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Poem: Repair

Original CC mowed out!

The Circlemakers really don’t appreciate folks tampering with their work, or worse still, destroying it. When this happens, curious things sometimes occur. A good example would be a formation near Avebury Avenue, Waden Hill, Wiltshire, 2009. On day one, the farmer came along with his tractor and mowed the formation out as you can see from photo above.

But on day two, it mysteriously acquired an outer ring and a tail. The farmer must now be seeing red with fury!

Thanks Axel Kasser for photos.

Day three a pair of wings!

This now resembled a sperm, with wings! Although this may sound unbelievable, in the wonderful world of Cropcircles, this is not that uncommon. The farmer went on to cut the whole thing out again determined to have the last word...or so he thought.

Photo Paul Jacobs.

But that is not the end of this story! A short while later, in the field opposite to Waden Hill, another formation occurred. This formation was, and wait for it….an exact replica of that part of the other circle on its day one, at Avebury Avenue, that was mowed out! A flower of sperms no less! Quite extraordinary!

So you see, they don’t like interference.

Note the proximity to the original formation top left. Thanks Stuart Dike for photo.

Days later, an exact replica of the original formation in the field opposite.

Thanks to John Montgomery for photos.

Another such incidence occurred late last July at Winterbourne Bassett. The original was mowed out then shortly after, a brand new formation happened right next to it. The poor farmer was so distressed that he was shaking, proclaiming that he didn’t believe in 'little green men'! So there you are… nothing surprises me anymore. If this story doesn't blow your mind, as it should, nothing will!

The mystery that’s a Circle round

sits quietly in the landscape green;

'tis Circlemakers pride and joy,

she’s done now, laid and sleeping.

But if disturbed by cutting blade,

a farmer angry who’s choice is made,

a serenade of joy and beauty slain,

the Maker's heart is weeping.

And so next night and with a passion

this stirring heart works with precision

to mend and hone to former vision;

its form once more now keeping.

Sometimes once or even thrice

work done restores and makes it right;

the Circlemakers may more sleep tight;

the slaying hand forgiven.

And so you see it’s not just art,

a gift to Man, straight from the heart;

treat with care right from the start,

these 'nests of love' recurring.


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