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'The Pink Lawnmower Related to 'Monoliths' Theory.

A serious consideration...a must read! Should make you laugh if nothing else though!

Best of wishes for Christmas and New year.

Photo: 'Early Learning Centre' with thanks.

The advent of global rubberised pink lawnmower events spouting up spontaneously all within a relatively short period of time would normally be improbable, if not incredulous. The locations are often rugged and remote, the logistics would be far reaching without the aid of military grade resources. These resources would need to include an international agreement at all- governments level allowing access and cooperation. This is extremely unlikely. Their appearance is never witnessed and their commonly reported sudden disappearance even more so. The high quality of workmanship and design seems universally consistent in the majority of cases right from the onset which points to a centralised initiative... although a few as we would expect, a bit suspect. The very idea of a globally coordinated and highly organised collective of practically skilled 'artists' with resources enough to include a well equipped fabrication workshop, to me at least seems unlikely to say the least.

At a time when quite frankly people around the world are preoccupied with Covid19 and at least in Christian countries around the world, preoccupied with matters of Christmas, in the USA folks are actively engaged in what amounts to a National Emergency of food poverty, unemployment and federal neglect, it is hard to imagine anyone would devote any time or money to such an absurd and pointless endeavour that would almost be tantamount to ' taking the pi...' OK I'll admit, the notion of 'artwork' is theoretically possible but I do really feel it insults people's intelligence somewhat. OK, we got to the moon. Indeed it would be theoretically possible for instead of metal monoliths, just as likely be pink lawnmowers made out of pliable rubber placed around the globe under the heading of mass 'art'... for zero gains or notoriety...or maybe as a marketing exercise as some have suggested. Trouble with this theory is that no company has used that marketing tool to advantage. Normally if you spend huge sums of money on such a promotion the product would be strenuously publicised and then the world would suddenly become brim full of rubberised pink lawnmowers! Can you now see how absurd this mis/disinformation hysterical narrative is that's now developing?

Of course this whole monolith business in theory could have been organised ahead of time to offset the rigours of current world issues by some well meaning altruistic billionaire wishing to distract populations for a moment. Confirmation bias has a lot to answer for though. But sometimes the truth and reality is often found within the most simplest of answers. The answer may not always be convenient, what we want to hear, like with the crop circles, sometimes socially challenging... but truth is truth. Cognitive dissonance also plays an important role in society when we are conflicted in what we understand to be our 'norm'. Was it not Shakespear's Hamlet suggesting that human knowledge is limited: "There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Big question now though is...'Will we get a rubberised pink lawnmower in the centre of a crop circle next season'?

FYI: at last count, 106 events worldwide. ( the metal ones, not the pink ones!) One recently sold on Ebay for over £800!


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