Latest Crop Circle and Monolith News 2021

1.1.21 New Years Day.  I made a prediction on 31.12.20 that we would get a new significant monolith event that night. The reason I did this was that since the advent of these monoliths I felt there could be a link between them and the crop circles. It would only seem natural now to actually have one in Wiltshire, the home of the crop circles. I have been following these 'mono' events  worldwide since they started in the Utah Desert in November and from the beginning, to me they felt connected. Most will shrug this off, most of whom will have little or no on-the-ground experience but for me as a researcher, one who has spent pretty much all summers for the last 11 years camping and researching in the landscape, feeling very close indeed to the CC phenomenon this monolith thing just seems like a natural progression in communication. I cannot be 100% certain of course, but it sure feels like it's getting very close to it. Wow!

Laverstock Downs, Nr. Salisbury.Wiltshire.  Photo ITV.COM with thanks.

Let me make it clear, I am not an evangelical, wishing on a mission to 'convert' someones view. I am a researcher attempting to find out what the hell is going on crop circle wise and now with these new 'monoliths'. For 12 years now I have been studying up close and personal something that has no logical or scientific explanation and certainly does not conform to the modern scientific paradigm. Many cannot understand or choose not to for whatever reason this enigma but that is of little interest to me as that is a personal choice for them. My journey is one of discovery, which as it happens is turning out to be increasingly interesting!

New Years Day no.2. Oxford, UK. This 'mono' popped up overnight in Oatlands Park, West Oxford. Problem is the field was under deep water!

 The guy who took this photo said.

 “From what you can see from dry land it’s about six foot tall out of the water – so maybe nine feet altogether. It’s a tall rectangle shape, and silver-ish, like it’s made of aluminium."

Now, is it probable that somebody somehow managed to anchor it into the mud on a freezing night in the dark? This subject seems to get crazier by the day.

Photo: Domanic Utton with thanks.

Crediton, Devon, UK. Thursday 7th Dec. Early morning dog walker discovers four sided, steep angle topped, frost covered pillar 'monolith'.  

"It was just getting light and the dogs saw it and started barking.

"It was covered in frost as it was about minus four degrees at the time.

"It is made of galvanised metal and there was not a foot mark or any earth around it.

’It is quite a wet field and I was only there at 4.30pm last night and it wasn’t there then." 

So the trends continue.  Photo: Arthur Arscott with thanks.

17.1.21 Reported 8.12.20 It's all in the detail. See this example from a French mono event earlier. I would not just abandon such a work of sheer beauty and skill in a remote river location. 

20.1.21 Sheldon, Birmingham.A monolith has appeared in local churchyard which has a curious reverse 'S' motif and actually lights up at night! This monolith subject seems to get more and more bizarre! The locals and church warden have no idea where it came from or how it got planted in the churchyard.

Photos: Nick Wilkinson, BirminghamLive with thanks.

7.3.21 I have at least for now stopped publishing new 'Mono' events. If something really significant appears I'll put it up. But just to say they are still active (3 now in Sheffield) with little sign of going away. Something to keep an eye on for those with open mind.

Thought: The irony inherent within scepticism is that one day, something significant, unusual to our current norm might just 'crop up'...and we'll miss it completely!