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Empirical Evidence that Crop Circles are in fact Mysterious

This information is irrefutable and conclusive. It cannot be sensibly contradicted by any sincere and qualified scientist in the world. It is based on pure science and is the product of my 12 years of crop circle field research in the SE England. This may be a shock to many after over 30 years of disinformation and propaganda on the subject by the media and 'official' bodies. The evidence centres around very commonly seen crop stem bending in formations which is NOT due to phototropism or sun-seeking as it's commonly known. This is the simple truth.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just to point out that I have never once, over my 12 years of close proximity with the crop circle phenomenon encountered anything that could in any way be construed as a threat from them. To my mind the CCs are completely benign. If my hunch is correct, that there is indeed a link between the CCs and these new 'MONOLITHS' I would probably need to come to the same POV given a bit more time. The symbology within the Merry Maiden Stone Circle in Cornwall and the Sundial snow monolith in Quincy recently suggests that possible link and seems clear. The three appear to sit well together, one within each of the other. I feel that on these bases no threat from the 'monoliths' either. No need to worry.

I am hoping that once people have got used to this new information it will have a positive effect on the world.

I feel the time is right to reset, to refresh our consciousness and awareness, to grow with positivity at a time when the whole globe is immersed in misery and suffering. Perhaps we all need a little help...but will only be if we are receptive, allow it in...


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