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15.1.17 Thought for the day.  As we approach P.E Trump's inauguration and bearing in mind he is a citizen as opposed to a cautious career politician and one not to be seemingly afraid of questioning establishment views, is it possible he may be the one to move forward more towards 'Disclosure'? Certainly his attitude towards issues unthinkable for most US Presidents would suggest he is actually capable of such a thing. If this does happen we better all hold on tight as the resultant shock, especially for those with belief based issues will pose conciderable dilemma. However, perhaps this is what the world needs right now as the effect, I feel overall would be one more of world unity (reference Reagan speech.) Our crop  formation world would certainly soon become much busier with simple truth organisations such as CGI becoming more centre stage perhaps as a means towards managing social integration with the phenomenon. But obviously and in truth it remains to be seen just how effective the Trump administration will actually be in all issues for that matter. 

28.10.17  UPDATE:  Getting closer...Trump now vowing to release ALL JFK assassination files.

3.2.17  Just a vital reminder...a must read! Quite simply put, if anyone in reality possessed a Divine level of crafting capacity capable of manipulating material to such a highly technically accurate level in this way i.e. tape measures and rope, they would be immediately exaulted to the highest echelons of miraculous-grade artform and to no doubt be sharing their talents in other modes such as entertaining Royalty et al. They certainly would not be driving around in scuffy little second hand bangers (cars) such as I witnessed at the Salthrop disinformation event.














Sadly what you see here are deceivers, actively and deliberately attempting to betray their fellow Man for reasons of self-engrandisement. I wish I could report differently but this is the simple truth of the matter...I literally watched them do it. This tape and rope method of construction is unrealistic and unworkable; it's like attempting to build a Rolls Royce with a pair of tweezers! It's a media lie (yes I'm afraid D Trump is correct on that one...the media do in fact have a habit of distorting the truth (with this subject at least) and sometimes outright lying!) and I am as sure as I can be of my facts here based on close consultation with the RICS ( Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors ). I have now spoken to three MRICS practicing in completely separate companies. They all say the same i.e. that tape and rope is an unrealistic MO for accurate setting out of complex CFs in a timely manner. In my experience CFs seem to appear complete and perfect within a very short space of time.


I'm afraid the bottom line here for sceptics is that if we can't accept the professional opinion of a long established

firm of practicing chartered surveyors with many years of experience then I suspect the problem lies within

the sceptics themselves. After all, we would generally accept the view of our consultant physician with

regards an ailment but sometimes seek a second opinion. So, I would strongly encourage anyone who

doubts this view held by my RICS associates to take the time to do just that, ask another MRICS; my money 

is that he will say exactly the same. 

The method of tape and rope would only be effective on the most basic and simplistic designs but has 

been the method consistently publicised since the disinformation campaign started

in 1991 with Doug and Dave etc. Never have we seen TST being referenced or used which

suggests these debunkers types were not even aware of such technology, not to mention 

capable of operating it which requires topographic survey training to a very high level,

hence my consultation with a this large company registered with the RICS. If these people had

such training they would not be playing around in crop fields, rather participating in lucrative  

professional careers and doing something constructive with their lives.


Nothing less than Total Station Theodolite (TST) technology would be required to

ensure the successful construction of 100% accurate designs that we have seen

routinely now in fields globally since the late '70s. Even with this technology complex CFs

would still be impossible to create within the time restraints that are the norm throughout CF history.

This fact was endorsed clearly by my RICS associate and spelt out in my recent article here. This fact is

indisputable and would stand up in any court of law. I have no reason whatsoever to believe TST has EVER BEEN USED 

 in the construction of any CFs which compels us to accept the vast majority of CFs worldwide

are totally mysterious in origin. If one considers these factors seriously and without bias or prejudice

 the case would appear proven beyond any doubt i.e. that the human made hypothesis is

complely false which seems to be driven by media hype and political tension. Many believe the world is entitled

to know that this extraordinary and unprecedented truth is part and parcel of our collective reality.

17.4.17 New Drone-Code released by the Civil Aviation Authority.  The code says...

-do not fly near airports.

-keep drones below 400ft.

-keep drones 150ft away from buildings.

-keep the drone within sight at all times.


Since non of these requirements need apply when photographing most CFs there would appear no cause for concern.

The days of needing to book an expensive microlight aircraft flight are long gone. The picture quality of up to date drone cameras can easily be the equivalent to conventional equipment. The downside is that one doesn't get to enjoy the pleasure-flight aspect. 


  Here we go again!!!

17.4.17  First CF of the season, Cherhill, Wiltshire, under White Horse reported 16.4.17. in the exact spot of the 'Peacepipe Alien' CF of 27 July 2011. Although I've not spoken to the farmer concerned yet, I know him...a lovely man but hostile to the phenomenon. Evidently he is saying no to visitors, which I can well believe! Can be viewed from the hill. This CF contains a very good example of topographic compensation.

See more photos:

Please note the undulating nature of the terrain; subtle adjustments were necessary to ensure design looks convincing from an aerial perspective. Mind-boggleingly challenging from a practical perspective. Some ground shots will therefore look a bit crooked as this is course material about 4ft high now and some edge-of-design stems prone to falling over after losing support from neighbouring plants. Please read my recent article on canola fracture.

An undeniably technically impressive event in a very conspicuous location.

Photos. Copyright CCC with thanks.    

19.4.17 New CF reported 18.4.17 at Tarlton Down, Nr Cherlington, Gloucestershire.

The most striking feature of this event apart from its obvious similarities to the Cherhill event of the 16th is the dappled nature of its crop-lay. Not lay in the usual sense, rather an intermittent 'adjustment' resulting in a pattern when viewed from above. I call this 'considerate lay' as it gives the impression of a regard for the farmer's need to harvest the crop without waste. We saw this last season in 'The Sharks' CF on Hackpen Hill whereupon the crop was stepped down 25cms by way of double node bending but not laid flat to the ground.

 No farmer contact has been made as yet regards field entry.

Photo copyright MrGiro with thanks. 

22.4.17 New canola CF near Avebury stones on Waden Hill. This farmer is notoriously anti-crop circles and will not allow people near this event. 


Far right: an interesting perspective; I think the Creators of this formation really wanted it to be noticed by as many people as possible, don't you?

The deliberate nature of positioning stands out a mile!

Photo copyright CCC with thanks.

24.4.17  New canola CF Olivers Castle.

This one looks ripe for a phase 2. 

Photo copyright CCC with thanks.

Photo by member of the CGI team...with thanks.

26.4.17  A new and very worrying development and with regards the Cherhill canola formation in particular. The farmer has cut it out! Canola events have mostly got away with it in the past, in fact I can't remember when I last saw one cut. Is this the sign of things to come? The fact that a front line crop enthusiast publicised a video of himself inside the Avebury event recently may or may not have had something to do with it. Anyways this in my view was ill-advised and imprudent at a very fragile and sensitive time of developing a more positive PR with farmers.

4.5.17  New canola CF at Willoughby Hedges near Mere in Wiltshire. The overall precision of geometry from an aerial perspective seems to compare well with countless other canola formations that are, by probability standards at least, mysterious in origin. The course nature of canola, as said many times before is that it does not lend itself to sharp edged design nor neat ground lay unlike wheat which is sown more densely resulting in a much tighter and quite commonly, exquisite impression. So to not concider such in appraising would seem misleading. 

The bare areas within this canola ground-lay equate to the way in which the crop has been 'combed' and there does seem to be a consistency of this feature here over all 17 separate components of the design. In other words the lay was not formed by means of one continuous circular sweep in one direction or the other, commonly found so often elsewhere. I have seen this combed feature many times before and cannot be confused or is indeed consistent with foot tread as in pathways inferring human involvement; pathways through crop formations tend to be continuous. Also, canola fields commonly have bare patches in random areas which hinder let's call it, the 'perfect' design impression.


Bearing in mind that canola is the most inhospitable material to be next to I would find it very hard to sensibly accept humans would tackle such a task at night resulting in the very satisfactory first-time result here shown without mistakes. This always seems to be the case with crop formations over the decades...first time perfect. If humans were ever involved probability would suggest at least a small percentage of aborted missions whereon the work up to that error point was correct and true. We never see this!

The field bean formation to the right which occurred 7.6.2010 at Stoney Littleton Long Barrow appears to have striking similarities suggesting a common creator. This was an interesting CF to visit as CFs are uncommon in field beans. The foot tread path of visitors is clearly visible in photo to right and is continuous from one circle to the next, which the Willoughby CF does not have. If we were to consider these bare areas in Willoughby as evidence of foot tread this would be illogical and misleading. I have to say that if humans were clever enough to form such a creation I would argue that they would not be stupid enough to leave such obvious evidence of their being there. 













7.5.17  Thought for the day: I try not to give a

personal opinion as such (a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty) when it comes to the phenomenon, rather just submit understandable observations and evidence as I find. I worry about the possibility of misleading people. I have observed opinions eagerly volunteered from some 'regular commentators' let's call them that can suggest we should believe what they say solely based on some sort of perceived 'authority' which is sometimes undeserved as it has shown many times to lack a pragmatic approach accompanied by supportive evidence. Could this have the effect of biasing the narrative on a larger scale? Most people do not get to have a first hand experience of the subject and is hard for them to gauge. Should front-line commentators/sensible researchers, as reason and fairness may dictate, do all they can to convey the truth as accurately as possible as opposed to merely posting something to advance their profile or personal agenda? I believe this does happen commonly. You will not find that within these pages, rest assured. I think most will agree this topic is far too immense,unique and important and deserves our selfless best.

10.5.17  Thought for the day: Just a small thing, a question addressed to all the nay-sayers, debunkers and dis-informers. If you have so little faith and understanding in the potential and intrigue of this subject and believe it just the work of idol mundanity, why on Earth do you stick around when you could be doing something far more constructive. Just think, you could be playing football, snooker or even collecting money for charity? Choose a subject that inspires you, maybe help someone.  But just remember, perhaps take comfort in, the Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe it would seem!

14.5.17 Again I say, ahead of time, please do not be tempted to join a group (even if you’ve paid them money up front) whose leader (who just won't be bossed around and told what to do) has acquired no official permission to go into the CC. This is not a smart move in any way as it will only compound the already tense and delicate relationship with the farmer/community who have had enough.This will only encourage other sheeple to lamely follow you in. We've already had one CF cut, which was in canola, almost unheard of. The tired old line…”Someone  said it was OK to go in”, as one Dutch group 'leader' so wisely (LOL) replied no longer holds any credibility (as if it ever did.) This beggars the question…"Is this responsible and helpful behaviour?" We would like to think that CF culture is now slowly evolving!

21.5.17  A beautiful new CF in barley at Stitchcombe and immediately cut by farmer. I suspect this will continue as long as people fail to show respect. The situation is certainly not helped by 'hero-esque' types mostly' G1 old school' quasi-researchers/ commentators reporting on video direct from the actual site then broadcasting to the whole world (including farmers!) as did recently happen at Avebury by a one GK who should know better by now! Dumb! This is better done by drones whereon respect is maintained. So this is the second CF cut this season so far. 


22.5.17 New vesica piscis type CF in barley down near Minterne Magna, Dorset which is a relative 'safe zone' as the farmers are historically less 'battle weary'. Let's hope it's allowed to stay by people showing respect to the farmer.

23.5.17  Based on ground shots now available and video footage submitted it would seem very clear to me at least the very mysterious nature of this CF. 'Energy Leak' feature coupled with partial or 'feather brush' ground lay over some large areas strongly points towards something highly improbable in terms of human involvement. I will attempt to illustrate this in more detail later today.

Photo copyright CCC with thanks.

Copyright Olivier Morel 2010 with thanks.

Example of a human visitor pathway which is quite naturally continuous.

Photo unknown copyright.

25.5.17  With reference to the new CF under the White Horse, Alton Barnes, I know what the farmer there is like and it probably won't last five minutes I'm afraid! 

30.5.17 Update:  I was's still there!

Image copyright CCC with thanks.

28.5.17 I was surprised when we had a formation in Alton Barnes as it has been hostile territory for some time now. The event near the Space and Science Centre did not surprise nor did the small event in Cornwall! However to get two at Broad Hinton (right) today very close to where CGI have been helping for the last three years seems more that coincidence. What should one think here? This feels very significant!

 The 3 Broad Hinton CFs

Image below Valeria Margherita Zanola Copyright 2015

29.5.17  The truly magnificent, extensive and complex Italian CF (crop formation) containing probable 8-bit ASCII coding is the subject of another (yorn) disinformation campaign headed up by a one F.Grassi (Italian), a known attention-seeking pro-debunker and promoting on FB (the Italian equivalent to Doug and Dave!) Those who meekly just accept it is the work of some locals (Yorn,yorn) clearly have no practical grasp of what such a Herculean task would entail. Please read research articles on this site here to help understand in detail.

I await eagerly for this crop formation's decoded message! Truly magnificent...IF not a photoshop!!  The event from 2015 far right was decoded to: "Beware of ET bearing gifts".

  Scalenghe, Italy. 28 May 2017                                            Torino, Italy. 23 June 2015

   From the same 'family'?  To accept one is to accept the other: totally mysterious.

30.5.17  This image (right) looks real enough to me taken by a drone camera with curved horizon. This is the most significant event of the year but curiously it is not being sensibly covered by the usual web sites. This is very odd indeed...and quite worrying! 

If anybody in Italy is able to send me more photos I would be very grateful.Contact me through the 'CONTACT' page. Thanks.

These are the only useful ground shots I have but they would seem to suggest that this is in fact, a real 'on-the-ground' event as for one thing the buildings match up. 

Copyrights unknown.

I do not normally speculate but could it be that the message engendered within is so profound that the other Circle websites are reluctant to publicise? Food for thought. We shall see in the fullness of time no doubt!

31.5.17  This Italian CF appears to be the subject of another disturbing disinformation campaign very similar to Ansty last season. It has now reached the point where the leading crop circle web site (CCC) will only report on it in their 'Rumours' page. They did report on Ansty last season which was also the subject of such a campaign. "Why", you may ask. Well there are two possible explanations:

1. They genuinely believe it is a fake and wish not to encourage the promotors.


 2. They feel intimidated by something or someone!

The story so far is that some Italian debunker types made it overnight with the farmer's permission. (LOL)  First question a child may ask..."Why overnight if with farmer permission"?

FACT...this would be TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE IN REALITY whether at night or in the day within the described parameters if attempted by humans. Please believe me when I say these claims are COMPLETE LIES and the people involved have to be imposters and deceivers of the first order. Please read my 'Professionally Prepared Report' article that substantiates my position here. Also read: 'Witnessed Event...' article. The first report references the professional judgement/view of a large company of Chartered Surveyors in the UK who make it quite clear just how challenging such constructional tasks would be in reality, describing the process necessary to realise same. The second article recalls my witnessing and documenting of a human CF event.

This event appears to have a code in it which as yet has not been satisfactorily deciphered.

1.6.17  Just published new articles on 'Education' and Italian led disinformation campaign. Go to 'Articles'.

2.6.17  Crézancy-en-Sancerre, France. Reported 2nd June.

                                             Image copyright Vu Du Haut

3.5.7  Please read 'Field Reports' on CCC here with regards new Italian crop formation: major disinformation campaign in progress. This is being headed up by an Italian pro-debunker called Grassi and endorsed by a well known Australian so called crop circle 'researcher' who you may well have heard of. They are trying to tell you this remarkable event, easily the most impressive so far this year, was made in one night by this chap Grassi and 24-28 others. If this were the case, just for one thing alone, the collateral damage to still-standing crop from foot tread alone by this number of people at night-time would be huge...complete chaos! HIGH NUMBERS of personnel in reality DO NOT equate to a QUICKER JOB or GEOMETRIC FINESSE! This is a common misconception and not valid in the real world of construction.

Forewarned is forearmed! Judge for yourselves! 

4.5.17  Two new events, one yesterday at The Sanctuary and another near Ashway, Oxfordshire. I love the ridged ground lay in this one and the good example of 'Energy Leak' feature contained within this event, a strong indicator of very mysterious activity present in this wonderful formation. 


      and... XXX.LONDON...ONE LOVE.XXX

Left: The Sanctuary, Nr. Avebury.

Below: Ashway, Oxfordshire.

Images copyright CCC with thanks.

5.6.17  With reference to: Fonthill Down, Nr Chicklade, Wiltshire. Reported 30th May. Here is another good example of the 'Energy Leak' feature found in some CFs where the ground lay is not so tight. See the way in which the crop remains still-standing along side the tramline where the tramline passes through the crop. In my 'on-the-ground' experience when this is present it is there early on day one.

My current feeling is that it is more likely to occur if the ground-lay is if the energy levels are less intense. Besides here (right) at Chicklade we also find extensively in Woolstone Hill, Oxford.

Although I have categorised this feature as a 'probability anomaly' I feel that it may well be accepted as proof of non-human activity in the future, just as we have viewed bent nodes for many years now. I shall write more on this as evidence grows.


See how the crop is still standing along the line of the tramlines.               Image copyright Ricard Broome                                                                                                                                                                               with thanks.

11.6.17  Maiden Bradley CF cut by farmer yesterday! 

10.6.17 New CF at Little Knoll, Nr Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire. Reported 9th June.

14.6.17  See article just published on Debunker awareness here.

17.6.17  New formation Badbury Rings, Dorset.

18.6.17  New CF Cheesefoot Head, Nr Winchester.

Cheesefoof Head, Winchester.

Copyright CCC.

Little Knoll, Maiden Bradley. Copyright CCC.

Badbury Rings.

Copyright CCC.

19.6.17  Latest reports coming in suggest people are starting to get the message regards unauthorised entry. This has to be a good thing in terms of public relations with farmers. They are far more likely to cooperate with other experience options in the future if they feel people are trying. The test will be the influx of foreign visitors who come along in the next weeks expecting and in many cases, determined to go into a crop formation...with or without permission. This will be unhelpful and we won't thank them I'm sure if the event gets cut out!

20.6.17  Further to the Badbury Rings, Dorset event reported 17.6.17 it is very interesting to note that this event was created exactly 3 years after the 2014 event... to the day. The 2014 ('parachute') appeared just over the road...very close! This design also had close ties with this latest 'Tree of Life' design. Two synchronicities relating to the same event. Amazing!

21.6.17 Summer solstice. New CF West Kennett near Avebury. Amazingly intricate ground lay.

Farmer has CUT OUT the CF! Agghh!

24.6.17  Barbury Rings 'Tree of Life' formation open to visitors as from Sunday 25th June. Please do not arrive before this date as the farmer will be preparing the site. The event will be managed by CGI once again.

This will be the only CF officially open to the public so far in the UK.

Please head for the yellow van where £3 per head will be collected for 'Brighter Futures' charity fund and local community hall fund.

7.7.17 Still helping farmer at the Kabballa CF down in Dorset. Many visitors, mostly local which is significant and reassuring...scooping in a wider audience. BBC and local papers taking a keen interest. Monies raised for charies substantial. Great PR! Harvest soon.

Recent Warminster CF similar to Winchester Boomtown Festival 2014 event...continuous ribbon/knot. (Ref:Mpatapo knot) 

Update: This field will be harvested tomorrow(Saturday.)

9.7.17  As from today the CF at Hackpen Hill White Horse will be open to visit and managed by CGI. We managed an event in this field last year which I find significant. It's almost as if the Creators are laying it on for us... following us about LOL !!

I have now looked around this crop formation and can report 'Energy Leak' feature throughout the design. This feature, as described in articles on this site is a strong indicator towards the mysterious nature of a crop event. Ground lay here on day one is, needless to say, superb.

Collections from visitors for 'Brighter Futures' charity is going very well, people have been very generous sometimes, over and above the £3 normally asked to see the event. A big thank you to all concerned.

At the time of writing this CF is the only one with official entry status; most farmers seem reluctant to accept visitors unless the field is sensibly managed.

10.7.17  Here is an email I received from the farmer at the Target Woods, Badbury Rings,

Dorset CF today.


Dear Paul and Helen

Thank you for administrating the Target Wood Crop Circle. I am delighted that so many people enjoyed their visit and also appreciated your knowledge. Thank you for your financial control allowing the Church community project to benefit along with the Brighter Future Organisation. Also thank you The field has now been harvested and the straw baled from the site. From the ground it looks rather insignificant but with some rain the spilt grain will make for a colourful second appearance.

Enjoy the rest of the season and thank you again.

Best wishes


11.7.17  To make it crystal clear, the patches in the field around the CF at Hackpen Hill are nothing more than spray-off areas needed to control black grass infestation. This information came direct from the farmer.

If visiting this event please use the car park provided and not park on road as this can cause issues. Farmer donation remains at £3 per adult. Thank you.

13.7.17 All still going very well here at Hackpen Hill. The many visitors all seem very pleased with what we are doing which is encouraging for us. However there was a very disappointing Police article in the Swindon Advertiser yesterday which seemed a little absurd as well as being a gross over-reaction, discouraging and disturbingly negative.

The farmer and I together with Brighter Futures intend to address this slight, perhaps on ITV Meridian in the few next days/early week. We are attempting to do something positive, helping a cancer treatment charity as well as calming social tensions, so to read such things seems unfair and inappropriate. I will update with any progress.

This formation was in the very same field as our latest one at the Hackpen White Horse this year!

Hackpen Hill CF.2017

14.7.17 In view of the above text regards negative press from the local Police I would kindly urge anyone who feels what CGI are attempting to do, especially those who have a 'voice' and may be already involved in the crop formation scene, to strenuously support, promote and publicise our efforts through whatever means. The simple truth is that this novel harmonising CGI approach in working with farmers has never occurred before and is the most dynamic attempt in CF history to successfully (so far) engage with the local community in a positive way. For me it would seem utterly incredulous to imagine anyone who really cared about the phenomenon not to do so as it really does seem to be working. So please, shout the message from the rooftops...let's get this thing well and truly rolling! This really has to be the way forward. Thank you.

News Flash! An extract, clarification and 'U' turn it could be said from Wiltshire Police Facebook site follows:

"Following a post last week about crop circles, we would like to clarify some of the crime prevention advice.

We are also aware that there is an organisation that facilitates controlled entry to crop circles by working with farmers and landowners, they can be contacted via
This is a legitimate group working to help raise money for local charities and consists of volunteers. They are currently working at the circle near to Hackpen Hill in Wiltshire."

So I believe this vindicates us from any confusion, wrongdoing and mis/dis-information spread about by the likes of Mallett et al. CGI is 100% legitimate which may be hard to accept for the more cynical commentators with little or nothing to offer themselves!  This should now draw a line under this matter once and for all. Thank you.

Update: Be sure to listen out for the James Hussey (farmer of Hackpen Hill crop formation) interview with Sophie Parker on BBC Radio Wiltshire tomorrow morning when he will be talking about how things are going up here on the hill and collections by CGI for Brighter Futures cancer charity.

Handing over £524 to Brighter Futures.

Hackpen Hill groundshot as of day one.

15.7.17  Some perspective regards the use of drones to photograph crop formations. 

Over time I have become increasingly aware that major criticism has been directed upon those who use drone-copters to capture our CF images. The main protagonists are known to me, one of which insists on still using a helicopter at huge cost when a drone would cost nothing to fly. In truth the safety issues relating to drones are far less than flying in a huge helicopter, something that if fell from the sky would be a local disaster with fire and indeed loss of life highly probable; with a drone the opposite applies. The local police have recently adopted such technology in the skies over Swindon so I would argue that if drones are safe enough for them this should answer any issues regards CF drone use in the CF arena.

Nothing stays the same, things change, we need to adapt and move on. So please, please to those unnecessarily critical people , stop whining and let's just get on with the job.

My FB...

To make it quite clear to avoid any confusion, CGI are the ONLY crop formation agency permitted to legally collect donations for Brighter Futures Charity. If you see or hear of anyone else attempting to do so, whether it be in a 'cafe', book shop, picture gallery etc. please inform the Police. Thank you.

Hackpen ghost from last year can clearly be seen here in these two images.

Be sure to visit the CROPCIRCLECONNECTOR.COM the longest running, most well established, biggest, best and  informative crop formation website in the world for all the latest crop formation photos and much, much more.

17.7.17 Still here at Hackpen Hill with lots of visitors endorsing our efforts towards facilitating access to this lovely crop formation. To make it clear, we do not ask for or indeed receive any payment for being here.We do this for free because we believe this is important work enabling hundreds, perhaps thousands of people to enjoy an unhindered CF experience, many of whom have never been into a CF before. My personal reward is to see the joy on people's faces, especially the children, both before as in anticipation and again after a visit which always has to be a very special moment in anybody's life. The whole idea of mixing money and commerce with this phenomenon to me feels uncomfortable somehow unless associated with charity and giving, something I would like to think the Creators of these things also support. 

Interesting thought for the day:I know this may sound a bit odd, crazy even, but could it be that the Creators are maintaining the focus of attention on the Hackpen event by delaying the arrival of the next CF for a time? This is the only CF to have farmer approval generating monies for charity which is great PR. It is now nine days since this one arrived which is unusual, to have such a gap between events at this time of year. Could it be they approve of our formulation to encourage a more positive and harmonious atmosphere. Sometimes, I have to tell you, it really does feel like the Creators are following us around! A profound thought indeed! My feeling is that anything is possible within the wonderful world of crop formations! 

18.7.17  Today local press and the BBC will be here covering this event. The overwhelming support we have had from guests to the formation plus the fact that we have raised well over £3000 so far this season makes for an attractive story I would say. We have not had a new CF now for ten days (unless we get one today) so this one here on Hackpen Hill still remains the latest event and the only one with farmer permission. 

To the right we see a ground shot taken on day one. The exquisite quality of  'combing' of the crop is quite obvious and a consistent feature throughout the whole CF.

Much interest from the media...BBC Radio Wiltshire live interview with farmer James Hussey and myself 9pm this evening. All kicking off now!

Explanation for the Hackpen 'ghosting'.  You will have noticed what is known in the CF world as ‘ghosting’ next to the new Hackpen Hill event of 8.7.17. This is a rough outline of the CF the year before in this case. Many people have asked me what has caused this strange feature. Well, the answer is quite simple. Last season when this CF had visitors they trod the plants much closer to the ground making it impossible for the combine to pick up the crop. The material consequently ‘melted’ into the soil acting as ‘green fertiliser’ thereby further enriching the soil. The soil was cultivated in the usual way but this aspect kept the growing plants greener for longer, contrasting with the surrounding crop. Also, there was a mulching effect as more organic material was placed in the soil in this area with the effect of keeping the soil moister locally. This kept the plants  even more happy. 


The other type of ‘ghost’ is one seen after the crop has been harvested, extending sometimes over winter. People tread seeds into the CF area soil then they sprout green causing contrast to the surrounding soil.   

New CF Clay Hill. No entry, no farmer permission.

I19.7.17 ITV filming and interviews went well here at Hackpen Hill this morning. Let's hope they can do a sensible job this time. It will go out apparently to "millions of homes" so could popularise the subject more...expect a busy weekend! Also,we handed over another £1584 to Brighter Futures rep.

Thought for the day: Why do you think it is that when I ask young children around five/seven years old where the crop formations come from, they pretty much always say and at the same time jumping up and down with glee, "It's aliens, it's aliens" they say!

The little girl pictured right told us that she brought along her favourite alien toy friend especially to see the crop formation.

21.7.17  I had a visit from BBC Radio Wiltshire this morning who confirmed a piece is going out at 1430 hrs today. This should be a good item as the presenter seems quite on board and genuinely interested in taking this whole thing forward. Let's hope!


Listening now...I think our report may come on a bit later now.


Also if you are awake 0630 hrs tomorrow some more on all this.

ITV West Country have now confirmed our News item will go out soon on their  'News' show. They changed the day twice but assured us it will go out. Again, let's hope for a good job!

The farmer has now repaired the drive onto our carpark so no more wheel spinning!

22.7.17  The BBC Radio Wiltshire broadcast presented by Karen Gardner went very well yesterday I think. It went out at about 1410 hrs (sorry, I said 1430 hrs before.) Stephanie Bell from the BBC spoke firstly to Polly Carson who was farming in Pewsey Vale in the '90s when all the crop formation stuff kicked off big time. She said it was like Stonehenge with all the 1000s of visitors that descended onto her farmland. She said in the end they just had to let people in to see the circles. She seemed very good humoured about it all I have to say. 

Then we had a Ms M.Klinkenburg, crop formation enthusiast from Holland who spoke about the farmers plight and implying a need for the formations to be regulated (not sure how that would be possible) and flags up the issue of 'man-made'. She said she is working with the Police and the National Farmers Union (NFU) and informing farmers directly if they get a formation on there land, sometimes knocking on their door. 

We had James Hussey, the farmer at Hackpen Hill where the CF is currently open to the public. He also spoke of general farmer attitude but was also focusing on the positive. He cited grateful comments in the CGI visitor's book for being allowed to enter his land and the CF. He stressed that without myself with the CGI organisation, visiting here at Hackpen would not be possible. 

Steffeny also spoke to some of the visiting guests.One Dutchman was asked if he would enter a CF if permission was not granted...he said he would not as that would show disrespect. Another French lady was thankful and positive. They thought the CGI charity idea a very good one. 

Then lastly, myself. I touched on the invasion issue and a need to properly and actively address it. I mentioned getting the idea back in 2011 to run CGI and how it has been an increasing success with participating farmers and visiting guests alike ever since. 

So, as far as media interviews go, I think this one was fair, balanced and overall positive. Thank you Stephanie.

The Swindon Advertiser also did an encouraging article on this CF on Thursday. Perhaps the tide is beginning to turn!

23.7.17  Still here at Hackpen Hill. I keep being asked about the spray-off areas that appear darker in the field. I have already explained that this is due to the farmer killing the weeds locally. But a more interesting aspect of these spray-off areas is where they run through the CF itself. As you will see from the photo I took on day one (to the right) the spray-off area has not been effected, has not been laid down like the main crop has been. This lends weight to my work on 'Energy Leak' which suggests the laying of the crop, especially along tramlines could be influenced by either mass differentials, moisture differentials or both. Conductivity may have a part to play here. The spray-off material is dead and dry and has not been laid down whereas the main area is still green and moisture rich and has been laid down. This could be a significant pointer supporting my theory I termed as 'Energy Leak'. I have never seen this feature in a field and never inside a CF so this was a unique one -off opportunity perhaps to record and research. 

It is highly unlikely we shall actually know what technology it is that effects the crops, indeed I feel it may be futile to even attempt such a task. We may however meet the 'agency' responsible one day who could share such information but for now all we can do is to observe and take notes. If we did in fact know such information before we were mature enough to receive it though, which may be thousands of years ahead of our own it could have a negative effect overall on our society, perhaps destabilising our status quo if landed in the wrong hands. So perhaps we are not meant to know just yet. The very fact that the formations are here should be enough one could say. But I have to tell you, the day they stop manifesting is the day when I personally become very depressed...Mankind given up as a lost cause as it were! Let's hope that never happens.  

24.7.17  Muddy slope up to our carpark at Hackpen Hill now mended.

25.7.17 I would kindly ask all guests to restrict their visits to the Hackpen site to the stated opening hours of 9am to 9pm. After quite often what is a very busy and demanding day up here on the hill we naturally need some downtime and privacy at the end of the day to recover and unwind. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Masses of visitors swarming in to see this lovely circle which still looks amazing even after over two weeks. Everybody seems so grateful to be able to see it without any worries regards the farmer being angry. Many people report that the 'energy' levels in this event are high; perhaps this is partly due to the fact that there are no undercurrents with the farmer, all at peace and complete harmony...we can relax. If we do it right with farmer permission we may well get a far more enriching experience, no looking over our shoulders as it were. 

Many people have commented that there are less formations this year which is correct at the time of writing. We get accustomed to something and when things change we seem less satisfied. But I feel there is far more to this phenomenon than just the formations themselves. The actual circles are merely something to gain our attention, to engage Mankind in something beyond his current world view. This is why I am not concerned about mere numbers, after all higher numbers of formations are of limiting value if they have no farmer permission. For me this whole business is about the people, a public relations exercise, concentrating and popularising the subject and truthfully educating, indeed increasing the joy factor (people are so happy here) in a world were there is so much negativity right now...this has to be a good thing don't you think?. 

26.7.17 My word...I think we can all clearly see why the farmers are so unhappy! How can we be happy with that?

27.7.17 Re gratitude and thanks. I thought I would just acknowledge here all the kind sentiment, gratitude and thanks that we have received from countless people up here visiting the Hackpen Hill event. That graditude goes a long way to keeping spirits and moral high when sometimes the weather is less than kind and we are basically living in a tin box...which seems like a drum at times! My response is one of absolute humility as I personally feel that to be allowed to help in this way is an honour, an utter privilege, something I would never take for granted. A set-up like this has never been allowed to happen before in the whole of crop formation history going back to the late '70s as the farmers have been so upset. Raising the frequency of the visiting experience in this way has to be the future but of course old habits die hard. However, I am generally optimistic as many visitors speak of the spiritual aspects which will naturally bring along with a higher sense of consciousness, mindfulness and respect. Thanks once again for your kind and positive feedback. PJ.

A warning...need to be conscious and aware.

As we are approaching the end of the season and are beginning to anticipate what we often call the 'Grand Finale', usually a significant, often large and complex design such as we had down in Ansty, Dorset last season I feel we need to be ready for another such debunking attempt as we had there.

For me the most interesting research aspect about Ansty apart from it being obvious that this CF was utterly mysterious and totally impossible to construct within the time and restrictive perameters present at that time, was the commentary by personalities associated with it. 

The very worrying, concerning but nevertheless interesting aspect was we had allegedly experienced and knowledgable well known historic (G1s) CF personalities making it very, very public that this CF was nothing other than of human construction. The loudest voices had not even been to the site itself as two of them live in the USA and I for one have never met these people in or around a CF at all, which is very odd! The main protagonists who no longer play a daily on-the-ground or important role in the subject seemed to just come out of the woodwork and declare in all highness that the CF in question was nothing more than a publicity event. These proclimations were based allegedly on just what they had been told by undisclosed 'witnesses'!( Oh dear, how naive can we be). We often get debunkers who are recognised as such and dismissed by most but it was exceptionally shocking to reveal such formally respected names earnestly publicising such nonsense; but from a research point of view it was invaluable. To be able to identify and recognise such people as no longer reliable, 'up to speed' reporters with seemingly negative agendas (that's being kind) or would seem highly probable and wishing only for an opportunity to self-promote to rekindle their position on the scene, it is useful information regards future events. This is a horribly disappointing realisation on any level to witness such a 'U' turn which shows such people certainly not to be researchers, moreover sad betrayers of those who historically held trust and respect for these people. The behaviour and actions of some front line 'old-school' (G1s) commentators, in such events I have observed i.e.. those surrounded by some controversy, is not always logical, consistent or predictable and I have personally lost faith in many who participated in this farce. Please read a more in depth analysis on this event here...and

Also here.

So please be aware...this may well happen again soon if trend is to be a useful pointer. There seems to be trending in this subject that is obsession with self promotion rather than real concern with the subject itself! 

 I for one will NEVER LIE or betray my readers in this subject...NEVER!

Thought for the day: I have become increasingly aware that a number of, let's call them, sometime front liners (G1s) would like to pretend that CGI does not exist, like we are not here and they do not wish to actively promote ourselves and the work we are doing, for unknown and mysterious reasons better known to themselves. LOL! If you feel this CGI work is valid, useful and legitimate please spread the word by any means and perhaps ask for detailed information about us from any 'prominent' people you may encounter. Bottom line anyways, we can't be kept a secret for ever and the current impact may be far less than I relate to here! Just being cautious. Thank you. 

Image copyright MrGiro with thanks.

Copyright CCC 2017 with thanks.

28.7.17  The ITV News report on CGI activities on the Hackpen Hill crop formation was recently broadcast and our feeling is they did a pretty good job of it. Fair, balanced, factual with nice atmospheric music this has to be one of the most important media reports on our subject.The only bit they got wrong was that The Barge Inn is CC 'HQ'. In years past it was but not now as the Italian landlord is not a CC enthusiast, more interested in dining etc. There is however currently a picture exhibition in a building close to the Inn. This sort of reporting could make a real difference to what CGI are trying to do with regards soothing local tensions. Well done ITV! Just clic here for the full ITV News report.

Latest update:  CFs seem a little bit scarce on the ground right now so CGI are still here at Hackpen Hill where our van and venue acts routinely as a field Mobile Information Centre. You will find all the latest up-to-the-minute news and information currently available regards new CFs and entry status on other CFs due to our close ties and networking with other front-liners.  

We routinely give impromptu educational 'talks' to groups absolutely free of charge to those wishing to know more about the latest developments and research going on in the crop formation world. (Please bring your own tea LOL!) For larger groups we would kindly ask for a little notice via the 'CONTACT' page on CGI website if possible for reasons of practicality. We suggest in such cases of higher numbers to bring a cushion or blanket to sit on as we live in a field LOL and are unable to provide chairs! (although we do have a few bails of straw.)

The delivery of sensible down-to-earth,truthful and factual, understandable and non-exotic or 'fluffy' education is a primary of what we attempt at CGI.

29.7.17  Nothing new to report so far today I'm afraid. 

A big thank the kind and honest souls who came to the CF last evening in the pouring rain when we popped out. We went down to the pub for a much needed hot meal and a dry out after a very tiring day. When we got back there was a sum of money, soaking wet with rain (including a dollar bill) waiting for us...(for the cancer fund). My wife commented that this sort of thing restores one's faith in human nature;I agreed. So once again to those people, a big thank you!

30.7.17 A little drama as we noticed a plane down in the field opposite to our location. On closer examination it seems like a glider that did an emergency landing but two people were observed and moving around so I think they were OK.

Rescued at last! 

No new formations reported today I'm afraid and it's probably not just because of the appalling weather either as we can get them in any weather conditions. People have been flying in between showers. But visitors have still been coming here to HH in good numbers I have to say!

Thought for the day: Plagiarism, in this subject especially is something we all need to be aware of. Just saying.

31.7.17  It astonishes me sometimes how some experienced prominent 'should-be-in-the-know' type CF people can get things so utterly wrong. It just came to my attention that people at an annual 'talks' event in Devizes were being told on their website that the farmer at Hackpen Hill was collecting money at the gate to go and see the if the man's got time to do that.... In this case CGI don't exist!

The truth is that myself with my CGI organisation are the ones who camp out for weeks regardless of weather and have collected thousands of pounds for charity over the last five years. No mention of that though. I'm sorry but when I read such things it just somehow makes me feel a bit odd; it feels utterly wrong. What is happening in the CF world right now is nothing short of major in PR terms bringing the farming community and visitors together as never before. This should be headline news ( actually it was on ITV News last week). Somehow the organisers of this show just managed to forget to mention all of the above. I believe it to be grossly remiss of any responsible, well known or  front-line CF people or organisers of any CF function to not disseminate fully new and important news to their audience. In my view they have an obligation and duty to inform people of any significant or meaningful changes in the CF world. Not to do this would seem unprofessional and possibly self -serving.


Very soon you will hear from the farmer himself how well things are going and all I can say is that if the organisers were so out of touch with their subject they are in the wrong business! Their main concern, rather than promoting an effective campaign to take this whole CF thing into the future seems to be begging for money to keep someones EGO in the sky. End of rant! 

Small extract from their website: 

"Visiting: This circle is open to the public. You will be asked for a small donation at the  field side with the farmer collecting money for the Brighter Futures cancer charity. Please give generously, it’s wonderful to have a farmer with such an open heart." (CGI or I do not have an open heart evidently.)

Thanks for reading.

1.8.17  Just to clarify. If the gates are closed this would normally mean just that, CF visiting is finished for the day and applies to any CF we are managing. Open hours are normally from 9am to 9pm. Occasionally they need to be closed before this time for various practical reasons like exceptional foul and persistent weather causing potential unnecessary damage under foot-tread to the CF.  For any larger groups wishing to visit in the evening it is best to make contact via 'Contact' page beforehand just in case. Please remember, all guests need to have left the site by 9pm. Late-comers at say 8.45pm would be kindly asked to return another day as this is obviously not enough time to enjoy the CF. Thank you.

1640 hrs...Alas, no new formations reported today so far.

2.8.17  I have to tell you that sometimes this whole thing almost seems to overwhelm in the sense that people just to keep on coming even in foul weather and with the season coming to an end...such is the pull of the crop formations. Just this morning we had over 65 people all at once arriving from both France and also Italy...word really seems to be getting around. At this rate one just wonders how long it will be before we reach 'critical mass' at which time things will then take on a life of their own. But the one strong common denominator is gratitude. People seem to have known privately that something extraordinary was going on despite all the dis-information and nonsense they've been fed over the years ; all they needed was confirmation. The other thing is honesty. If you trust people...for instance they will come back with the donation even if not in their pockets at the time. That is gratifying.  

A big THANK YOU to Malana from Hawaii for bringing me tea and chocolate. Very kind and thoughtful ...thank you Malana.

3.8.17 As from Sunday 6.8.17 the CF at Hackpen Hill will no longer be open to visit. We have been at this event for nearly a month now, mostly in bad weather, of which we have had enough! This field is due to be harvested very soon needing only a couple of sunny days to complete ripening. So, if you wish to visit it before it goes please come along by Saturday latest. Just to say it's been great being here and meeting so many wonderful people. Thank you for all of your support. PJ.






With regards the 'Talks' evening at the Coronation Hall, Alto Barnes. 

Unfortunately I was unable to be there myself; by all accounts so far it was as much as anything else, an interesting 'social study'. Please feel free to send me feedback either via 'Contact' page or 'Comments' page to help fill me in. Thanks.

4.8.17  Scandalous report! This is some thing I hoped I would never need to write but I feel the public have a right to know the truth about something that is at the hub of CF farmer tension and of huge PR concern. For the full story please go to link here. The perfect example of convenient 'double standards'.

Just to correct a common misconception regards crop loss value. It has been hyper-stated by many that the loses due to CFs can run sometimes into £1000s. Let us use the current Hackpen Hill event as a control. Given that this CF is roughly 65m in diameter and noting the area that is actually laid down the actual loss in money terms is approx. £80 to £100 max. This figure came from the farmer himself. Far more can be lost to weather in any given year. The observed trend for CF loss has been grossly overvalued in the past usually used for reasons of propaganda/dis-information.

FYI; (I found this entertaining. ) This is what an infamous, well known, rude and uncouth dis-informer thinks of me:

5.8.17  12md. New Swindon circle update: Despite continued dialogue between CGI and with farmer this morning I'm afraid to tell you that the farmer has told me he is now about to cut it out. He was not happy from the start this morning having been hounded by various parties even before anything could be sorted...we did all we could.

This area of lost crop equates to approx £80 to £100 max.

Last day to see the Hackpen Hill CF....OPEN TILL 8pm this evening. Peace, love and harmony from CGI to everyone who has been involved in this most productive and satisfying event!

6.8.17  Hackpen CF now being harvested.

Travelled back home today and looking forward to a wonderful hot bath and my own bed! The two new CFs, have no farmer permission as far as I can gather so I am unable to advise. There is still some wheat crop left out there so we may well get another formation before the end of the season. But just beware...look out for an elaborate debunking attempt as we sometimes get at the beginning or end of the season to dampen our spirits like that Italian chap Grassi tried it on in May remember?

For me with the CGI set-up it has be another incredible summer, around £6k raised and having made headway both in terms of 'hard' research discovery, positive PR ...and media, which is a real bonus. I will share more when I have recovered...170 mile journey in my old van takes its toll, LOL!

7.8.17  There you has started just as I predicted above. If there's nothing exciting to talk about, make it up! The rumour-mill regards Hannigton CF, headed up by known debunkers Aussie HD (of the Italian May 2017  CF fiasco) and MW (who's antics everybody knows about) who have now joined forces incredibly and are now putting it out that this  event is probably human-made! The 'evidence' evidently is something to do with a gate! Ho,Ho,Ho! Quote: " The two primary reasons why we (HD+MW) think it *might* be man-made are that the farmer found a heavy gate to the field (just next to a small road) open on the next morning, and that it has a tidy but not very impressive lay of flattened wheat". My cat could do better than that! Can't stop laughing!

The above is hardly the basis for objective and sensible assessment....Please read:

OMG...I can hardly be bothered with this...clueless! This sort of nonsense will wind up the farmer even more if he reads it.

8.8.17  Farmer at Hannington CF has now decided to allow people in at £2 per head. Unpredictable man it would seem as the last thing he told me was that he was cutting it out immediately! So good news; perhaps the message is starting to permeate the farming community more widely now.

9.8.17  New CF Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire. I have not approached the farmer so I have no idea what the visiting status is on this CF. I am at home now recovering from a location stint of a continuous six weeks (some of which very wet!) consisting of 12 hour days without a break! Very satisfying and productive but good to have a rest. I will be putting out the final figures raised once I have confirmation from 'Brighter Futures' charity very soon.

12.8.17  Rollright Stones CF has now been harvested.  

16.8.17  Here is the certificate from Brighter Futures for total sum raised by CGI to end of season 2017. The sum raised for BF at Dorset 'Tree of Life' event was £524 and total sum raised at the Hackpen Hill event was £2339. The total sums raised by CGI for all charities and farmer contributions over the last 5 years is now a healthy £25,323. 

This formulation has clearly been a major success and in theory will continue to be so, gathering momentum in different ways in years to come. For those quasi-professionals, those who lacked the imagination and vision 6 years ago when 100% of them, 'major players' or so called researchers rejected this idea in favour of some sort of commercial/self-interested reasons... and still show no support in public I have to say, all I can say is that the herd instinct does not always serve one well, or so it would seem! I feel that fresh new blood is what is required in prominent parties, new blood free from baggage and negative history, flexible new age thinkers carrying with an emphasis on benevolence. 

19.8.17  New CF near Rochford, Essex. The formation's main feature seems to be some sort of weird hieroglyfic-esque type script. One of the charactors looks familiar and has cropped up in the past several times, it resembles an elongated S shape...extreme right of design.

But I feel that any attempt to decipher the message at this point, if indeed there is an inherent message, would seem quite futile, but good luck to anyone who does try. There is no current means of cross-referencing characters to confirm could waste one's life on a fools errand in a sense attempting such and get absolutely nowhere! We went through all that with Ansty last season.

When the Creators wish us to link up more directly with them I suspect they will take into account our limitations and make things a whole lot easier and do-able as they did with Crabwood 2002. The Hackpen Hill and Dorset events over the last few years seem to endorse that idea.  But for now I feel the message is more likely to do with the sociological aspects, a need for respect and cooperation which requires active human participation and the sacrificing of old and out of date visiting habits with less emphasis on money and self. I feel the Creators are encouraging us to raise the frequency of Human consciousness, perhaps more in line with their least I like to think that anyways.

Keep an eye out for my latest video, coming out very soon.

Image copyright CCC with thanks. 

If you're interested I am being interviewed on BBC Radio Essex 'Breakfast Show' with Sadie Nine at 0730 tomorrow morning. The latest CF near Southend (above) seems to have attracted their attention which is not a million miles from my home town as it happens.

Post eclipse there have been no crop-formation revelations despite all the widespread speculation beforehand!

25.8.17  Have just amended my latest article as I almost forgot to include the impressive work of W.C.Levengood (RIP) and his BLT team in the '90s. This work supports and endorses my point and was an invaluable contribution to crop formation research in its time. 

26.8.17  Thought for the day: I refer back to my warning on this page of the 6.8.17 regards possible debunking attempts. If we do get such an attempt, as we can sometimes get at the end of the season it will probably be related to the recent Essex CF. As you will be aware I was interviewed by the BBC about this event which many thousands of people must have listened to. I stated quite clearly why CFs cannot be due to human activity, which will be a shock to the many uninformed out there.This added mass-publicity is just the sort of thing the debunking agencies dislike as it brings attention, and in this instance fact based education to the subject. So if we very soon get someone 'coming forward and confessing' please don't be too surprised. If this does transpire however these sorts do not need to always have it their own way.... do they?  

Whilst out walking the dog in our local woods this morning I came across this classic mushroom ring sometimes referred to as a 'fairy ring'. I have encountered small-mushroom rings before in grass/meadowland but never have I seen one in a wood of the large-mushroom variety...up to 150mm diameter. I don't seem to be able to get completely away from circles, or so it would seem! 

24.10.17  Looking back after a healthy break from another very busy season in the fields.


Article pending. Now published.

 Having worked on the ground in this arena for some years now I have got to know well 'how the wheels turn' and the ways of many front-line G1 characters within it who are I have to say, becoming increasingly less relevant it would seem, if you have been paying attention. Like it or not, the emphasis is likely to continue to evolve in and around a context of strengthening social awareness.

 My disillusionment has now extended to a realisation that any co-working with these, let's call them, 'establishment' players would be quite unrealistic due to trust issues mostly pertaining to their obsession with self interest verses the greater good and an unprecedented very bigger picture (biggest and most significant in the history of Mankind!) This reticence has been justified and confirmed by my some old-school G1 group leaders continuing to take their paying charges into/reporting on Youtube etc CF events knowing there is no permission, setting bad example and resulting in others doing the same. Largely I see the future in all this as essentially organic. However it will be helped along no doubt by a growing number of G2 enthusiasts insightful of 'doing the right thing', including I have to say, people of means and influence...a new generation of 'crop-watchers' waiting 'in the wings'. After all, isn't the message the Creators are posing one of higher frequency and more of a harmony/caring POV towards our planet...and indeed ourselves?  I believe their aspirations for us are of a much,much higher nature. Perhaps this is why they seem to be encouraging the MO of CGI in working positively and effectively with farmers in recent years. (see latest article).  

4.11.17 JUST A REMINDERAn ultra-simplified, easy to remember summery of critical factors which simply exclude the human-made hypothesis.

1. Even with the use of TST (Total Station Theodolite) technology which is in fact the only way of constructing complex and first time perfect CFs such as we see in fields each year world-wide, it would be impossible to construct such within typical time/light restraints. If you doubt this please consult a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, MRICS.

2.  Many CFs have biophysical anomalies such as bending to one or more nodes. Where this occurs it is ALWAYS present on day one. According to our laws of physics under normal conditions this would be TOTALLY impossible (as in phototropism) which would confidently point to their origin being of a mysterious nature. 

These two facts alone are utterly indisputable, you simply cannot sensibly argue against and would easily withstand any professional scrutiny, even as evidence in a court of law...end of. 

6.11.17  Just an observation: Since I have been directly involved on the ground in the CF phenomenon, which is some 10 years now, I cannot recollect even one thing that any researcher or visitor has discovered in the field that could be termed as genuinely new information or even practically useful to the 'crop-watching' community or science that is confirmed as true and cross-referencable...I do NOT speak of speculations here. I have to say that there have been some significant developments in this time like drone photography, getting rid of a disinformation cafe, annual CF picture exhibitions, CGI and the 'Energy Leak' feature, something I personally observed in '09 and described later once confirmed. But in a research sense very little else. Of course many benefit I'm sure in a personal/ spiritual sense which is subjectively immense. But perhaps the physicality 'barrel' is now getting pretty much dried out and we could concentrate more on the underlying message rather than the means (ie. just concentrating on the patterns and neglecting our interface with them.) I have sensed for some time now that the message pertains to something of a more humanly social/ behavioural mode, something that in fact should not come as anything of a surprise to most as Man's shortcomings, especially regards double standards are concerned are particularly spectacularly prominent in the News at the moment.

My main concern though is that if the cherished and enlightened few that actually visit CFs cannot gain enough wisdom to elevate their awareness what chance for all other! An analogy would be if someone was able to somehow access Heaven and still continued on in the same old ways as on Earth in a behavioural sense, Heaven would soon become like Earth again, no different! That is how I see the CF arena at present as the Human condition on average, not all, seems either too arrogant or is indeed just incapable of adapting. In my personal experiences I can honestly say that I have never felt so blissed out and close to some sort of 'Heaven' as when I have spent time in a CF! I have personally felt better for it/ have gained much from those experiences. But in a more social sense maybe now is the time to re-evaluate our visiting habits (G1s mostly sneaking their paying groups in when no one is watching) showing more respect. What goes around comes around folks, so they say! Carry on abusing and the farmers may become even more intolerant.

2.12.17  Comment: One of the main reasons I personally work with all this is that it is  hugely obvious that quality and sensible EDUCATION is what is needed regards the CF phenomenon delivered in a good old fashioned simplistic and understandable way. One problem here though is that there are very few people that can actually spend extended periods of time in close proximity to the events. I have to tell you that, to my knowledge I am personally the only one able to do this legally, with farmer permission. 

 I really do empathise with so many scratching their heads after having personally attempted, like others to read through many writings on this subject that seem over-thought and unnecessarily complicated, sometimes off-topic that seem to ignore some essential qualifying criteria, like the need for TST or bent nodes present on day one of any creation and the concept of probability. One observation would be the tendency of some to relentlessly pursue their own sometimes wild and fantastic theories and at the same time ignoring unarguable material such as the need for TST or day-one bent node facts. A reason for this may well be that when one invests so much into that theory it is hard to let it go, to take a step back. Exploring new theory/ideas is vital but to be realistic they must incorporate those essential non-arguable facts if it they are to add value to overall base research. My view generally would be that the simplest explanation is so often the correct explanation to the question/problem...this is the tack I try to take. 

To the right you will see my friend holding an 'artefact' recovered from a CF at Wooton Rivers 2009...we arrived about 10am on day one.  It consisted of a ring of weeds that seemed to have been spun and thrown onto the edge of a componant circle in the main design that was adjacent to and overlapping the edge of the field where an abundance of these plants were growing. One can only wonder how such a thing could have occurred. Odd, odd, odd!

20.12.17                                        Beginning of full blown Disclosure.

   'Washington Post' has just reported Pentagon releasing information relating to 2004 US Navy jet footage of encounter with unidentified flying object. Youtube video here includes sound from pilots observing event as it happened. My feeling is that this may be significant as it is now not something that they may wish to retreat away from as evidence is published and statement from the Pentagon includes "We may not be alone." The timing may well be associated with some other forthcoming event or information that is unavoidable and will soon be placed in the public arena. This will whet people's appetite for more serious debate I suspect now that it's official! Watch this space.


An extract from Time magazine:


A former Navy pilot has opened up about an otherworldly experience he says he experienced in 2004. His testimony comes just days after the Pentagon officially revealed the existence of a secret office investigating the existence of UFOs.

Cmdr. David Fravor, a former squadron leader who worked as a Navy pilot for 18 years, said on Monday (two days ago) he was on a routine training mission off the coast of California in 2004 when his unit was directed to go and examine strange unidentified objects that were descending from 80,000 to 20,000 feet, and then disappearing.

Upon flying 60 miles to the location, Fravor says he saw a tic-tac shaped object, “40 feet long with no wings, just hanging close to the water,” in an interview with the Washington Post on Monday. He said it created a disturbance on the water uncharacteristic of a helicopter or a plane, and moved rapidly.

“As I get closer, as my nose is starting to pull back up, it accelerates and it’s gone,” he told the Post. “Faster than I’d ever seen anything in my life. We turn around, say let’s go see what’s in the water and there’s nothing. Just blue water.”

“I can tell you, I think it was not from this world,” Fravor told ABC News, also on Monday. “I’m not crazy, haven’t been drinking. It was — after 18 years of flying, I’ve seen pretty much about everything that I can see in that realm, and this was nothing close.”



I am  primarily interested in this statement as my deep seated feeling is that there is a very significant association between the crop formations and the UFO phenomenon. I regard CFs as signals from the UFO phenomena; we could be about to enter a new era in this subject. Let's just hope the media run with this revelation in a sensible way!

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