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Latest Report on the 'Eagle 'CC at Uffcott Down

We have been here just over a week now with an excess of a thousand visitors already. Balance of donations at the time of writing is well over £3000! We still have 10-14 days before harvest so still time to collect more. My target for this CC is at least £4000. Of course many long-time visitors will be going home soon, but no matter; interestingly an increasing number of local people seem to be becoming interested in the CC which is very encouraging. Many of these people encounter the CC when on a walk on the Ridgeway track which is next to the CC field. The more we can involve the locality in such projects the better as it spreads the consciousness and shares the joy.

The thanks, praise and encouragement received from the majority of visitors ( with some curious exceptions) is sometimes overwhelming, some saying…”You really must keep doing this important work”. This encouragement helps as it confirms we are on the ‘right track’. Our team is strong and growing in number which bodes well for next season. Be assured that only individuals of the highest integrity are considered for membership as we realise that this is a position of public service and trust. We will always wear the official CGI badge for clarity.

The decision to close off half the CC was generally well received and turned out to be a good one. The other half was opened last Saturday as other side showed some signs of wear as was to be expected. Having said that, because of the CCs large size, not at all too bad condition considering visitors numbers. Later visitors were extremely grateful and thought it considerate.

”Farmer with his dogs in CC”

Compliance to this novel idea to temporarily close one side was generally very good but with a few curious exceptions. On the positive, English, French, German, Austrian, USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries embraced all and seemed so happy and appreciative and had so much fun despite having access to only one side.

The Dutch contingent however seemed to struggle with it, indeed did not wish to talk, accept leaflet hand-outs on the CGI work being done here and many seemed somewhat downhearted. The Norwegian guests also seemed with similar sentiment, stepping the line. I think all this may have been demonstrative. These were groups with long-time leaders, not individuals.

Professional debunkers also tried it on. These two sad characters strutted in without engaging or donating saying they’d done it ‘on-line’ which of course they had done no such thing… arrogant and cynical. I observed them and their body language closely on a long lens and it became immediately clear they were more interested in engaging an audience than enjoying the CC.

”The two candidates strutting their way into field”.

​”The main candidate chatting up two uninformed guests”.

Just check out that body language!

For those who are not familiar with this sort of thing, the debunkers brief is to taint, disinform and generally instill lies about the CCs. In this way these ‘dark’ people feel empowered and they are always assertive and speak with authority wishing to impose their misguided views on others. They will tell their audience that they know the ‘truth’, that they know who did it… indeed they most certainly do not. The word ‘truth’ is such a heavily loaded word and their perception will be status to themselves by sharing such important (dis)information.

For me the body language said it straight away… con-artists. These types deny individuals the opportunity of joy, magic and wonder in the phenomenon and some people never recover especially if engaged as first time impressionable visitors…the seed has been sown, as it were.

However, on this occasion they did not get away with it as when they made their way out of the CC they were humiliated in front of a large group of 40 and asked not to return! A finger went into the air! They went away with their tails between their legs. These types quite often hang around and are encouraged by the local CC ‘SilentCafe’ so if you go there be careful who you listen to including the guy that runs the place who currently has a hate campaign against the work CGI are doing to help the CC situation. Why? Well, I will leave that one for you to fathom!

However, all in all, going well and there is a very high frequency experience happening here.


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