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7.4.22 CGI is supporting donations to the Red Cross Ukrainian Crisis Appeal.


First CC of season in canola Sixpenny Handley, Dorset. Reported 19th April. The bent stem photo in theory should settle the debate.


Photos Thomasz K with thanks.

This is the 2nd CC of the 2022 season in canola crop.

Enmill Barn, near Crab Wood, near Winchester, Hampshire, UK. Screenshots from video by Hampshire Flyer here:   With thanks. 

Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 17.34.59.png
Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 17.38.00.png
Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 17.33.53.png

10/5/22 UPDATE ON WEIR FARM.1 2021


Unfortunately this event was not covered fully due to inserted lack of clarity and confusion. This is common in the CC world! 


Over the years I have learned to be a bit sceptical about what people say and the hype within the CC arena and so now I tend to just stick to the facts, and what I know and witness first hand. I watched the 5th/6th June Hampshire Flyer and Nick Bull videos of this Weir Farm.1 2021  85-90mt diameter event (pretty big) which clearly show an overall symmetrically and geometrically accurate field pattern. The qualities of this pattern were recognisable to me and easily equal to that of hundreds of other CCs I have personally covered. So by simply cross-referencing these qualities with others that are unquestionably mysterious like those that also contain ‘day one’ stem bending for instance, that cannot be due to phototropism, one can reasonably conclude this CC too must be of a mysterious origin. Trends are an important part of discovery. The two-level partial ground lay here, the consistent overall character of that ground lay, the improbable radius issues associated with non accessible curved/circular elements, the subtle, consistent and perfectly dappled or ‘brushed’ ground lay which is a result of minor stem bending in this case, as opposed to ground level random crushing/ kinking as with planking, the absence of any collateral damage in or around the event, the highly improbable constructional issues it raises, collectively all add up to something seen countless times before and familiar to myself.

In other words, if this event is of a non mysterious origin, thousands of CCs worldwide are all non mysterious, which simply is no longer a sensible nor scientifically realistic option.


The delay of nearly 3 weeks between when it was first logged by Google Earth on 18/5/21 is curious. It could have been created a bit before this time of course. Could be no one was flying reconnaissance , the fact that the ground lay was slight and being of a ‘brushed’ nature would have made it less obvious from the road at least…or maybe something a bit more erroneous. But if I know one thing about CC photographers, once discovery is made they are on the case immediately. 


My experience has taught me that CCs with bending anomalies (like this one that partially lowers the level of crop, in this case to 2 different levels) notwithstanding the effects of weather do not change that much with time, if at all. (The x2 aspect could easily be described as a probability anomaly.) It’s like the nodes are stuck as if by glue. Take a look at the G/S of ‘The Sharks’ CC on Hackpen Hill 24/6/16. I was there for several weeks observing and helping the same farmer and the bent stalks did not move at all. The common misconception of so called 'spring-back' in CCs at least is a largely a fallacy.  


So to conclude, I liked this circle very much and  feel it was a shame that it was not taken seriously enough to report comprehensively.    

Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 22.06.31.png
Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 22.07.32.png
Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 22.26.35.png
Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 22.43.36.png
Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 08.52.04.jpeg
Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 08.47.22.jpeg

Screenshots from The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.

12/5/22 Ansty 'Mothership' 2016.




Unfortunately, at the time the Ansty CC was reported I was busy looking after a couple of CGI events at Hackpen Hill. However, a couple of our crew did manage to visit it on the ground and were glad they did.  They came back with some great photos and positive impressions of an exquisite and complex formation. Due to the nonsense being spun around this event I decided to employ the services of a professional Chartered Surveying company at my own cost. The comprehensive report can be found on my website here:

We can clearly see a trend by cross-referencing key markers from each CC, of desperate attempts to discredit the mysterious nature of most CCs that are endorsed over time by a relatively small and persistent group of trolls and deceivers. For example, the Yatesbury July 2012 (Break 3), Ansty  August 2016 (Mothership), Weir Farm 1, Uffcot 2021 (video game) and lastly Weir Farm 2 (Lourde) are all perfect examples of exquisite formations but associated with disinformation to sow seeds of doubt in the inexperienced. The hard core and shameless promotors are usually the same tired 'ol names of people year on year (usually supplemented each year by apprentice wanna-be's) who are historic and well known to us seasoned G1s. 

So again, this season, when the inevitable story breaks with a new CC, insisting a group/team were involved be very sceptical and note the characters. You will start to recognise the trend for yourself.     

13/5/22 I feel there is a tendency by many, when attempting to discover meaning within any given crop formation to look/interpret purely in human/Earth terms. I accept that when we have a non ambitious event, one that is not open to interpretation, like Phoenix rising from the ashes, Yatesbury 2009, or animal pictograms we have to just go with it. But otherwise there is no way of confirming one way or another and in my experience no confirmed any new information has ever come out of wild or exotic postulations. 


17/5/22. Today there will be the first US Congressional Hearing on UFOs in 50 years. Lawmakers want public transparency after report concluded UFOS are physical objects of unknown origin. This is BIG NEWS and hopefully progressive.

Point here for the CC phenomenon is that in truth there would not be such a stretch for the Circles to be taken more seriously. Could change everything. Not sure what this will do for the "All CCs are Man-made lot' ! Watch this space!


I took this photo when visiting the reconstruction on the site of the Rendlesham Forest UFO event of 1980. That was a weird experience!

IMG_4768 copy Rendlesham.png

Congressman Adam Schiff asking pertinent questions in the 'OPEN' session. The real sensitive stuff was discussed in 'CLOSED' later on. 

Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 09.01.26.jpeg

21/5/22 The barley crop in England is pretty much ready enough for a CC now...could get one at any time. This early season period is often the time when the 'bottom feeders' resurface (in an attempt to 'seed sow', set a negative or doubting tone for subsequent circles) so be on the lookout for such words as 'commissioned', music video or..."We know the people who dun it"...usually the same ol' crew involved. You'd have to be a 'can short' or a bit daft to be frank to think this precise and wonderfully manipulated barley feature in this image by Hannah Kathleen was made with bits of wood!

I would suggest that we just cannot separate the UFO/UAPs issue from the CC phenomenon. It is quite clear that ‘BOLs’ have been frequently witnessed within the CC arena for years which one could reasonably describe as ‘UFOs’. So now that ‘UFOs’ have been Officially and publicly acknowledged as something solid in reality, which we knew already but of course recognition was crucial for global socio/political acceptance, it would also be reasonable to widely regard the authenticity of CCs in the same light. I believe we are at a crossroads, an opportunity for growth, to get a grip… or alternatively we can carry on being fooled, deceived with silly games and stories. Change/evolution is inevitable, which ever way we cut it.


22/5/22 Little Down, Nr Hippenscombe, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd May The quintuplet continues within an octagon. This CC contained 'Energy Leak' feature with very intricate internal feature detail of this approx. 75m Dia. barley CC. 

Screenshot 2022-05-22 at 19.38.12.png

Photos with thanks Hampshire Flyer and Ellie Langford.

Screenshot 2022-05-22 at 20.47.34.png


Somebody just asked me if I had made a CC with wood and rope. Here's what I replied:

"I would approach the task quite differently by taking a holistic approach. I would firstly consider doing a detailed surveying of the terrain for levels that, if not properly considered could mitigate the integrity of the overall design. Topographic compensation would be practically impossible in a routine sense when attempting to create the pattern if on uneven ground. (Many CCs are created on uneven ground.) The ground would need to be perfectly levelled via a N and E , on two planes; datum points set for TST. The desired outcome is for a perfect pattern when viewed from above. The mapping plan is required to be predictably perfect each of many times. Complex geometry would just not be possible if a sound and reliable MO were not in place. This is why TST is the only MO commonly used in industry. If we are talking about a pattern similar to say Phoenix 2009 or even Galaxy 2001, many days spent with a Chartered Surveying Team with TST (I'm personally not pracically qualified there, but have worked with) pain stakingly flagging/staking and mapping would be primary. Curves are a particularly time consuming as more flag points needed.) Once done, like on a building site we could then start to translating from data to construction. The mode of construction would be dependant upon the outcome desired. In the case of most field patterns (CCs) which included biophysical anomalies the task would be simply impossible. W/o B/As the challenge would be to somehow effect the required pattern w/o collateral damage in a convincing and consistent and smoothly processed manner by whatever means.This would be a real issue in the real working world even with TST. Any finessed detailed featured would take considerable time and no doubt incure collateral damage locally to that feature. If also the given task was to do this consistently, creating 1000s of patterns globally as has been, to the same perfected standard over a 40+ year period, without evidence of rehearsal or error it would quite simply be the stuff of fantasy. It would however be possible to create very simple patterns using the traditional surveyance MO, and is done very occasionally for either debunking videos or commerce but would take time, in daylight. Complex is a big no no. Crop patterns are created extremely quickly and under the cover of limited darkness. So, please... consult a qualified Chartered Surveyor for cross referencing before you start jumping on this not just take my word for it. I have consulted, and documented with such professionals. See my W/S. Based on the aforementioned I am quite certain that the vast majority of CCs globally are of a mysterious nature and should be taken extremely seriously, just like the UAP phenomenon has just been taken seriously in US Congress last week. At some point we will just need to come to terms with all this in what is our reality."

31/5/22 Third CC of season in France. Saint Denis en Bugey, a little village in the department of Ain. Photo by Fabienne Phyton.


5/6/22 New crop formation under the Hackpen Hill White Horse. There is a code in ASCII that seems to spell out the word 'LOVE'. Photo: Hugh Newman with thanks.


19/6/22 New CC just reported, above White Horse Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire. A simple 10 fold in barley crop, approx. 70m dia.'spinner'. Has all the characteristics of a wonderfully mysterious formation, just in time for the summer  summer solstice.  

Screenshots from video by 'Cropcircles from the Air'. With thanks.

Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 09.48.37.jpeg
Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 09.47.22.jpeg

I have now spoken to the farmer and he has agreed to leave it but just for drone photography... he does not want people in there. So NO ENTRY I'm afraid.

20/6/22 I am now very happy to share with you my ongoing collaborative research relationship with widely published Professor Peter Cobbold (Emeritus) ex Liverpool University. He is a specialist in cellular biology and will be helping me with my working hypothesis measurements related to the  'Energy Leak' feature contained in many crop much other I hope. Obviously having this specialty in cellular biology will be very useful as we are dealing with anomalies within crop plants and his expertise will be greatly welcomed. However, he is primarily a mainstream scientist and as such his knowledge and skill set are extensive. His side interest is Ufology. I attach just some of his observations here. He has also done extensive and important work on the beneficial relationship between Vit D3 and Covid19.

I feel very humbled to be working along side such a professional and I hope that if this tricky subject can be taken a bit further I feel confident it will be with the help of Prof. Peter Cobbold. 

Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 09.05.21.png

24/6/22 The new cancer treatment centre at the Swindon Great Western Hospital was officially opened yesterday. Crop circle visitors should be very proud to have contributed over £22,000 towards this unit via. (CGI) working with the farmers in the field. This is great PR for CCs showing that they can contribute so well in society in a meaningful way. Even if you do not personally subscribe to radiotherapy as a treatment it nevertheless cures many and affords much hope, which is something vital when you are unwell.


30/6/22 A summery: Any human field patterns, are rare in truth. Last season we had only one on the Barbury Est. near Hackpen Hill. All this handmade nonsense /deception started in 1991 to throw people of the scent when a couple of old local blokes paid by a newspaper (encouraged from the TOP word has it). They never managed to do much more than cynically pose around in already created genuine CCs or construct the most rudimentary of patterns themselves. for the cameras. All they had to do was sit there and 'give the wrong impression' let's say. Around that time ,others thought it a good idea to do likewise, to betray their fellow man in the same way, some having it defined their now unproductive lives and are still claiming the same ol' silly nonsense to this very day. Occasionally some of these types will play stooge to some con initiative in return for money for saying..."We did it"....or to write a dis-information piece for a sympathetic ragtop. However, all this in the '90s was new to Joe Public then who just accepted the deception as truth in their naivety. Socially speaking we are generally a very compliant bunch and forming many of our views mainly on media, heresay and peer pressure, especially when the topic is undefined! Things have not changed that much alas because broad objective and sound CC education is not available. It has been a bit thin on the ground and the media have continued to promote the deception angle as this sells more copy and is more in line with current uninformed thinking. As from this year this will start to change as education is top of list and be part of a professional/scientific initiative, of which I play a part, whereon this topic is taken more seriously, especially now that DISCLOSURE was official since the June 24th CONGRESS announcement. But this year is becoming extremely interesting from a research POV too. Only about half a dozen events by end of June this is unprecedented. But especially interesting is the lack of CLAIMED events. We usually get often one or two at the beginning of season designed to set a tone but this year things seems different. End of season we  for same reason often get maybe one CLAIMED but we'll have to wait and see. The jury's still out on Sixpenny Handley but in any case, no claim so of little value. Not a remarkable event relatively.  I've known for years that the promotors of such claimed events are bogus, them merely exploiting existing mysterious formations and weaving some daft story around it to make it look more convincing. But with hardly any so far this season that would lend themselves to such exploitation the deceivers have nothing to 'work' with, are unable to ply their trickery. If we do not get another genuine CC this season there will also be no new CLAIMED events. I hope I'm wrong though as I'd like to go and have a close look, but it would not contain any biophysical anomalies for sure...and of course the location would be kept secret! My photo below shows us all gathered around the wonderful 'nest' at Avebury Truslow Aug 2015, I think. You can see famous TV presenter/ paranormal invetigator Jaime Maussan in centre.

DSC01674 2.jpg

4/7/22 New Crop circle near Kiteland Cottages, Nr Micheldever Station, Hampshire. Reported 3rd July. An impressive,  sophisticated and technically complex positive/negative arrangement in wheat within a 100m approx 

Screenshot 2022-07-04 at 07.30.59.jpeg

Photography 'Crop Circles from the Air' with thanks.

Screenshot 2022-07-04 at 07.28.18.jpeg

10/7/22 New CC at Cake Woods, near Froxfield, Wiltshire, UK A curious arrangement of triangles within a hexagon. The asymmetry of design seems somehow to add to the beauty,  akin the works of Picasso who made statement through imbalance. 

Photo: Hugh Human with thanks.


New CC. Pilgrim's Trail, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 12th July.


Photos The Hampshire Flyer and Hugh Human with thanks.


New CC. Lay Wood, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 14th July


Photos The Hampshire Flyer with thanks.


New CC near Barbury Castle reported yesterday 17/7/22.  Aerial photos to follow. Here are a couple of G/S. It would appear a Phase 2 has occurred. Some of the web sections have been infilled overnight! 


G/S photos Thomas Kaiser with thanks.


Phase 1. Reported 17/7/22


Phase 2.Reported 18/7/22

Aerial photos Kathy Mingo with thanks.


23/7/22 Re. Cancellation of my presentation at the Glastonbury Symposium on Sunday. We were on our way when calamity stuck! Serious issue with camper van engine so now on its way to hospital. Im afraid it won't be mended in time so sincere and humble apologies to those who had wished to attend the talk. C'est la vie.


Thought for the day: 'Most should be aware that the man- made stories/hype started in 1991 with the media sponsored Doug and Dave CLAIMS but for over a decade before people were just perplexed and in wonder; no mention of 'man-made'. There were no stories / hype associated with the Circles between when the CCs originated around 1978 and 1991. 1991 was when the hype kicked in. So what is the CLAIMERS explanation of where the Circles came from between these times? For instance, in 1988 there were 110 CCs reported in Wiltshire and Hampshire. To my knowledge not one was CLAIMED to. In 1989 there were 120 CCs reported, again no CLAIMS. That's a lot of work for two old guys without reason or publicity! Up until this time the Circles were relatively simple, commonly singles, quintuplet or ringed. In 1990 the patterns started to change. Pictograms were emerging like the one on the Led Zep album cover which happened in 1990. However, by some extraordinary coincidence, all of a sudden, like magic and now that the subject was open in the public domain these two old chappies 'CAME FORWARD' AND CLAIMED THEY HAD DONE THEM ALL! How convenient. It transpired they were sponsored by the red top newspaper 'Today'. After that, all and sundry deceivers climbed on board for a bit of notoriety. If you believe their claims...oh well...


24/7/22 New CC Etchilhampton. 

Farmer has granted access and donations to go to Cancer Research. Please take money to CC centre, Honey Street which will bring it to farmer at his farm when field has been harvested in about a week. Will be interesting to hear how much was given.

Many say this CC has Masonic associations but I'm not sure on that one. Firstly, the 'arrow' or 'compass' has not pivot ring so is fixed. Looks more like a chevron. Second, the triangle is not a right angled triangle. This is not at 90 deg. as would be seen in a typical Masonic set square. My view is that people get swept alone by popular view, and so the story builds. Not sure we should always view the CCs within human terms of reference.


Photos Kathy Mingo with thanks.


28/7/22  New CC reported today at Tawsmead Copse, nr West Stowell, Wiltshire. NO ACCESS ALLOWED.


3/8/22. Well folks, it looks like it's all over for another season. But what stood out for me this year were the unusually low numbers (only 12 I believe) coupled with the complete lack of CLAIMED events. Last year we had two that relied heavily on stories to deceive the public. These usually happen beginning or end of season intended to set a tone of disenchantment for people to lull on. Logically, one would think that if there actually were these teams of human of crop circle makers out there, they would be all too ready to fill in the gaps where the genuine mysterious CCs would normally be happening. No claims, no cack- handed or abandoned failed attempts reported, no arrests for criminal damage, no stories.( Human made patterns have been in truth extremely rare historically.) The reason to me is obvious. These story-telling deceiver types rely on genuine CCs to make a claim to. They find one then build a semi plausible explanation around it that often fits with some spuriously associated 'known' in the real world. It is surprising what you can persuade the uneducated/uninformed people en-masse to believe when coupled with peer pressure, suggestion, inferance and social hysteria...and of course a good story. You may well ask, well why would anyone waist there time with such a futile exercise? Are they just all pathological liars? The reasons why a few people (and they are a few, mostly 'old school' die hards) would even bother to go to these lengths for no real gains beyond politics and low frequency, ego based notoriety seeking is simply, and sadly, that there is a market/following for such. Lies and deception in the CC arena just like in the world as a whole is wholesale. The hard reality is that a minority need/ wish for it. Don't get me wrong, human made field patterns have been made but cannot in any way be compared to the mysterious variety. Why pay any attention to lead or tin when there is gold and platinum on the table? We have a real and genuine phenomenon on our hands here it or not. I suggest, and let's just call it, an inattentive or fragile mind that cannot yet come to terms with the highest probability of life in other realms.😐 Latest James Webb image of 'Cartwheel' galaxy. 


4/8/22 Spoke too soon. New CC at Woodborough Hill. I believe this is on the same farm as the one before at West Stowell. If so, NO ACCESS as hostile farmer.

Photo: Robert Jarmey with thanks.  

Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 14.34.43.jpeg

New CC reported 8/8/22 Etchilhampton Hill  no.2.  NO ACCESS. Now harvested. Photos 'Crop Circles From The Air' with thanks. 

Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 14.18.43.jpeg
Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 14.16.03.jpeg

9/8/22. We now have 100% EMPIRICAL PROOF that the vast majority of CCs are utterly mysterious in origin. As follows: In most CCs in immature crop we find stem node bending. THIS FEATURE IS ALWAYS PRESENT EARLY ON DAY ONE OF THE EVENT. This means that these changes CANNOT BE DUE TO NATURAL PHOTOTROPISM (sun-seeking.) THAT TAKES MANY DAYS to change the plant's orientation. This working hypothisis is backed by my associate researcher Professor of Cellular Biology ex Liverpool University. There is no scientist in the world that could sensibly dispute this fact. So, accept or not...we have the proof so many have been asking for. Question is...what will people do with it? It would seem that CROP CIRCLES ACTUALY ARE MYSTERIOUS, MOST PROBABLY CREATED BY NON HUMAN or AI HIGHER INTELLIGENCE.


11/8/22. Despite repeated requests to post this remarkable news, both CCC and its sister counterpart on FB, CCs, Ancient Mysteries etc, for some reason they refuse to publish. (13/8/22 UPDATE: FB page now allowing but w/o picture.) I find this such a tragedy as people have been asking for the PROOF that CCs are a genuine phenomenon for years. The research behind it was extensive and was over a 14 year period.   

17/8/22 When I entered the 'on-the-ground' arena in 2008 I knew almost nothing about crop circles. Since then and always willing I have steadily kept on learning. I didn't get stuck. My knowledge was based not on what I decided/prefered for myself or was peer-pressured into but rather more influenced by self discovery and new information that came along the way. I hope I have always been able to change POV, to remain flexible which is of course more helpful towards true discovery. We have now reached a point in CC research whereon we are now individually faced with our biggest challenge. A personal realisation, a coming to terms with will for many be challenging. In this I fear some will not manage but most certainly are not stupid. Integration towards inclusion into a Cosmic community could well be our goal. Hope to catch you later...maybe on the Planet Zorg?!

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