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Do you think we passed the 30 year

The advent of CCs worldwide was unquestionably unprecedented. Looking back over the last 30 years or so of CC visitation, the patterns and trends are clear; we’ve followed a predictable course with a zeal fuelled energy and made all the errors and mistakes imaginable including a strong desire to control by a few which is probably the most concerning of all. With our familiarity of the human condition it should not be so hard to understand why we have made these errors which must be part of our learning curve. However, our whole Western system and society is largely geared into consumerism and materialism and without this system, in the absence of significant other, in the short term our Western mainstream life would fail to thrive as a society, so in consequence it is not surprising commerce got involved with the CC scene…it’s just the way we are wired right now. There is nothing wrong with commerce generally speaking, it is a way for people too access services and goods hard found without. However, I feel we can be aware that commercial propositions sometimes compromise better judgement in favour of them.

On top of this we have the subjective psychological aspect…how individuals responded and coped with this extraordinary situation that is the Cropcircles. Because we are, and let’s face it, still a very primitive species, not totally unlike children in a playpen and largely speaking we’ve not learned to tame or refine our EGOs, and the ugliest thing of all, tame that horrible arrogance of which few have little insight subjectively. These two aspects are the most prominent components of human nature that in my view have done more harm to the CC phenomenon than all else. When we witness less of these things in the fields we should be encouraged and we will know we are on or near the right track at last. This is the reason I feel somewhat pessimistic about us going to the ‘next level’ in our lifetimes as the associated behaviours and consequences of those associated behaviours seem to interfere with progress.

Exposure to CCs tends to exaggerate what we take into them, this is largely known and accepted and so I would argue that if a meaningful change in the human frequency of thinking is to occur, perhaps more in line with that of the Makers one might speculate, all visitation would helpfully need to be mindful of same, deliberately and consciously attempting to let go of old habits and nurture anew. However, as we all know, old habits die hard. At this time I do not feel a higher order of consciousness is to be achieved some day…‘as if by magic’… this will probably evolve gradually out of Man’s collective desire to ascend his condition though consciousness/mindfulness and spiritual deliberation…or…just learn the hard way! Those CC people who we could call ‘the leading lights’ in our midst I feel have a responsibility to set an example, let go of those past bad habits in order to help along this process. If those people can’t get it right, what hope for others! However, people usually get so very set in their ways and it’s hard for them to ‘see the wood for the trees.’ This may seem like idealistic and naïve thinking but I still feel it’s useful to bear in mind.

I now come on to my next point…this is a tricky one and needs to be addressed practically. I talk of those who are faced with a financial dilemma and also those who consciously choose to exploit CCs for financial gain or used by attention seeking individuals to enhance their egos. Firstly, in an ideal world those participating as honourable and earnest researchers would be independent of financial need to a larger extent and would not be compromised along the way with such example as setting up allegiances with parties with let’s say less than honourable or misguided game plans. Scratching a living from CCs and maintaining one’s integrity is in my view a real challenge bordering on the unrealistic. This may sound harsh but ‘getting into bed’ with either propaganda, misguided ego based or frankly untruthful agendas would hardly be endorsed by a higher order of consciousness, one could argue. I really can’t imagine how the Makers themselves regard such practice and those who peddle it knowing their words are untruthful; I for one could in no way sleep comfortably in my bed at night having played any such sort of trick maybe thinking myself clever, making claim upon the Maker’s domain. Some well known CC individual sitting at The Barge pub bar knowingly telling utter lies to the world about the Circlemakers’ realm as happened recently hosted by a prominent TV presenter Tony Robinson would go far beyond utter folly to my mind, even if one does not believe in... let's call it...'exotic intervention' in this life or an afterlife. This behaviour will hardly countenance grace. Alas, I fear this is all part of a transitional process and we as a species will either surmount these base tendencies or fail in the short term. Of course this may be a 500 or 1000 year project for the Makers, in which case other thoughts apply.

But for one thing I am certain, there will be no ascension whilst there is disharmony in the fields. One could argue this challenge is one consciously offered by the Makers and so addressing this issue would be fundamental. In the moment we may get away with a bit of light/deep spiritual or fun yoga type posturing but I may guess it will go no further. I do not feel the CCs are here just for our entertainment. If we can’t sort out this relatively simple stuff of respect and consideration perhaps we do not deserve or are indeed just not ready/mature enough for a higher order of consciousness.

The most pressing issue in CC culture right now though is how we address field visitation. For the last 30 years or so we’ve just done pretty much as we pleased ie. walking on, damaging and in some cases removing material without the permission of the farmer concerned. No wonder there is no love lost between farmer and visitor. We’ve all done those things. It was the ‘going rate’ and all settled down into an annual routine of a nice annual holiday (one woman said …“As we’ve done for years”,) a business venture, self-promotion or a pedestal for postulation, an ego-trip, chance to show off or whatever, a place where all was taken for granted. Then, the farmers more recently became less tolerant feeling they have had enough of such disrespect, with people walking on their land and putting their foot down now saying… “No entry”…or worse…cutting the CCs out altogether. Disaster…utter miracles destroyed in front of our very eyes. It’s our fault for not showing respect I fear. Perhaps this signals a point in CC history when we should address these respect- based issues attempting to raise our game plan in an evolutionary sense. This is simply just too important to let the opportunity pass by and watch lamely whilst this destruction takes place. We must try to stop it, don’t you think? The practice harms both the farmer and the visitor which can’t be good. Or do we prefer our comfort zone too much where change of behaviour and habit is just too much of a sacrifice…too much vested interest?

It’s hard writing this as I know many won’t like it, thinking I’m going too far, challenging the status quo. But in the absence of others not saying much to help by addressing this matter head-on it would seem the natural thing to do. Most text seems to be about analysis, speculation and home spun theories, all very interesting and relevant no doubt but not sufficient arguably…tackling practical grass roots issues given priority. However, if we were to reside there for too long there may not be anything to speculate or theorise about. What a void that would be….

I would appeal to all long term researchers and visitors to be mindful, setting example to others less experienced. Non of us are immune to the ‘code of conduct’ even if we’ve been visiting for many years. Contempt for the farmer’s position surely can’t be right and it is certainly is not smart. Worst case scenario getting caught unauthorised causing just more wroth amongst the farmers…bad for us all.

Now, here it is, the bottom line. Will we just continue to ignore the farmer’s wishes hoping not to get caught on his land, a kind of ‘cat and mouse’ situation which holds no integrity, which in a way is a very low frequency way of thinking, or, at some short term inconvenience to ourselves acknowledge the farmers wishes in an attempt to rebuild trust again looking to a more long term solution. Things are not the same as they were 30 years ago and show little sign of improving and perhaps we should be taking note of this. All these people hoping to make money from CCs will be out of pocket, yes for sure, and inconvenienced in the short term. That’s OK, they are resourceful and can get another job for a while…the other visitors it won’t matter. For the sake of humanity though, can they afford to be so short sighted? Their position is just not sustainable. The alternative may well be wholesale cutting as the UK farmers demonstrate their frustration, attempting to regain a control over their domain. Or, the CCs may just give up on us as a ‘bad lot’ or migrate elsewhere…I wouldn’t blame them I have to say. Perhaps that’s the way it has to be. CGI have been fostering good relationships with an increasing number of farmers who may agree to visitation with conditions but others may not and I feel we should respect that, hoping sentiment will change as goodwill grows over time. If a CC occurs on farmers land unsubscribed to visit-agreement and people flood all over it uninvited, the outcome will be of our own doing and it will no doubt all end in tears. One more field a no go area as happened last year at Cook’s Plantation CC! Most sad.

I have to say, in my observations over the years, most visitors are well behaved and spiritually based wishing nothing but harmony in the fields. But people seem easily led sadly; the bolder in our midst influencing the less informed with all its inherent problems. “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises”...comes to mind, part of a coded message that came from the very Makers themselves some years ago. However could we doubt the wisdom behind that!

Basically it’s our choice. If we are to aspire to a higher frequency of human consciousness, which I feel is the purpose and aspiration of the Makers unto us, we will have to work for it I feel.


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