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Could these mysterious 'monoliths' be linked to crop circles?

...if so they could be the next level to contact ! Now we have one in a snow circle!

Curious it's all happening at a time of COVID-19 misery...could they just be a sort of global-virus-neutralising device or a world-peace aid-to-Man gizmo? Need to think out of the box here!

CLUE.1 Merry Maidens stone circle, in St Buryan. Cornwall. Only one step away from Avebury Stones and crop circle country? Getting tantalisingly close I'd say!

12.112.20 It has all happened over the last week or so. Strange pillar-like' monolithic' structures have been popping up on a global basis. The first was in the Utah desert, a structure that had been standing there un-noticed for 5 years according to Google Earth reference, then California. Romania and Colombia followed. Today we had three more published on the media, one on the Isle of Wight this quite close to 'crop circle country', one hovering in the sky over Idaho, another in the Netherlands.

My current thoughts are that these occurrences could just be linked to the crop circles...and in positive way ! Our beloved CCs have in truth become a little bit tiresome in the minds of the general public, most of whom merely switch off at the very mention. However, if say an off-earth agency wished to connect with us more a new and refreshing mode of delivery may cause people to pay more attention. Just imagine for a moment a 'monolith' popping up in the middle of a crop circle next season. How crazy would that be? This Cornish stone circle' monolith' only adds to the conundrum but also supports that theory in way. With my researcher's hat on though, I would need to take the event very seriously until proven otherwise. To dismiss too quickly you assume your uninformed opinion is better than the informed opinion of another and potentially you close yourself off from new experiences and discovery, would be silly. Closed minds learn less. After all, we know what the creators of the Circles are capable of (EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE VIDEO HERE) so why not a 'monolithic' interface? Now we have one in the very centre of a stone circle!

Once, and if one of these 'monoliths' has been objectively and forensically examined ruling out human involvement we will have another true phenomenon on our hands no question that just could influence and encourage world peace issues. However, please do be aware that if an 'Official' statement is made on all this it could well be very misleading. (Like Doug and Dave nonsense circa. 1991 regards their alleged responsibility for the crop circles. LOL!) This disinformation/propaganda is likely when the police et al have seized one, taken a close look and declare in all (cynical) 'wisdom' (they'll believe it cos we told um officially) there is nothing of interest here. This is a predictable progression in the forward story of the 'monolith' I'd say. What happened with crop circles will surely happen with the 'monoliths'. The F/B type of pages are rife with dis-informers, myth-makers, trolls, propagandists hoping you'll bite, get sucked in. Don't...question everything. I've spotted a few here already and to someone with some experience, to me they seem a little sad and much predictable. Need not go into that now. But if the 'monoliths' are shown at some point, by whatever means to be wholly credible/mysterious however this information will be challenging for many and unacceptable for many others! But of course a 'monolith' hovering in the sky like a UFO has to be inexplicable... if not a photoshop.

Heaven only knows where all this is going. A must see video here:

CLUE.2 Monolith appears in snow circle Quincy, MA. USA.

So, big question: Will we get a monolith in a sand circle/pattern next...or a crop circle next season. If this happened then the riddle is solved on that front.

UPDATE: Interestingly the world press and media seem to be latching on to all this. Quite increasingly there is usually a caveat at the end of the article though suggesting someone (people/person) did it, exactly like with the crop circles and why not...they should try to be objective. Overall they seem pretty hooked up I'd say although in latter days not smooch with the BBC and CNN. Overall though this is encouraging as long as they adapt positively along with sensible and new information. After all, a journalist's role is to merely report facts as opposed to being judgemental (unless an Op Ed.) Watch this space for updates and developments.

Here is a useful 'Mail' article by an ex-high ranking Israeli official regarding the existence of aliens.


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