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The COVID-19 Should Clarify the Crop Circle Conundrum.

A painting I did recently inspired by the current situation.

As unpleasant as this global virus situation is, in my mind at least it should help to clarify, for one thing the issue of the man-made vs mysterious origins of crop formations.

From a probability POV it would seem very, very unlikely indeed that the very idea of any group of people risking their all to organise and engage in such a task as creating a crop pattern would be hard to believe for anyone. To even claim they did something that would not only destroy valuable crops in time of world crisis would seem asinine as it would also provoke/attract others to group together, which is now against the law, would seem unlikely. This would be laughable. Any such hypothetical group attempting would also be subject to the wroth of the farmer and authorities if caught; I really cannot imagine what may happen in those dire circumstances. In reality human made circles are very rare in my twelve years of experience. No, I think you can rule out the man- made narrative from now.

So to summarise my point, if we still receive complex geometrical patterns in the fields again this year (they have never missed a season in 40 years) despite the lock-down emergency imposed by our government and they somehow manage to get photographed and reported (which is potentially a problem) it should illustrate well a probability in favour of mysterious origin. I really cannot imagine any such groups be so insanely desperate to risk themselves and others for absolutely nothing and a very long prison sentence.

In a broader sense I feel Mankind will learn much about himself, and society may never be the same; I hope in a good way. But if we do clear up the confusion surrounding crop circles that should open up a whole new realm of higher consciousness for Mankind, including a re-evaluation of his world view that he would hopefully benefit from in the future. Perhaps he will learn not to squabble so much.

To be clear, I am NOT suggesting here we should literally go into a circle if it appears...that would be reckless, to act like this group above. It is merely here to illustrate unity, a collective consciousness.

Lastly if we as a community collectively and humbly 'ask'' for help/guidance from the Circlemakers, repeatedly in our meditations, I don't know, it may just help. I'm pretty sure that with their technology this is well within their ability. Previously they have shown concern for us. I have to be positive.

To some this may sound a bit whacky but after being surrounded by four circles two years ago doing CGI duties at Hackpen Hill, which seemed like an endorsement of what we were trying to do I really do think it's worth a shot.

Let's try.

This act if nothing else is empowering, feeling like, at the very least we are trying, doing something around our subject ...that could make a difference.

Thanks for reading. Paul.

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