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Poem: Healing

This is without doubt, a wonderful world we live in. The beauty exists but is too often ignored . We just pass without noticing, so busy and distracted. The Cropcircles are a good example. Many a time I've witnessed people such as dog-walkers passing by within metres of a CC and not batting an eyelid!

But we all should know how sad Mother Earth must be feeling right now as we seem to be more interested in abusing her and taking without thought of the consequences. Pollution and negativity pervade, but this can change - with a will. Let's hope these changes happen before it’s too late for recovery. Perhaps when people en-masse are more socially 'permitted', without fear of ridicule, to access Cropcircle consciousness, things will improve. It may be just that simple. The drive towards farmer collaboration is a step in this direction for sure.

The world has a 'hole'...we could repair it

by filling with love and a will for to heal it.

With care and attention she'll give back

the great beauty of life for all us within it.

Her cries must be heard no matter how distant,

for Man to give back far more than his taking.

Intention of care would carry so far

to a 'heart' with a wound ever pleading ... and dying.

The world has a 'hole'... so fill it with love.

Evermore when I see the wonders in nature,

of Circles a'green and patterns grown golden,

this message I feel for Man seems so certain,

their gift to us all where no word is spoken

and given with love to a world of confusion.

How far must we take the harm that we’re doing?

Our delicate Earth, goodwill could be healing.

Ascension and light, a place for our going,

to mend all our hearts with a Spirit more growing.

Polar bear on melting pack ice in the Arctic. Photo: ALAMY

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