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It's up to us now...the People.

The 'Phoenix' rising from the burning ashes.

A symbol of renewal, rebirth.

It would seem the CC ‘landscape’ is changing somewhat… and at long last. At the time of writing it would appear some visiting groups and bookings have been cancelled due to uncertainty, former lucrative businesses desperately trying to keep going, hopeful money orientated individuals/websites have crashed, looking like bombsights with their following effectively minimised. I dare say that if people just hang around an empty playing field they will soon be disappointed and get pretty bored with just sitting around drinking their cups of tea! Point here is, with CCs popping up just about anywhere away from the usual Wiltshire comfort zone (CC in Sussex recently, another in Dorset, lots abroad) an evolution may now actually slowly be happening, testing people’s MO, the way they approach the CCs. Of course there is still the long standing arrogant ‘die hard’ contingent that should be setting an example and should be knowing better by now; that will take a little longer for the penny to drop I dare say, possibly through peer pressure. Such example was just recently observed at Stanton by a long time formally prominent trader and dis-informer (CM) still hanging onto the old fashioned ways of disrespect by overtly accessing farmer land without permission and would you believe displaying his photos proudly on the website to prove it along with the usual self serving dis-informative drivel. This is neither smart, insightful nor the right thing to do, or indeed well aligned to the Spirit of the Cropcircles…common sense dictates this fact. It just demonstrates base contempt and cynicism. I understand there is but a pathetic and dwindling allegiance to such types now and public opinion seems to be just moving on. I believe such types will be left behind on ‘an island of despair’, probably feeling very angry and abandoned, left to reflect. This may sound a bit harsh but I assure you this is the truth of the matter. (More about the dis-informers et al in 'CC Wikileaks' in a later article ho! ho!)

It is, in my view, vital to keep people informed of the truth, regards the state of play here on the ground in CC land as few will ever get the real feel otherwise. There really is such nonsense spoken on this subject and many find it all very confusing and hard to navigate. This subject is just far too important not to be treated proactively, respectfully and creatively, way beyond any self interest or self promotion, in an attempt to help it along on its majestic pathway. It has been my view, and indeed that of many others that after 30 years or so of progressive manifestation we are now on the brink of the next level. The progression may well continue but continue in a different format. It may now be for us the people, rather than in just a visiting or intellectual capacity,

we will be ‘asked’, be more spiritually challenged, in a personal sense to make wise choices and sacrifices to change our mind set into a higher order beyond self and materialism for the greater good. Simply put, adhering to the Code of Conduct and in particular fostering good relations with our hosts, the farming community. I have little doubt that the phenomenon is interactive and very mindful of our movements and intentions and will respond when it feels the time is conducive to change. The compelling events of the last two years certainly confirmed this to be the case with me and was so obvious to others I have spoken to.

All now has come to a head in the CC world. The farmers are undeniably resolved and united in their position, at least in the Wiltshire area, to speak with one voice when CCs occur. An emergence of new consciousness for greater RESPECT is now beginning to show itself, which is a higher frequency of thought just in itself. It should be quite clear to all who are paying attention that with things as they were politically there was to be little or no future with CCs unless that change occurred.

In their ‘hay-day’, generally speaking, Cropcircles where full of people enjoying themselves with little regard for the farmer position…people just followed others in like sheep (although to be fair, some made arrangements with the farmers as they were taking large groups and making cash from it.) This has now all changed. Certainly in Wiltshire there is little hope of this state of affairs continuing. But with all that said, long term investment is usually the best bet and nurturing a culture more in line with the farmer’s needs and wishes will pay dividends in the long run. We just need to get things reorganised a bit, to reformulate so that all good people will soon again enjoy the magic and soulful experience that was once routine, in the early days. This will happen again, I have little doubt. Thank you for reading.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

NB. Photos of The Phoenix (copyright 2009 Axel Kasser and Paul Jacobs)…such a poignant symbol of rebirth; perhaps that’s what is happening right now in the CC world, but it will require our cooperation most probably.


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