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Woodstock Christmas Day '2001' Monolith

Photo: anon.

Woodstock, New York. USA. Reported 25th and vanished 27th December.

3M high and made of steel (one report wooden, believed to be hollow) matt black finish, this thing is gonna be heavy folks! Interestingly the finish and dimensions are about the same as the '2001: A Space Odyssey' film prop. If this turns out to be a genuinely mysterious event it would not be unreasonable to cross reference with the message of the film itself.

The film, in its most basic terms, is a parable about Man. It is what Kubrick wanted to say about Man as a race, an idea and an inhabitant of the universe. More specifically, it is a film about man's journey from the natural state of a tool-using state and then again into a higher order of natural state. So one could speculate that this event relates to this 'higher order', is pointing towards raising awareness and raising consciousness in Man.

Like the crop circles these monolithic structures could be seen as a non threatening form of communication, a reaching out that you can either engage with or not. For those who do not resinate with such ideas/possibilities they can merely just walk something else. But, for instance, if this thing is mysterious, indeed if this whole 'mono' business turns out to be of unknown/'exotic' origin then, like the crop circles, sooner or later Mankind would arguably do well to address in a more serious way. Certainly there seem to be many people out there that are doing just that. In my 12 years of being actively engaged in Crop Circle field research I can assure you there are thousands of people very interested in them. I'm beginning to think the same way about these 'monos'. My feeling is that there is a link between the two subjects. My feeling is that we may well receive a 'mono' in a crop circle next season. Indeed, they seem to be getting closer to that:, we received this one in ornamental grass rings made of bricks in Gränichen, Switzerland (No.2) Schloss Liebegg on the 25th after it had vanished on Thursday 17th December. Now reappeared, same hight (2.7m), same material stainless steel, exact position in the middle of the surrounding (3) circles. They really seem to like circles, don't they? Now that is really odd! Photo: Anon.

However, this matt black '2001' event will really be quite a challenge for many!

We can only learn, progress, if our minds are open, use our inherent natural curiosity. If that weren't to be the case we would still be in the primitive state that Kubrick described in the film. Many would say we are! But the fact remains that this has all happened at a time in our history when we are all bound by a commonality, a time of utter chaos, mismanagement and need. Man could not be in a worse state than now! Perhaps we should allow ourselves to reach out and maybe accept help if it's there in the offering?

The 'Daily Freeman' press link to this event has now been blocked by the GDPR or 'General Data Protection Regulation' or at least for the EEA and EU areas, for whatever reasons.


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