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First CC of season in canola Sixpenny Handley, Dorset. Reported 19th April. The bent stem photo in theory should settle the debate.


Photos Thomasz K with thanks.

This is the 2nd CC of the 2022 season in canola crop.

Enmill Barn, near Crab Wood, near Winchester, Hampshire, UK. Screenshots from video by Hampshire Flyer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH6H4Xb7AYY   With thanks. 

Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 17.34.59.png
Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 17.38.00.png
Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 17.33.53.png

10/5/22 UPDATE ON WEIR FARM.1 2021


Unfortunately this event was not covered fully due to inserted lack of clarity and confusion. This is common in the CC world! 


Over the years I have learned to be a bit sceptical about what people say and the hype within the CC arena and so now I tend to just stick to the facts, and what I know and witness first hand. I watched the 5th/6th June Hampshire Flyer and Nick Bull videos of this Weir Farm.1 2021  85-90mt diameter event (pretty big) which clearly show an overall symmetrically and geometrically accurate field pattern. The qualities of this pattern were recognisable to me and easily equal to that of hundreds of other CCs I have personally covered. So by simply cross-referencing these qualities with others that are unquestionably mysterious like those that also contain ‘day one’ stem bending for instance, that cannot be due to phototropism, one can reasonably conclude this CC too must be of a mysterious origin. Trends are an important part of discovery. The two-level partial ground lay here, the consistent overall character of that ground lay, the improbable radius issues associated with non accessible curved/circular elements, the subtle, consistent and perfectly dappled or ‘brushed’ ground lay which is a result of minor stem bending in this case, as opposed to ground level random crushing/ kinking as with planking, the absence of any collateral damage in or around the event, the highly improbable constructional issues it raises, collectively all add up to something seen countless times before and familiar to myself.

In other words, if this event is of a non mysterious origin, thousands of CCs worldwide are all non mysterious, which simply is no longer a sensible nor scientifically realistic option.


The delay of nearly 3 weeks between when it was first logged by Google Earth on 18/5/21 is curious. It could have been created a bit before this time of course. Could be no one was flying reconnaissance , the fact that the ground lay was slight and being of a ‘brushed’ nature would have made it less obvious from the road at least…or maybe something a bit more erroneous. But if I know one thing about CC photographers, once discovery is made they are on the case immediately. 


My experience has taught me that CCs with bending anomalies (like this one that partially lowers the level of crop, in this case to 2 different levels) notwithstanding the effects of weather do not change that much with time, if at all. (The x2 aspect could easily be described as a probability anomaly.) It’s like the nodes are stuck as if by glue. Take a look at the G/S of ‘The Sharks’ CC on Hackpen Hill 24/6/16. I was there for several weeks observing and helping the same farmer and the bent stalks did not move at all. The common misconception of so called 'spring-back' in CCs at least is a largely a fallacy.  


So to conclude, I liked this circle very much and  feel it was a shame that it was not taken seriously enough to report comprehensively.    

Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 22.06.31.png
Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 22.07.32.png
Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 22.26.35.png
Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 08.52.04.jpeg
Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 22.43.36.png
Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 08.47.22.jpeg

Screenshots from The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.

12/5/22 Ansty 'Mothership' 2016.




Unfortunately, at the time the Ansty CC was reported I was busy looking after a couple of CGI events at Hackpen Hill. However, a couple of our crew did manage to visit it on the ground and were glad they did.  They came back with some great photos and positive impressions of an exquisite and complex formation. Due to the nonsense being spun around this event I decided to employ the services of a professional Chartered Surveying company at my own cost. The comprehensive report can be found on my website here: https://www.coregroupinitiative.com/single-post/2018/04/05/a-brief-reminder-before-the-2018-season-begins

We can clearly see a trend by cross-referencing key markers from each CC, of desperate attempts to discredit the mysterious nature of most CCs that are endorsed over time by a relatively small and persistent group of trolls and deceivers. For example, the Yatesbury July 2012 (Break 3), Ansty  August 2016 (Mothership), Weir Farm 1, Uffcot 2021 (video game) and lastly Weir Farm 2 (Lourde) are all perfect examples of exquisite formations but associated with disinformation to sow seeds of doubt in the inexperienced. The hard core and shameless promotors are usually the same tired 'ol names of people year on year (usually supplemented each year by apprentice wanna-be's) who are historic and well known to us seasoned G1s. 

So again, this season, when the inevitable story breaks with a new CC, insisting a group/team were involved be very sceptical and note the characters. You will start to recognise the trend for yourself.     

13/5/22 I feel there is a tendency by many, when attempting to discover meaning within any given crop formation to look/interpret purely in human/Earth terms. I accept that when we have a non ambitious event, one that is not open to interpretation, like Phoenix rising from the ashes, Yatesbury 2009, or animal pictograms we have to just go with it. But otherwise there is no way of confirming one way or another and in my experience no confirmed new information has ever come out of wild or exotic postulations.