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Watch out for Debunkers!

If you plan on visiting crop formation country in Wiltshire this season this is important information for you especially if you are less experienced or unacquainted with the on-the-ground 'scene'. The debunkers will spot you and see you as a vulnerable easy target and attempt to manipulate you with their charms. A raised awareness is invaluable. Forewarned is forearmed.

Debunkers/dis-informers are people that, for whatever reason, don’t feel comfortable with the crop formation phenomenon and intentionally cast darkness and discredit upon the subject. Perhaps some are just simply unable to accept the possibility and feel threatened somehow or others may have some sort of vested interested ie. political, business, money incentive, attention seeking or just plain and simple bloody-mindedness. But malevolence does really seem to be the underlying theme and these people tend to stay rigid, almost pathologically hung-up despite the burden of evidence. You’ve all seen them on the videos I’m sure, usually saying they’ve witnessed the formation being made (yorn!) or they know the people who did it (yorn!) …always unsubstantiated. Again, like the ‘Claimers’, they come with the territory I'm afraid.

Consider this man's body language (centre).

Profile of debunker personality.

These people are often firm, can be challenging, sometimes almost forceful and commonly have an over-valued sense of self. Alternatively they can use the soft approach using charm and subtly manipulative. They are usually direct in manner and will not listen properly, consider an alternative view or be swayed by fact, reason or sensible argument. They are there to convince you that all crop formations are the result of human intervention...which is no longer a realistic option. To someone listening to the conversation from outside it may seem like a one way conversation whereon they are definitely attempting to guide and control the conversation. They tend to maintain strong, direct eye contact, very sure of their position and will often be prepared to stand talking for an extended period of time. As said they are manipulative personalities, articulate and quite often arrogant in manner; they know who did it (LOL), or have seen it done (LOL) and are good story tellers. These plausible, controlling people, who often work in pairs will usually approach you. They will wait for visitors to enter the event, pub or other venue, observe you from a distance and later engage you in dialogue...typically...'What do you think then?" They stay the same over time even when the burden of new evidence is mounted against them. It is highly probable many are borderline personalities (BP). They tend to retreat mostly though when the heat is on. One can recognise such people as they seem to stand out I have encountered many times looks like he's just left the office! Others are strongly dressed, often wearing hats to enhance their sense of importance. If you observe them they seem not that interested in the event as others might be but love to be in the limelight themselves.

The press/documentory makers tend to seek out these attention-seeking types because of the sensationalistic/gimmicky stories they tell.

Why do such people even bother engaging in such a futile exercise you may ask, wasting their time you could say with no apparent gains by so doing?

Well, a few ideas would include wishing to control others (BP) a form of power seeking or even sociopathic (sadly, this personality type has concentrated over the years in the G1 population, is not uncommon in this arena) notoriety, crave a sense of belonging within sub group, under-achievers wishing to compensate sensing a possible change of status, no sense of real direction in life...wish to make a 'mark', are paid to do so perhaps, feelings of superiority, love to be in the limelight/celebrity status, a need to be adored... unemployed...need something to do...and so on.

Where do these types hang out?

​Pubs local to crop formations (CFs) areas or where CF people frequent, the events themselves, public talks where they intend to be either disruptive or challenging, so called CF ‘cafes’, or many times 'on-line' where they operate under an assumed name quite often...especially Facebook.

So there it is... don't worry... be vigilant, just recognise and be aware. Be kind and respect the farmer. Have fun ante happy!


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