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Field Assessment on Weir Farm 2.

First impression on approach was a formation in a discreet location tucked away in the corner of a barley field. From a frequently used private farm track adjacent to the event I could not see any evidence of verge disturbance, tyre tracks, parked vehicles or new pedestrian entry points from track to tramlines. At obvious points of potential entry at the end of the tram line at the edge of the field there was very little evidence of foot tread or damage to barley stalks in the tram lines or made pathways through the crop. The soil on the tramlines looked like it had one or maybe two previous visitors but few more.

Inside this approx. 6 day old event there was an overall consistency of familiar-to-me ground lay in a manner (MO) seen so many times

Photo: OrionSM with thanks.

before on other CC events. ie. many other examples cross-referenced positively to unquestionably mysterious events. eg. Phoenix, Yatesbury, 2009 as just one example.

This challenging-to-geometrically-construct from practical POV, asymmetrical pattern showed no signs of any 'around potential radius point activity' or collateral damage consistent with commonly perceived human practices either inside or outside of the event. The internal enclosed elements remained inaccessible with no entry paths or crop disturbance from the outside of that element. The laid crop overall was subject to wholesale and obvious node bending, extreme in some areas that appeared not to be due to phototropism. Phototropism can present as a bit random over an area but here we had an overall and consistently organised scheme of node bending. In any case the event has not been here long enough with good weather for such major changes to occur naturally that can usually take well over a week or much longer. Crop at this stage will usually stay stuck in that form till harvested.

As an example of positive phototropism in nature below is a photo of non nodal plants in my garden on return from a 12 day tour away from home. Before I went the stem was straight down parallel with the ground as I had just knocked it down by accident. So it took all this time in really good sunny weather to bend up again this much.

The stem bending we commonly find in CCs like below in Weir Farm 2 is always there as from day 1 of the event's creation. So it cannot be due to phototropism as these circles are usually created at night BEFORE THE SUN HAS RISEN. Phototropism is a response to sunlight. It is crucial to remember this.

Another compelling feature was the presence of 'Energy Leak' along the tram lines, a feature described by myself years ago and endorsed by other serious researchers as a strong pointer towards mysterious origin. Briefly, this is where a narrow line of crop remains still standing along one edge of the tram lines in an otherwise laid area only to resume laid status soon after. My hypothesis is that its origin may lay in either mass differentials or moisture differentials or both.

The 90 Degree combing away from some edges falls into 'probability anomaly' and again something seen many times before in events of the unquestionably mysterious.

Large areas of bent node, reduced height crop were punctuated randomly but overall in the wide outside laid circular area with still standing crop stalks quite undamaged in any way. Again, we have seen this many times before and again comes under the heading of 'probability anomaly'. This seems to occur where a degree of texture is required...very subtle and commonly seen in 3D formations.

Within many of the isolated internal elements the edges of that laid area followed the curve of the area at about 200mm-300mm wide with the main laid area then at 90 degrees to a border.

Below I found an area with 'water flow' lay commonly seen in barley formations over the years.

Overall impression was an exquisitely executed but curious pattern event with many biophysical anomalies containing no obvious meaning or coding. It would seem hard to conclude such an event had a mundane explanation.

Again the farmer kindly asked for people to stay away from the crop circle.

All photos copyright Paul Jacobs 2021 with all rights reserved.


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