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Where we are right now.

Ego and money making are two of the major factors holding this phenomenon back right now. It is many, but not all of the old-time, inflexible, 'established-in-habit front line' people (G1's) that do not wish for change who do not promote or support the CGI and its new and modern concepts. That's odd as our 1000's of visitors all do support... and tell us so!!! However, the majority of visitors are new-age local first-timers (G2's) who have no established bad habits. They are largely compliant (at the moment) observing the code of respect, visiting when invited, paying a token to the farmer and in so doing putting in place a new way of working. The 'old school' may very soon become the minority and outdated. The new-age visitors, who will be the 'drivers' in all this, are a delight to deal with...especially the children. Quality, truthful and understandable, on topic and sensible education in this subject is vital, especially for the next generation. Amazingly, nobody out there, in all their wisdom (G1s) are talking 'sociological interface' apart from CGI. For them I suspect, this topic is an inconvenient truth, many being strongly invested in habit and financial gain. This has to be the most important aspect of the subject as the very reason for the CFs in the first place is contact with humanity. I feel a great responsibility in this area.

The recent Cocum Farm story says it all. The determined, confident and even obsessed G1's predictably went storming down to the event as soon as it was publicised only to be greeted by an angry farmer. This outdated culture of some 40 years now could change to something of a much higher frequency if we wished to evolve towards more light and harmony. Trouble is, most potential G1 'example setters' do not wish to change nor wish light nor harmony. That is the biggest irony as they will go into the circle, evidently seeking enlightenment, sit cross legged and meditate for hours. Some would see this as 'double standards'. I wonder sometimes just what they do meditate on...cheese sandwiches? Sometimes I wonder if some of the 'spiritual' stuff is just a tad phoney? I'm afraid a real change to higher realms will probably take a bit more than sitting around banging a drum and thinking within a bubble. It will take strength, intent and actions.

Working in the fields with the farmers for seven years now has given me at least, a perspective that requires some sacrifice. This perspective is ignored and largely not wanted by the established old-time G1 regulars. This was clearly demonstrated and proven last season when I was badly verbally abused and intimidated by an old-time, well known Dutch group leader and her 'paying loads of money' group. We were helping the farmer as usual asking £3 at the gate for him for his cancer charity. They asked, amongst other things what gave us the right to do this ?..obviously not paying attention. They see people like me and concepts like the CGI as inconvenient, a direct threat; it gets in the way of their business. This has to be very low frequency behaviour and certainly not compatible with Circle ethos.

This is why I never get invited to speak at a conference or CC event evening. The organisers are afraid of 'new blood', especially if that 'new blood' has real and meaningful insight into the bigger picture, it would take the focus away from the tired old names that have soldiered on for years with the same tired old lines. The organisers are afraid I will 'flag up' the debate that non of them want, 'spill the beans of truth and reality', thus compromising their long time modus operandi. Well, of course I shall speak up but it will be on my own terms and in a place of my own choosing. It would seem they would rather fill the gaps by inviting some unknown, almost 'grabbed off the street' type person or 'fading star' to talk about some obscure topic that is far too complex to comprehend and is of no relevance or use whatsoever. That's the small and desperate place we are in right now folks. No problemo though, all this is most definitely not dependent on this little cliquey group, it's just a tad irritating as real progress is badly needed in this subject. The CGI message of respect is getting out there far more than I expected and will I suspect continue to do so. When that Dutch woman was yelling at me it seemed to sum up all that should NOT be around the CFs. The lack of respect was breathtaking. With working on two professional documentaries that are in the pipeline we hope to popularise our work even more. It is pointless speakers just repeating on stage the same tired old stuff to a narrow and already loyal and dedicated audience. The CGI's 'audience' are the uninformed majority, the 10s of 1000's, maybe far, far more who are the general public, and world-wide...who are not just the cliquey and sometimes eclectic fluffy minority 'party faithful'. We wish to take this wonderful phenomenon out of that 'tiny little venue in the countryside' and out into the 21st century... to all the people of the world!

Thanks for reading.


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