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Poem: Claimers

In the spotlight at last!

As I move around the Cropcircle world I commonly encounter people claiming various exotic experiences or making statements that are sometimes quite simply disturbing and unsubstantiated. I have realized that this goes with the territory. I’m sure these people have their own reasons for doing this but never the less one does need to try and keep an open mind. But in all probability this is hearsay, people claiming to know others that are responsible for making a particular formation or whatever. I have never known such a claim to be proved legitimate. I do know that the whole subject of ‘claimers’ weighs heavily on the shoulders of serious observers/researchers who regard this as simply unhelpful in the process of throwing light on this great mystery that is the Cropcircles. What I would say to those seeking knowledge is to listen if you wish, but please, please use your own good judgement and not be influenced by others if you can help it. Unfortunately, sometimes this is very difficult in this subject when you are new to it and your experience limited. Beware of the sensationalists.

Whatever is going on here? Or just plain and simple attention-seeking...

Claiming this and claiming that,

hard found truth; 'Where's it at"?

Of people stories there are many,

a virus spreads - it's so uncanny.

Someone knows a man who saw

a task performed on circle floor.

Men a’pacing in the night,

that place of 'dark', of little 'light'.

Damage done, a virus grows;

people love a good tale you know.

To looking ground-wise, use sense and feeling,

for claimers all this has no meaning.

Where are these clever ones we say?

Lay by hedge in dark of night?

Men of such great worth and talent

hide with heads down but still feel valiant.

Influence and hearsay flow,

a seed sown now, the stem will grow.

But with heart and mind kept open

claimers words are just words spoken.


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