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Evolution For Some...But Alas, Not For Others!

A quick look at local Cropcircle politics and current significant events, plus one or two 'home truths'. These words are intended for not only established readers but also the increasing number of others new to the subject that need some background. Our audience is growing!

(The sociological component within the CC phenomenon is arguably the most important. So much time is spent on squabbling, analytics, speculation and commercial enterprise but I would suggest, that unless we can adapt and benefit in terms of growth, maturity and spiritual insight, both in a thriving local and also global sense these messages and patterns would seem relatively pointless and our efforts a waste of time. The CC Makers have never given us anything like overt new information, thus far. Pi and Phi for instance are known which suggests maybe they see us not quite ready yet for something slightly more useful. To me, it seems very unlikely they will give us, for instance, the formula for free energy...this would cause too much squabbling and trouble. I believe at this stage they are only trying to gain our attention. IOWs…perhaps we need to grow a bit more to be worthy of such knowledge. This has been the status quo since the CC’s inception. Now we have an opportunity for that growth.)

Here we have a chance to facilitate CC access to the majority in a way that is socially acceptable...through CHARITY...where the people are in charge. Let's make this happen.


I think it is fair to say that the most significant PR event in Cropcircle history took place this year when a farmer and member of the CC community (myself with CGI) teamed up for common cause. The event centred around ‘The Brighter Futures Appeal’, a charity set to raise money, who's target is £2.9m for a Radiotherapy Unit in Swindon.

This event is significant as it potentially radically changes the status quo within farmer/CC visitor relations. Collaboration between farmers and Cropcircle researchers/enthusiasts is almost unheard of. If other farmers ‘climb on board’ with this new order, as we have good reason to believe they will, ie. with those farmers wishing to help with funding for cancer care, a much more productive and positive situation will prevail, certainly within the county of Wiltshire. There is no reason that this, in principle could not spread to National or even global level in time. The farmers can generate large sums of money for a cause possibly close to their heart. This doesn’t mean however that folks will have the right to trespass on land uninvited as before where CGI or other farmer engaged parties are not helping at that time.


Etchilhampton CC 2015. Weather conditions utterly foul! On the ground, finesse, precision and consistancy. No reason whatsoever to think this CC was anything other than of a totally mysterious origin. Notice the complexity of the lay pattern...and the 'string joining' to adjacent areas, a feature totally illogical from a human instigated perspective I would suggest. Myself and another CGI member were the first to report and photograph this wonderful design.

The vast majority of ordinary members of the public to visit CGI managed CCs this 2015 season were hugely supportive of our charity initiative. However, there's always at least one 'fly in the ointment'! A one Charles Mallett, well known local part-time trader and CC disinformer who has threatened me personally with implied physical violence (yes, I have the proof) arrived at the Etchilhampton CC demanding..."How did you find out about this CC? I won't pay if it's rubbish". He was secretly filming me at the time which I regarded as completely unethical; he later put it on the internet. According to him, I am a 'wannabe cult leader’ a comment I regard as somewhat uncharitable. Would such an encounter attract grace from anyone, I ask? Predictably, he didn't himself part with a penny and quickly announced to the world it was a hoax. Based on this alone I would suggest that he has little insight into the CCs. Indeed, this is a surprising conclusion for someone to make public as someone who has been around CCs for 15 years or so! Just considering the foul weather conditions alone for several days and nights before would make this conclusion highly improbable to say the least. When we arrived the evening before we could find not one muddy footprint (and believe me, the ground was sticky.) This whole business of hoaxing is a total myth and hardly ever happens outside of a commercial or debunking context when it is planned and farmer agreed. It could be said that if you've not learnt your subject after 15 years you are never likely to...unless that subject is deception!

Bottom line is that if you ever hear of anyone promoting this position of hoaxing etc , no matter how assertive, charming or plausible they may sound, do not trust them, they are either deliberately attempting to fool and deceive you for their own dark purposes, are very slow learners or just haven't done enough homework that is combined with regular practical field experience. In my weeks in the fields each summer, I know of not one individual that researches and observes as I am personally able to after day, week after week , on a daily basis...a position I regard as a privilage and an honour, of being entrusted by the farmers concerned. This gives one an 'edge' I suppose. Not attention seeking, just a plain and simple clinical fact.

The 'old-time' prominent long-term candidates, who you would reasonably expect to be singing and dancing at this happy PR triumph of working successfully with the farmers, were in fact not singing and dancing at all! Something feels very wrong here. I must say I have been completely underwhelmed by the almost non existent feedback, the deafening silence publicised from these well known people (apart from Francine Blake, formally of the WCCSG) which is total and complete irony as this issue of damaged public relations has been THE CORE ISSUE with them for over three decades now. I think this alone must say much about this group and is very disappointing as CGI are attempting to do something genuinely helpful towards meaningful progress. I've observed them to be a very precious, disparate group which tends towards 'ownership'. I am beginning to think that either the ‘penny hasn’t quite dropped yet’…or…they just don’t ‘get it’. The unthinkable is that they actually preferred the tension and controversy that previously prevailed. The issue of RESPECT FOR THE FARMER was never properly addressed before CGI came along and so, in a sense allowed them to just carry on walking freely and arrogantly over farmer land saying ..."Somebody said it was OK to go in"...Uhh!... a sort of 'grey' area of impunity. Now people are questioning this practice that has caused so much trouble in the past. If this was the case, that tension is preferred it could be said they should no longer be involved with Cropcircles !

I suspect the failure of Dutch woman Monique Klinkenburgh’s ‘access’ scheme is much to do with the 'old-timer’s' attitude of non-interest towards CGI ( you know...the prominent familiar names) as these people are pretty much all hung-up on money and personal gains from CCs; they were all pinning hope on a scheme that would promote their business and make them more money and popularity.

I propose they all give 25% of their net annual profit to 'Brighter Futures' as a way of giving back to the Circles. What do you think?

However, a small ray of hope here... I can tell you now that one front line farmer involved, who I personally know well has told me that £800 plus 200 Euros has now been handed over from the ‘access’ scheme as part of their decommissioning process. Yes, it seems like it's finally over folks! The current fund balance of said scheme, more than £3000 has been verbally pledged to ‘The Brighter Futures Appeal’ by Ms Klinkenburgh, a position and decision I personally applaud but at the time of writing has not yet actually been received by said recipient. Evidently Ms. K is seeking agreement from the other parties concerned with the money 'frozen' in a bank account, as I understand it. I feel hopeful this will be resolved very soon and is truely the right thing to do in my view. This will be a happy ending to a rather turbulent period I think all will agree. I shall keep you updated on this matter.

The Variety Club or 'Children in Need' are other charities that CCs may be able to help in the future.

However, no matter regards 'old-timers'; you will be heartened to hear that a 'new blood' community of interested and untainted CC followers is starting to emerge as hundreds of first-time locals are taking to the Cropcircles due to positive media input from the BBC and local newspapers surrounding the Brighter Futures campaign, which seems to be the catalyst for the change. This is significant as CC 'followers' historically were mostly from overseas with visitors from the UK very much in the minority. Things will be different from now on if operations such as CGI have facilitated for the past four years are allowed to continue. This is such a positive, refreshing and wholesome PR initiative. For once something is being GIVEN BACK to the local community and translating Cropcircles into positivity, the subject of which ( ie. Brighter Futures) ALL people could benefit potentially if they need treatment and /or hope.

So, I would say here to anyone who can find reason to criticise this CGI work in any way to just think that one day you may be told by your doctor that YOU have CANCER! Would you, in this case then be so arrogant, critical and unsupportive of this work? All your self interested schemes no doubt would change overnight. A very sobering thought. Think about this for a few seconds. would appear, based on this evidence, here we have an example of a dark natured, ego driven individual with zero compassion for others and evidently has not gotten over this 'real/unreal' issue by all accounts, even after 15 years! Many are aware that this chap routinely encourages the public to believe that most CCs are hoaxes (is always his emphasis anyway) which simply is not the case. That is why he dislikes me as I tell the truth about CCs. (Etchilhampton 2015 a perfect example.) He is not a researcher, more an attention seeking deceiver/debunker. He does this via his website, allows himself to be interviewed by debunkers and also in a Cropcircle so-called 'cafe' which he opens for a few weeks in the summer in Wiltshire for this purpose. I know many who can testify to this.

Obviously my response to the above post was not a happy one. I kindly requested the post be removed but I was met with a flat refusal. Many people commented to me on his post. CM then responded in an email to me, which sums him and the situation up nicely I think.

So, there it is. If I get attacked or my property tampered with in any way I think I know who the police will be calling on first! Crop circling is not always 'a bed of roses'!

Please be aware of this chap and his cohorts that visit the CCs and announce confidently they are all pretty much the work of hoaxers. This happened this season at 'The Eagle' CC. However, on this occasion they were exposed and humiliated in front of 40 witnesses! This is certainly NOT the case that CCs are the work of hoaxers...only if it were that simple!!! If this were the case I certainly would not be waisting my time each year in Wiltshire! It would appear that this is a deliberate and deep level deception at work here. Don't take my word, observe for yourself next season and make your own judgement. Facebook is always useful to gain flavour and trend. Of the 2000 odd visitors we had through the gate this season as I recall, only the few debunker types failed to resinate whole-heartedly with what we (CGI) were doing and most certainly did not perceive what we were doing as a 'horrible experience' or me as a disturbing m******* preacher (sounds very dark) so I'm not sure where this conclusion came from! It could be that the 'disturbance' referred to comes from within the guy himself! It certainly feels like it.

The honesty box in question only yielded £80 with many not bothering to donate much at all, so that comment was unnecessary. CGI were asked by the farmer to help and collected over £6000 for the Radiotherapy Unit in Swindon! I know the farmers detest this man as he enters and encourages others to enter fields without permission...this is common knowledge. 98% of ordinary visitors ( those with no vested interest, like money) love what CGI are doing. The disparity of this chap's malicious remark (one of many including real threats to myself beforehand I may add!) here is plain to see. We can all use discretion before visiting any 'cafe of disinformation' it has to be said.

We are on the brink of a new order, a golden opportunity for real growth and meaningful positive change. I would urge all caring, concerned individuals to discourage and isolate any negative parties as what they do is only for self promotion and darkness and in my view, with the stakes so high for the greater good, is quite wicked I feel.

I think the plain and simple reality is we must try to change our habits of visiting CCs in the future as present habits have now become old fashioned and just not tenable any more. All uninvited entry does is to wind the farmers up resulting in cut formations and bad feelings. It is our choice I guess, but to be less short sighted and to think with more creativity and vision would seem logical.

With the 'old-timer’s' lost hopes and dreams for more financial success linked to this now defunct 'access' scheme they are most probably disillusioned, possibly bitter and maybe confused. Perhaps this is why they all tried to stick together, turning their back on our charity work. I wish things had been different. If you troll through the websites of these ‘important’ people you will find absolutely NO reference to the work of CGI beyond the briefest statement; the response, in all modes was restrained at best. The hard fact is that if CGI had not been present at the gate 'The Eagle' CC would have been 'NO ENTRY' and all their paying groups would have had nowhere (legally and peacefully) to go! "So why no support" you may reasonably ask. "Why?" In the final analysis I’m afraid, whether it be selling tickets to CC ‘entertainment shows’, selling merchandise, ‘speaking’ for a fee when it could be free and with love, charging for unnecessarily expensive trips/groups, 'begging' for money for unnecessary (but very pleasant, I have to say) helicopter flights for the photographers (ego) concerned (SA and LP.) The concensus was that they were all pinning hopes on a scheme that would promote their business. It would appear they made the wrong choice. The use of drone-coptors at no cost like Mr Giro and CGI, does seem a far more sensible and non-polluting option. I would personally welcome ‘Regulation’ as alleged ‘dangers’ have been grossly mis-represented by those using helicopters…again for selfish reasons.

CGI and MrGiro do not wish for any personal gains from CCs...we do it purely for more altruistic reasons as in the Spirit of the Cropcircles...a higher resonance of consciousness many say.

Charity work, I think, is the next level in this evolving phenomenon. Gifting and giving is a raised sense of consciousness, evidently a position the CC Makers are encouraging. A decoded morse from a Gipsy Lane CC spelt "No More War", and at Stanton St Bernard this last 2015 season a PEACE sign... Mpatapo knot CC which is a symbol of pacification and reconciliation next to Boomtown festival two years ago. These are all indicators of love, benevolence and concern.

Mpatapo knot next to Boomtown Festival,

Cheesefoot Head. 2012. Image copyright

Jason Patterson.

Stanton St Bernard 'Peace' sign 2012.

Gipsy Lane CC 2014 in morse code

spells..."No More War". Thanks CCC for image.

Things as we know rarely stay the same even if within human nature the tenancy is for folks to hang on to the old ways and routine as long as they can. Generally speaking, as we get older the less flexible we become. Evolution in the CC phenomenon has shown historically to be a central feature without which their very existence would seem a bit pointless. I think we all know that they are more than just pretty patterns for our entertainment.

When Jaime Moussan visited us doing CGI work on Hackpen Hill in 2013 soon after we located at the new CC there he wrote this in our visitors book…

Quote: “This is beautiful. This work is the real future to the contact with our friends from 'Heaven' ”.

A great endorsement and a bit of encouragement from someone I truly respect. In case you’re not familiar with Jaime he is the principal global investigative journalist on the subject of the paranormal who is based in Mexico City. I find it utterly remarkable that he could see the merit in our work back in 2013 with few else prominent long-termers doing likewise. Oh well, ya pays ya money and makes ya choice I guess!

NB. None of the above commentary is intended as unjustifiably defamatory or disrespectful. More on, it is based upon observation and reporting provable facts as far and truthful as I know them to be at the time of writing.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)


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