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Bolivian Monolith with Engraved Script on all Four Faces.

18.12.20 Reported yesterday. Samaipata, Santa Cruz, BOLIVIA. This 10ft tall 'mono' has inscriptions engraved in different languages on each of its four metal surfaces. This side looks like Chinese. Could this be the beginnings of another mode of real 'CONTACT'?

Written in modern Chinese format overall..

A good man on the Earth

In Shuangshuiba (Guizhou, China?)

on Wednesday (December 16?) (no such word as Wednesday in ancient Chinese)

Best wishes from Uncle Qi Qi

Jiqian Mother, Jiqian Mother

Children of the father

Best wishes of strength and power from Uncle Qi Qi will stay with you” -----“Qǐ Qì” means n ancient Chinese “beginning and end”.

Many thanks to H.Drew and friend for finding this translation.

These columns were finely engraved and engineered and located in a remote region of Bolivia with little chance of discovery by many people. The writings could end up being profound and potentially illuminating for Humanity.

So far it looks like we have variants of the same basic message. Awaiting Hebrew translation.


Same in Russian as in Arabic?

Arabic. (in green) are the commonalities)

The confusion here may be due to a literal translation from an App. being used. This could make a lot of sense if we view this from say an off-earthly agency's POV attempting to convey something without a sophisticated knowledge of the language. For instance: We may say... 'You made dogs dinner of that'... meaning you didn't do a good job. How would that be interpreted/translated?

1-OK children of earth play (Mankind as pleasure seekers...Earth people are funny)

2-The double dam Wednesday ( warning, event to happen twice. A reference to climate change emergency and also Covid?) Double Dam is a place in Guizhou

3-Blessings from Uncle Kiki ( Ki Ki could be 'Earth' in ancient Sumerian) or a phonic error confused with Qi Qi which could mean 'strange, odd', girls name or 'beginning and end' in Chinese.)

4-Pryce mother Pryce ( can be a woman's name)

5-My father's young children

6-Uncle Kiki's strength is with you...or... may the force of Uncle KiKi be with you...your life... or... your journeyOchildO

A working progresr of Earth play The double dam Wednesday Blessings from Uncle Kiki Pryce mother Pryce My father's youn children Uncle Kiki's strength is with you"“OK children of Earth play Looks The double dam Wednesday Blessings from Uncle Kiki Pryce mother Pryce My father's young children Uncle Kiki's strength is with you"K children of Earth play The double dam Wednesday Blessings from Uncle Kiki "


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