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It's All in the Detail.

Most of us usually focus our attention on the overall pattern of the crop circles, if not often on the possible meaning. Sometimes the shape of the arrangement does indeed convey something recognisable and significant but often times it is open to speculation that is often subjective and cannot be verified or through time does not seem conclusive. Occasionally we get a formation like the Phoenix rising from the ashes Yatesbury 15th June 2009 that is self explanatory and obvious or the ratchet form encoded circle depicting Pi as a mathematical formula which was amazingly to 10 decimal places 1st July 2008

With such images we gain a greater sense of wonder and spiritual enhancement and to actually witness first hand will many times change people's world view, change their lives. One has to consciously 'allow' this to happen though by 'letting go' of old prejudices and stories and surrendering to their true senses.

But for me the true sense of utter wonder and amazement comes from studying the inexplicable and reason-challenging details contained within most events. We've all heard I dare say about the node bending that is not due to phototropism and the various ground lays that defy logic. But another aspect not quite so commonly witnessed are the ties and bows and bouquets that occur as if in a bunch of flowers. ,

Just look at the exquisite detail in this is hard to fathom, don't you think? You could easily miss this walking around lost in the wonder of the bigger picture. Below a bouquet detail-tied in barley has to be close to one of the true wonders of the world.

Here, the tuft looks like it has been plaited and this type of anomaly is only found in my personal favourite, the barley formation as its seed head 'hairs' naturally lend themselves to this. And no, someone didn't do it by hand! To witness such for me is always utter bliss and the closest I'll ever get to Heaven on Earth!

So many thanks to Hannah Kathleen for these wonderful images.

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