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A 'Save the Crop Circles' Appeal

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing".

Edmund Burke 1729-1797

.… Don’t worry, this is not about begging for money or selling something, this is regarding something of a much higher order.

It occurred to me that all the stuff I write on CCC/CGI pages regarding respect for the farmers, unhelpful acts of pure self-interest and the future access to the CCs etc. etc. only reaches those who read these CCC/CGI pages…has a limited audience. Unlike many other active members I do not hold a Facebook account as I simply do not have the time or inclination to get involved in such things. I have no way of knowing how folks feel globally on a daily basis about my content as there is no means of feedback generally speaking apart from when we are working in the field talking with the farmers, ongoing local networking and meeting the in-season guests who predominately praise and encourage our work. This is what keeps us going, that direct and positive feedback without which this could feel like a thankless task. Reassurance that CGI is going along the right lines gives us credence and motivation. Reaching people out of season is harder.

It also occurred to me that if we are to reach that wider audience we need to adopt a different approach. Simply put, I am suggesting that any CC caring and interested parties/CC visitors, (especially the prominent ones who’s position in truth would be negated by their silence it has to be said), not only promote this message but actively and publicly endorse it with a loud and clear voice, the need for all visitors to only access CC fields with genuine farmer permission. Visiting culture needs to change, no question, if the CCs are to survive in an increasingly farmer hostile environment. Those that persist with the old fashioned ways of entry without permission should perhaps seriously question their motives and ethics before doing so. There is nothing smart or clever by acting in this way within high frequency consciousness. This practice does no good service to the community as a whole, it is purely short-sighted and self-serving to be blunt. Even in the new territories like Essex and Dorset, farmers are unwilling to allow visitors unless the field is responsibly and actively managed on a daily basis which I feel is completely reasonable.

So, to my main point again. Those who have websites and Facebook accounts could start debates and dialogue regarding the ‘permission’ issue, if they feel interested enough. I must say, I really can’t think why the vast majority of CC enthusiasts would not do this as it is in the interests of all. Generally speaking CC visitors are usually quite open and conscious people but there is an irony in here somewhere. Some of the very people who profess to be of a spiritual and in a sense, of a ‘higher nature’ have shown to be not so, to demonstrate a complete lack of respect by ignoring the Code of Practice in pursuance of their own agendas. This makes no sense to me at all. Self- interested money orientated individuals ( like some paying- groups led by sometimes ‘wise’ and long term ‘experts’) would no doubt arrogantly and stubbornly carry on regardless acting in this low frequency manner disrespecting the needs and wishes of the farmer when they could be setting good example to others. This is not spiritual practice no matter how you colour or cut it.

CCs seem less poignant if we are unable to actually visit them on the ground it is true, but what if, by our actions causing so much trouble they just all disappeared due to the Circlemakers giving up on us due to our complacency and/or lack of respect for each other. Yes I know, some may laugh at this possibility as the CCs just keep returning faithfully each year, don’t they? We make our plans for next year’s holiday expecting all to be just the same as last year. But it is just possible that one day they may not return. If this did happen how would we feel? The recriminations would be loud and long but we would only have ourselves to blame of course. What a void…I can think of nothing worse than to be abandoned by such a higher order such as the Circlemakers! Our world is in such a turmoil that we really do need to do all we can to help heal it. The Circlemakers have the ability to help us but we really should show willing and do the right thing…don’t you think? Of course this 'ask' may be just too big for many right now…perhaps the human condition is just not ready, too immature for such challenge but this will be revealed to some extent by the outcome of this proposition.

Again I say…for those with websites/Facebook accounts etc, please loudly and publicly promote….”Please visitors, ONLY enter CC fields with publicly-known permission from the farmer”.

I think within our context we can fairly replace the word ‘evil’ with ‘tragedy’.

If you have the means to do so, are you willing to help?


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