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Not...Business as Usual!

There’s no way around it…change is a’foot!

The consensus view of most CC enthusiasts as far as I understand it from observing, talking, listening and reading the subject for some years is that the CCs are an intelligent, deliberate and purposeful act. The Makers being utterly mindful of what they do and where they are doing it, many feel it is possibly to aid the evolution of consciousness. Clearly communication in one form or other is a cornerstone of what they do. One could also postulate that the Makers could easily predict the human response and outcome towards their work. This seemed very clear in Dorset last year at both Shapwick and Sixpenny Hadley whilst working successfully with farmers and CGI. It really did seem like encouragement. The very advanced and intelligent nature of such a species or consciousness would logically have a range of capabilities far beyond that of Man if CC manifestation is to be an indicator.

Sixpenny Handley, Dorset 2014; wonderful and peaceful for all.” The only darkness here was within the clouds; some terrible thunder storms that month!

Many thanks to Mr Gyro for photo.

The two areas usually synonymous with CC manifestation were in The Vale of Pewsey and around Yatesbury near Avebury, both in Wiltshire, England. This year at the time of writing The Vale has had but one CC, a symbol of PEACE in a former area full of conflict but which happily and perhaps curiously has been left uncut by the farmer. However, the farmer stated to me he won’t allow visitors and was not happy. I find this event quite poignant though. Could this be an indicator of an evolution somehow? Of course it’s early days yet and only time will tell affirmed by any emerging trends that may occur. I have to try and feel a bit optimistic somewhere with all the other negative stuff going on around us! All other farmers in this area are free from CCs as we speak but I happen to know they are hostile towards CCs and their visitors should they occur. But in a sense things are relatively calm down in The Vale right now?

Stanton St. Bernard. ”Is this a step in the right direction?”

On the other hand we have the area around Yatesbury. which this year plays host to a notorious CC cafe now on the A4 road and traditionally the haunt of a mainly dark and debunking/disinformation mentality, but not exclusively. (I have been there many times in the past so have first hand knowledge of these facts.) Is it just coincidence that this place is now literally surrounded by three mowed out CCs , two of which are within close walking distance from the aforementioned cafe? ( Why anyone would site such a place in a hostile zone is an utter mystery to me.) One irritated farmer even suggested a possible connection to the vandalism, a way to drum up business, vandalism being most farmers perception, how they view the phenomenon. That perception does not help matters as we all know.

So, a burning question might be…” Why would these CCs be placed right next to an airfield and cafe location, of which the cafe component largely attracts negativity, only to be cut out by the farmers and leaving scars on the landscape, especially when viewed from above?” Is this a form of discouragement going on here? If you recall, the CCs commonly occur near airfields, Southend and Dorset being good examples, to advertise their presence most probably and I know of none that have been cut in these ‘outreach’ areas. Dorset was a raging success story last season. I hold the view, like many that the Makers are interactive and communicate with us in many modes. Could there be a message here encased within the events surrounding Yatesbury?

Shapwick near Badbury Rings, Dorset 2014; a CC experience of utter harmony! Can we learn something here?

I have to say that I agree with MrGyro in his recent blog that such places as centred CC ‘hangouts’ attract increased potential footfall at a very bad time and thereby increased farmer tension in an area clearly fed up with CC and trespass activity. Also, the likes of CC exhibitions are clearly a farmer windup! Surely there is no longer any future in such enterprise… and perhaps the negativity that goes along with it. Remember the Black Vale Mannequin of last year? This felt very dark and uneasy.

Many thanks to Mssrs. Gyro/Williams for collage photos.



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