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Snow Circle Monolith in Quincy, MA.

Crop circle type snow circle 'monolith' briefly appears in Quincy Quarries Reservation. MA!!! Discovered by Patrick Geoghegan and promptly vanished just a few hours later. This is a significant development.

The 8-foot (heavy) monolith was surrounded by what looks like a 100-foot crop circle. It has short 'post' shapes sticking out from the perimeter. The pathway is, on the one hand a simple and smooth surface. On the other hand the route is textured like a chain. Now, that is in my view almost impossible to perform such a task and at the same time keeping the geometry perfectly accurate with two contra-rotating spirals unfurling and being perfectly parallel in relation to each other. These things usually happen at night which adds to the improbability.

Yep, looks like a familiar 'mono'...shadow about right for this time of year. No collateral damage overall or localised heavy compaction to snow surface. One pathway of this pattern could have been formed by scrapping/smoothing the surface, the other textured. Not quite sure which. Look at surrounding snow surface outside of pattern to compare. However, the principle of performing accurate geometry remains the same. Either way it would be a 'military exercise.

If for arguments sake we suggested one man stood in the middle throughout the process (or a post) of laying with a tape the snow would end up firmly compressed by a man where he had be going around. (need to see photos). After, he would need to get out and a post would need to be removed without trace. All the time the radius would be lengthening in a very precise and mathematical manner so as to achieve the final perfect result. Remember, this pattern is 100ft in diameter which is big. The bigger the event the greater the risk of error. This one is perfect. (This is the sort of event I would normally be faced with in the summer months in SE England but in standing crops. CCs are pretty much always perfect unless made by human beings.)

This is not just a spiral. Look closely. There are two contra rotating spiral elements: one with a single pathway the other with three. Clever, I've not seen this configuration before, accurately drawn into the snow with no discernible mistakes. Snow is unforgiving and will obviously show any errors made. Complex.

Unless images of other such patterns with errors turn up I think we can safely say that this event was executed first time perfect, which is usually the case. Than alone is remarkable!

Photo: Patrick Geoghegan with thanks.

I would like closer images of the actual 'mono' to be completely confident that this event conforms to previous event's qualitative and design features. The guy who discovered it took other photos which I would hope to post later.

I am particularly intrigued by this event as this is what I predicted when all this 'mono' stuff started, albeit in crops. I suggested we may get a 'mono' in a crop circle next season as I felt there may well be a link ( between both mysteries. It would seem I may well have been correct! I never expected it in snow!


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