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Latest Crop Circle and Monolith News 2021

1.1.21 New Years Day.  I made a prediction on 31.12.20 that we would get a new significant monolith event that night. The reason I did this was that since the advent of these monoliths I felt there could be a link between them and the crop circles. It would only seem natural now to actually have one in Wiltshire, the home of the crop circles. I have been following these 'mono' events  worldwide since they started in the Utah Desert in November and from the beginning, to me they felt connected. Most will shrug this off, most of whom will have little or no on-the-ground experience but for me as a researcher, one who has spent pretty much all summers for the last 11 years camping and researching in the landscape, feeling very close indeed to the CC phenomenon this monolith thing just seems like a natural progression in communication. I cannot be 100% certain of course, but it sure feels like it's getting very close to it. Wow!


Laverstock Downs, Nr. Salisbury.Wiltshire.  Photo ITV.COM with thanks.

Let me make it clear, I am not an evangelical, wishing on a mission to 'convert' someones view. I am a researcher attempting to find out what the hell is going on crop circle wise and now with these new 'monoliths'. For 12 years now I have been studying up close and personal something that has no logical or scientific explanation and certainly does not conform to the modern scientific paradigm. Many cannot understand or choose not to for whatever reason this enigma but that is of little interest to me as that is a personal choice for them. My journey is one of discovery, which as it happens is turning out to be increasingly interesting!

New Years Day no.2. Oxford, UK. This 'mono' popped up overnight in Oatlands Park, West Oxford. Problem is the field was under deep water!

 The guy who took this photo said.

 “From what you can see from dry land it’s about six foot tall out of the water – so maybe nine feet altogether. It’s a tall rectangle shape, and silver-ish, like it’s made of aluminium."

Now, is it probable that somebody somehow managed to anchor it into the mud on a freezing night in the dark? This subject seems to get crazier by the day.

Photo: Domanic Utton with thanks.


Crediton, Devon, UK. Thursday 7th Dec. Early morning dog walker discovers four sided, steep angle topped, frost covered pillar 'monolith'.  

"It was just getting light and the dogs saw it and started barking.

"It was covered in frost as it was about minus four degrees at the time.

"It is made of galvanised metal and there was not a foot mark or any earth around it.

’It is quite a wet field and I was only there at 4.30pm last night and it wasn’t there then." 

So the trends continue.  Photo: Arthur Arscott with thanks.


17.1.21 Reported 8.12.20 It's all in the detail. See this example from a French mono event earlier. I would not just abandon such a work of sheer beauty and skill in a remote river location. 

SCREENSHOT 2020-12-22 AT 23.24.57 2.jpeg
SCREENSHOT 2020-12-22 AT 23.23.30.jpeg

20.1.21 Sheldon, Birmingham.A monolith has appeared in local churchyard which has a curious reverse 'S' motif and actually lights up at night! This monolith subject seems to get more and more bizarre! The locals and church warden have no idea where it came from or how it got planted in the churchyard.

SCREENSHOT 2021-01-20 AT 11.53.26.jpeg

Photos: Nick Wilkinson, BirminghamLive with thanks.

7.3.21 I have at least for now stopped publishing new 'Mono' events. If something really significant appears I'll put it up. But just to say they are still active (3 now in Sheffield) with little sign of going away. Something to keep an eye on for those with open mind.

Thought: The irony inherent within scepticism is that one day, something significant, unusual to our current norm might just 'crop up'...and we'll miss it completely!

10.5.21 First CC of the season down in the Vale of Pewsey at Stanton St Bernard. A set of triangles within a circle in canola crop (oil seed rape.)

Photos:The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.

SCREENSHOT 2021-05-10 AT 17.16.32.jpeg

6.6.21 Uffcott, Wiltshire. Barley approx 80m Dia. Still researching this as stories claiming M/M. 


Barton Stacey Belt, Nr South Wonston, Hampshire. Barley.Approx 100m Dia. Reported 8th June.

This is not so far away from where we were two years ago at Nether Wallop, Nr. Stockbridge. Also this area is famous for the 'Chilbolton Return.'  The Arecibo reply was the name given to a crop circle that appeared in farmland next to the Chilbolton radio telescope; home to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) in Hampshire, UK, on 19 August 2001. It was 75 feet wide and 120 feet long. The design is so named because it appears to be a response to the Arecibo message, which SETI transmitted into space in 1974.


Photos :The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.

Mud Lane, Nr Wooton Rivers, Wiltshire. Reported 9th June. Note the tufted/stippled slightly lowered ground lay. This something that most definitely could not be done with bits of wood and rope.


Screenshot The Hampshire Flyer with thanks,

Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 23.15.52.png

Shaw Hill, near Ludgershall, Wiltshire, UK. Reported on the 14th of June,


Photo : Hampshire Flyer with thanks.


Hackpen Hill reported 14th June.

Again we have a developing story asserting that this event is non mysterious.  From what I can gather from the photos at least is it looks like a mysterious event. I have the farmer's permission to visit the formation on the ground so I intent to look closely for anomalies and features that correspond with other known mysterious events. I intend to report my findings on this w/s . I'm not particularly interested in winning sceptics/debunkers over or going back and fourth on FB etc, more over on discovering the reality/truth behind this curious event. It is futile to get involved with trolls, combatants and others who are entitled to believe anything they wish to. When it comes to CCs I have noticed people can seem quite gullible, are particularly susceptible to suggestion and peer pressure. Many have little or no on-the-ground experience.


Photo: OrionSM. with thanks.


Rodfield Lane, Nr Tichborne, Hampshire. Reported 21st June, Summer solstice. 


Photos:  The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.


25.6.21 Mysterious monolith appears in De Moines  WA. USA. First appeared near beach front and soon after moved to another position in the vicinity. It has an inscription which translates from a Star Wars 'Mandalorian' writing system. It seems to translate as follows:


It could well relate to a UFO event in 1947 Maury Island. USA. Thanks Jonos Passos. 

Screenshot 2021-06-26 at 07.12.27.png
Screenshot 2021-06-26 at 07.11.36.png

27.6.21 Latest mysterious monolith has just been reported in a wilderness area of Kazakhstan. Nobody has admitted responsibility. High end engineering to a specification seen dozens of times before around the globe abandoned in the middle of nowhere! Not the best place to be noticed I would say! This is utterly bizarre; this is NOT normal! Based on the previous 'mono' in De Moines one could now fairly confidently say these things are directly linked to UFOs...could be 'markers' or for communication/awareness. Where is all this going he thinks?



Tidcombe Down, Nr Oxenwood, Wiltshire. Reported 28th June. This eccentric barley event is quite large at over 100m in diameter. I have seen this pristine 'machine - like' quality so many times before and many associated with anomalies. This relatively simple event had some evidence of 'Energy Leak' and also some 'still standing stalks' in otherwise laid crop areas throughout the design with an interesting little standing tuft positioned off-centre in one element. Reminds me a little of a Wiltshire formation in field beans we went to look at in I think 2009. It had undamaged daisy plants growing through it.

 A beautifully composed video by THF; please look out carefully for the details described.

Photos and video: The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.   

SCREENSHOT 2021-06-28 AT 21.01.48.jpeg

Whiston just outside Rotherham in South Yorkshire, UK, today the 29th of June,2021 Small CC near M1, first in wheat this season. This event has some evidence of 'Energy Leak' along the tram lines as you can see from Jame's video here:

This event is very similar to the quintuplet formation we had in 1996 at Oliver's Castle nr. Devizes which was filmed by chance and in analogue film.

Photo: James Thackrah with thanks.


2.7.21 Avebury. Wheat. Approx. 70m dia. Possibly Fibonacci curves within a hexagon contained within a circle with very impressive ground lay.


Photo:The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.


Longwood Warren, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 4th July. in wheat approx. 85m Dia. Very subtle ground lay in the outer  triangular sections giving an almost 3D effect seen many times before. This is a larger version similar to the one at Hackpen Hill. Nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire. Reported 9th June 2018.  

Photo: The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.


And here we have Weir Farm 3 in wheat approx. 50m Dia. Reported today 5th July. Just up the hill from Weir Farm 2. You can just see it in the distance. Interesting out facing combed ground lay on each of the 3 circles. 

Photo:The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.


I took this pole shot today (Thursday). I was very impressed with the ground lay. Another paranormal event in the same position as the 'Sharks' CC 2016.

DSCF3577 copy 2.jpg

8.7.21 Avebury CC. Tangential lines are only about 200mm wide. The circle has had a lot of visitors so a bit walked out by now but could easily determine covered in bent nodes all over event. Would have been awesome on day one! Shame many folks did not donate more to help PRs.


Reported some time 1st week in July at Okeford Hill, near Blandford, Dorset, UK.

For some reason there has been a lot of silly nonsense posted about this wonderful and utterly mysterious event. Arguably the finest of the season so far.


Photos: Hugh Newman with thanks.

Re: Research. I've always loved doing appeals to my insaciable sense of curiosity. But what I cannot understand is why there seem to be practically no others doing the same and documenting for others to read. Im not talking money making here. Where are the common-sense research sites? So often at conferences etc will be filled with talks on wildly exotic topics, largely incomprehensible to most ordinary folks, but not the nitties of CCs and the impacts they have on society. This is why people have such misguided ideas because they lack of good education. Good communication needs to be understandable by the majority and not just a few esoterics, intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. My view is that the actual shapes and patterns are largely irrelavent, they are attractors, merely signals to flag up our attention. I feel far more emphasis should be placed on discussing the sociological aspects, how we can integrate and interface with this cosmic 'reaching out' to us. How to usefully utilise its potential. That is why I started the CGI, which seems to work. I feel it futile to spend too much time attempting to decipher meaning; in my observations if the Creators wish to convey something they do it so as we stupid Humans can easily undestand, like the Pi or Phoenix CCs. If there are any sensible ,grounded,practially minded and truthful researchers out there, please come forward and share your knowledge truthfully. Don't keep it in a bottle! Here's hoping!

Woodcote Lane, Nr Upham, Hampshire. Reported 18th July .Photo:Hugh Newman with thanks. 

24.7.21 Ive not been there but I firstly understood the farmer had rolled it out. Just watched the video (clic on photo) and now have doubts. What seems odd to me are the remaining still-standing lines of crop that resemble what I call 'Energy Leak', a feature that is often seen in CCs along the tramline. In my mind it would seem likely all would be flattened by a roller. I don't think I heard the man mention anything about signs of tractor tyres? Intriguing! Could this be a Phase 2? Image below: Simon Man'w with thanks.


Nun's Walk, Nr Tufton, Hampshire. Reported 20th July. Photos: The Hampshire Flyer, Orion SM and Hugh Newman with thanks.

24.7.21 Has this CC been flattened by the farmer or been subjected to a Phase 2 lay? My gut feeling is the latter. Awaiting detailed ground lay shots.


UDATE: 29.7.21 New light has been shone on this mystery. I spoke to a lady who tells she was there when the farmer arrived with a roller and proceeded to degrade this CC. Wish I'd met her earlier! I will not doubt what she said as she was with a group that can corroborate. This does surprise me I have to say but this is a complex and very weird subject at the best of times and sometimes we get things a bit wrong. Sorry for adding to the confusion! 

So far the 2021 season has been very disappointing. With the usual bad weather and only 20 genuine CC events to date it seems the season will soon be over as August approaches. I think this is an all-time low on figures but we cannot read too much into anything in this subject as things can change and nothing is predictable. 

Spiers Lane, Nr Swarraton, Hampshire. Appox.90m Dia. CC. Reported 1st August. The 'Energy Leak' feature is obvious in the bottom photo. A perfectly first-time mysterious event!

Screenshot 2021-08-01 at 21.15.37.png
Screenshot 2021-08-01 at 21.24.23.png
Screenshot 2021-08-01 at 21.25.48.png

Screenshots: The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.

Screenshot 2021-08-01 at 21.26.25.png

New CC Kitt's Lane, Nr West Meon, Hampshire. Reported 8th August. 

Utter wonder! always. First time perfect, over-night geometry. No message, just a signal that something is reaching out to us.

Screenshot 'The Hampshire Flyer' with thanks.

Screenshot 2021-08-08 at 19.02.24.png

Roman Road, Nr Marten, Wiltshire. Reported 8th August. Two simple rings... inner with basketweave G/L? The ideal template for a Phase 2?

Photo: OrionSM with thanks.


Watership Down, Nr Sydmonton, Hampshire. Reported 11th August. This  reminds me of the linear CC Led Zeppelin incorporated into their 1990 album cover. Interesting that this event should be positioned close to what looks like some sort of aerial. The central G/L could be described as a type of basket weave.

Yet another CC, as always, first time perfect, unless anyone can come up with a photographed abandoned mission. 

Is this event a progression of the previous one above at Marten/Tidcombe 8/8/21?

Screenshot 2021-08-11 at 21.33.23.png

Screen shots: The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.

Screenshot 2021-08-11 at 21.35.30.png

Roundway Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 15th August.

Exquisite ground lay. Easily the most impressive of the season so far. 


Images 'The Hampshire Flyer' and below 'Crop circles from the Air' and Hugh Newman with thanks.


Detroit Mountain Monolith reported 10.7.21. Stainless steel, hollow with inclined plane atop. A perfectly smooth mirrored surface. No scratches, smudges, fingerprints. This is something very costly to fabricate and least of all abandon without reason. Very mysterious!


Sandal Castle, Nr Sandal Magna,West Yorkshire Reported 16th August

Screenshot :Landscapes and Dronescapes with thanks.

Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 09.59.33.png

Comment: I have a lifestyle that allows me to move away from the ‘Madding Crowd’ for some weeks/months in the summer in UK. Immersed in landscapes of the Wiltshire countryside that is CC country in camper van, I have closely researched the CC phenomenon, very often observed many in the visiting population that are new to the subject and subsequently to suggestion. 


What prompted these words was that I recently noticed a regular contributor on FB, one who is utterly obsessed with promoting lies. He set up a new ‘string’ inviting those those believe CCs are all of human origin, negating any possibility for other options, to join and basically, be manipulated. Newcomers cannot by nature be objective so cannot compare notes and often just ‘believe ‘ what they are told by someone who is either motivated to deceive, persistence or charisma. This is a dark and very worrying event. Newcomers must please be aware you are prey to those who wish adoration, personal gain and/or recognition. Ive studied this believe me.These types are ‘controllers,’manipulative personalities who only wish to persuade you towards untruth using words. They will NEVER come up with material fact, just carefully angled photos and stories. 

If you really need that, fine, but just be aware. If you do go along with all that you will  lose the possibility for much higher thinking, joy and sometimes utter bliss. When one realises and accepts one is in the presence of a ‘modern day miracle’ it often changes people’s world view, and for the better I might say. 

Ive been doing this since 2008, less than many no doubt but how long does it take to learn the basics of a ‘trade’ or subject?  I feel I’ve done my CC apprenticeship, seen most of it by now …and no longer suffer fools gladly ! 


Good luck on your journey. Hope it ends with vision and happiness like mine did.

Try not to end up cynical.

Little Nutford, Nr Blandford Forum, Dorset. Reported 23rd August. 90m diameter in mature wheat. 

Image: Hugh Newman with thanks.


1.11.21 I've been monitoring the CC scene 'on the ground' for more than 12 years now and feel I have gained some objective insight. Whilst I observed I also tried to remain firmly grounded, maintaining some advantage by not buying into and getting involved with any particular sub-group (of which there are many in the CC world) which can colour, distract and mitigate one's bigger picture as a researcher. I preferred the neutral position of charity as with the CGI org. I reflect here upon various social groups/individuals that are many times attempting to come to terms (or not), often times exploit, with something unfathomable. Social conflicts seem to be one of the determining issues. The other of course is National and Global security. To officially open up such a can of worms could have a very unpredictable outcome which could potentially upset global status quo in many ways. This is why governments  remain largely muted when it comes to declaring their position on such matters as ET, 'monoliths' and CCs. After all we cannot even manage global climate, famine and the resolution of major conflict so it would be hard to imagine how we as a species would deal with complete Disclosure.

The issue is not whether ET exists or not, rather can we as fragile societies accept (in our immaturity) what is right in front of us. The answer of course is NO. Bottom line, we are not ready for crop circles/ 'monoliths' and the implications thereof. This subject is way ahead of our time and sadly I feel the subject will not be allowed to be significantly advanced socially in the short term which levels with current social thinking. The way we are coping currently is to 'play' with the subject maybe hoping for some sort of clue to reassure against conflicts/anxieties, a social game on F/B to relate/gain support from our perceived (empathic) group. We dress up, assume alter egos, go commercial, sociopathic or down right bad intention to manipulate or find a subjective fix around this confounding perplexity. What we are really good at is confirmation bias, overthinking the subject and reading into something.

All the main characters stand out, often arrogant and ego led, playing a part and often without seeing the irony within their role. The CC phenomenon will always bring out and amplify the essence of any one individual but for now I guess we need to just allow this process to play out, hopefully with kindness and without too much cynicism. Painting: Paul Jacobs 2020.

Screenshot 2021-10-30 at 21.30.26.jpeg
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