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'Probability'... a Very Strong Indicator.

This is the so called 'Galaxy' formation of 2001 on Milk Hill. It is the most extreme example I can think of to illustrate probability. It happened overnight in bad weather and is composed of no less than 409 separate circles and was approx. 1000ft in diameter! How probable do you think that this event may be mysterious in origin? Each circle would have to take around 45 seconds to construct X 409 given the restricted time frame in mid summer...approx.5hrs darkness. Highly probable I would say! Image copyright PRS 2001 with thanks.

When I look back over the years I cannot recall one single event that was photographically recorded as an abandoned mission i.e. something that went wrong with the geometry or design and was subsequently left in the field incomplete. An event that was believable up to the point of error, which would remain evident and stayed that way at which point the work would have ceased. This is an important observation as, if looking from a humanly instigated perspective we humans do in fact make mistakes unlike the mysterious creators, or so it would seem. We have had over 6200 crop formations since their inception in the late ‘70s and all of the ones I have seen have been of a consistently high ‘machine-like’ quality, the exceptions being a very few miserable attempts made by debunkers for reasons of deception. Although this matter of 'human made' is tiresome for the majority of G1s, the increasing number of G2s will be interested in this information I suspect. (It won't be too long before the G2s hugely outnumber the G1s who are actually quite few in number compared to potential G2s.) The image below is but one pathetic little example of human work.

In my way of reasoning this is quite extraordinary and in itself says so much. Example: If we toss a coin 100 times the likely outcome will be a random mix of heads and tails. But what would you say if the outcome was 98 heads with only a couple of matter how many times we repeated this exercise the outcome was the same? This has been the case with crop formations. If humans were to be involved we would expect some variation in quality due to error, style and/or abandoned missions…this is only natural. However we do not see this with mysterious CFs…always first-time perfect with no evidence of rehearsal. From a probability perspective this would be highly unlikely within our current scientific paradigm. In other words...98 heads!

Although the probability concept within the context of crop formations is not technically anomalistic, unlike say node bending which is a recurring true biophysical anomaly, it is a very strong indicator or pointer towards a mysterious or paranormal event. One simply cannot sensibly argue with this.

‘Energy Leak (’E/L) where it does occur it is always present early on day one, as is the case with 'bent nodes'. E/L in tramlines is not technically a true anomaly but again a strong indicator of the mysterious. It has never been raised, recorded or photographed as being a deliberate component part of a supposed human event. The fact that it is been present in so many CF events globally over time suggests it’s cause originates elsewhere. 'Split edging', solitary-single-still-standing-stalk or absence of 'practice runs' add to the conundrum. If one is arguing the human intervention hypothesis I suppose this E/L feature would theoretically be just about possible but in practical terms highly unlikely as there would seem absolutely no reason to include it in the design in an otherwise very demanding task…it would just hugely complicate the work quite unnecessarily in a time-limited scenario. E/L cannot sensibly be attributed to something natural, like standing-status-correction or ‘recovery’ of the plant. So probability would suggest an alternative origin.

The rule of thumb could reasonably be ; ‘The more complex the design, the more likelihood of error in a time-restricted scenario’. So to consider events like the magnificent Piero Odetto's Farm, Scalenghe, Italy event. Reported 28th May this year or Ansty, near Salisbury reported 12 August of last year, which were first time perfect in construction is simply a matter of judgement using 'probability' as a measure. Humans make mistakes!

Based on 'probability' alone both these 'first time perfect' events would be strongly suggesting a paranormal origin.

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