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Are Cropcircles'real'? Well of course CCs exist in fact. The question should actually be..."Are CCs mysterious or non-mysterious in origin." This question is the one that causes more debate than any other. Generally speaking, people at large will express an opinion usually based on media biased ignorance with little or no first hand experience which in all fairness cannot be reliable and will not hold up to scrutiny.Those with first hand experience fall into two main catagories:

1. Those who accept CCs as mysterious based on objective observations and 'on the ground' experiences.

 2. Those who don't (or just say they don't). This group hold their position for various reasons. They include, for instance:,

...a lack of knowledge on the subject,

...those driven by self promotion/gain/attention seeking,     wishing to stand out for whatever reason,

...plain attempts at deception (good example CM), well known trader who deliberately peddles confusion under the cover of ambivalence),

...bloody mindedness,

...peer pressure/social morés, issues/incentives,

...belief dilemmas/religious reasons.

However, propaganda and social pressures are the main factors for denial. Conforming to social morés (ie.the fixed morally binding customs of a particular group) is most commonly the unconscious mechanism behind non acceptance or disinterest.

I may just add here that I personally try not to use the word 'belief' in our context as this word holds an inherent value (subjective or optional position of choice): I prefer to use the word 'accept' based on the evidence before me (ie. I accept that this tree, in all high probability is made of wood...I do not 'believe' it is.)

Another unconscious mechanism is cognitive dissonance. In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, performs an action that is contradictory to one or more beliefs, ideas or values, or is confronted by new information (in our case, CCs) that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values. Leon Festinger's (1957) theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. An individual who experiences inconsistency (dissonance) tends to become psychologically uncomfortable and is motivated to try to reduce this dissonance—as well as actively avoiding situations and information likely to increase it. This is a common reason why CC enthusiasts can become alienated from their surrounding social groups.


Generally speaking, people have been manipulated and dis-enthused by government and media on this subject so I'm afraid it is hard to get a well informed opinion on this subject (outside of the CC community) but based on my own experience the evidence is utterly compelling. Being in such close proximity to the phenomenon for long periods each season has taught me that the 'man-made' option is quite simply no longer tenable and I am compelled into a position of accepting CCs as a completely inexplicable part of our reality based on observed facts. This position for many will be an Earth-shattering revelation!


Who or what makes them? The absolute truth is we do not know. What we do know however is that the 'agency' responsible must be infinitely more intelligent and capable than Man, as, for one thing it has the ability to manipulate material in a way that Man simply cannot do. Changes at a cellular level just cannot be argued with. Also complex patterns and design such as fine-lined (150mm wide) latticework of a geometric representation of the 5th dimension and an electron diffraction pattern of a quasicrystal found in the Jubilee Plantation, 2011 CC are indeed compelling. Most CCs are actioned and completed within limited hours of darkness, occasionally in broad daylight within populated areas and never witnessed. They are nearly always complete (unless 2nd. phase intended) and without mistakes, at first attempt, no evidence of rehearsal, never left half done as if went wrong or interrupted, actioned in any weather conditions and incorporating probability or biophysical anomalies like bent stem nodes, unless the act is intended as incomplete, eg. 'Lobsters' CC Honey Street, 2011. Commonly other CCs will contain complex coding and messages working a skill-set way beyond anything Man can even attempt to do, end of, and anyone who tells you different falls into Section 2 of an above paragraph.


Why do they exist, why are they here? The 'agency' responsible is clearly interested in us on Earth and most probably evaluating events here. We cannot know for sure the reason why of course but there are some pointers. CCs are clearly challenging us and are channelling us towards expanded realms of thinking, possibly as an introduction/invitation towards joining some sort of Cosmic community. They seem to be attempting to gain our attention, to engage us, maybe due to a concern regarding the state of our planet, maybe something perhaps far more malevolent, but in truth we just don't know for sure. However, their means is a very compelling one indeed and for those impartial commentators who take the subject seriously, all indications thus far seem towards a position of benevolence. 


What do the designs mean? This one is a lot easier. Since the late 70's the CCs have progressively evolved in complexity from a simple circle to the present day whereon we now have three dimensional formations when viewed from above but not evident at ground level, content often rich in inference, sometimes containing advanced mathamatics like Euler's Identity at Winton Windmill, Wiltshire on 22/5/2010 in a thick and brittle stemmed canola rape seed crop. CCs represent a mostly one way form of communication that incorporates signals and symbols known within our terms of reference. They evidently wish for us to become aware that the CCs are sent from a highly intelligent/advanced source who has a fine understanding of Man's limitations and paradigm.

Symbology has played a major role in CCs and some are quite easy to interpret...others not. Some need to be deciphered as they are coded in different ways. Morse, binary, ASCII, decimal, ratchet-form, proportionality and proximity equations are some such examples. Pictorial depiction (pictograms) are commonly used as in the 'Phoenix rising from the ashes' in Yatesbury 2009. A dragonfly, jellyfish, hummingbird are other examples. The interesting thing with all this is that the CCs have up until now given us known information as opposed to technologically new information such as the formulation for anti-gravity devices or free energy. However, we may in the future be able to decypher hidden meanings from CC design as we evolve.


Why don't we hear more on the News? Yes, a very good question. Since the great debunking coup of the early '90s when the public were simply manipulated into thinking that two old guys named Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, who were set up responsible for the CCs, a disenchanted mindset has prevailed. In consequence the gullible public became dis-enthuesed largely through the media which has never wished to step out of line by taking the subject seriously, not wishing to attract ridicule and lose readership.These two charactors in truth were total imposters who betrayed their fellow Man with lies, had a need to be adored (ego again) a fact that was obvious to serious observers of CCs from day one. It is generally felt within the serious CC world that this was a government led propaganda initiative designed to dis-incentivise the public from showing an interest in something that was totally out of step with government control and thinking. In a way that move was understandable as, when Humanity en-masse does eventually embrace the idea that E.T is officially alive and well, is watching, monitoring and interfacing with us, the world will unquestionably change dramatically. They (government bodies) probably felt this wasn't in the best interests of the UK (or World) at that time however and wished to maintain a status quo of scepticism. The government aren't going to encourage a dialogue around a subject of which they do not have all the answers to reassure the people when they start to ask questions. Also, it is very likely the public would become very quickly disenchanted with a hierarchy that withheld and misled for so long with regard to such profound news as this. This in turn would most probably lead to the obvious consequences of civil unrest. The money and stock markets, that normally prefers stability would no doubt tumble and run for cover. Panic may ensue resulting in social chaos. This is probably why the 'flying saucer' has never landed on the White House lawn as would be too much of a shock for us and would clash with many belief systems. Conversely, formations/patterns in standing crops offer a much more 'softly softly' approach towards an inevitable contact giving all time and choice to engage or not. I worry about the consequences of a potential sudden (or random) disclosure actioned by some well meaning group or compromised political eventuality, such as competing nations for oneupmanship or military gains, for reasons as stated above. No doubt, if this ocurred government would attempt to work a propaganda spin to counter the effect such as was done with Doug and Dave. The outcome however, would not be a forgone conclusion. But in my view disclosure really does need to be gradual, over an extended period of time. Impatience in well-meaning reporters could wisely be tempered. Perhaps this is why we have had such a time lag since Roswell subsequent to Hiroshima and Nagasaki when Man's nemesis became very clear.


What are biophysical anomolies in CC crops. These are unexpected features not seen in nature and impossible to replicate with smooth recurring consistency, en-masse and in situ.

These features include crop stem node bending (not to be confused with phototropism), elongation of stem nodes and expulsion cavities in stem nodes likely due to the expansion of gases within the plant node as if momentarily and rapidly heated locally, fracturing the elastic nature of an immature crop node as described by biophysicist W.C Levengood (1925-2013). Phototropism or 'sun-seeking' is completely normal but occurs gradually over a number of days. When a CC contains bending it is always present from day one and is part and parcel of the CC's original design and anatomy...not forget this. Those that don't get this fundamental are either novices or deceivers. 


Where is the evidence? This comes in many forms.  Example of the biophysical is to the above/right.

'Energy Leak' as descibed in my article in the Research section of this site falls within the realms of 'Probability Theory'. This concept of 'probability' is well understood and widely used within the world of higher mathematics and is based on logic and observation. If we apply this concept to the possible modes of CC construction (which is the topic most people worry about) it soon becomes clear that the origin is far more likely to be of a mysterious nature than of something mundane. In order to achieve geometrically perfect designs on a global scale, consistently since the CCs inception around 38 years ago, to even start thinking of such a task one would need a global collective, super-coordinated NASA grade resource working a skill-set at least to or far beyond known millitary precision...and at night-time with free and open access to all countries/terrain without fear of arrest or fatality.Think about this. Simply put, anyone who tells you different is ignorant of the facts or is a blatant liar. (eg. these trees are probably not made of iron.) So, in terms of probability, the cards are really stacked in favour of a mysterious origin. When one compares the efforts and restraints of known and observed commercial/debunking 'agencies' to the vast majority of CCs worldwide over the years the many-fold differences are quite simply breath-taking in favour of an unknown 'agency'. (Please refer to my article on Salthrop 'man-made' CC in Research section as a benchmark event.) Please do not overcredit Man's capability...he's actually not that clever....!


What is Cropcircle etiquette? Most important. Uninvited access to CC fields is not acceptable and only causes farmer tension as this is a form of trespass. As an invited guest in the farmer's field, one should be mindful of causing damage of any kind which includes fences and gates. Sticking to the tramlines ( tractor tracks) is essential and on no account should short cuts be made through the standing crop even if this means a long detour. The leaving of personal items or rubbish, smoking or behaving inconsiderately towards others is regarded unacceptable. If a dog is taken in then it should be on a lead and any messes cleared up and removed. The maintaining of a peaceful and soulful environment should always be a priority.  


Do I need a permit or ticket to enter a CC? The simple answer is no. If any money changes hands it will be at the gate, at the CC field site. A farmer family member/worker or other farmer authorised person with a document stating that authorisation, usually a CGI (Core Group Initiative) representative (in the UK) will be present where access has been granted by the farmer, to collect a charity donation usually between £3 to £5 per adult. Any other form of collection should be treated as bogus and reported to the police. Sometimes a farmer may choose to leave a heavy money box in the field in which case please leave the donation requested. On no account should anyone give money to someone who has not been identified publicly as a legitimate and authorised collector or place money in some sort of flimsy and portable 'money box' placed near or inside the CC. Entering any property unauthorised for a conscious, otherwise morally guided individual is probably at matter of Karma


Where do CCs occur? They can happen almost anywhere but the main nests of activity are around Southern England, mostly in Wiltshire but increasingly in Northern Italy. Eastern Europe seems popular as is Germany and increasingly France. The Netherlands often have them but many seem controversial and mostly to be in plain grass which is curious, something that almost never occurs in the UK or elsewhere. Some far flung locations would include USA, Argentina, Australia, Java, Somatra, Brazil and even the Ukraine. If they happen in China, they are not letting on! In other words, globally.

The is the best place to find out where and will usually  give a map reference if the CC has access permitted. I personally work in close association with this site which has the most comprehensive gallery of cropcircle photos available going back to 1978.  

The Henge Shop in Avebury, Wiltshire has a  CC wall map. cautious about who you take seriously.

This is not an easy subject especially when you are new to it. Unfortunately there are charlatans out there, abroad and especially in the Wiltshire locality that purport to be experts who wish to assert their opinions, especially if there is a camera/film crew about! These people are only experts at deception and several have been around for a long time. Their aim is to confuse and disinform for self-promotional reasons or financial incentive ( talks to the gullable) some wishing to hold a position in both camps to make themselves seem more plausable (CM). Egotistic attention seekers love to be interviewed by a media that is generally speaking, biased. Historically the media tend to seek out people who reinforce the uninformed popular/negative slant on the phenomenon. So ask questions of other more experienced visitors (be cautious regards 'experts') which may help your perspective and best to avoid Cropcircle venues and Cafes with dubious provenance...this is where the transient debunker types have hung out historically. New visitors to the subject are particularly vulnerable pray and can often be taken in by the assertive and charismatic players who just love to instill doubt under the guise of... "It's just my humble opinion"...or..."I know the people who did it"...etc. This tactic affords them a feeling of empowerment which is used by them to shamelessly manipulate others. I've seen this so many times.

Finally, we can be aware of the sensationalists. Hypotheses based around the un-relatable 'something in nothing' format is usually motivated by attention-seeking and often over-thinking an idea rather than adding understandable, new and helpful information to the debate. All that in the past has tended to lead nowhere in truth. After all, there is no point in writing something if people cannot understand what you are writing! 


Where CGI (Core Group Initiative) are looking after a CC for the farmer you can always guarantee truthful and reliable information at the gate which is one of our primary briefs. 

















Thanks Julie Belanger for photo.                                                         Chualar, California.1/1/ 2014


This CC occurred in the early hours of New Years day 2014. A commerial company was quick to realise the publicity potential and organised a campaign around it which was not made public until two days later! Very telling. Anyway, as a result the public were largely fooled into thinking it was done by the company's people. Even without a personal visit to the site, for an experienced CC researcher and one without any vested interests this was easy to assess. Based on 'probability' encorporating time/area ratios and other known human-made parameters the chances of this CC being human instigated were practically zero, even if TST technology were used. In short, it was a massive perfectly first time executed formation contructed in an easily observed location under the cover of limited hours of darkness containing an intricate and 'perfect to read' braille-esque type of coding, a code form that requires special knowledge and has absolutely no baring upon the alleged commercial connection. No one in the area reported anything untoward that night and the farmer who was away at the time later said he knew nothing of the event.It is unthinkable that a high profile company would undertake such a process without asking and agreeing with the farmer beforehand.

Thanks to CCC  for image.

'Peacepipe Alien' CC 2011: almost the ultimate socio-political challenge. With this one you really do need to get past the jokey-jokey stuff! To most remote commentators this CC seemed human instigated/constructed. But to those paying attention who were actually present at the event site as I was, the evidence was compelling, appeared convincing. It was in fact an astonishing landmark in communication, almost 'hidden in plain sight' as it would predictably be written off as a joke (peer pressure) by most. But its smooth machine-like consistency and geometric precision not found in human made patterns,(which are quite rare I might add) together with lay qualities found in countless other unquestionably mysterious CCs worldwide over the years demanded it was taken seriously by the serious. In other words, if this CC was non-mysterious then also the vast majority of other CCs', which is no longer a realistic or plausible option. It's challenging comic-book nature hides a depth easily missed and reveals a clue towards the Maker's 'personality' not seen before. To see humour used in a CC in this way, for me was a quantum leap in design as it possibly helps us gain more insight into the Makers themselves. This CC interestingly came at a time when local CC related tensions were running very high indeed and perhaps helped defuse that tension for a moment.

This view has not until now been openly expressed and is bound to attract the predictable flack but, hey, that seems to be the predictable nature of things here!  

Jubillee Plantation CC 15/8/ 2011                              Thanks to CCC for photo.


This CC preceeded a Nobel Prize for Chemistry awarded to Dan Shechtman on October 5, 2011 for the discovery of “quasicrystals”.   

Quite simply put, if anyone in reality possessed the Divine level of crafting capacity to manipulate material to such high order they would be immediately exaulted to the highest echelons of miraculous-grade artform and to no doubt be sharing their talents in other modes. They certainly would not be driving around in scuffy little second hand bangers (cars) such as witnessed at Salthrop.


Just a few examples of message types commonly found in CCs that have clear meaning to us..

  Barbury Castle June 2008 shows

Pi=3.141592654 (x10 decimal places) in ratchet form.

Wilton Windmill May 2010 shows Euler's Identity equation( eiπ + 1 = 0) using 8 bit binary code.

E=mc2 shown using a decimal

form of ASCII.June 2010 Poirino, Italy

Gipsy Lane, June 2014 encoded in

morse spells:  "NO MORE WAR".

Many thanks to CCC for photos.


Torino airport, Italy. June 23rd 2015. "Beware ET bearing gifts"...translated from Italian..."timeo ET ferentes" in binary format.

Thanks V.M. Zanola for photo.

Crabwood Aug 2002 with binary coded message as follows:


"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their  BROKEN PROMISES.
 Much PAIN but still time.
 EELRIJUE. (could mean 'BELIEVE')
 There is GOOD out there.
 Conduit CLOSING [bell sound]"


Blown nodes also referred to as expulsion cavities in still-green

 moisture rich stems.

Bent nodes from wheat CC.Juggler's

 Lane, Yatesbury 2012. On the day a pre-planned spin fooled most observers but the anomalies I personally reported showed this CC to be of a completly mysterious origin.

     Cross section from stem outside             of CC.

Cross section from sample inside CC.

A fine example of 'Energy Leak', a feature found in many CCs with other compelling qualities that really go against the MO (modus operandi) of human intervention.

Always stick to the tramlines (where the tractor goes) and NEVER across standing crop.

CCs can occur practically anywhere there is standing crop. They  also occur in snow and even happened in a hard surfaced wilderness area once.

This vast geometrically perfect pattern occured in a dry wilderness lake bed in Eastern Oragon in 1990. It strongly resembled the Sri Yantra Mandala and consisted of 13.3 miles of lines no less which were all 10 inches across and 3 inches deep. Like CCs this event should have been global front page news for weeks, but of course it was no such thing!

Our primary Citroen CGI MI Unit with a few

happy visitors despite the pouring


Above we have two examples of humanly constructed  patterns which compare disappointingly with other CCs you will see on this site of which there is every reason to believe their  being of a mysterious origin. Humanly constructed patterns are really quite rare and even rarer to be seen actually created by independant witnesses. When they do occur it is usually very early on in the season, probably for reasons of propaganda and dis-information...setting a negative tone as it were. It is usually more a matter of believing or not the claimers' story. Interestingly, nobody to my knowledge has owned up to making these two patterns above.

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