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The Eagle has Landed!

”James, Jennifer and myself at 'hand-over'.”

Today, after working the CCs for just two weeks, the farmer James Hussey and CGI handed over £2000 to the organiser Jennifer Green, Head of Fundraising of the BRIGHTER FUTURES APPEAL that is raising money to buy a Radiotherapy Unit for Swindon. This Unit is much needed by the Swindon community as the nearest treatment centre is in Oxford nearly one and a half hours away. So for a treatment schedule that is commonly five days for six weeks this becomes stressful, disruptive and time consuming for the patient.

The Unit will cost £20m in all, with the two linear accelerators ( that’s the bit that applies the treatment to the patient) costing £2.9m funded by the Brighter Futures scheme.The £16m to house the Unit will be funded by the NHS.

I am very confident that the Crop Circles if properly managed, as in this case at Uffcott Down by The Core Group Initiative can make a significant contribution to this vast sum. Also, I believe that this process will be the beginning of another form of healing for this community who have struggled with the presence of CCs for years. Through common purpose my hope is that all folks in Wiltshire will unite and allow the CCs to become seen as a huge resource rather than as a nuisance. The beauty and Spiritual value afforded to visitors from CCs really has to be seen to be believed.

And so, in the historic words of Neil Armstrong…”The Eagle has landed!” All we have to do now is nurture it.

Let’s make this happen so that ALL OF US can have a Brighter Future!

If you cannot visit the CCs in person please donate here…


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