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This series in four parts will describe the deception effort of 2021. It looks at two events that were widely publicised as human made. They were not. 

Occasionally we get a concerted deception effort, a high profile and well publicised event whereon the usual hard core actors (known names/deceivers) emerge out of woodwork to assert their insistant presence as players in a STORY, usually at the beginning or end of season. What is also interesting is that on each occasion there are also wannabe deceivers, like apprentices that climb on board hoping to be part of the deception game to gain notoriety for themselves.

One such effort was deployed at the beginning of the 2021 season at Uffcott when two formations appeared on the same farmland, were to be the chosen target of such deceptive STORIES. On both occasions the deceptions were wholly reliant on the STORY rather than material fact that quickly gained traction as other gullibles repeated it. A form of social hysteria and lack of first hand knowledge and naivety became the vehicle enabling the process to develop. It is quite amazing what newcomers and indeed some more experienced can be duped into believing. Peer pressure, ‘suggestion’ and inference always play a major role here. TBC.




On a biophysical level our own FB group member Enzo R and friends now recall in his earlier post their on-the-ground visit to the Uffcott 1 Metatron’s Cube event on that day, one that was falsely linked to some obscure computer game. (BTW, THE GAME COMPANY EPIC DENY ANY KNOWLEDGE TO THIS EVENT.) Enzo et al confirm the anomalous nature contained therein. As you can clearly see, the crop has not been flattened moreover lightly ‘brushed’ with no discernible damage or collateral damage to the crop area whatsoever which would have been utterly impossible if humans were to be treading around. Also someone mentioned ‘spring back’ (another name for phototropism). This does NOT occur in MYSTERIOUSLY altered CCs. Once a CC lay has happened due to stem bending the status of the stalks does NOT change. I know this be the case as Iv e looked after a number of green crop CCs for a farmer with CGI charity initiative , often for some weeks so have opportunity to observe over time. ‘Sharks’ CC Hackpen Hill as example. I have seen this many times before and this subtle technique is effected by bending on at least one or two stem nodes which Enzo describes as present in Uffcott 1. This has a way of lowering the crop at different levels without damaging crop at all. I have, over the years called this ’considerate’ ground lay. Although I was unable to visit no.1 (as we needed to get back after spending two days assessing at the no.2 CC there) I did actually speak to the farmer beforehand who I know well, about all this but for reasons of confidentiality I cannot share details fully here. It would be inappropriate. But…despite the farmer having been paid well …. ‘for something, sometime’ I can 100% guarantee you will NEVER EVER see a video showing graduated ,open and truthful construction of this particular CC, free of trickery and clever CGI! …100%guaranteed, take or leave! But despite whatever you have been led to believe this event was 100% mysterious, no question… the Brighter Futures charity actually did very well out of it and a wonderful start to the 2021 season. Have you ever considered that sometimes, just maybe, it could possibly be the Deceivers who actually get ripped off! However, I do believe the farmer in question played his cards very well here, in this case! Things are not always quite as they seem , especially in the wonderful world of CCs. So a 100% mysterious CC despite all the stupid lies and attempted deception!

Screenshot 2023-01-07 at 13.10.12.jpeg


The second deception at Uffcott (Weir farm)was attempted 15 June 2012 ten days after the previous one on the same farm. Again this CC was publicised as a human made commission for some little known (in UK at least) music artist video. But this was not true. However, the disinformation was insistent with many completely submitting in their ignorance to the STORY, which is all that it was, a STORY for the inexperienced, naive, gullible, media and propagandists.

One commonality between this and the previous CC was someone called Kennith Heck (probably not a real name/person) who has not a clue! and pronounced both Uffcott 1 and this as non mysterious on CCC, which is the main prominent CC w/s.. I have no idea where this guy came from (maybe they just dragged him off the street!) and he clearly does not have the first idea, not a clue about CCs. Never heard ,seen or met the guy before but he suddenly became this ‘expert’ entrusted by CCC. Uggh! The CC went straight to ‘Rumours’ without any thought, consultation or other inquiries made just like the last. Fishy, odd, odd, odd! This has sadly been my experience with CCC before (makes you wonder if they are looped into ‘something’ themselves?) and often you’ll find CCs in ‘Rumours’ that are quite genuine. Think about all this.That’s usually step one.

Step two is you get the usual suspects involved, known hard core debunkers and story tellers (I will be discrete and not name names but I know who this lot are) that narrate and promote the ongoing lies by building the STORY. Can be aggressive, arrogant and condescending in manner.

Anyways, the farmer, who I have worked with many times before with the CGI/ Brighter Futures charity initiative wished no entry to the public but asked me to relay my findings (with his permission and endorsement obviously) after an my assessment. He certainly did not say anything about any commission, was quite candid about it and intrigued I think what with all the STORIES going around. Unlike Uffcott 1 where money was paid to him, this was not the case with this CC.

But to be sure, after I have have published this post on this FB page you can almost guarantee you'll hear all the nonsense STORIES about this alleged music video and how hunam made this event was. Trust's all a complete load of BS!

So we drove down to this remote location and camped undisturbed for two days to do an appraisal. A lovely spot as it turned out. TBC.




The Uffcott 2 event was in green barley and was immediately impressive. Hardly visited at all, only very few and farmer most probably, the sparse crop plants in the tramlines were pretty much undamaged. Once inside the most impressive aspects were excellent examples of ‘Energy Leak’ (in tramline photos below the EL anomaly is the 'still standing ' crop just to one side of the T/Ls) bent stem nodes everywhere, crop combing and water-flow feature. I could find no evidence of collateral damage anywhere…inside or outside of CC area. The complex and perfectly constructed asymmetric pattern was hard to fathom from the ground but was consistent in quality and form throughout. If you notice, the flattened parts of the ground lay after two weeks old have not changed their status, REMAINING IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION AS WHEN THEY WERE ORIGINALLY PUT DOWN..WHICH IS TYPICAL. If you are on-site experienced to hear this arrangement was being promoted as non mysterious is utterly ridiculous, laughable. But of course for those without this insight of on-site personal visitation I can see how people could be easily duped and just believe a STORY about a music video. The farmer had no knowledge or neither was he paid. In all likelihood, if it wasn’t for my report most would carry on believing this was done with bits of wood and rope….absolutely daft! People are not stupid but like anything else, we need good truthful information to make an informed judgement otherwise it is just subjective personal opinion which is not always useful in the final analysis. This is why these creeps do what they do and for no good reason. They are laughing at the uneducated and get a kick from their deceptions. I think the equation may now be slowly changing though as people become more educated.

As said, I recognised the qualities and signature of the CC immediately and they cross-matched the qualities and features of countless others Ive been in over the years. Cross-matching is a vital assessment tool as not all CCs contain the same features but there are usually crossovers, commonalities which one can rely on. I spent a number of hours in total over the two days there, inside the CC and came away just knowing that this, like so many others was absolutely a 100% mysterious event, no question. It’s a bit like you recognise your car in a busy car park…sometimes just the little things.

It can really make you feel quite peeved though, thinking there are those out there that deliberately wish to rob people of the commonly life changing magic and joy inherent in events like this. Maybe that is why the dis-informers do not wish more happiness for you. Unlike them ,who are most probably bitter, stale and frustrated you may become enhanced and unimaginably enriched!

So to recap. A CC perfect in every way publicised as commissioned for a music video. The farmer knew nothing about it beforehand apart from after the fact and only what was out in the public arena. He was not paid anything by anyone for anything. Nobody claimed responsibility. Practically no evidence of vehicle or man movement either in nor out of event. Farmer wished me to investigate basically, which I did and concluded this as just another example of a wonderful mysterious event.


All three images are from the Uffcott 2 CC in barley crop showing very clearly the 'Energy Leak' feature which is characterised by still standing crop next to a tramline. I categorise this as a 'probability' anomaly.

Photos: Myself. 


So To Summarise on the Uffcott x2 CCs 2021.

UFFCOTT 1. Clearly the subject of a DECEPTION ATTEMPT to fool the public. It heavily relies upon a STORY about a gaming video, which does not hold up to scrutiny; the gaming company denied knowledge. Nobody has claimed responsibility despite it being promoted as legit and done in the day. To lay crop plants in this ‘stippled’ manner would be out of the question if attempted by crude mechanical means. Its true, farmer was paid and gave a permission…for something sometime but did not witness it being done…he was too busy but he didn't care because he got paid, and far more than the average CC area would be worth! It was the deeiver who got conned! Famers too can be innocently duped. But it worked out well because neither parties needed to do a thing. It is scientifically impossible for nodal plants to recover so dramatically in such a short space of time. Personal testimony assures us the CC event itself was of a stippled lay with nodal bending around the time of the videos by NB and Mark the HF 5/6/21 which too confirms this fact and stayed that way until harvest, unless tampered with after that date. I will check on that with combiner later in season though. Google Earth clearly shows stippled and ‘brushed’ upright crop 18/5/21 . For reasons not yet confirmed there was a gap between GE image and videos. It could be that the CC was just undiscovered for this time…or…something more nefarious. (The back story may be even more interesting folks!) No question, a wonderful mysterious event with an overall ‘machine-like ‘ quality that was not reported extensively because of the STORY and hence deterred interest and in consequence no detailed ground shots available. Isn't that funny? PEOPLE WERE CONNED ONCE AGAIN I’M AFRAID!

UFFCOTT 2. Another subject of DECEPTION. Ive seen too many of these things now to doubt that. In fact it took me less than a minute to understand what was in front of me, this was a genuine mysterious event. Again, the event heavily relies upon a STORY rather than material fact. The STORY is actually irrelevant as it could have been about Micky Mouse. My assessment did not need a STORY as my eyes told me otherwise. Nobody else did a field assessment of this CC so public opinion was steered toward fiction and needed to rely on a STORY. I mean, in a courtroom say, the jury is far more likely to take seriously a credable(I like to think I'm credible anyways) ‘on scene of crime’ witness, especially if he had 14 years of field research experience, do you not think? The CC contained anomalies that I have seen countless times and cross-referenced well with qualities attributed to countless other mysterious events. The farmer had no involvement here, indeed wished me to assess and report back to him and nobody has claimed responsibility. As with all CCs you will NEVER see a failed or practice pattern reported anywhere, even with the most complicated and sophisticated designs, which suggests all are FIRST TIME PERFECT! Now, please ask yourself this one question…'Are people doing anything in this world free from making mistakes?' Of course not, we all make mistakes. Even the just launched SPACEX mission went wrong! Please use common sense here.

So, an exquisite CC albeit of an unusual design with exquisite ground lay in perfect condition and based on observation, knowledge, logic and probability as much as anything, a 100% mysterious event no question. Bottom line folks, if this is human made, all CCs are …which is no longer a scientific option. I am sorry if this comes as a bit of a shock , so many have been fooled again here, but there’s no shame in learning. SO AGAIN, PEOPLE WERE CONNED ONCE AGAIN I’M AFRAID!



5/3/23 A Highly Significant Event?

On the 15th July 2013 we had a fine CC land near Hackpen Hill at Uffcott Down, off the Ridgeway, Wilts. between 'Sisters' one and two. I believe I got there on day two. We set up nicely and soon the visitors started to arrive. All went well for several weeks. This one was popular and people named it ‘The Dreamcatcher’. Early in the morning of the 13th August and still there I needed to go outside for a wee as is my habit. Around 6am I got up and looked outside as is my habit also to check for new CCs. To my utter amazement a new Crop circle had appeared pretty much right in front of my camper van! It was still misty but it was clearly visible as so close. We called this 'The Necklace'. I immediately went over to check. Sure enough, this was yet another faultless field formation. This was a mysterious event for sure as I recognised the features. There was no collateral damage in the area whatsoever. You will see the relative distances and position of my camper in the photo. I have no doubt in my mind that if there was anyone milling around in that field I would have known. In any case, nobody in their right mind would attempt anything knowing I was just a short distance away, that is a given. Up there is normally utterly silent at night and I am a light sleeper. On the 31st August the formation had a Phase 2 would you believe, soon after I left the site to go home…I only have Maya48’s diagram of that. Now, the die hards will predictably say, well, because you didn’t actually video the event in real time right next to the circle, it’s not evidence. Well, as I stated yesterday, in law, common and good circumstantial evidence is as powerful as direct evidence. If you have been following the ALEX MURDAUGH murder trial in the States you will know that he was just sentenced to life with circumstantial evidence just like this. This CC event stands out inmy mind as one of the most stunning experiences of my whole CC life.


Photo before edit:CCC with thanks.

Diagram: Maya48 with thanks.

Ground shots: Myself.

11/5/23  As I've said before, be ready for an early season ‘CLAIMED BY HUMANS …WE KNOW WHO DID IT’ etc crop formation. The yellow canola is now ready but not popular with debunkers. This false story event  will most likely will be in barley which will be ready very soon. I do not usually tend to do predictions but this season the culprits will most probably feel the need to keep the location a secret so it cannot be inspected and shown to be mysterious in truth. In 2021 I debunked the deceivers claim of Weir Farm 1 and 2 which they didn't like obviously. Of course they may even move their ‘project’ to mid season after me writing this. I say ‘what I've said’ as it would seem I am the only one to be active and regularly informing people of the false narrative matrix behind the CC scene. They know perfectly well I or others will go and inspect for assessment as soon as the location is known publicly but sometimes in the past, as well as delaying the publication of discovery (giving time to concoct a STORY) the location itself has even been kept a secret which really does happen, so people CANNOT INSPECT. This CLAIM has also been done aided by a very late CC immediately before harvesting. But the w/s who would normally inform the photographer better be sure no other impartial individual finds the CC at the same time  as that will blow a hole in their plan and will need to defer. Remember, the way it works is as follows: Initial report from a casual souce like a dog walker to website (w/s). From w/s to colluding photographer (who is a willing co-conspiriitor as does not accept CCs as mysterious). From photographer back to w/s. From w/s to dis-informing ‘agent’ (STORY builder/ teller). From story teller to back to colluding w/s. Finally w/s publication as human made. I happen to know all the players in this nasty little game and have observed and cross-referenced this scheme over the years. Oddly, not all CCs have an associated STORY. I wonder why? Anyways, you have been warned.


28/5/23 First CC Broad Hinton near Hackpen Hill. In barley this 'spinner' event contains the  'Energy Leak' feature which is a high probability pointer towards the mysterious. For those who are not familiar with this term it refers to the 'still standing crop' within the tramline in an otherwise laid crop area. This would seem highly improbable if done by humans and has been a consistent feature of crop circles over the years. 

PHOTO-202 (14).jpg
PHOTO-202 (2).jpg
PHOTO-202 (3).jpg
PHOTO-202 (25).jpg
PHOTO-202 (21).jpg
PHOTO-202 (24).jpg
PHOTO-202 (27).jpg

1/6/23 New crop circle in wheat in Cascina in the Cascina San Michele area, near via Giulietta., Italy.

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 13.07.29.jpeg

4/6/23 New barley crop formation (pictogram) near Winterbourne Bassett. The long pattern closely resembles that of the 1990 formation (below) that was featured on the Led Zeppelin album cover. We met the farmer who does not want people in the field.

PHOTO-202 (4).jpg
PHOTO-202 (8).jpg

The photo to the right clearly shows 'still standing' crop in the tramline which is an indicator of a truly mysterious event.

PHOTO-202 (3).jpg

7/6/23 Latest CC in barley, quite large at over 100m in diameter discovered at Pattern, near Devizes. Looks like a sunflower outline that could well have a Phase 2 infill. 


Roundway Down, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 11th June

PHOTO-202 (7).jpg

18/6/23 New CC at Eastleigh Court, Nr Bishopstrow, Wiltshire. In barley at around 100m Dia.

PHOTO-202 (15).jpg
PHOTO-202 (16).jpg

New CC at Allan King Way, Nr Owslebury, Hampshire. Reported 26th June. Over 100M in diameter in wheat crop. 

New crop circle Norton Plantation, Nr Norton Bavant, Wiltshire. Reported 7th July .

This CC had two significant features. Firstly, the CC was created on a 'bent' field.

IOWs the field was seriously uneven and on an incline. When viewed from above the CC looks geometrically perfect and not distorted in any way. This is the norm with CCs historically. I call this topographical compensation or correction. 

Secondly, the CC contained what I have described many times before, 'Energy Leak' which is a probability anomaly whereon there is a line of still standing crop along the tramline in an otherwise area of laid down crop. A very pretty CC approx 100m wide.  

PHOTO-202 (40).jpg

New CC reported 9/7/23 Lane End Down, Nr Beauworth, Hampshire. Image: 'Crop Circles from the Air' with thanks.


Barton Stacey Belt, Nr South Wonston, Hampshire. Reported 9th July. Image: 'Crop Circles from the Air' with thanks.

PHOTO-202 (44).jpg
PHOTO-202 (45).jpg
PHOTO-202 (46).jpg

New CC Reported 14th July. Near Hackpen Hill / Fiddlers Hill. This is easily the most significant and profound CC of the season, if not much longer. It depicts an old fashioned barbers razor with what looks like blood dripping from it. This was a complete shock when I first saw it being used more benign and pleasant patterns beforehand. I just cannot imagine why the Circlemakers would send us such a design. 

PHOTO-202 (52).jpg

Here we have a prime example of what I have termed as the  'Energy Leak' feature. That is, a still standing line of crop along one side of the tramline in an otherwise laid down area of crop. I call this a 'probability anomaly' and is strong pointer to a mysterious event. Despite any social comment due to its visual content I am very confident this is a genuine crop circle, which is a very sobering thought to ponder on! 


Hatherden Lane, Nr Charlton, Hampshire. Reported 25th July

Charlton, Andover. 25_7_23.jpg

July 26th 2023 will go down in history as the day ET was recognised as an integral aspect of Man's reality. 

It is the date of the Congressional Oversight Committee Hearing on the UAP/UFO phenomenon. WOW!

New crop circle 30/7/23 near West Mean, Hampshire. Image: Peter Morris with thanks.


New CC at Combe Hill, Nr Bratton, Wiltshire. Reported 30th July 2023. On Ministry of Defence land so NO ENTRY! Images: Crop Circles from Above. With thanks.


Collingbourne, Wiltshire. Reported July 30th. You could be forgiven for believing this CC was incomplete or even man made. But the fact is, it contains 'Energy Leak' .ie. the still standing crop to one edge of the tramline which is a strong pointer towards the mysterious. Images: Kathy Mingo with thanks.


Preston Grange, Preston Candover, Hampshire. Reported 2nd August Image: Crop Circles fro the Air. With thanks.


Wayland's Smithy, Nr Ashbury, Wiltshire. Reported 4th August. Image: Crop Circles from Above. With thanks.


9/8/23 There's a mystery surrounding this totem pole which has randomly appeared at a nature reserve in south-east England. 

The 8ft tall sculpture (2.4 metres) has been carved from a single tree and is inscribed with the name Perkūnas, a Baltic god.

The Kent Wildlife Trust is appealing for the creator to come forward because they want to apply for planning permission so they can keep it.

As of yet, it's still unclear how and why it has appeared.


I immediately thought of the mysterious monoliths that appeared globally three years ago. Could this represent a continuation of that phenomenon?

Cley Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 10th August. This CC in mature wheat measures around 185m in diameter. 


Roundway Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 13th August. Photos: Crop Circles from Above with thanks.

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