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6.5.16 New CC (1st.of the season) Barn Hill,East Kennett in yellow canola crop. We are unable to confirm access position at this time.  


15.5.16 New CC Brandenburg Germany. This area is becoming quite popular it would seem. 


21.5.16 Two new CCs, one reported 11.5.16 at East Field,Alton Barnes.  The other reported 16.5.16 Green Street, Wiltshire, both in yellow canola. This single circle with a dot in the middle also represents the alchemical symbol for gold. 

29.5.16  CGI flew and reported a new CC at Silbury Hill, Wiltshire.

Due to my varying ability to frequently update this site when 'living in the field' I will no longer attempt to routinely include new CC alerts on this site. Cropcircleconnector is the place for that.

13.6.16  CGI will facilitate CC access as soon as we get a suitable event. Donations will probably go to the Brighter Futures scheme again.

18.6.16/updated 19.6.16  Impressive looking new CC... "Somewhere in Wiltshire" reporter/discoverer/dubious FB page is curiously choosing not to share location. However, based on what looks like drone aerial photos alone (assuming this is an actual event) the CC quality overall would seem to match the vast majority of other CCs largely regarded as mysterious in origin.It is so hard to assess a CC without a personal visit. Also,cross referencing is a far more reliable assessment tool than to just base on a singular event, as some seem to be doing here. Geometry shape and form all appear fluent and consistant. Please bear in mind we have had especially stormy weather here in the UK, wind and heavy rain for some time and in consequence any CC around this time may reflect some features thus effected. In the extreme, it would be hard to comprehend for instance, humans setting out in such uncertain weather conditions to undertake a complex task within a limited darkness period and without errors as we approach the longest day. Of course there is a chance it is the work of Photoshop. Time will tell as it's location (if indeed it has one) probably won't remain a secret for ever if it is an actual 'on the ground' event. Someone will need to 'crow' about it no doubt sooner or later! 

20.6.16 Mystery is no longer! New CC was at Mylye Near Mere. There is no doubt this CC is of the highest order and importantly, containing 'Energy Leak' probability anomalies. The ground lay is simply exquisite. 

As to why someone would play such a twisted game around this event I can only think it was attention seeking behaviour. Question is, did this photographer get farmer permision before entering his land. If not his name will become synonymous with bad practice. If he did so however it would be public spirited to make that known.   

24.6.16 Here's confirming that CGI will be managing its first CC of the year (Shark- triquetra) as from today, albeit a bit late in the season as few CCs this year thus far. Once again we have an event on Hackpen Hill, same friendly farmer as last year's 'Eagle' CC and once again we have the pleasure of collecting donations for 'Brighter Futures' cancer charity.

One can't help but feel the Circlemakers are encouraging and backing the work of CGI! This will be the 3rd season we have managed for farmer and charity on this farm. Very hard to express how I personally feel about all this right now. Such a positive note in amongst all the other low frequency self-serving 'people stuff' and squabbling. I really do hope all that becomes far less this year. 


4.7.16  Still here at the Shark CC and into our 2nd week. We shall stay here until we get something new that perhaps is even more spectactular. Donations are going well and the visitors are so happy that we are here to help with their visit and give information etc.

 However, one little girl visitor of about 3 or 4 years old asked her Mummy if we had some ice cream; No I said, we are completely out of ice cream but we have plenty of bio-physical anomolies! Needless to say she didn't want any of those. I don't think we will be expanding in that direction unfortunately I said.

I will try to entice Rory Bremner up here, who is supporting the Trials/Lunch Event at the Barbury Estate on Saturday in support of 'Brighter Futures'. Wouldn't that be a loon?! Here's hoping.

7.7.16 Coming up this weekend the Barbury Estate Horse Trials and fundraising lunch event (9.7.16) for Brighter Futures cancer charity with well known comedian Rory Bremner. Our shark CC event will also be widely publicised on the day and as there are over 15000 people expected hopefully a proportion of that number will come and have a look at the wonderful cropcircle here right next door on Hackpen Hill. I do hope so!   

8.7.16 We've had another joke pattern, this time near The Barge pub today ( yes,same place as our 'Twodoors' charactor on the barstool spreading 'porkies' to newcomers recently) and a CC of the same poor calibre as Danebury Hill.

I actually love these 'patterns' when I can find them. They are useful as examples to very clearly illustrate what the term 'man-made' CCs truely look like in reality. No precise geometry with no biophysical anomolies of course if one where permitted to examine at ground level, simplistic, unimaginative and predictable design in convenient proximity to the tramlines both ends (the two 'Charlies' working quickly, one each end) and frankly embarrassing to look at.This whole idea of 'man-made' is largely a total myth and has been deliberately blown out of all proportion; historically these events have actually been very rare in truth. I can tell you quite confidently 'man-made' events are largely and simply... 'red herrings'


10.7.16 Bad energy from a one Lucy Pringle Esq. at Hackpen Hill today. I don't think she likes what CGI are doing here. However she did manage to remember my name this year!

She handed over £10, group scattered everywhere, saying "That'll do"... she had spoken to the farmer, as if that somehow mitigated her position. I knew, he told me she had phoned to announce her visit (quite unnecessary) but the farmer was still asking £3 per head donation. She expecting this to cover her 15 visitors that had paid money to HER! They had not expected to donate more...nothing was said regards 'Brighter Futures' or CGI work. Condescending and insulting and many of the people seemed very uncomfortable when told the full and correct story regards CGI, which she wasn't keen to listen to. Her paying guests were under the impression (that given by LP) CGI was a group of farmers and I was a mere gateman! How would you feel? Something feels very wrong here. This is not in the spirit of the circles.

I write this as I felt very disappointed to be confronted with such a situation from someone who should clearly know better, having brought her groups to the CCs for years. I've had no trouble from the many, mostly newcomers and non led visitors. I get the impression that perhaps some 'old timers' may be struggling a bit with the new ways of working, but that is unfortunate.Nothing stays the same and reason dictates we need to keep astride of the times, keep up to speed with the subject. I would not recommend the above person as a guide whilst her attitude remains thus.

Apart from that another good day here on the Hill despite very challenging weather conditions at times. (Perhaps LP may wish to come and up here for weeks on end which can sometimes seem like a thankless task. Uggh!)

14.7.16 Storm seems abated...high hopes for this weekend!

15.7.16 New CC at Winton Windmill


16.7.16 An exausting day relocating to down the Hill to new tri-fold CC. It amazes me how these things keep croping up near us (CGI)...on our doorstep. It happened last year, now again this! This cements more a successful co-working formulation with the farmers for all to see. Kick as some may, I feel we are about to enter new era in our subject! Wow! 

17.7.16 Wow... again! This thing here has really taken off. Visitors all day long and loving it.

Yes, I really do feel there is some sort of significant shift going on here and I would like to think it will just keep on gathering momentum.The air seems clearer now allowing us to focus more on the job in hand. So much joy with farmer blessings, something we have all been waiting for for so long. Maybe the Circlemakers are acknowledging our efforts but I still feel RESPECT has to be a key factor when concidering other non-authorised events. Perhaps we shall be rewarded in some way...we wait and see! I still keep thinking around the word...'proximity'.

18.7.16 Today we handed over £2018 to Brighter Futures chief fundraiser Jennifer Green. This money was collected from visitors to 'The Shark' and Hackpen 2 CC. Their generosity sometimes seems overwhelming, many giving far more than the standard £3 donation. Feedback is continuously positive!  


20.7.16 New Aliens Head CC near Reigate. This one has eyes, nose, and something new, a mouth. The headress looks at bit like native American Indian.


20.7.16 The new CC at Burderop Down near Barbury Castle is curious. On the one hand we have concentric circles formed with relative precision. On the other we have what could be described as charactors as in a script. These charactors seem to have been 'written by hand' as opposed to layed in a technically precise way. This could explain their casual appearance perhaps...and written within 'lines on a page', but here the page is circlular. At first glance it gives the impression of being unfinished

and a second phase would not be a surprise. The ground lay looks consistant as far as can be seen so far. Again, quite close to where CGI are right now! No access as far as we know. Watch this space!   


22.7.16  Sadly, we lost a new CC to the cutter at East Field, Alton Barnes today when the farmer chose not to support a charity initiative. A golden opportunity missed that would have otherwise raised thousands to help with our fundraising efforts. I do thoroughly empathise with the farmer's predicament but in my view collecting for a good cause, currently cancer treatment that potentially we may all need at some point in our lives, is an alternative to spending time,money and losing yet more crop in cutting it out.


Bottom line is, if you've got it you might as well do something positive and productive with it.

23.7.16  We decided not to even attempt engagement with the Calstone CC as access would be a huge problem, very remote. We understand the farmer does not wish for visitors.

24.7.16  If you would like to listen to the BBC Radio Wiltshire interview I did this afternoon tune in tomorrow between 9am-12md on the Shaun Hodgetts show. Unfortunately there is no particular time slot but BBC iPlayer will have it stored for one month as an alternative. (came on air about 0905) Clic BBC link right.


25.7.16  On the 20.7.16 I made a note on the Alien's Head CC that appeared near Reigate, Surrey. I was immediately struck at that time by the presence of a mouth. Nostrils we had before with the 'Peacepipe Alien' at Cherhill a few years back, but not a mouth. This is the first time to my knowledge that the depiction of the classic Grey's head within CCs includes a mouth. It would appear that there is a wish to reveal more anatomy. With this there are two main implications. 1. To convey the possibility of human-esque type speech ability by way of sound through the mouth. 2. To convey the possibility of ingestion and the need for food processing via the mouth,  thereby giving clues as to the being's internal anatomy with a GI system possibly similar to ours. Of course it may just be for one, the other, both or neither. Either way, very interesting.

26.7.16 The Swidon Advertiser are doing an article on CGI activities here on Hackpen Hill. Paper and online version available Thursday. Also article on Brighter Futures site.

Another very busy day including two large French groups, one with Francine Blake and Patrice Marty.

Calstone CC has no entry but can be viewed from the hill near the monument. 

28.7.16 Sadly we lost another CC to the cutter at West Kennett Long Barrow today. Luckily a photographer (FL) managed to get the aerial shots so all is not lost.


Regards a 'Talks Evening' at Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes last evening I gather from multiple souces including people present, it was a bit of a disapointment. Nothing new, up to the minute or inspiring apart from a lovely photo presentation from Frank Laumen. The most extraordinary point is that CGI did not even get one mention! That is very odd as CGI are pretty much the only ones doing anything dynamic, productive and forward thinking in the CC world right now...indeed for last five years. The exception is a nice CC picture exhibition in Marlborough. I think it is incumbant upon any responsible CC people in prominent positions to keep the public well and honestly informed on significant progress in the CC world. I'm not sure how CGI could be missed and it amazes me just how absent and not 'up to speed' some long term CC enthuesiasts can be. Not many out there in CC land can say they have nearly reached £4000 in charity donations for the treatment of cancer so far this year and making real steps forward with the farming community. This would be headline news anywhere else! It's almost as if people living in a vacuum have been told not to say anything about us but still like to bring their fee paying groups along to our open and well managed CCs to make them money. Most curious.It really does confirm my belief that new blood and energy needs to be injected into our subject, as it would seem some tank engines really are beginning to run out of steam! It will be fascinating to see what the weekend brings along as there is another CC 'Talks' event in Devizes who have not been too keen in the past to promote CGI either.


Crazy day weatherwise, one minute bright sunhine, other monsoon rains! Oh well. 

29.7.16 Sadly another CC to the cutter yesterday, this time at All Cannings. This transition is so hard; at least we still have a lovely CC here at the bottom of Hackpen Hill which is giving so much joy to all that visit. Overwhelming gratitute to both participating farmers and also for what we are doing to help.


30.7.16 We were 'arguing' CCs with lady and gentleman astro-physicists (names unknown) last evening (astrophysics being a branch of space science that applies the laws of physics and chemistry to seek an understanding of the universe and our place in it.) After about half an hour we were no further forward, still unable to agree that 1+1=2 and over-worrying about asymmetry in pictagrammes. Normally this would be fair enough in the wonderful world of theoretical/hypothetical physics but does not necessarily apply when dealing with CCs. That is why I think 'establishment science' or those who have been trained within schools of conventional thinking will stuggle with the subject, feeling unable,in a lateral thinking sense, to rewrite their text books; non-phototropic biophysical anomaly being a perfect example. However, they were gracious enough upon leaving to donate a wonderful £20 note to our fund! Thanks so much for that and great talking to you. 





1.8.16 Cley Hill CC was the subject of some controversy last evening when a previously well known German 'old time' contender (G1) brought his new drone along to test it out. It would appear that a noticable number of guests, some from a well pubicised CC 'Talks' event in Devizes, including experienced Dutch and others estimated at around 50 in number were all crowded into the CC at the time. I have to report that non of these people had farmer permission and were not, it would seem, responsibly advised to stay out by the said 'Talks' event in Devizes or by other means. This is odd.The said drone 'pilot' proceeded to crash his craft into the crop and spent the next hour or so searching for it, unsuccessfully by all accounts.

This event raises several important points.

1. It would seem wise and sensible to become proficient and skilled before attempting to fly over or near CCs.

2. It would seem wise and sensible not to fly such craft whilst the CC in question is filled with people.

3. If a craft is lost to the crop because of either incompetance and/or weather conditions, which should have been factored into any pre-flight plan, any attempts to recover said craft should be abandoned unless craft is found 'downed' very close to the tramline wheron it is easily recoverable. Searching in and out of the crops will only incur crop damage and is the very thing that angers farmers more than anything.

4. Get farmer permission before entering a CC. If non is available view CC from a hill or other such vantage point.


It thoroughly amazes me that even experienced and 'wise' CC people can be so absent knowing perfectly well that what they do is either ill-advised or goes against the CC 'Code of Practice'. This practice is neither smart nor clever especially at a time when significant steps forward towards improved farmer relations are being sought by CGI. We should all be relieved this chap's drone didn't 'down' on someone's head!

Drones are a very eco-friendly being electric battery powered and an efficient photograghic tool normally causing no damage other than that caused by operator mal-function. If used responsibly in the right hands they are a wonderful innovation. They are the modern and sensible alternative to light aircraft and helicoptors for photograghy which are both polluting and hugely expensive to use.The use of such craft would now seem only appropriate for pleasure/ recreational purposes. Drones are used routinely by such institutions as the BBC for photograghy so the quality of footage/stills needs never to be doubted.


                                         Fly safe! Fly safe! Fly safe!

2.8.16  Despite appalling weather conditions again, and a crazy night in my van that sounded like I was trying to sleep inside a drum, we are feeling positive. Tomorrow better weather here and wouldn't it be great if we got a nice new CC! Oh, these cattle are my primary neighbours right now. Luckily the fence is in good repair!

3.7.16 New CC near Winchester! See CCC later for more photos. My friend Jane did really well getting the photos as the weather was very challanging in terms of wind and rain. 















A short break in the storm allowed her take the photos but as this was late evening the light was not good as is evident. Well done Jane Barford!

4.8.16  Another by Jane, this time of Cley Hill.

Another BBC interview today, this time with farmer James Hussey. He spoke of his wife's illness which motivated him to get involved with CGI to raise money for cancer treatment.

It would seem people are starting to actively talk about what we are doing and we are beginning to reach the hearts and minds of local people here,something never attempted or achieved before by the CC community, an important step in this process of evolution and healing. It now seems to be almost 'cool' with the younger generation especially, to visit a CC which as you can imagine will quickly spread and hopefully become part of their lives as an educational and constructive pass-time...'tis their future after all. A large part of this job is education actually as most people that arrive are completely in the dark not having a clue what this is all about.However, as I've said before, they quickly latch on almost knowing in their hearts already that we are dealing with something inexplicable and totally mysterious. There seems to be little in the way of shock or even suprise sometimes, more on feelings of relief that their hunches have been confirmed.To engage the local community by literally living amongst/beside them, albeit in a field, will in time create trust and understanding at varying levels enabling this healing process to evolve to a higher level.

The BBC will do a follow up interview with me end of season to reflect upon work done thus far. Sensible,responsible and non self-based reporting through media is essential to take this to the next level. I have little doubt that if this current process of constructive help is allowed to continue these areas of Wiltshire working closely with CGI will enjoy something one step closer to harmony to the benefit of all.



5.8.16 Due to sudden unforseen personal circumstances I with CGI needed to leave post for the time being. Going means the gate at Hackpen Hill will be 'money boxed' with a request from the farmer for visitor guests to donate the sum of £3 per adult in the box. Please donate generously. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Additionally, we handed over a further £2600 today to the Brighter Futures representative, a total of approximately £4600 for the season. I will post the certificate when it comes through.


10.8.16 The total in the end was actually £4590.60. Bad weather explains lower amount compared to last year of £6000+.  

























11.8.16 The CC at the Hackpen Hill White Horse will be harvested in a week's time, weather permitting.

12.816  New massive 2 acre asymmetric (328ft)100m approx.diameter CC near Ansty, Salisbury. The Grand Finale? For me this is a very special event indeed as I had strong connections with 'Ansty' when I was younger.( This was when I witnessed with my Mother and Aunt a green luminous sphere. Can't prove as just a subjective event so only important to me. Could be coincidence.)


The farmer here seems to have got the message and is actively promoting the principles of CGI CC management.He has taken the 'bull by the horns' and has road sign-posted the event to make all clear to passers-by. Well done Mr Ansty-PYO Farmer!

In other words..."If you've got it, please do something constructive with it!"

The 3 fold geometry theme continues...looks like the CC has encoded mirror-script characters within. Such an amazing CC; £5 to visit and a beverage is included!

I have just discovered that the money collected will go to the 'Dorset and Somerset Air-Ambulance Appeal' and 'Stars Appeal' charities. Can't quite believe this! This must be evolution! For the few that may insist upon saying this CC has been deliberately manufactured to boost farm shop sales (big sigh!) they basically haven't got a clue about CCs...end of! Move on! It's for charity anyway. CC people come to see a CC not buy a cabbage!

This CC is probably the most impressive of the season so far with a complexity of mirrored script charactor design and smooth consistant geometry that only a fool/uneducated would deny. We shall inspect at close quarters ourselves and publish detailed ground-shots later today/tomorrow if they are actually needed but I am informed from the farm that the ground-lay is exquisite and so very intricate! Indeed very good news for the phenomenon.

Our rep that visited the CC today reports absolutely no evidence of board/plank marks on stems and was easily convinced of it's mysterious nature!

13.8.16  Additional observation regards construction of 'PYO' CC. As the design app asymmetric the figures on one side are magnified/deminished in a graduated manner. I'm not sure how this could be accomplished accurately if thinking in human terms.I highlight this purely to make a point; this level of incredulous artform is simply beyond any human artist! Go to for more images.

Here is a link to a local magazine that showed an interest in the CC...







16.8.16  Predictably, we are now beginning to hear some debunking nonsense coming through regards Ansty. Some of this nonsense is coming from the known 'dark' quarter and other from a wolf in the proverbial 'sheeps clothing'...butter wouldn't melt etc.(won't mention name yet...keep you guessing). That is deception at its worst as people such as this were trusted and are now betraying that trust. If it is pure ignorance then just keep quiet; if it is deliberate deception, you need help! Karma will kick in. Lying is the last refuge of the despirate!  I shall write more on this as and when.

17.8.16  What I have learnt from the events of yesterday (Ansty) is just how little knowledge/conviction/confidence some long term formally prominent CC persons (I won't call them researchers) have on this subject. Perhaps fading attention-seekers feel the need to b Yesterday there were two issues...somehow linked.

1. Old school Colin Andrews, who was one of the original croppies back in the '80s has decided Ansty is a fake, although he refuses to show proof or give details. That is not good enough. I've never met the man, never even seen him in a crop field yet he claims to have... "Travelled the world for 35 years researching CCs"... inferring we should all show continued respect for him as a researcher and just believe what he says without question. Again, not good enough. He accuses a known sand artist Julian Richardson et al of actually making the CC. This claim was strongly denied by Stuart Dike who 'works' the sand beaches, making patterns with JR on his days off for pleasure and relaxation purposes. It has to be said though that JR has indeed had mixed press in the past as being identified as a 'claimer' and disinformer. Maybe this is why CA chose him as the 'fall guy'. However, he is in truth and fact no more capable of creating a complex design in cereal crop than my cat! Sand and standing cereal crop two very different mediums.








Is this what happens to CC personalities when they get old and are no longer active players on the scene? Asserting and expecting us to believe a hollow 'assessment' based on what you have done in the past, and what you have alledgedly been told by (no doubt dubious) persons unknown seems arrogant and unjust. As one who spends weeks on end in the fields each year and has an intimate relationship with the CCs through proximity and practiced practical acumen I know perfectly well JR or anyone else for that matter had nothing to do with this event. The sheer scale,complexity, technical/practical issues engendered therein make the CA accusations sound quite absurd. My conclusions must simply be that CA is either a practical incompitant (does not fully appriciate what it takes to get from A to B and truly believes what he is saying) or he is in fact an active attention seeking debunker looking for some limelight once more. Neither is a pleasant option and it gives me no pleasure to state this here but reason and logic dictate. I feel this man is using his notoriety and history to intentionally manipulate and mislead the public. If that is the case that is wicked...and at his age, dishonourable.


If you, Colin Andrews ever read this, I openly invite you to stand in front of me personally and alone (sorry, no sycophants allowed) and convince me of your position. This I know will never happen as you would be fearful of losing face.  You would not succeed because you have no practical basis/understanding, you just have manipulative hollow words.


The biggest mistake you could make after all has settled down Mr.CA is to accuse the farmer at Hackpen Hill, 'Brighter Futures' charity and CGI of conspiring  scams! Don't even think of it! 


2. It would appear that two other reporters of the same era as CA seemed somewhat reticent about a timely response to Ansty. Were they dependant/not confident enough in their own CC knowledge base to go ahead before knowing the outcome of the CA controvercy? This is really worrying as it would seem CA has not a clue regards CCs in a practical sense yet others are looking to him for guidance. A tragady within an important subject such as this. Seems so dated. This is the reason I don't mind speaking out. The same old story. No strength of conviction. Just looking for allies, showing self-serving sympathies . 

18.8.16  I spoke too soon...wonderful new eccentric CC near Etchilhampton Hill containing Metatron's cube.. We are being spoiled now aren't we!


Do not take any notice if certain people start telling us this new CC was

done by a team from Belgium, London or even the Outer Hebrides; it's

not true. Actually, they came from the Planet Zorg! My extensive investigations

into this matter in my capacity as special agent and much respected (within my little

clique anyways) CC researcher and official spokesperson have availed me to

secret information (gleaned from the CA News Agency) that's led me to proclaim in all highness that the individuals responsible for making this CC are not actually men at all (well, not as we know

them to be anyways) rather, a rare type of scaly 6 legged anthopods with bad

breath resultant from not brushing their teeth properly on a daily basis.

The commisioning clients, who are in fact a large toothpaste company, when

informed of this fact, were horrified and stated to the local press early this

morning..."We are very disappointed as when we approached them on the

tele-phone the other day to discuss a toothpaste promotional matter they

seemed to be like such a nice bunch of insects...bit overgrown perhaps but

nevertheless very nice, with lovely white teeth".

"We will be expecting a full and complete refund!" a spokesman said later.



So, the moral of this sad story is...'Appearances can be deceptive'!  

19.8.16  Thought for the Day. Self-sacrifice in our current CC world, upon reflection

rarely occurs; usually tied up with money and selfish self. Just an observation.

The dichotomy between Man's consciouness and the CC Makers is vast. Do you

think one will ever become closer to the other if we continue in this way? It's taken

over 35 years so far to get...umm...not very far in truth!


Oh...for the benefit of those without a SOH such as mine, regards post of yesterday that was headed..STOP PRESS... etc (above)'s a joke, a spoof on the nonsense surrounding the recent Ansty CC whereon a once well known old timer croppie proclaimed a self promoting statement to the world that was so out of kilter with modern research thinking, it was not only offensive and slanderous to implicated individuals but frankly laughable in content. Do not take literally...the toothpaste story is a spoof, a joke! 

To make crystal clear read the nonsense for yourselves.


Colin Andrews (from his Facebook post that was passed to me.)

21 hrs · 

My investigation into this exceptional crop circle has been completed.(very big sigh of relief!)

Since 1999 my focus has been on the well documented cases of 'interaction' involving public,(never seen the man doing surveys or interviews; or does he mean identifying positive developements/initiatives with a view to debunking them, like charity for instance? ) researchers,(Iv'e never met the man and I'm there in the thick of it, and on the front line for most of the summer for last 6 years) farmers (nor has the  prominent farmer I've been working with for several years now) and human circlemakers (they hardly exist...they are largely a total myth to disinform the public). Because this crop circle was as impressive as I have seen, I wanted to know this time, who made it and why? I got my answers and not everybody will be pleased with the findings. (I certainly was not impressed...nor many others!)

The exceptional quality is due in large part to experienced hands that made it and the three days they took to complete it. (Utterly impossible in practical terms...please read green border text above). The names are known to me. They have in recent years been involved in producing designs in sand on the south coast of England. ( No secret, common knowledge. JR et al have worked on sandcirles yes true, crop circles not true).This borders on slander as it simply isn't true based on feasibility.)

A three day construction period allowed them to perfect the design ( I have spoken to the farmer and she said at the time when they were away the farm was still operational with other staff still working and in place.) with the agreement of field owners.(Owners have denied any involvement...again, almost slanderous.)

The design was a commercial commission for Mothership Glass: (These people also deny any involvement.)

The design was a take on the company logo but was not identical to it. Note: below is their actual logo.

Note: The statement made by the field owner/shop owner, is nearly identical to the landowners statement from another commission for the computer chip company Nvidia in Salinas, California couple years ago. i.e.:  
Ansty Farm Shop's Karren Price said “her family never goes on holiday, but on returning from a five day break in Devon yesterday, they woke up this morning to discover a giant pattern in the wheat”. ( We know she did...CCs happen very quickly.)

This is an attempt to distance the landowner from the temporary deception period while publicity builds, hence they can say a lot without lying, after all they were allegedly not there! (They said they woke up in the morning and it was there implying it happened over night.) It was NO surprise as stated. (Don't know what CA means by this. If it was "no surprise" to the farmer that has  already said that he had no knowledge of the event happening why would the event NOT be a surprise? Of course the man would be surprised.)

Conclusions: Names of human circle-makers/land artists are known to me. They are on paid commission by Mothership Glass to construct the design, taking three days in a field owned by Ansty Farm Shop. (Oh yes, sure, they're going to be beavering away for only three days in broad daylight (or did he mean night-time in which case it would take conciderably longer) as he says with the consent of the farmer in full view of all people coming and going and nobody asking"What's going on in that field"?) The amount of money’s passing hands to the landowner and each crop artist and allegedly (not alledgedly, fact Mr A!) also a charity, is outside of my research objective.(And so are CCs it would seem.The farmer has stated ALL monies are to go to charity.)

I thank a number of reliable individuals who assisted me with this investigation. (Who are these reliable people...CA will not tell us). On this occasion the primary driver was not a mysterious interactive source but a money making effort by those involved. (If the primary driver was a money making effort, why is it all going to charity?) 

 Based on logic and sensibility I would suggest that both this man and his cohorts are a total fraud! This gives me no joy to state as such. What I say here is not slanderous as I could prove any of it. I have just spoken to the farmer again and she confirms what has been stated by me here.

If these events and allegations were to be put in front of a magistrate I suspect this man would be found guilty of all charges! The surveyor's testimony alone would easily clinch just on its own. In short, this man is a disgrace!

My question is: Why would CA do this? What are his motives? Why would he seek to betray us in such a way?

          Please note: Ansty CC will be harvested Mon/Tuesday 22/23.8.16 weather          permitting. 

22.8.16  CCs + Charity = the perfect formulation towards progress and CC awareness

within modern society. Proven over last 5 years.

Please read my latest article on Colin Andrews comments re Ansty here: This is significant. If you agree with the content please pass on to your friends to read and for them to do likewise. We need to get some truth out there!


  You could view this video also of Robert Salas speaking about ET. I believe this man is a reliable and credible witness.

23.8.16  This Colin Andrews business still seems not to be concluding, a position I should have preferred.He still has not retracted his allegations and seems unlikely to do so. Looks like he may be thinking of complicating things further by introducing 'new information' only known to him...and likely to stay that way! All he has said thus far on the Ansty CC is based on..."I've been travelling around the world for 35 years researching CCs"... (IOWs, we should all just believe him without question) and is totally unsubstantiated, which frankly, given the subject matter is quite unacceptable. I believe this man is slowly digging himself and his supporters, who don't actually seem to be many, into a very deep hole.Watch this space!


NB. The only reason we can be bothered pursuing this matter is that Mr.C.A is Mr.C.A and should know better. That's the mystery...not the CC! That's the relatively easy bit. He's been around a long time and has a voice that many have listened to over the years. But more importantly he seems to see himself, because of reasons equated to something like 'time-honoured' or venerability I suppose, as a Mr. Official (possibly Government Sponsored) CC Spokeman. Now that IS worrying. Trouble is, this position has been mis-used historically by many so this is why all this needs clarification. The Ansty CC is unquestionably mysterious so there is a huge dichotomy here that needs thorough explanation and in detail. 

24.8.16  When you listen to this does anything in there strike a chord?

New CC Woodway Bridge near All Cannings. Looks like some sort of code or global spot reference. Or...could just be a random pattern with no meaning whatsoever.

Ground shots later hopefully, weather permitting. And here they are. Wonderful!

































































26.8.16  At just 2 weeks old the wonderful Ansty CC

now harvested...but is that the end of the story he
















                                                                      Thanks CCC for photo. 

                                                                      Thanks CCC for photo.

27.8.16  New CC at Cookes Plantation near Beckhampton. The design is one of a Buddish swastika. It means any lucky or auspicious object, and in particular a mark made on persons and things to denote auspiciousness, or any piece of luck or well-being. One could say that this farmer has been 'blessed' in some way. Knowing him fairly well though I suspect he may not see it in that way!

I personally have intimate knowledge of this exact location and the field and its proximity to the A4 main road which is very close by. This CC and location will be quite obvious to any that are driving down this road. Just on this basis there's practically no chance of anything other than of a mysterious origin event here.

Historically the fields around this vicinity have been many times visited by amazingly impressive CCs. It would be fair to say here that the CC creators are attempting to publicise their work to the large volume of traffic that passes this way on a daily basis. Hope to have some detailed ground-shots on here soon. And here they are. Apologies for quality... we were lucky to get anything at all as the weather was horrible!
























28.8.16  New CC at Overton Hill very similar to CC 28 May Silbury Hill that was later to have a 2nd phase. One to keep an eye on!

Thought for the day.  There has been much obsessing regards fake crop circles for ages but we hardly ever seem to question sand patterns. Sand patterns have a wider almost subliminal potential (fact) of being part of a subtle disinformation campaign towards CCs, the inference being if complex designs can be created by people in sand (or snow for that matter) so can they be in crops. Have you ever concidered some sand 'creations' could possibly be photoshopped? It is quite clear that most snow patterns are actually 'created' in this manner. The ol' chap who's name is commonly associated with those is now in a commercial promoting beer! Soon that'll be in sand! That's one reason they do's self promotion. Very cynical and a sad reflection upon that person's integrity I'd say! People seem so gullable. 

However, when people worry regards any fake they hardly, if ever, I bet you, condider the actual nitty gritty practical conciderations of the task! Instead they just go ..."Wow!"...or... "Isn't it amazing what people can do...isn't he clever?" Think about this.

2.8.16  Thought for today.  Disinformation is commonly drip-fed to us almost on a subliminal level commonly by those with a 'voice'. The wry smile, 'knowing' expression, ambiguous comment or mini-chuckle after or within an interview or talk can fool many if they are sufficiently uninformed or unaware. Watch out for this. I'm aware of some that do this routinely.

6.9.16  It has come to my attention that a guy only known as Terry has been reported in The Mail newspaper here in the UK as having 'come forward ' (oh dear, not that old chestnut again!) as responsible for making many CCs. Rather odd don't you think that someone would openly admit to a paper of committing public damage and trespass. If he's identified he will no doubt be persued by the police, so his photo would be useful...if he exists! 

He has allegedly been working with his son Jack who he introduced to the CCs since the age of 5 years old according to the article...Jack is now 20. As a father myself the whole idea of systematically teaching your son to tell overt and frank lies, to deliberately deceive, to aid and abeit in fraud is utterly foreign to me and is a parental disgrace; such role modelling is abhorent. I know perfectly well this guy did nothing of the sort but to encourage your own son in this way is almost unbelievable. This is obviously Doug and Dave phase 2 and my first question would be is this a myth story or was it an interview with an actual person? If it was  they are very sad and needy people indeed I would say. 

Someone is obviously playing games at the expense of the many in deliberately not revealing location of this CC (if indeed there was one...could easily have  been Photoshoped.) This felt quite sinister and twisted within a subject that is generally percieved, by those paying attention that is, to be an input from a concerned,loving and benign agency.  In this subject it seems to be the low frequency mentality of the few that is the problem historically, not the CCs themselves. 

Photo copyright CCC

Interestingly, we had another CC in this exact same spot in 2013 ,widely known as 'The Dreamcatcher'. On this occasion too CGI had the privilage of managing the site for the farmer.  Coincidence? 

I was there for  nearly 4 weeks I think then woke up to find ANOTHER CC in the field opposite me.! We called this 'The Necklace' CC. More coincidence?

Photo copyright Tom Keegan.

And here's our new flag banner. I don't think we'll be missed now!

Carl Sagan, who in 1974 was instrumental in transmitting information into the cosmos via the Arecibo radio telescope a summery of life on planet Earth. At this time nothing was known of crop circles.

Thanks CCC for photos.

Rules and regulations for drones.

A 'fractured material reality' screening  the spiritual. In symbology the material world is represented by the square form and the spiritual world is represented by the round form.

Does this swirl ring a bell? Seen it before? Yes you're's a design theme that goes back decades!

Perfect , no signs of damage to the bindweed, all laying beautifullly on top of the wheat.

Thanks MrGiro for image

Thanks Jane Barford for images.

These ground-shot photos taken on day two.

I am NOT a qualified surveyor nor do I have a PhD  in rocket science. But I have spent a large part of my life successfully in the property restoration and construction environment. I like to think I know a little about measurement and mapping and my practical acumen has served me very well over the years. I have no reason to think I am STUPID as Mr C A would have me believe. So here is my response to him.

So, bottom line here Mr Andrews... and the likes.

In order to embark on a task such as Ansty one would need a skilled task force comprising of at least one qualified land surveyor, one who is well practiced in the use of trigonometry and triangulation. These people have cars and there would be a need to park same, either openly or not. The Ansty site is very close to farmshop buildings and its personnel so this may be an issue. Good and easy access to the site would be required as work would take many days of going back and forth.

The area in question would first need to be assessed by means of accurate reconnaissance to take account of such factors as topographic variation (T/V) that may well bias the end result from an aerial perspective. Where T/V was present another site would need to be chosen as theoretical calculations needed to corrert these errors would be far beyond any realistic task brief. (Fact is many CCs occur perfectly constructed on T/V land.) These guys would need support workers for marker placement etc. There would need to be a live feed aerial monitoring unit with operator well coordinated with ground crew, and capable of giving real-time surveillance of work being carried out on the non predictable, non geometric/artistic (symbols) componants of the design. This aspect would be particularly challenging if the symbols are graduated in size, an overall eccentric design not being of a symmetrical nature . All stages of this work would need to be relatively positioned, well distanced and centred.The symbols would need to be done free-hand and first time perfect as the resultant ground-lay would show any deviance from a smooth, machine-like and consistant sweep that is quite evident in Ansty. However, the task would actually need to be carried out in daylight conditions unless laser-line surveying apparatus was used. This is quite obvious to the the eye and would be a complete give away if the operation was to be clandestine. Theodolites and optic tools are used routinely on new build and land mapping tasks and the newer models now have infra-red distance calculating capabilty (but not the old...significant when we reference CCs long past but still perfect.) In the old days tasks took longer. Conversely, we have sound reason to know CCs happen quite quickly in reality. 

Now, if we concider Ansty has in fact an overall area of around two acres and is 100 metres in diameter we soon can realise that the task in hand is quite massive and without the use of advanced surveying apparatus it would frankly be, quite impossible. In short, I think you can now realise that just mapping an area of this size to define and accurately place features and line schematics would indeed take many days.

Then we have the actual task of skillfully and carefully laying down the crop material in an ordered and concidered manner and following a plan. There would be no room for error as consistancy would be lost. Ansty has this overall consistency.

 We now need to consider the manner in which this task is to be carried out. We have already said it requires day light conditions for the optics to work if used. However, in our special needs case of CCs they are pretty much always manifesting at night-time, hence we have a big problem. Basically, no surveyor on Earth would dream of being commissioned to undertake such a task at night. If you did need to do this it would  be required to provide an elaborate system of lighting which I think might be a bit of a give away. Personnel would be walking all over the place causing damage in any case as the design may not be fully defined. (In fresh CCs there is never any evidence of foot-tread.) To advertise your presence in this way would alert the farmer and you would be prosecuted no question; a public fiasco no less would ensue considering the contraversial nature of making a CC etc and the culprits would be identified and chastised beyond repair. 

So, for such a proposition as this and for a commissioned team to settle down to undertake such a technically demanding task at night with the threat of discovery and restraints mentioned so far borders on complete madness!  If you had permission the task would still be the same but with no 'looking over your shoulder' worries. That's only going to happen very infrequently and in which case you would not need to be working at night-time. Commissioned debunking CC at Salthop took 3 men, 8+ hours in day light approx 70ft simple design. I regard this as my 'control' which I documented, to their annoyance!. See article here

Then there's the cost and motive. In business and life generally there is usually a sensible and sober cost/outcome equation. Here, because of the novel nature of the task, no guarantees could possibly be made regards outcome which would call into question the cost effectiveness of such a task to the purchaser. If at some point all went wrong, the crew would need to pack up and do a runner pretty quick and would effectively be fugitives at risk from prosecution related to willful damage and trespass, likely more! If caught, the magistrate would require details of the commissioning client who would also be discredited for aiding and abetting. Just not worth it.

In my mind this Ansty CC example equates to the rubbish and carnival of nonsense spoken a couple of years ago about the CC at Chualar CA.USA. Again, a massive and perfect CC.

So, for those of you that are not able to grasp these fundimental facts of organisation and construction you are probably not in a good position to give an informed you are clearly not up to speed with this subject. Not meant unkindly, just a fact. 

This is a very serious subject and should not be treated as a device for petty self-promotion.

Sorry, but you simply cannot argue with the above.This is not an opinion, it's just mere facts. Ask any surveyor for his viewpoint.

Thanks for reading.

Please read:

Perfectly combed groundlay...                                                                                              Precise 'machine-like' cut edges...

...combed in a perfectly consistant manner.                                                                                 Nothing short of miraculous!

Artist's impression of said species

as no up to date photos available

right now.

It is true that the Ansty CC strongly resembles this commercial logo. However, we just cannot assume to know why the Circlemakers do what they do but I'm sure there is very good reasoning behind it as everything they do seems to be intelligent and concidered. My best choice would be that of a 'translation key' for a future transmission message.

Barn Hill CC...first of the 2016 season.

All images copyright Jane Barford. Thanks Jane.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".

Edmund Burke 1729-1797

Copyright CCC          Farmer says no access please!

Copyright Chris Howarth.

Images copyright 2016 Jane Barford.

12.9.16 Thought for the day. To buy into the idea that an extensively designed CC like Ansty 2016 was made by the human hand is like believing the local carpenter was able to successfully perform a hip replacement on an unanaestitized monkey! 

The Ansty Saga continues as one would expect. An article has recently appeared on, again claiming mundane solution to the CC event there in August, a solution claiming it to be hand-made, I ask you! (Yorn!) A pattern is starting to emerge exactly the same as with the Colin Andrews revelations when this man claimed to have solved quite wonderfully the mystery in hand...he was quite satisfied so all was OK...until, alas, he was later forced to retract his statement invalidating everything he said.  Clueless! As I said in my original article on this CC, Andrews has not the faintest idea of what he's talking about, and neither does the chap behind this latest Earthfiles claim, some unknown local hero named Halling. (A little more on this chap this space). The editor of said site, to allow such publication has either been duped by a con-man or she has had a temporary lapse of good judgement...or both. This would be a reasonable assessment under the prevailing circumstances here. His story is irrational, hearsay and inferred nonsense, full of holes, inaccurate and implausable. There is no motive as money went to charity. The cost of such a proposal, if indeed attempted/actioned, would be huge. Not a clue about what he's talking about and cannot be taken seriously. I could unravel his story further if needed. A serious researcher would never base a submission on the words of just ONE anonymous person, just to start. You can seek out anyone,  one who can and probably will 'come forward' and give 'information'...that is the nature of attention-seeking. In a small community like this ,people of course talk and gossip; there is no fore-knowledge of this event's construction locally; no reports in local press before or during an event of a major public interest project for charity that this would be. True researchers do not just..'believe' what they are told...they accrue and accept known facts that cross refer...they do not submit spurious content.  Bottom line here with this guy is he is still calling the farmer a liar, who has denied any knowledge of it. Outragious! There is nothing to substantiate that position. There is no motive or gain with all this. With a subject as immeasurably serious as CCs, to be so cavalier and content with such inadequate effort is frankly wreckless. No cross referencing or major corroberation. And most importantly, absolutely no consideration given to the actual practicalities and technicalities relating to such a physical construction as this Ansty CC. (I will be reporting more on this aspect soon.) It is indeed embassasing to read. I dare say he too will be forced to retract when additional work has been completed on this event. I just don't know what motivates these types who attempt to deceive people in this way. 

Notice just how close the CC is to the farmhouse and the surrounding work areas; impossible to miss anything going on here by both farmer and visitors alike.

I13.9.16  Thought for the day. With regards so called 'sand circles'...again. Please be aware of the almost subliminal messages they may carry with a strong and powerful potential to mis-lead.This subject is and has been supported and indeed practiced to some degree by known dis-informers over the last 5 or so years...I know this for absolute fact. The story is that this is done for recreational purposes; a lovely day spent out in the open with family, sandwiches and the fresh air of a lovely beach, a day or more (if above the tide-line) spent toiling hard for what amounts to just an aerial photogragh once done. This may well be the case. "But why would you bother"? I hear you ask as indeed have my personal friends when told. This work, like a crop circle cannot be appreciated from the ground so cannot be varified during process; mistakes cannot be recognised and corrected. The gains from so doing would seem less obvious. From a dis-information perspective it would go something like this. "If it can be shown that sand/snow-works can be constructed by the human hand then so may crop events". WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Quite different mediums and alleged sand practice always worked in day-time on flat smooth terrain. Playing around on the sandy beach is a much different proposition to performing illegal land/crop damage at night-time with the threat of criminal prosecution. Sand is can re-work a mistake to some degree, unless it is a fundimental geometric error... but with standing crop, not so. Snow, much,much harder, perhaps impossible as topographic variation (TV) would be insurmountable and is not forgiving of mistakes. Level and flat surfaces in the mountains are very rare. 

My feeling on all this is that many of these 'events' are photoshopped as are snow 'events'.We hardly ever see footage of either sand or snow works being actually constructed, just a image of a complete design with a proud man posing! However, I am sure some 'specimen' events are created for video purposes...the duff one's will not be reported. I know some sand-works are in fact openly performed and created but maybe not on Godrevy Beach, Cornwall. I've personally spoken to a cafe owner there who says she's seen nothing on that beach. She could be wrong. Not is all perhaps as the proponents would have you believe. Like it or not, there IS a deeper message here, events or no events.

Just know there are a bunch of people out there, for reasons better known to themselves, that have nothing better to do than attempt just more confusion in a world that has quite enough already. Question all you read...including this!

15.9.16  We're having some hopefully soon to be rectified technical problems with the link from Cropcircleconnector to the latest article entitled...'Basic Requirements needed...'etc. Sorry for any inconvenience.

16.9.16  Problem solved. See new article on Blog page.

18.916  Please just remember this one plain and simple fact. It would only require one MRICS practitioner with one assistant (optional) to set-out a CC like Ansty using TST+EDM technology, although hugely timeconsuming. Increasing the number of personnel would not be practical and would cause just more collateral damage to the standing crop area. What you were told in the Earthfiles and Collins reports is simply not possible so cannot be true. End of! Not sure why this would be published knowing it to be impossible.

19.9.16  The best I can do so far with shedding light on the Ansty symbols is that they seem to be a variant or similar to Tibetan script. 

25.9.16  Please read my latest article on Ansty (on Blog Page) which should go a long way to clarifying some aspects of this particular event and also the crop circle mystery in general. Despite being well researched I dare say it will not provoke anything like torrents of recognition, especially from those with vested interest and deviant agendas; that of course would be quite naive. But sometimes one can learn from what people do NOT say. But what it will do is perhaps share some facts in a way not done before and raise awareness for those who are genuinely open truth seekers. However, the propaganda machine will continue to churn that is for sure. Afterall the bottom line here is potentially 'world changing stuff'!

27.9.16  Thought for the day. To regard the symbols surrounding the Ansty event as an additional mode of potential communication would seem reasonable given that we also have a seemingly potential de-code key as set out on the Mothership Glass design. However, it may also be reasonable to suggest a need for just yet another such code be quite unnecessary given that the Circlemakers are already using other known codings like ASCII and morse to spell out clear messages to the human race. This is what makes me now feel that these symbols may be a 'red herring' and nothing to do with the primary intent behind this complex CC.

But what this CC has done and right at the end of the season is to provoke a significant dialogue resulting in a bit of a 'shake down' regards the 'people aspect'. One could well imagine that from the C/Ms point of view this really needs to be done as a continued and generalised OCD type of attitude towards CCs would appear unhelpful. Please do not forget though we are 100% dealing with a highly advanced agency here who are well capable of bypassing Man's trivial attempts at suppression should they so wish and when they feel the time is right. 

30.9.16  New CC Brazil, Prudentopolis. 27.9.16 ...again, a flower of life design in bearded wheat crop. The following day an additional feature appeared resembling the number 43 or perhaps upper case E and lower case h. This CC appears to contain the Energy Leak feature suggesting it of mysterious origin. 

Photo Copyright Ademar Jose Gevaerd

ICopyright Revista UFO. Screenshot. 

The partial 'Energy Leak' feature here that I refer to as a 'probability anomomy' appears to have been overrun by the ground lay moving in directions so as to flatten/cover over; but nevertheless it does appear to be present, a feature which has been noted and cross-referenced over many global CCs in the past. 

The Eh or 43 that was added the following day between 13.30 and 15.30, just a 2 hour window of opportunity is highly unlikely to have been human instigated as any potential culprit/culprits would be unlikely to risk discovery at this time of day with a plank etc being unable to know if someone would just suddenly show up with half finished work evident. Although a relatively small and simple addition construction would not be easy to execute accurately. To  make perfectly square and true first time around is not quick and easy by doing freehand. 

So given these factors I feel the addition to be quite deliberate and mysterious and should be taken as serious as the main feature. As for meaning ,if any, we will probably never know.  

6.10.16  Another 'probability anomaly' evident in this Brazilian CC is one I have termed 'Split Edging'. The easiest way to describe it is to imagine a 'planking scenario' whereon repetitive 'press-downs' of a crop are occurring with say an imagined one metre wide and 150mm width piece of flat material, usually wood according to the usual 'claimers' stories and controlled by rope. The result of this action (apart from serious repetative strain injury to leg muscles)  would be an area of roughly pushed down crop to ground level at a width of one metre. This type of process it has to be said has severe limitations and can only work with any degree of accuracy with very small and simplistic design. However, when we refer to 'split edging' we have observed that this flattening process has not happened in the way one would expect using this form of MO. We often find narrow strips laid down, quite often around 100mm wide and maybe up to 500mm long, but can be far less,with still standing crop of often the same width separated from and inside the main laid leaving a little elongated island of standing crop;  IOWs this departs from the otherwise organised lay pattern of the overall design along the outside edge of that particular feature of the design. Imagined 'planking' would be indiscriminate and press down all material in its path. I have seen this so many times to varying degrees and have now accepted this as a compelling 'probability anomaly' suggestive of a mysterious event. 

8.11.16 Thought for the day. I don't do general politics usually, but here just a heart felt prayer extended to the people of the USA who have such a difficult decision today, a huge dilemma regards election. If we ever needed ET input it is surely right now!

This is an example of 'split edging' a photo taken in the 2015 Hackpen 'Eagle'. In the case of the Brazilian CC the video is unable to show such a good example despite myself recognising it as such. I show it here as much for thought and consideration of future CCs. Many will not be familiar with this feature so far.

11.11.16  On this very special day of remembrance and reflection for those who have given up their precious lives for us in war, I can't help but also reflect upon personal recent past years actively spent working within CC fields and often full of conflict too. There is obviously no comparison here. However with negative CC experiences on the one hand there are also ones of immense joy on the other acknowledged by the vast majority of visitors to CGI managed fields. For so many years the going rate for visitors to the UK CCs was one of complete disregard, a disrespect for local UK farmers resulting in constant battle. Let's face it , we were all guilty. This situation highlighted a remarkable irony actually as most of these visitors regarded themselves as spiritually enlightened yet were quite happy to tread uninvited on land and property on a routine basis which always seemed a bit odd to me. 

 But this is now slowly changing as a new awareness begins to settle in with more and more visitors, some with guides understanding that the aforementioned situation was not realistic nor sustainable. Visitors being mindful of fundamental respect will I feel be very healing, welcomed and indeed that respect will be increasingly reciprocated by local UK people as time unfolds.

CGI will do all it can to encourage and facilitate such good practice. I have to think positive. All we can do is only but try!


First we had 'BREXIT' ...all was shock,horror, doom and gloom! I like to think the British people will make this work. 

Next USA presidential elections...again, shock, horror,doom and gloom! You never know, we may all be surprised.

Now CC reform. Unthinkable/incomprehensible  over the last 35 years... but it is now actually happening and working.

With fresh new thinking perhaps fresh new outcomes.  

13.11.16  Last evening I went to see a new film at the local cinema entitled 'Arrival'. The subject was exactly what you would expect from the title, the imagined scenario surrounding a first Contact with an alien race. However, for me as a CF researcher there was an element of special interest. At Hill Barn, East Kennett, Wiltshire on July 26th 2012 we received a CF tramsmission (crop formation) that seemed familiar in some ways. I won't spoil fun by saying more but I think you will enjoy. I thought the film was well done and was very thought provoking. Check it out and see if you too can 'get it'.

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16.11.16  Newsletter.  In future I will try to use the abrieviation 'CF' (crop formation) instead of 'CC' (crop circle) which I now feel is outdated and many times misleading. This is not something new to the G1 long term enthusiasts/followers of the subject but may well be unfamiliar to the (G2's). Crop shapes, patterns, call them what you will have now evolved far beyond anything that which was true during the infancy of the phenomenon 35 years or so ago. This G2 group, which will be my primary 'target' group will very soon hugely outnumber the G1's as awareness and access to free grass roots education becomes more and more available ie. without the need to pay money for the privilege at some local hall or event. This style of 'sharing' seems to have become somewhat staid and repetitive and indeed can be a source of disinformation and bias as it attracts some 'speakers' with mixed agendas and often way 'off topic' as was shown last season. For instance, one chap was allowed to get away with the sensationalising  of relating routine military flares with an inference to something far more exotic. Very entertaining for the inexperienced and naive no doubt but not helpful.  It is hoped that in future years CGI will be able to provide a far more accessible, creative, non-sensationalistic and free alternative to the formal and limiting stage format that has been the norm for so long. Watch this space.

In future I shall also try to use such terms as 'transmissions', 'signals' and 'broadcasts' as a way of conveying what in practical terms appears to be happening when we receive new field events here on Earth beamed from an unknown source. i.e. the passing of information in whatever shape or form from one place, consciousness, dimension etc to another. As our understanding of the subject becomes further enhanced so will the language that that will be needed to share this information that is quite inexplicable and often needs descriptors of a far more creative nature. 

My gut feeling together with many others, feel the world is moving towards some sort of shake down/re-organisation of the ways things are done and it would not surprise me in the least that this may be manifested/reflected in the new 2017 CF season to come. If the CF issue were to become more 'centre stage' due to major administrative shift this would not surprise either; it has to come sooner or later after all. I just prey that if this does happen the person or people chosen to convey will be honest, wise and trustworthy. I would feel far more confident if this actual 'choosing' were done by the ETs themselves for obvious reasons. Interesting thoughts.

 My personal feeling is that ET will not allow the ultimate catastrophy. In my judgement this Ret. Captain. Robert Salas account is as good as it gets. This is also an informative video that you may wish to check out. I believe the events here related were actioned to send us a strong but benign message.

Further viewing could be Paul Hellyer on UFOs and related subjects. I can see no reason why this man would say what he does unless true or distort the truth. He was a former Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Defence to the Canadian Government.

The subject of UFOs and CFs are intertwined. UFOs for the large part remain invisable; CFs on the other are not. They are a way of successfully delivering the message in plain sight by side-stepping the power-base. Very clever indeed. 

19.11.16  Closer to definitive proof? Readers may be interested to hear that since my report on the Ansty CF around two months ago I have received not ONE email or 'Comment' challenging the report's integrity. Could this be due to the fact that my report included another totally independent report from a large firm of Land Surveyors (MRICS)? This company has had nothing to do with CFs in the past and took on this commission from me believing it to be a large garden-landscaping project. It was presented to them in this way so as to maintain impartiality and to avoid the natural human bias in a subject still retaining much social taboo. And since the proposal was purely hypothetical, they got paid promptly for task given and the company's name was never revealed the issue of betrayal of trust can hardly have been an issue. However my relationship with this company I see as evolving. The company's statement made it quite clear that the construction of this, or any other pattern, design or CF of this magnetude for that matter, would be unrealistic if approached in a more traditional way, in the way always portrayed in debunking/disinformation/ propaganda exercises i.e. with bits of string and tape measures. This would be like attempting to build a Rolls Royce with a garden rake! In the past there has been no mention of the use of technology such as TST as stated by myself before and it is highly unlikely that any skilled MRICS would routinely and consistently, over 35 years, have engaged in a systematic global conspiracy of illegal commissions such as CFs. They would lose their licences immediately for improper professional practice. This document is a damning indictment against the so called man-made hypothesis. My collaboration with this company can now potentially discredit any claims, assertions or make believe nonsense dreamt up by those wishing, for whatever reason to mis-represent the truth and reality of CF construction, past, present or future. The company's integrity and professional expertise/ information given relating to any complex pattern/design would be more than sufficient to make its case in any court of law.

This information and inherent principles, now out in the  public domain may be used with my blessing, freely and confidently by any wishing to 'speak', present or otherwise show this M/M idea is nothing more than a bunch of lies and divisive fantasy. Also, in so doing will naturally expose  clearly the purveyors and protagonists therein for what they truly are. This is something of which I am particularly interested. All I ask is to be clearly credited for this work. This work has cost me real money in fees paid to the company concerned.

I have never known of any other researcher in the past or present to have undertaken such work and document as I have done on this site. To ignore or understate such work would seem at best  quite remiss with regards any parties engaged in sincere broad spectrum CF research and the relating of same. This work IS significant. 

Please feel free (don't be shy, although I know many are!)  by adding your view/question on the 'Comments' page (or drop me a line) on this particular topic or indeed any subject mentioned on this site. I will reply if I feel your intentions are honorable and constructive. IOWs, no more Ian Hallings please! Thank you. 

25.11.16  Acronyms/abbreviations recently used on this site....just to clarify.

RICS=Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. MRICS=Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

FRICS=Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. (My primary contact.)


CF=Crop Formation.

TST=Total Station Theodolite.

EDM=Electronic Distance Meter.

14.12.16  A small but valid point against the silly idea that CFs are made by humans with rope and boards is the matter of RSI or repetitive strain injury. For anyone who has been engaged in tasks requiring repetitive limb movements, they will know that unless the body is well aligned and conditioned on a regular basis to such tasks the muscles soon become fatigued and real damage like strain may well occur. Just think about this if you still worry about the M/M issue. Remember, we are talking probably 1000s of required press downs for the average CF, which unless of an athletic makeup the body would soon weaken. Certainly the likes of two old men like Doug and Dave would not last 10 minutes! Do you really believe this tired looking old man and the likes are responsible for the dozens of huge, pristine and geometrically accurate CFs we get every year in the UK?   

What you actually see here is an illusion. All we see is a tired looking old man working  about 2-metres of crop. This head light is there purely for effect and is totally inadequate for the purposes inferred. I don't think this man's condition is really up to the job of hard physical work. Certainly not 1000's of repetitive press downs which would undoubtably result in RSI.

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