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Important Notice for Groups Next Season.

These people only had one thing on their minds as they walked towards the gate.

Mr Patrice Marty's disrespectful conduct this season resulted in Pepperbox Hill CF being cut out immediately after his group's departure. He led his 28 paying guests into the circle without permission, something I feel I cannot just ignore as it was a topic of much discussion at the time and clearly annoyed many people. 'Insult was added to injury' when Mr Marty stated on-line that he had been bringing people over from France for 17 years implying he had some sort of entitlement to act in this way. He was wrong. His claim to always attempt to find the farmer beforehand is just not credible. On this basis he then feels he has the right to access property, even in bad weather, further damaging the crop. After all, this is business and people have paid for a service and wish to have had a provision of that service...that's what he does.

Unfortunately this casual cavalier attitude is all too common with groups of all sizes, almost exclusively G1 led groups.

​We had a similar, even worse incident down at the Gurston Ashes CF last season when a Dutch ( G1 ) woman leading a large group, her claiming to being a crop circle scientist no less, did the same. When asked if she had permission she said...'"I had not found (the farmer) him'"...asked by another guest who was then physically attacked by her with an umbrella when he said..."Well, we did find him straight away". This man was actually with the farmer who was deeply shocked by all this! Again, this resulted in the CF being closed to future visitors. See the trend here?

You get the feeling in all this that familiarity has most definitely bred contempt... big time!

In t1his regard if any groups decide to visit a CF that is managed by CGI as from next season they will only be welcome if they agree with the group leader beforehand not to visit other CFs that do not have farmer permission. If they present themselves at the CGI gate and are not willing to participate (IOWs, expecting confrontation) in this arrangement, myself or other representative will re-remind them all, just in case they... "Did not hear" or... "Had forgotten" or..."Someone said...". If they then still do not acquiesce and agree, they will not be permitted to enter the field. The farmer will be called if necessary who will already be aware of and in full agreeance of same. If they agree then merely trespass again in another CF, they are showing contempt, which is totally incompatible with the CF ethos of higher frequency consciousness. Such groups will then be responsible for future confrontation and disharmony which any CGI co-opting farmers will have agreed to oppose and deal with decisively. CGI are trying very hard to foster good relations between the crop circle community and farmers. This may seem a bit draconian but my belief is that only steps like this will deter such well established behaviour. If anybody else out there has any other/ better or bright ideas on how to improve or manage this situation, please let me know through my CGI website ( Note: I do not do Facebook as I believe it to be facile in nature in relation to topic... not worthy of the topic). This is by no means a full solution...but it's a start I guess.

​ My feeling is that farmers will gradually see the cash benefits of opening their fields to visitors and will find ways to organise themselves at the gate in this regard. CGI can only do so much and initially, largely only offer a concept. For CGI, money is not the prime driver here... unlike 'groups'. It is about public relations, respect, charity and raised consciousness believing the formations are gifted to us in an attempt to connect with us hoping that we may develop towards higher realms of thinking and behaviour. (This of course is an assumption...can't actually know that.) This is a very common view though, in the CF community and so for those that demonstrate incompatibility with this position, it would seem crop circle visiting be irony at best. Can't have it both ways I guess; we are either true to ourselves ...or phoney!

Reaching out. "What do you think the CF Creators are trying to tell us here? The Danebury Hillfort event this season was just the other side of the hill to this place, the home of the Chilbolton Radio Observatory where in 2001, we received in a crop formation, arguably the most profound Contact from the cosmos: ie. the 'Reply' to Carl Sagan's Arecibo transmission of 1974. From day one this association was certainly not lost on me. I spent over six weeks in its shadow at this location doing CGI work."

My advice is that if anyone wishes to join a CF group next season visiting the UK, they should make sure that the group provider has committed to comply with this arrangement of respect so as to avoid loss of harmony, unhappiness and unnecessary inconvenience.

We have had many CFs in France and elsewhere in Europe this season so perhaps this would seem an alternative to the UK?

I'm so sorry it has come to this. UK farmers and community can only put up with so much. Surely we can see the need for some changes here?"

Thanks for reading.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

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