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Has The French Dis-Information Campaign Begun?

With eleven crop formations landed in France in about two weeks one wonders if there is a shift away from the UK going on.

What messages are they trying to send us with these articles we wonder?

Snap it in the bud maybe? The French certainly did not waste any time getting this into place. Get the story out there right from the start then keep reinforcing it. Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature and is used to promote a political cause or point of view. It must be almost believable. This seems to be what is happening here. After all, they don't have a Doug and Dave to cling onto so they've invented something else. It will be interesting to see if they can keep up the momentum if they get more and more crop formations as seems to be the trend right now.

This is a great shame as there was golden opportunity to allow the world to become elevated, to expand consciousness but of course all this will be just too much, too threatening to the 'powers that be'. They will not be able to answer the questions that would naturally follow such an enigmatic events. But you never know. The mysterious Circlemakers will have a plan, we can reasonably assume that, which may just unfold away from and navigate around the 'power grip' of press and government. This will be fascinating to observe albeit a bit frustrating no doubt.

One thing's for certain though, if one is to believe all this, the students are sure gonna be kept busy this summer...and every summer! Of course they will all have existing PhDs in Math and Geometry, used to doing hard physical labour and be qualified Chartered Surveyors to boot. Funny though, I did not see a TST (total station theodolite) anywhere in the pictures...odd that. Their talent will extend so far as to be able to execute all formations perfectly first time around, without any evidence of rehearsal! We will never see an event that's gone wrong! You've got to laugh!


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