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CGI Season of Goodwill Towards the Farming Community

This season members of the CGI (Core Group Initiative) will persist with their plan to help the farmers. Over the last two years this strategy has proven both workable and effective and we hope, over time will continue to gain pace and popularity by helping to bridge the gap between farmers and visitors. The formulation is simple. Trusted members of the CGI would be present at the crop circle and act as farmer advocate and collecting donations on his behalf (usually £2 a head). The collectors would wear a identity badge and hold a letter of authority from the farmer concerned to reassure the public and make all safe and legal.

Friends of the farmer inspecting the CC on horseback.

The CGI has had good legal advice from the police regarding the protocol for charity collection and of course are aware of our activities and assist were necessary. The farmer would have agreed to donate a percentage to a charity of his choosing and the rest to compensate him for loss of crop. This initiative has been very popular with 99% of visitors in the past two years who gave willingly which was most heartening and definitely resonated well with the Spirit of the Cropcircles. It seems to have a great 'feel good factor' as the charity concerned benefits too.

Farmer Martin Tory and wife with a group of happy CC visitors.

This initiative I must stress, must in no way be confused with 'policing the gate' as it were. This is about attempting to lessen the tension resultant from field visitation...after all, we shouldn't take for granted the farmers hospitality indefinitely, it is his field and we are his guests.


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