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Visiting  UK Crop Circles  during the 2014

Having lived full-time in Wiltshire since the end of last season and speaking to many farmers there during this period we have sensed a prevailing mood, a legacy, post 2013 season during which time a turning point was reached I believe. This turning point was probably resultant from a combination of past experiences and recent/current events some of which made some farmers so furious that I really do now feel new attitudes need to be adopted. In a nutshell last season resulted in real damage being done from a public relations point of view and we are now attempting recovery, a position of ‘damage limitation’.

There is a real danger an increasing number of CCs will be cut on day one especially in and around The Vale of Pewsey. I really can’t overemphasize the need for all people to have respect for the farmers position. For so long many have felt, with almost a sense of arrogance that they have had some sort of right to come and go, to what basically amounts to trespass, visiting the Cropcircles wherever they may be, often taking planned groups, sometimes large, sometimes small which all pay them money for the privilege. We’ve all done this with or without groups, let’s be honest. However, it is no longer possible to plan such trips, or at least guarantee CCs to visit with the farmers blessing. It is true some group leaders did ask and get permission, others sadly not, just following others in as if all were OK. I personally believe that unauthorised visitation probably does not resonate well with the Circlemaker’s wishes somehow as it suggests disregard and is self-serving…low frequency behaviour basically one could say.

Things are changing I have to tell you. I fear that if this sort of behaviour continues it will only increase the amount of tension with unfortunate results both in the short and long term. High profile individuals/group leaders have a responsibility in my view, no question, to do the right thing and set example to less experienced visitors. So in consequence if permission is not granted and they are unable to take their paying guests into the formation that is unfortunate perhaps requiring them to make alternative arrangements. One thing’s for sure though, if any people get caught by the farmer again going in uninvited they will just make things far worse for us all in the future….of which I’m sure we will all not be thanking them for!

Mobile CC Information Unit in situ.

The CGI has the full support of the and the CGI shall endeavour to make public when visitation is authorised with details regarding location, donations /charity collections etc. Where possible there will be farmer authorised personnel ‘on the gate’ to help and provide accurate ‘up to the minute’ impartial information (with few personal opinions offered I might add, not even humble ones that can taint/influence…that’s for you the visitor to decide) and collect donations accordingly. (Look out for the Mobile CC Information Unit… yellow Citroen van.) This really does have to be the sensible way forward , don’t you think? Let’s try again…last year this strategy seemed to work really well with CGI and was supported by the majority of visitors. Let’s try to make this 2014 Cropcircle season a harmonious one and a joy for all.

Happy Circling.



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