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Past Routine and Maybe Nearer to Contact

A New Challenge. Past Routine and Maybe Nearer to Contact.

Do you allow yourself progressive thought?

Or, of habit…just stuck?

Self- interest or bigger?

Are you up to it?

Just another holiday with expectations?

Comfort zone a priority?

Do you consider ‘Nearer to Contact’ for yourself a possibility ?

I think it is fair to say that just about anything is possible within the wonderful world of crop circles.

Here I’m trying to raise an awareness of our potential proximity to the Makers. Could it be closer? Can you even comprehend this within busy daily life, feel it’s an option for you? Perhaps you don’t feel that close right now. I hardly ever find anything to read about such things on these sites I have to say. Perhaps it’s so ‘outside the box’ nobody even bothers with it. But from an evolutionary point of view it’s this relationship between visitors and CCs I find particularly relevant and interesting right now. For me it’s just as much about us as the CCs themselves, a position many will instinctively shy away from.

The very fact you are reading this suggests you are sufficiently connected to the CC scene to be far more involved than 99% of Humanity. That alone makes you different and in a sense, special; a pioneer as it were. Fact, you possess CC awareness. It gives you a huge advantage far over and above the less /non aware to take your life to another level if you so wish. But with this awareness you carry a burden in a way. Assuming you wish to benefit, to connect more, I imagine you would need to nurture this awareness if you wished to progress, a path to higher order, otherwise what’s the point? You’d be just another tourist. Your role would be akin to ‘going along for the ride’ or watching TV… a good film…just entertainment. For some this will be true, others not…it’s our choice. I’m just trying to make a point here. Of course we, like water will find our own levels ; individuals will gain different things from the CC arena.

During summer seasons in fields I get a sense that most of frequent visitors are to some extent over-involved in routine and habit. A walk around then out comes the tape measure, take some photos, meditations, ground lay examinations and so on, a social event perhaps. For many that is their day to day way when on the ground in CC country…it’s been like this for years and these are all good things…all constructive, harmless and positive. But maybe, just maybe there is more that can be done to enhance.

Historically, over the years the trend has been to engage in a CC meditation/some sort of ritual attempting to somehow feel closer to the Makers. On the whole night-time vigils would appear futile yielding nothing but a cold bum mostly! I see these events routinely; meditation and ritual require no change or make no demands of ourselves, a form of passive introspection, good relaxation therapy one could say but obviously very relevant within a Spiritual context.

The common denominator with us all though is we only have one chance to connect with the Makers in this life, and that should be now so perhaps a new and novel approach may help towards this Ascension. I am utterly convinced that the Makers have the ability to significantly effect both us as individuals and also the place we call home…Planet Earth. However I feel their main interest is with us, the Human Beings. After 30 years or so of introduction, which clearly has been progressive in many ways we should be by now, en-mass moving towards another level that is past routine. If we show willing to the Makers they do have the ability to respond, no question ; they are doing this demographically and strategically already…responding to the unsatisfactory politics that currently prevail in Wiltshire most probably.

Years ago I used to hear phases like ‘wake up’ or ‘the veil is lifting’ which were never followed through with practical suggestion or explanation …just ’wise words and/or advise’ spoken often with an arrogant tone. But perhaps now is the time to do this, to consciously instigate meaningful and significant change, post 2012, to indeed, ‘waken up’ and re-evaluate our behaviour and habit. If indeed the veil is actually lifting it will be for us to recognise such and act upon. After all, one has to admit the CC scene has gone just a little bit ‘pear shaped’ in recent years; our interface seems not to be currently that successful from a PR perspective ( apart from CGI interventions in Dorset and away from the Wiltshire conflict zone.) Of course Human nature being what it is there will be many who can’t or won’t be willing to change but one could speculate they will be and indeed some already are being ‘left behind’ in some sense. The political climate certainly seems ripe enough for change. I never particularly liked that term ‘wake up’ however as it seems a little too condescending.

My point here is though, we find ourselves with yet another CC season almost over, the prospect of winter and months without CCs ahead like so many seasons before, with no real vision for the future, just more of same for next season. We leave with maybe just a bit of a hangover from dissatisfied politics if you are close to the ‘action’ that is (I see this as a positive evolutionary thing,) yet more ‘lovely’ CC photographs, had some fun or indeed a sense of detachment and frustration perhaps if not there in person. Some start planning future events in the same ol’ vein hoping all will be OK; not quite so easy to plan for the future now though, not quite so predictable as before perhaps.

We are largely creatures of habit, quite predictable so all this is expected, not unusual. This would be ‘par for the course’ if anywhere else, but in the wonderful unique world of CCs this is not necessarily appropriate. This utterly staggering potential requires bigger thought far more than intellectual analysis, endless examination and speculation, although I dare say this will always go on in parallel…a phase all go through…yes, I feel it should be just a phase. We need stretching I think…encouraged out of ‘mind-set’…a fresh new approach. This potential perhaps requires a change of personal behaviour by individuals and indeed groups if they are participant. We can all recall no doubt the amusing image of an alleged (cafe)‘expert’ knelt down low over the crop reporting gems of “mechanically flattened” wisdom and other revelations to a captive audience, mouths wide open; 'expert' driven by a need to be adored I suspect. This all seems so old fashioned now, out dated upon reflection. So, progressive thought will require a significant change of habit and outlook, perhaps with economic impact, both with these ‘experts’ and also other visitors.

Thinking outside ‘box’ essential but if can’t then perhaps not in right place.

Bottom line is, and I hardly need say, we are interfacing with otherworldly consciousness here, no question, something quite unprecedented. It pales all Earthly turmoil and trouble into futility. The fact you are reading this means you can be/are involved by degree which is beyond privilege in my view. It’s possible your outcome will be proportionate to the quality of your input…the manner in which you conduct yourself as it were, even if only in thought.

Two categories of participants.

  1. Directly envolved.

  2. Remotely envolved.

Both the same in my view. Don’t worry, I would humbly suggest that if you can’t be there in person and can only participate via the internet or by gazing on CC photographs, (which many feel imprints meaningfully on the psyche) if your intention /head is positively wired and positioned towards constructive CC thinking and have a good sense of what’s right and what’s wrong with no agendas, your remote energy will not be lost if you are honourable and well focused. The Makers know it is not possible for all to be directly involved at present but also know, I would suggest, which of us is of higher intention…beyond just self-serving.

How?…The big question.

The formulation is quite simple and quite do-able.

Please make a conscious decision to enter only CCs on land with farmer consent thereby creating goodwill and trust. The theory is that if the Makers still wish for our continued visitation, they will recognise this gesture then predominately place their work on friendly farmer land whereon all will be happy and harmonious, the desired outcome. Remarkably, this gives US the visitors a sense of control to an extent and demonstrates an intent to do the right thing. Doing the right thing is of absolute essence on a path towards Ascension, no question about it.

(In my personal experience working with CGI the events of the last two wonderful years would strongly endorse this theory.)

Visitors who become stubbornly loyal and who will only visit ‘entry permitted’ fields could then in a sense start walking on an elevating pathway towards Ascension, perhaps towards CONTACT in some shape or form. I feel this is completely reasonable and logical. Just imagine the ‘feel good’ factor here. I also imagine there will be a proportion of CCs that will still be given that act as ‘testers’ to resolve, placed in the Wiltshire conflict zone, or elsewhere tempting others to do the wrong thing. This would be, I suggest, part of a natural selection process, part of our learning curve separating the wheat from the chaff as it were. These events would most probably just ‘end in tears’ in some sense e.g.. like cutting out or a less than whole feeling inside....similar to children learning the hard way.

To buy into this idea you would need to accept that this process is based around the notion that the Makers do what they do hoping for us Ascension to a higher realm of consciousness, more civilised and perhaps closer to their own. By denying ourselves one thing we may benefit in others that are less obvious at the time…that’s where faith kicks in I guess. There is so much to gain here and so little to lose.

So, the choice is ours, which path will you follow, which way will you go?


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