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Report on the Razor CC Debunking Exercise 11/7/23


The Razor CC was first seen by Mr. Herve Vers-vienne on 11th July, late morning and also seen by Matt Emery on that very same day. This means the CC was most probably created in the night of the 10/11th July. There was heavy rain that evening of the 10th so ground would be saturated. I know because I was in my camper van not that far away as it happens. Herve shows us pic he took on the 11th.

























It wasn’t until the next day when Herve flew over it he understood the CC was depicting a razor. Matt Emery also shows an independent photo showing the circle later, on the 11th at 15.53hrs from what looks like his DJI drone image which he was unable to fly properly because of the wind but confirms Herve’s original claim again. 




















Crop Circle Connector didn’t  publish this CC event until  around 2300hrs on the 14th and said it was reported earlier on that day the 14th. July. The farmer told me he understood/was told the actual circle making was for 5hrs on the evening of the 15th and another 4hrs on the 16th July. Sounds like he was told a pack of porkies! He said he didn't actually see anyone making a circle but he did go see the circle when finished. So bottom line, there are no independent witnesses to alleged activity, as usual.

















































There would appear to be a 3 day discrepancy between the very first two original witnessed and recorded sightings on the 11th July and the day it was first publicised by CCC 2300hrs on the 14th July. Odd! The farmer said he arrived to see it only when it it was finished which was on the 16th July. ? He informed me that..."We (meaning the farm) did quite nicely from this" ...meaning he was paid for his inconvenience, and quite rightly. From his POV he was reaping compensation over and much above any loss of crop from the CC irrespective of where it came from. He was very happy if people come and give him money....more fool them! He could only supply me with a photo someone (supposed one of the would-be plonkers) called Henry sent him showing just three guys standing lamely at the far edge of the circle. Of course they couldn't give a photo of something they had not done!

I think the reality behind that circle should be pretty obvious to all that are conscious and with a strong heartbeat based on this conclusive evidence. The timeline is all over the place.

So what's been going on here? As far as can be ascertained at the time of writing is that soon after the Razor CC appeared, the farmer, who incidentally is completely innocent in all this, was approached and offered money on the basis of a proposed commercial advertising project for, as unlikely as is sounds, a small hairdressers shop in Swindon. At that time he didn't know about the CC having appeared. All he was told was that some people wished to make a CC on his land and would be paid. Three days elapsed before the CC was eventually publicised. It seemed like it was held back for reasons better known to Crop Circle Connector which is the main CC website (and BTW, who were encouraging me to believe the STORY about a hairdressing shop) or the photographer (or both) to enable this process to unfold ?  It seemed like this three day lag was used to develop a STORY essentially designed to deceive and discredit all CCs. The STORY was pushing propaganda and a dis-informational idea that CCs are of human making. I imagine a simple search on Google to find a logo or matching pattern to the one in the CC was used. (the Circlemakers commonly use human known symbology). At that point it was decided to use the ruse of promoting that business which in this case was an insignificant barber shop somewhere in the backstreets of Swindon. The shop-keeper would be offered money and teeshirts in return for his cooperation. Simple. Unfortunately, this mode of attempted deception seems to happen most years and happened in 2021 on the same farm...two CCs this time, one about some computer game the other a video for an unknown in the UK singer. Both promos. I have written on this aspect before.(see bottom of page.) So basically we are talking about what seems to be an organised, on-going, top down conspiracy (I hate using that word but unfortunately that seems to be what we are dealing with here) to discredit the phenomenon. Large sums of money change hands and that money has to come from somewhere and I'd bet it did not come from the owners of that little hairdresser's shop in the back streets of Swindon. This type of dis-information process is organic, creates confusion and obfuscation, meaning it rely's on Facebook 'parrots', that is, people's tendency to lamely believe, endorse and/or need to repeat what they are told, as sad as that may sound. Later, the press/media are informed to spread the lies even further. You can expect a video soon that will attempt to promote this nonsense and it will show you no more than a bunch of people posing, posturing and loitering around in an already made CC.

So who is the Mastermind behind all this and who are the co-conspirators? Well, you may well guess! I know who was responsible for previous projects like this as I was told by the farmer when exactly the same thing happened two years ago involving two CCs on this farmers land. An old time and well known (to many CC researchers anyway) debunker is the main player who is probably funded from let's say, 'Elsewhere'. He's the one who hands out the money to the farmer, a barber in this case and the stooges like the guys who you are told make the CC, that you see merely standing around loitering in a finished CC. These chaps might as well have been grabbed/kidnapped off the street (one called Henry) as they do absolutely nothing and are basically dummies for the photos. Very worryingly most of the well known 'front line' CC people also seem to either collude or endorse this scam, go along with the STORY, are simple minded lame PC walkers or are active participants. Scandalous actually...corruption to the core I'm sad to say. Micheal G warned me about this sort of thing many years ago...yes it goes back that far! This is why I remain independent. No trust there. These are the very people you trust to give you information at places like CC 'Centres' and CC Talks evenings etc and in one's other life you just would not employ/do business with such people. But many times in my experience you are (not always by no means) being deceived! One would naturally ask..."Are they all that stupid and gullible or are there conscious manipulative, self serving issues at play here"? Ummm.

This will be a revelation to most but I've known about these goings-on for years. Sorry to be the messenger of such a nasty 'tangled web' so well woven but it is your right to know the TRUTH. The debunkers/deniers will hate this article but tthey have been asking for it for a long time now. The innocent seekers of truth most probably will be very grateful. Please see my Facebook page called 'Crop Circle Truther' for more info.

NB: Additional reading. Article on attempted discrediting of Weir Farm 2 2021 which was totally mysterious and by the same bunch of debunkers. Tried to publicise this CC as a promo for a singer video.



Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 16.26.13.jpeg
Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 13.41.54.png
PHOTO-202 (56).jpg

Three guys looking away from the camera (why are they shy?) standing in a finished crop circle. This photo taken by one of their crew and sent to the farmer. People were being led to believe that these three made the CC!

Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 19.23.58.png

The CC was relegated to Crop Circle Connector's 'Rumours' page (which means they regarded the CC as non-mysterious) and subsequently had very few 'hits', which seems like an irony as promoted as being the subject of an advertising campaign for a barbers shop! A very unlikely and ridiculous ruse as the blade is dripping with what looks like blood. Despite this silly story people were being encouraged to believe it as usual when there is a STORY involved. 

The weather that whole week was terrible with gale force winds and heavy rain. The conditions locally were especially bad on the evening of the 10th. The ground was sodden. 

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