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2015...The Year of Transition

Crop Circles: Phase Two. With Darwin in mind…

This image sums up the Cropcircle scene up to the beginning of 2015...somewhat precarious I'd say!

But of course evolution does not end with the physical in Species that Darwin was immediately concerned with, moreover all matters, and in our case, Man’s interface with the CCs. From frying chips to building power generators we learn how to do better and more efficiently/effectively. The photo above summerised the CC position very well at the beginning of the 2015 season, somewhat precarious... but things evolved very differently by the end of that summer.

With over 35 years of preliminary events behind us perhaps we are now embarking on Phase Two in modern CC history. I say preliminary as those years one could view as an introduction, whereon in many ways things went, lets say, a little bit pear shaped from a socio-political perspective. But now we have a new opportunity to go to the next level, to leave all folly behind. One could say that if we make the same mistakes again, we the experienced should probably not be here, be doing something else! A thriving garden relies on good weeding!

The CCs as we know have evolved in form, size and inference since their modern beginning, I need not go through all of that. I suppose I am personally more intrigued by the evolution of the Human interface with the CCs, not just in daily visitors but in its broader sense. A phenomenon in itself and ironically, Man is both wittingly and unwittingly retarding Human evolution by way of his approach, en masse, to the CCs. We as individuals tend to cling onto our immediate needs and agendas and seem to many times stubbornly refuse, in our narrow, ego-crazed ways and wrapped-up theories, to be receptive, even if the answer is staring us right in the face.

The Jodrell Bank MERLIN (Multi-Element-Radio-Linked-Interferon-Network) project based at Manchester University is the perfect example. Here we have a multi-million pound cost attempt to receive information/contact from the cosmos. Last year a CC appeared right next to one of its dish receivers at Besford in Worcestershire completely unbeknown to the engineers there. Contact was made but not within the scientists terms of reference; they seem to think ET will conform to their schematics and expectations. Apparently not so. When I informed the engineer there he said he would mention to the guys at coffee break later that morning. Astonishing! Even our top scientists like Hawkin and Cox don’t seem to have much of an idea of what’s going on, or at least they’ve not shared it publicly! CCs just don’t conform to the Man-science paradigm…indeed why should they?

We have had several such events in the past with dish receivers, both here in the UK and abroad with personnel taking little or no interest. Why does SETI even exist? They really don’t seem to be paying attention. Their very existence would even seem a bit pointless if their field of vision is so narrow.

”Besford radio receiver dish (top right) just a couple of fields away from the CC. Contact was made but our scientists were not interested”! Quite extraordinary!

Man, from a more political angle, as most are aware, often attempts to mitigate the incoming passage of information (by spreading disinformation for example.) But despite this it will ultimately and inevitably be expressed as a new level of consciousness and being within the human race. Most who read these words already sense this…it is simply just a matter of time. Somehow, some find it so hard at this point in our history to let go, to embrace change, because they have invested so much in own work and ways thus far. This of course can be in a personal/egotistic sense or with big-business/money overtones.

For the sake of overseas readers that have never been to England or even been into a CC, the CC scene here is a relatively small community formally of mainly routine-led followers, many from overseas of which have stayed with it for years…but this is now rapidly and dramatically changing as more local people are taking an interest. Because these cherished few have been around for a while they have gained knowledge, habits and loyalties that others (like first time locals) won’t have but the down side is that this knowledge has afforded certain perceived ‘precious’ status which sadly has generated in some an arrogance, a diminished insight into the bigger picture.

A good example of this recently was shown by a prominent egotistical CC photographer who uses a helicopter at great expense, was known to be aggressively bullying and intimidating another who uses a drone, at no expense. It appears he didn’t like the competition and sensed a depletion of his own perceived status evidently feeling he had exclusive rights to the CCs. He does not. Yet another old timer clearly out of control. This conduct most certainly does not resonate with the Spirit of the Cropcircles. Some, like this are committed to an agenda, attempting to take photos of CCs by any desperate and ruthless means which is self-serving and power seeking.

It would appear this pilot was breaking the law by flying so low.

Sharing the ‘truth’ is another one…commonly associated with lies… that overloaded word truth that suggests so much wisdom instead of reporting witnessed facts.

The trend as I’ve observed is that some long term people are largely stuck… find it hard to evolve, choosing mostly in my observations to prefer bickering and squabbling to peace keeping. They like what they are and just keep treading the mill which is hampering their evolution. A microcosm of society at large I guess. The hard fact is that it is mostly the long-term people that cause the trouble and strife not general Joe Public who are a pleasure to deal with. This is very hard to watch.

"A few, here with an experienced leader, evidently on ‘autopilot’ chose to ignore the farmer’s wishes by crossing the line in the CC which was intended to conserve the other half for the enjoyment of later visitors at a time when this was the only CC with official access.

"A 'Spiritual' group performing some sort of enlightenment ritual perhaps. I'm sure we are all for that, if it is true to itself. But the utter irony is that this group still seemed unconscious of their immediate surroundings. A complete (going through the motions) contradiction one could say."

Another new season, I feel right now we have an opportunity to be progressive, to leave major troubles behind, to make a significant move forwards in human development, or at least in the CC community. To give a signal to the Cropcirclemakers whoever or whatever they may be, that we are up for it, to say, “We have done our apprenticeship chaps, now we are ready for the next level” may pay dividends. This means leaving behind all the negative low frequency, self-serving habits that one could say, were actually necessary initially towards reaching this point in our CC consciousness/history. We learn from our mistakes.

We actually don’t know what is making all these Cropcircles around the world. Fifteen years into this subject has taught me there is no simple or mundane explanation for the vast majority and anyone who says different needs to do more actual field work and catch up with events. This whole ‘man-made’ business is complete nonsense and an utter myth. When working with CGI each summer season I get to literally go into crop circles on a daily basis and believe me I scrutinise very closely. One gains clues and insight in this way that most certainly cannot be done from an armchair.

Based on human reasoning, which is all we’ve got folks, the consciousness/agency/‘insect’ (ho ho!) responsible would appear to be benign based on most messages received, thus far that is.

But all of this is a bit of a gamble I suppose, the whole thing could be just an elaborate and clever con to ease us all into a false sense of security for some other reason. “Trust us, we will help you, just submit!” We’ve just had a decode from Italy stating…”BEWARE ET BEARING GIFTS.” Clearly we have one species concerned with the motives of another. The ‘gifts’could be the CCs!… Ohhh dear!… But to counter I would say that in fact not many people are in touch with CC reality at the time of writing and so not susceptible to this proposition, most dumbed down by media etc…but this will change. However, it could be a message to our ‘leaders’, as if they could do anything anyway, we would all be powerless, perhaps gathered up and ‘harvested’. Imagine, conned by some greyish green three foot high insect or a scaly but very clever reptile! How embarrassing… and very, very annoying! Us guys on the front line would be the first to go I dare say. Aagghhh!! I’d feel so foolish! No, we won’t go there! (My S.O.H again!)

”The Italian 2015 CC coded with the message ‘Beware ET bearing gifts’.

Many thanks to Valeria Margherita Zanola for photo.

But to be serious, these things are here for a reason, sense would dictate, rather than just for our entertainment. I suggest that to qualify for the higher grade we need to be more ‘tuned in’ and let go more of self. Being speculative and all intellectual helps us to adjust of course, gives information and will pacify certain human needs but I doubt it will impress a higher order of consciousness that much. It is feeling and deeds that count, actual doing…and with empathy and honesty. Those that peddle any degree of deviance in the CC world would hardly attract grace from that ‘higher order’ I would argue as it is contrary to a line contained within the Crabwood 2001 message…” WE OPPOSE DECEPTION…” Ummm, I’m not sure where that leaves the likes of the CC Cafe though! Again, is this statement related to the conduct of other ET species or indeed our own conduct? Adhering to a higher order of practice ethics for those lucky enough to be present at a real time CC event, setting good example and showing RESPECT to the farmers, our fellow man, may help move this thing forward to a higher ground…it may be just that simple. Of course I am very aware many may accuse me of sounding naive, righteous, the moral high ground etc. but OK, if that's what it takes to help in a meaningful way, no problemo! It’s certainly worth a try.

We just cannot know how these guys will respond to anything we do but based on the last three CC seasons in southern England they are monitoring our moves and behaviour very closely indeed…you could almost feel it in the air. Events unfolded perfectly and the dynamic appears to be changing dramatically if you care to notice. The dichotomy in events was undeniably glaring over the last three years. My own feeling is that those three years were a test to resolve.

”They just keep on coming!"

The Brighter Futures Appeal resonated with just about everyone apart from the CM SilentCafe people as mentioned in a previous article, a fact that is inexplicable. The donations just won’t stop coming in for this wonderful cause and the organisers of the Appeal don’t believe what’s happening so I’m told! It seems like the scales have finally tipped with evolution evident.

” The Eagle CC at Uffcott Down. This year has now taken off, is flying and going places”!

All this said, there will be casualties along the way. Going against the grain sometimes finds harder passage as illustrated this season when two long-time fellows, one of which was of an aggressive nature evidently, accessed a new CC without farmer permission only to be filmed by another resulting in an assault and police detention. This sort of thing is very rare though, almost unheard of in CC culture and is disappointing by anyone’s standards. But if we are to evolve we really do need to move on from these base old fashioned ways of disrespect.

But having said that, overall the vast majority of visitors’ seemed considerate and courteous which will go a long way towards restoring farmer/public relations.

But, slowwwww….I think this is the word that safely summed up the start of the 2015 season, I think all will agree on that. Late kick off and few UK CCs on the ground by past standards. But looking more closely I’m beginning to realise that this season was not so much about the actual formations in the fields but rather an augmented form of communication. Not withstanding the overt and undeniable and previously mentioned Italian CC near Torino in June, decoded…”Beware ET bearing gifts”…profound and links to Crabwood 2001…”Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises”, nothing this year has been so obviously remarkable except the events surrounding ‘The Eagle’ at Uffcott Down. No, this year seems a little more concerned with ‘people issues’ and evolution…a sequel to last years events. The Eagle CC is likely the key to the future.

No doubt many have read the short article on Wiltshire local farmer’s wife Gill Hussey who sadly passed away last November. Since its inception 4 years ago I have always seen CHARITY as the keystone to CGI formulation. Perhaps farmers who knew Gill may now have a reason to see the benefits of field management which also serves to resolve local tensions. Farmers around the country now see their land increasingly as a resource and not just for animal and crop, more diverse, so this concept fits well.

”A happy French group at The Eagle CC”.

It seemed like 2015 was a season of tidying up, with many CCs outside of the Wiltshire area almost as to give breathing space. Some long term issues have now found resolution at last, with a CC Exhibition in Marlborough to replace an ‘Access’and farmer donation idea that just refused to work. Debunkers have been exposed and an influx of ‘new blood’ has been introduced into the CC world in terms of locals taking a major interest, bringing along their family and friends. Real-time farmer participation was a joy and something that was largely unheard of, only dreamt upon by the CC community in the past. There is little doubt, 2015 was a turning point. It turned an emergency situation into one of optimism and hope for the future. It really is up to us now to consolidate this situation by showing RESPECT for the farmers, indeed showing RESPECT to us all (a special appeal to some stubborn group leaders for all our sakes) and actively promoting the work of CGI in both word and in deed. In a way, individuals and groups that don’t think likewise, common sense would dictate, should perhaps question their reasons for being present.

Of course there will be attempts at sabotage by the entrenched-in-habit, bitter and misguided in our midst, those who would wish to pursue their own dark agendas by, in some cases telling lies to uninformed visitors. But I think this horrible practice can be minimised by exposure, by coach parties/group leaders especially, not touring such venues as part of their guest itinerary…there are other far more soulful places to drink tea and buy cards and books! Indeed, it could be said that if group leaders care at all about the spiritual welfare of their charges they have a moral duty to avoid such places. A well known CC Cafe is a prime example of such dark practice under the guise of tea room and trading and it is vital that the public is aware of what they would be stepping into should they visit this place then at least they have a choice. This has been going on for too long, so many denied the chance of joy and wonder by the wicked few. The message of the CCs is profound, too important an issue for Mankind to tolerate such an indulgence with complacency. The guy that runs the place has made it very clear to me that he dislikes soulful progress in the CC world wishing more to derail and deceive. This is the absolute truth of the matter.

Another thing that struck me this season was how the behaviour of some formally prominent long-time ‘players’ appeared to deteriorate. From desperate attempts to repair hopeless formulation to blood-letting in a more than metaphorical sense. Some ill-fated attempts to adapt to new ways of working fell short of the mark. Some formally arrogant, loud and charismatic candidates turned far less and it showed. But all this was within the ‘old school’. These were the minority, just a few. For them, it was almost like a leader had been dethroned, marginalised, a game-plan lost and now fragmentation was running rife in the ranks.

To the right, from last season 2014.

Not the sort of thing that is usually associated with Cropcircle culture!


”But on a lighter note…. the poor dog got run over and had his leg in a cast so needed to be carried around the CC”!

The whole point of the CCs may not be entirely clever geometry, maths, equations, pictograms or coding however, moreover a multi-mode attempt to connect with Man on a deeper level. So just analysis of same, although fascinating, may not be nearly enough, missing the point perhaps. Broad spectrum research embraces not only the bio-physics, coding, geometry, symbolism and so on but also the interface with people, the visitors and notices the possible deficits and nuances engendered therein. The sooner we ‘get that’ the sooner we may evolve to ‘heaven knows where’. We really do not know what the CCs have in store for us but reason would suggest we need to adapt if we wish towards evolution, a change. Most feel the message of the Circles is benign based on trends and themes over the years. As CCs are totally unprecedented we really do not know how all of this will unfold but clearly the potentials for meaningful intervention remain obvious. There is nothing trivial about CCs that is quite certain!

Brighter Futures is the key I think, currently running at over £6k donated from the CCs. Something in that symbolises what the CCs are about…unity and benevolence. Slowly other farmers may wish to participate in time encouraged by farmers who are….exactly what happened before but in reverse. Cancer can effect us all at sometime or another so it is in the interest of all to do something to help. It makes sense. Those that have anger and frustration can convert it into positive energy. Anger is waisted energy, lost and misguided. Common goals are bonding and concentrate the mind. Only good can come out of this one…it’s a win win situation. We have seen over the last four years that the CGI way works well and generates large sums. Farmers can be reassured that their interests are being looked after and habits are being changed for the better. Instilling new ways of thinking in a large group is not easy but if all frontline parties promote, we will achieve much.

​”But by far, the overall majority of visitors were overjoyed by the wonder of it all…keeping the frequency high and having a great time. Here’s to a more promising future!”.

2012 was indeed when the tide began to turn. Since then the CC world has been challenged politically but as in a lake disturbed all settles down again and finds its own true level. Storm over, we can now just concentrate on the job in hand, all work towards a common goal that everyone understands and can relate to; that’s simply why it can work.


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