time of pandemic one can only imagine what harm could be done. All this information is in the President's head which theoretically could be used to hold the world to ransom in some way in the future. However, another big question would be, will the world allow such a possibility to remain as a threat walking around in the head  a fundamentally unstable individual? Heavy times!


19.11.20 A UK perspective. The USA President appears to have lost the plot completely. Over here in the UK our heart's bleed for all US citizens, many who are now on the streets in lines at the food bank. The pandemic is running rife with no real prospect of the situation getting better. The government there chooses to do nothing whilst thousands are dying around them.This is almost worst than WW2! One man could change all but chooses to hide away in the WH pursuing his own ego based agendas, denying the election results.  The lies are so obvious to us in the UK and probably all around the whole world but many in your country just cannot see the reality.  Be careful what you wish and hold loyalty to electors. 

I would speculate that these types of flaws in human behaviour are good reason not to connect with Mankind beyond the 'safe zone' that is the Cropcircles.


I am a UK subject, English through and through. However I am interested in world affairs and in particular US politics ever since Trump got involved. And now we are at the end of an election, a place where it seems he is showing his true colours challenging all the norms.

I watch both Fox News and CNN on a regular basis in an attempt to get a perspective from afar.

Obviously Im not a Democrat or a Republican (GOP) supporter, merely an intrigued and more recently concerned objective observer with no allegiance to either side.

On the Fox side the energy feels far more showy/ pushy insistent and angry than CNN who seem far more measured and human. Their guests appear far more sensible and genuine. 

I have to say I believe Fox News is merely an echo chamber for Trump POV that is mostly untruths.

It is hard to watch at a time of world crisis when many cannot even find a way to make ends meet in the US. It would seem Democracy itself is under real threat, which if successful could destabilise world affairs in a big way. 

My big question to the Trump suporter is...'Do you wish your country to be run by an autocrat?' Life would be very different if that were the case.

If you look back, this scenario is exactly how Mussolini came to power in the 1930's, look how that all unfolded.

I feel the next two months until the Biden conformation, will be very trying. 

24.11.20  A victory for Democracy. Seems like Trump has now caved in to political pressure  allowing the Bidon contingent access to 'Daily Briefings' and transitional process. This is good news for world security. Also much needed healing measures can now be taken for a fractured US nation and COVID-19 strategy can now be enhanced. With more optimism regards a vaccine the likelihood of international travel to see, for one small thing, the crop circles next season, may be improved. Things are looking up folks!

27.11.20 Comment. I don't believe I'm writing this. As the rest of the democratic world tries its best to overcome the horrors of the Covid-19 virus, looking at the US from distance has become the worst type of extreme social study imaginable. With thousands dying each week with little prospect of things getting better any time soon. One could only describe its management as, at best disseminated chaos and at worst, disinterested. Tragically, this seems to be a response to a top down directive. Any conscious non American with no political affiliations or bias should easily be able to see that the man 'running' the country has no interest in looking to the people's needs, rather, favouring his own needs, (unimaginable) and indeed at a time when tens of thousands are in long lines suffering from food poverty. All this from allegedly the most advanced and powerful nation in the world. The mind boggles at just how a man who is telling untruths to the nation on a regular basis can be tolerated a moment longer! He can and probably will do much damage to that country and its people in the next two months.

Sorry, rant over!  

7.12.20 Now we have another mysterious monolith in Spain. Can't keep up. What's next, Close Encounters?

Please go here for ongoing story.

Photo ACTUALIDAD.RT with thanks


13.12.20  Interestingly the Adelaide 'monolith' has now just vanished, as have others. This is the one with what has transpired to be coordinate etchings on the surface. One refers to Trump Tower! See local news article here:

SCREENSHOT 2020-12-13 AT 10.32.33.jpeg

These rods Ive seen before. They seem tone used as a means to stabilise and steady the structure once it is upright.



Screenshot 2020-12-15 at 20.12.45.png

16.12.20 New 'Monolith'just reported in NEWNAN, Georgia, USA. Removed by Park keepers Tuesday morning because or "safety concerns". Interesting. All eyes on the forthcoming 'run-off' for the Senate here, much tension and controversy there ATM. Could it transpire that these things are being positioned in places of 'interest' ? Ummm.


18.12.20 Gt. Exuma, Bahamas. 


Ramsgate Beach, N. 7 in UK.  A different design. Is a significant development!


 Quincy. MA. USA. Snow circle monolith.  This  a significant development with two contra-rotating spiral sets. One path going one way, three paths the other, in the opposite direction. Photo: Patrick Geoghegan with thanks.

Go here for additional story:

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