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Gifting Economy within CC Culture:

"It's only a suggestion"!

This proposal will certainly separate those who were more interested in self- promotion and money and those who really cared about other people and the CCs…enough for them to work outside their ‘comfort zone’. There is absolutely no reason why groups of people shouldn't be taken into CCs at cost price...or based on the principles of Gifting Economy...price with no profit. The dedicated ‘front liners’ would do this to help raise the frequency as is their responsibility in a way and show the ‘Makers’ they really care and are worthy of involvement.

That’s the big question isn't it? Do they care enough?

Let’s find reasons to do this rather than excuses not to. One may say - “Oh, we need to live, make a living.” Of course we all do, we have jobs/professions/trades. However, we could raise the bar, by helping others in holidays i.e. hire a coach, or promote ‘Gift Economy’. If some wont do it I know others that can afford to and will. This is true expressed love for the CCs and could be the norm with a will to do so. Spreading awareness and being of service is a privilege beyond measure and is more than enough reward if you really care. Do for free. If The Divine in some shape or form, were to suddenly appear would it be morally right to charge people for an audience. I would willingly give my time to help and feel it an honor.

Access to CC consciousness could be inclusive and at cost price and given with love. Anyone who exploits CCs for financial gain could review their position.

I know this ‘suggestion’ will be a shock to those with vested interest and upset their game plan, as at this current stage in our evolution we live largely in the commercial loop. Tomorrow we may not, but we will have to work to get out of it if we feel it is of value. This process needs to start somewhere. CCs are clearly not placed on earth for our entertainment and exploitation. They come from a hugely advanced source that is concerned for us. If we continue to walk on the ‘same old tread mill’ of ‘all roads lead to cash’ we will have missed the point entirely and also a chance to evolve as a species.

I was a trustee and co-director several years ago for WCCSG. This organization was registered as a charity, for the good of all, and made no profit. The formulation was sound and it worked. There is no reason why other such organizations shouldn't follow suit.

Now, you may also say - “We are being charged to enter the field”. If a farmer, who is nothing to do with the CCs scene, is gracious enough to allow visitors onto his land, we can be grateful by giving to him and his charity, which in itself has , or should have, a huge feel-good factor. CGI services are good PR - we help the farmer in a very practical way and on a daily basis. This requires sometimes stepping out of one’s comfort zone. To date CGI (all voluntary) have raised over £3,000 this year most of which is going to charity in Dorset. We are not trying to do something, we are doing something. So, the message - sorry - “suggestion” - ALL AT COST PRICE! If you can’t afford to help for free let someone else do it who can. See it as an philanthropic exercise. I am fortunate, I have resources enough to place me in CC land year after year. Throughout my time, I have met most of the main players and have a real insight into the back room ‘goings on’, believe me. This all makes me very sad. All the trouble seems to stem from money and ego. It is not always a happy place and much ego lead time is spent squabbling about money, status and photographs - worse than the paparazzi sometimes.

Before you clap to hard, ask a few direct questions.

The emphasis could be on the tens of thousands of ordinary people wishing to visit a crop circle. If the whole world were to find its way into a crop circle, it would no doubt be a happier place. I must say Dorset seems much closer to this position, currently. So again, all at 'cost price' and just for Love. If you can’t afford to help, let someone who can.

On a final note the old fashioned selfish ways of - “Lets rush our money paying group to the latest CC before the farmer finds out” mentality, should now be questioned by all conscious responsible participants. This is exactly the behavior that is killing off the phenomenon in Wiltshire and hardly comes from a position of Spirituality that many in the field profess to possess.

The invasion of the Charlton Estate CC clearly tainted CGI attempts at negotiating a favorable outcome and the fact that information was deliberately withheld from us obviously didn't help either.

So next time visitors, when you are offered a chance to go to a CC, please ask your ‘leader’ if there is an agreed farmer permission. Surely this must be right.


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