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Ramsgate Monolith....Significant Development ?

18.12.20 AM. This really is getting crazy now folks! Ramsgate Beach, Kent. No 7 I believe for UK. This one is intriguing.The design is completely different with a dull grey matt finish to the surfaces. Ugly and foreboding. I now believe this structure is symmetrical...angular/same on both sides. Photographed on an overcast dreary day looks dramatic like something out of a Dr Who film! From an engineering POV that is not a simple task to fabricate. I do not believe that is stainless steel. Looks more like galvanised. Looks heavy. Welded joints with what looks like the face in relief with two' ribs' or spacers let into and along its length.That would cost. Placed on the beach and posted in the sand, decorative stones around base and perfectly perpendicular as usual. Looks like its facing due west gauging by the sun.

This one is very different from the nice shiny objects we've seen before. I wonder if, like with the crop circles these things are starting to morph or develop into more and more sophisticated/unusual designs. If there is ultimately some sort of message being carried here this method, like with the crop circles gives people time to gradually adjust, get used to them. I have to say that I am personally now beginning to feel that these recurring global objects are more than just an artistic project which has been the popular belief thus far. The flawless consistency of delivery and workmanship, wholly undetected and with no gains apparent, like with the crop circles is a constant we cannot ignore. The above facts would seem to belie such a simplistic mundane explanation.

Like with the CCs we may just have to accept them not quite knowing their purpose or function. It may of course be another exercise to raise consciousness as most probably was with the CCs. But if we take the CCs as the example they were entirely benign for their 45 years odd of being, so too most probably will these 'monos'.

Did think about nipping down there to Ramsgate but I'm not sure if I want to touch / go near it LOL! Spooky!

Probably won't be there long though...the military will most likely get this one! Photos: Kent Live with thanks.

Looking west.

Looking East.

If this transpires not to be a joke, like some recycled random item I think we have a significant development on our hands here.

These photos look like they are taken from different directions. This means that this structure is the same on both sides which makes it far more complex and even more fascinating. To make thing like that would be a major undertaking. I think we could forget about 'artists', unless someone comes forward WHO CAN PROVE 100% HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING AND POSITIONING! If it is sealed top and bottom we can't know what's inside if anything unless x-rayed. Is this a device of some sort? Could this encase advanced off-earth technology? Truth however is sometimes stranger than fiction as they say. Just because it is unfamiliar to us does not less make it so.


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