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Poem: Consciousness

Spreading Cropcircle consciousness and raising awareness are two of my primary objectives. It seems clear to me that these are also the primary objectives of the Circlemakers. If we can cut through all the negative media hype and reach a point of acceptance that CCs are utterly mysterious a more spiritual and creative growth will probably occur. In this way, over time the world may become one step closer to harmony. My observations of people directly exposed to the phenomenon suggest that CCs have remarkable uplifting qualities, most walking away with wonder and joy in their hearts. On a personal level this is unquestionably the case.

Spreading consciousness is the key,

on daily basis... let it be.

Connect the synapse of Man’s brain

to Circle Spirit, a higher plain.

Spread the word they say’s absurd

but in a way that will be heard.

Deaf ears they sometimes are,

others embrace - fly to the stars.

Aware of Spirit, mindfulness,

brings pearls of joy, contentedness.

Help all kindle flame,

find strength, seek light again.

The course of Man remains uncertain,

he seems intent on mass destruction

of our Earth, the soil a mess;

"Wake up good people, show due respect"!

For all that now have read this thought

may share in words with those who seek.

Within this knowledge shown here in verse,

dimensions new of consciousness.



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