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9.2.20  We start off this season with a video showing how CGI works with farmers and visitors each year. I share empirical evidence that crop circles must be mysterious if we accept and work within our current scientific paradigm.

Just clic on the photo to view.

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15.2.20 I have been invited to speak at the 30th Anniversary of the Glastonbury Symposium on Sunday 26th July. This will be an opportunity to share thoughts and the latest CGI news towards the end of hopefully another exciting and fruitful season in the fields. 

Now postponed as a result of the cover-19 outbreak. Hope to do next season if possible.

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14.3.20  Comment: I am very mindful of the global threat the Covid-19 virus is posing...indeed I have just cancelled my trip to South Africa. But from a crop formation POV I will be fascinated to see how all this manifests in the fields this season. Two years ago a serious world event was unambiguously and synchronistically highlighted when a lady died as a result of exposure to Novichok toxic substance in Salsbury UK in July 2018. The Circlemakers sometimes reflect to us in this way. Watch this space and keep safe!


23.3.20  Coronavirus suggestion. I look upon the makers of the formations as a potential resource and possible friend based on feedback and benign content thus far. They have previously shown concern for us. Crop enthusiasts could use collective consciousness to 'ask' the Circlemakers for help. To humbly meditate with pure intent en mass may connect positively with them. It is highly probable they have the technology to aid us. Let's try. Nothing lost.

Take care, Be safe.

25.3.20 New article just published here:




Here's a crop painting I did earlier.


7.3.20 Thoughts on Corona virus. Some very serious research has been done on the benefits of vitamin D3. It is common knowledge that vitamin D (and sunlight) is good for our immune system. Evidently most people have low or repleted levels due to either lifestyle, age or geographic location. It has been suggested by the proponents that by taking supplements it will bring levels up to a point whereon one's natural immunity against infection can have significant  benefits. D3 is the 'ENABLER' enzyme allowing more efficient absorption by the cells in our body thus boosting our defences. This is especially important now as the COVID-19 is causing so many deaths. 

It has just been reported by CNN that the statistics show that the African American community (70% of total USA patients) has suffered more as a result of the virus. It is a fact that dark skin is less  able to absorb vitamin D compared to caucasians. This is due to the high levels of melanin in their skin which acts like a filter for UVB. This statistic fits well with Professor Cobbold's et al research.

I am not a scientist but I have this on good authority from someone I know who is a professor of cellular biology. Please check out his and his collogues research on the attached for further info.

 Please read this informative article written by my friend Prof.Peter Cobbold who sent it to me:  

I believe this is very significant work indeed.