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A Taste of Things to Come?

Bridging the's up to us! This video example shows something which has been a rare event over the years. Not often will you hear a farmer and a CF advocate being recorded in this harmonising manner. Watch this video and see what you think. (Just clic on image above.)

The video is a positive look at how things may be slowly evolving in the CF world. All it takes is a little respect and cooperation for this to continue.

A revolutionary perspective whereon everyone is a winner. Both the farmers, visitors and also needy charities and local communities all gain.

A fresh and renewed consciousness well away from old habits, that we should all know have caused so much trouble and disharmony over the years is the inconvenient truth of which few seem willing to address properly. The cognitive disonance found in much of the non-participating population with regards the phenomenon ironically applies to regular CF visitors also especially the G1s. All know uninvited entry feels uncomfortable but still go in. Two current conflicting beliefs/values that work compulsively and simultaneously against each other. One must be dominant otherwise major psychological distress occurs. If we gain more insight and acceptance we are more likely to be motivated to address this distress.

Double standards as we are all aware have prevailed since I can remember resulting in a slowly deteriorating situation in the fields. The main problem is that we all got involved with a phenomenon and remained blinkered, not adapting, carrying on regardless with our own selfish agendas and not listening, thereby dooming all to failure. The classic head-in-sand effect. The perfect comparison is the way Humanity is dealing with global pollution. In my view the way we deal with the CF issue is just as important as the issue of world pollution. No need to explain that.

I have to say that without more higher consciousness prevailing in the CF world all it will take is for farmers to become a little more organised... with unthinkable consequences. I feel it incumbent on all front-line participants to encourage a move away from short-sightedness and endorse any efforts towards positivity.

I am merely the messenger here.


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