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Iran 'Monolith' appears in mountainous region NE of Tehran.

15.12.20 New 'monolith' NE of Tehran in Iran. Photo by IFP News with thanks.

This event reported by credible IFP Iran News resides in a very highly sensitive military monitored area, an extremely remote area high in the mountains near a small village. You can just see in reflection. Access one could say is very limited and it would in truth be unimaginable for something like this to occur and the local villagers to not be aware. All the dogs would be going 'nuts' and the locals would be all over you in no time at all!

I have personally travelled through these mountains on route to India in my 'Hippy' days in the '70's when overland was still possible. From Istanbul through to Amritsar there was only one major road and sometimes a very dangerous road and if you turn off that road, as you would need to if transporting this metal column, things would get very rough indeed. The people I met were very hospitable, many of whom were goat herders but I suspect any suspicions of unofficial activity would not be tolerated. Iran as we should know is still a very dangerous place and wrongdoings are dealt with decisively and severely. Iran's government is not known for its sense of humour let's say! My bet is that the military will be on site vey soon if not already. Get my point?

So to me at least any suggestion of some jokey jokey, anonymous 'artist' types hoping to transport a heavy 3m metal object to this place is unthinkable, probably belongs within the realms of Monty Python, and in reality is highly improbable. The police would immediately regard such an event as a military threat and would almost certainly land you in prison...or worse! Why would any sane person even think of risking such an endeavour here? My feeling is you're not going to get planning permission for something like this even if you are the Queen of England. To my sense of reasoning, and believe me I am a very 'grounded' person if nothing else, next to yesterday's primary school event in St. Albans UK this is the most significant development in the 'monolith' story so far and 'probability' would suggest something very unusual is going on here. We of course en masse are all still not completely convinced these columns are of an exotic nature, not yet. But it is important to keep an open mind here I think lest we miss something, open minds learn more. We may learn by monitoring and scrutinising, looking at trends to identify events that are completely watertight in terms of probability; this one comes pretty damn close. Because if we take the trouble to keep a close eye on them and they in fact turn out to be mysterious in nature we will have something that could help develop Man's paradigm, help him to evolve. Now I think we can all agree that is something that is well overdue.

So please share this article with as many people as possible as I feel this event is very significant.

Perhaps we should try to think a little more laterally, be more open and consider that the paradigm that is used to form our world view may not be the end of the wider cosmic story. I still feel that there may even be a link between the crop circles and these 'monoliths', especially after the Cornish stone circle event, which I know will make this story even more incredulous. Another commonality I have just noted is that these structures also seem to happen at night quite often just like the crop circles do. If that seems incredible so did the idea of electricity for example before it was developed by Micheal Faraday in the 18c. I would hope that in the 20c we should be capable of being a bit more open and curious.



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