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Poem: Debunkers

Debunkers are people that, for whatever reason, don’t feel comfortable with the Cropcircle phenomenon and intentionally cast darkness and discredit upon the subject. Perhaps some are just simply unable to accept the possibility and feel threatened or others may have some sort of vested interested ie. political, business, money incentive, attention seeking or just plain and simple bloody-mindedness. But malevolence seems to be the theme and these people tend to stay rigid, almost pathologically hung-up despite the burden of evidence. You’ve all seen them on the videos I’m sure, usually saying they’ve witnessed the formation being made or they know the people who did it…always unsubstantiated. Again, like the ‘Claimers’, they come with the territory I'm afraid.

Just look at the chap in the middle; his body language says it all!

Twisted words and ill intention

cast darkness on a form of healing.

Circlemakers know not despair, beware;

will not circum to “man-made” glare.

Tread with care deceptive parties,

the Makers eye on you may linger.

To dis-inform, a wicked place;

perhaps for you they shall not grace.

Outwit they will this form of madness,

transforming to a place of wholeness.

A tedious, painstaking and primitive technique such as this could only be taken seriously by the seriously uneducated. Simple and honest education is one of CGI's primary briefs. This simple 70' CC took these deceivers nearly 9 hours to complete, so how long would it take these guys to do something much larger and far more complicated? Just compare and do the math. Witnessing three grown men waisting their time in this way looks and feels very sad. The intention of this documentary of course was to give the impression that CCs should be acredited to human skills. The fact that it took nearly 9 hours I'm sure will not be mentioned. It was recorded on time lapse so when played back will appear done as if in a very short time. If this is not a form of deception I'm not sure what is!

For more on this read 'Report on Eye-Witnessed Event at Salthrop' on this site under 'Research'.

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