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Embarking on the 2016 Season

“ CGI flew and reported the phase 2 Silbury Hill CC 28th May which is the latest addition to a ‘family’ of CCs in that area.

East Field.

Green Street

Silbury Hill. Phase 1.

Many thanks CCC for use of photos.

For the first time in several years, this season seems to have started without that mad rush and unhealthy panic we’ve had before, which for me at least is obviously helpful a great relief. It feels like the waters have settled somewhat clearing the air and working towards perhaps a slightly more cohesive and coherent approach, especially for those who are actually lucky enough to potentially attend a CC on the ground in the UK.

Over the last four years, myself with CGI have attempted to gradually build a working relationship with some farmers in Wiltshire and Dorset with an expectation towards cooperation and productivity instead of self promotion, money, chaos and social tension. The social tensions, which seem to have accompanied CCs, have been the norm for the last thirty years or so created and experienced by, I have to say, the visiting G1 CC population. Laying a plan of some order more acceptable to the farmers involved, thereby allowing access and enjoyment for all, in my view just has to be the sensible way forward. Without such a plan I have no doubt that all would just end in tears whereon there would be no CCs to potentially visit, with farmers intent on wholesale mass destruction!

No doubt you’ve read this all before (yorn!) as I’ve scribed these words so many times , but I do so again at the beginning of a new season as I have observed that folks seem to have a breathtakingly short memory when it comes to change of culture and habit. I really feel we are in the throws of a period of transition which all would do well to register and take on board.

What we are attempting to do here is not easy and will require all the goodwill and spirit of helpfulness available, especially from the G1 people in ‘key’ positions i.e. group leaders showing respect and setting good example by doing the right thing, in order to make this work more quickly. The G2 visitors just new to the subject (increasing numbers of local people now) carrying little or no bad habit of visit will know no different, going forward in the prescribed manner hopefully, guidelines that we shall publicise through he media etc. Boot-throwing mentality (G1) is neither smart nor compatible with harmonic PR. Uninvited entry merely winds up the farmer and could be avoided, common sense would dictate…perhaps a matter of Karma.

So, to conclude, in the absence of any other constructive and workable initiative, CGI will, in it’s 5th year of successful and progressive operation, persist, expecting no personal reward other than in the hope of some sort of social progress in arguably one of or even the most significant Earth event to face Mankind. (said without seeming political and with the greatest respect for Japan and their WW2 lost loved ones at this time.) To address and effect a positive upon local tension within the farming community and at the same time gather funds for the treatment of cancer (now with ‘Brighter Futures’ radiotherapy appeal) seems inarguable and would be hard to understand why all folks would not wholeheartedly support, widely publicise and applaud such an initiative in the hope of a better future. CGI are merely facilitators, not beneficiaries.

Subscript. This CC later transpired as Phase 2 some days after the original Silbury Hill event. I had observed the phase 1 intensely the day before Phase 2 appeared as it seemed different. I was camped on the Ridgeway near 'The Sanctuary' at the time, and flew it to confirm the following day, Saturday. My hunch was correct!


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